Some chapters rated NC-17 for explicit F/F sex in various combinations. Some
kink and BDSM.

Special Warning: I have never done underage, I'm not into that, but due to
numerous requests from many friends and fellow writers, this story, and this
chapter, will feature a scene between Dawn and Whitney's little sister Jamie.
Both are about age 14. If this offends you, don't read this chapter.

Bring It On/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Brings It On! Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected])

The girls were back in the lockerroom. Some were still in the showers, others
were finished and getting dressed to head over to the Bronze. The Bronze was
the hang-out for the local kids. They served eer and wine, but the authorites
looked the other way since some of the graduates were military kids. That
didn't mean they got away with getting rowdy.

"Have you seen the new wheels of the daddy's girl's?." Whitney asked

"Darcy and Cordy. Their daddy's buy them anything they want," Courtney said

"They should use some of that money to buy a clue," Whtney said.

"For real," Courtney agreed.

Buffy, Torrance, and Cordelia joined them, just coming out of the showers.

"What a surprise, you two have your clothes on," Cordelia smirked.

"Bite me," Courtney said flipping Cordy off.

"Sorry, I'm not into girls, unlike some of the present company," Cordelia

"We should get Big Red a gift," Buffy said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Or at least say something at the Bronze tonight," Torrance added.

"Pass," Courtney said.

"Good riddance," Whtney said, "I don't believe in long goodbyes."

"She's the departing captain," Buffy said, "She gave a lot to this squad.
C'mon, both of you sucked before she whipped you into shape."

The girls looked at Buffy who remembered who she was talking to. Whitney and
Courtney folded their arms.

"Sorry," Buffy mumbled.

"Oh, whipped, is that what that was," Courtney smirked.

"Big Red was never one of us Buffy," Cordelia said.

"Big Red put the itch in bitch," Whitney added.

"She put the whore in horrifying," Courtney continued the thread.

"Everyone thinks I'm the ultimate in bitchiness," Cordeia said, getting into
it, "Next to Big Red I'm an amatuer."

"Today was her last practice," Torrance said, "Think about what Kasey, Angie,
and Carver will feel like next year when we're not around. They'll have to
rebuild almost the whole team."

"Dawn and Jamie will be on the team by that time," Cordelia said, "And most
of the guys will still be here. They'll do just fine."

"Big Red has no feelings," Courtney said.

"Only testicles," Whitney added.

Even Buffy and Torrance couldn't help cracking up.

* * *

Since it was a school night and they wanted to go through a full pratice the
next day the girls were only going to hang out at the Bronze for a couple of
hours. As usual Whitney and Courtney hid their sexual preferance by flirting
with several guys.

Buffy was talking with Willow and Kasey when she saw Mr. Giles enter the

"Hey, isn't that the new librarian?," Kasey asked.

"Gawd, your'e right. He is so weird if he's coming in here," Willow said.

"I'm getting a coke," Buffy said as she felt goosbumps.

The Bronze was pretty crowded for a school night, but Buffy had still another
surprise in a day full of them as she seemed suddenly to move faster than
anyone around her. 'This day just gets freakier and freakier,' Buffy thought.

Buffy was almost to the counter when she bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry," Buffy said.

Buffy looked up and saw one of the best looking men she had ever seen in her
life. To say that the man was handsome was an understatement. His eyes seemed
to go right through her, and Buffy had to admit she was feeling more than a
little aroused.

"Buffy Summers," he said.

"Uh, yes," Buffy shook herself back, "How do you know my name?"

"That's not important right now," the man said, "The time is drawing near.
You will need to be ready for him."

Before Buffy could ask the stranger any question's her attention was
distracted as that ape Larry tried to grab Willow's butt, and got a glass of
ice water poured on his crotch compliments of Willow, and another thrown in
his face, courtesy of Torrance. Instantly all the cheereaders rallied over to
stand beside Willow.

Larry, Mark, Jason, and Brad were considerably outnumbered. Not only by the
cheerleaers, but everyone else there from Rancho Carne High School. Larry was
a big guy, as well as a pompous jerk, but he knew he wasn't going to win this

"I think you had better leave and forget about this little incident," Giles
said coming up behind Larry, "Should you continue to harass these young
ladies I will see to it that you are suspended."

"This isn't over with Mr. Librarian," Larry spat.

"These little prick teasers, and their faggot cheer-boys are going to get
what's coming to them." Mark whispered to Larry, "Sooner or later we'll get
them alone."

Larry liked that idea and nodded. The four goons left. No one else had
heard what Mark had said. Except Buffy. Again Buffy seemed to have
superhuman abilities. Buffy was very creeped out. Buffy turned around
to look for the mystery man, but he was gone. Giles also had exited as
she rejoined her friends.

"I don't like this," Buffy said.

"There's going to be trouble, big trouble," Harmony said.

This was the first tme Buffy had ever seen Harmony shaken. Usually she was
almost as 'Ice Queen' as Cordelia.

"No one, I repeat, no one be alone," Buffy said, "That goes for the guys too.
Those apes have lost it. I want us to always be in groups from now on. They
get their courage from being a pack."

The night was ruined, so they walked to their cars as a group and made sure
they were all right before any of them drove off. Cordelia drove Willow and
Buffy home, making sure they were in their houses before she drove off. Jan,
Les, and Aaron were behind Cordelia so she wouldn't be alone.

Buffy didn't think anything would go down for a few days, but she was
worried. There was no way they could stay together all the time. If the
football team wanted to rape them or hurt them, there would be no escape
at school or home.

"Hey, big sis," Dawn called out as Buffy walked in.

Dawn was wearing the uniform of the Freshman cheerleader squad. Dawn's best
friend and Whitney's little sister Jamie was there too and also in the same
uniform. This caused Buffy even more concern. It would be just like those
animals to do something to these little girls. But there was no need to worry
Dawn and Jamie.

"So, you guys both made the Freshman squad," Buffy said with a forced smile.

"Yep, and not only that Coach Judith made us co-captains," Dawn beamed.

Buffy smiled. The varsity squad didn't have a coach for the simple reason
that every coach they hired used the position of coaching National Champion's
to hike up their value for a better paying job. The Toro's had lost three
coaches in three years for the first three times they had won National's.
The last two years and the current year the school had let them go it alone
without a coach, and found that that actually worked even better. Even with
Big Red as captain.

The school saved a ton of money and the older girls always taught the
younger girls. And after five National wins, and with perhaps their strongest
line-up ever, the school was going to really bend over backwards for the
cheerleaders, who of course were a huge money draw for the school.

"Did dad come home tonight?" Buffy asked, "I wanted to tell mom and dad
together that I made captain."

Dawn sadly shook her head. This was four nights in a row that dad hadn't come
home. Buffy's mother Joyce came in the room.

"Buffy, thank goodness your'e home," Joyce said breathlessly, "I have to
run to the gallery. The director just called. The shipment we were supposed
to have gotten this morning finally arrived. They claim they had a double
blowout on the way here. Jamie is staying the night as you've probably
guessed and..."

"I know, no pizza, no boys, no sex orgies, etc. etc.," Buffy joked, "In bed
by 10, no scary movies. Anything else."

Joyce threw up her hands in despair. It was hopeless to respond to Buffy.
Dawn and Jamie only giggled. Even after everything that had happened today it
was still only 8 PM.

The clock read 9:30 when Buffy got off the couch, stretched and yawned. Dawn
and Jamie had gone to Dawn's room shortly after their mom had left. This was
something of a surprise to Buffy. Usually Dawn and Jamie played board games
or video games. And they never went to bed this early.

Buffy wasn't really tired either. This day had been more than a little
strange. Buffy was wired. In fact, Buffy was feeling more than a little bit
horny. She had been around three guys she had liked today. Her boyfriend
Pike, Xander Harris, and the mysterious man at the Bronze.

'Hell, no one will notice if I let off some frustration,' Buffy thought.

Buffy knew where her father kept his pornos. Mom didn't even know about them
yet. None of them had labels, so Buffy just picked one. Turning the sound off
she put it into the vcr. Buffy's mouth dropped open when she saw that the
tape she had picked out was a lesbian movie!

And to add to her surprise the first scene showed an oriental girl with a
blonde in a dungeon. Thoughts about Whitney and Courtney and what they did
with each other flooded Buffy's mind. Did they do the things that the girls
in the movie were doing?

Buffy thought only briefly about turning it off, of picking a differant
movie, but somehow she found herself transfixed, fascinated by what she now
watched. The Asian girl, announced as Jade, was tied to an x-cross. The
blonde, announced as Desire was using a multi tailed whip to lash the bound
girl across her breasts and then, even on the girl's cunt. And it was obvious
that the girl getting whipped was clearly getting into it.

The bound oriental girl had several orgasms as Desire whipped her and
whipped her. Buffy could tell that these weren't faked orgasms by how wet
Jade's pussy was. Desire then released Jade, who groveled at her feet,
kissing and licking Desire's pretty bare feet. Jade licked up Desire's
legs, then Desire turned around and Jade kissed and licked Desire's ass,
running her tongue up and down Desire's ass crack before attacking Desire's

Buffy had her top up to her neck by this time and was roughly kneading her
own tits. Pinching, twisting, and pulling her nipples only made Buffy
hornier. Jade was on her back now with Desire straddling her face. Jade was
eating Desire's pussy while Desire used a small whip on Jade's spread wide
pussy. No sooner had both women came, when Desire was now the one in chains.
Buffy's pants were unbuttoned, she couldn't take much more of not getting
herself off.

In desperation Buffy grabbed the remote and switched the off button. 'God! I
couldn't take anymore of that!' Buffy thought, 'That's the hottest thing I've
ever seen! Is that what it's like with Whit and Court?'

Buffy was panting, flushed with sexual excitement. It was then she heard low
moans. Pulling her top down quickly Buffy stoo and hurridly buttoned her jams
back up. That had come from upstairs! Were the girls all right? Barefoot,
Buffy raced up the stairs. Buffy slowed as she reached the top.

The moans were louder, and it was obviously coming from two differant voices
now. Dawn's door was partly ajar. As silent as a cat Buffy walked slowly
towards her sisters door. Years of gymnastic cheerleading made her as nimble
and silent as a ninja.

Buffy peeked through the door crack, her eyes growing wide at the amazing
sight in front of her. Dawn and Jamie were naked on Dawn's bed wrapped
tightly in each other's arms kissing deeply. Jamie was on top of Dawn now,
Dawn's hand's caressing Jamie's small ass.

"Kiss me Jamie," Dawn breathed as Jamie did just that.

Buffy knew that she should stop this. She knew she should just storm in,
speak the words and put a halt to this. Instead she was rooted in place,
mouth wide open, eyes staring as she watched the two little naked girls
kiss. 'This can't be real,' Buffy thought, 'Dawn and Jamie are little

But it was real. Buffy's thoughts were at war. Part of her was shocked that
these children were capable of doing this. Another part of her thought that
this was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen. The contrast
between Dawn's white skin and Jamie's oriental brown was extremely erotic.

Dawn was four inches taller, her breasts were small, but well formed. Jamie
barely had tits, being about the size of apples. Neither girl had much pubic
hair, and what little they had they obviously shaved off as Buffy noticed
that both girls had completely hairless slits. One noticible differance was
that Jamie still had a somewhat boyish ass, whereas Dawn was starting to have

For several minutes all the girls did was kiss, then Jamie starting licking
and sucking Dawn's tits. Dawn flipped Jamie over and began licking Jamie's
small titties.

"Oh Dawn, Dawn," Jamie moaned, "Lick my tits! Oh yeaaaaa."

"Oh baby, I love you," Dawn smiled as licked Jamie's nipples.

Dawn moved down to Jamie's wet pussy. Buffy couldn't beleve her little sister
was being the aggressor. Dawn licked up and down Jamie's small little cunt
causing the little oriental girl to moan louder. Dawn tongue-fucked Jamie's
pussy now. Jamie stuffed her fist in her mouth to keep from screaming as she
came. Dawn and Jamie kissed again, tongue's duelng hotly.

Buffy was going crazy. Her nipples felt so hard that she was afraid they
would pop right off of her chest. Her panties were soaked and she hadn't even
touched herself. Dawn straddled Jamie's face now. Jamie's legs were spread so
wide that Buffy coud see right up her little pussy! Jamie's sucked and licked
Dawn's bare pussy, causing Dawn to also bite her own hand to keep from

The two girls lay side by side now, gently running their hands along each

"You are so lucky that your sister is a lesbian," Dawn softly said.

"I wish my sister would fuck me," Jamie said, "I have to spy on her. I have
begged her to rape me, but she says I'm too young. I get so hot watching her
and Courtney."

"Maybe I could talk to her," Dawn said, "We've been having sex with each
other for three years. I wish my sister was a lesbian and would rape me."

"Me too," Jamie smiled, "It would be sooo wild if Buffy, Courtney, and my
sister would tie us up, whip us, and fuck us."

"Hey, wouldn't it be great if all the girls would make us their slaves," Dawn
giggled, kissing Jamie.

"Oh Dawn, your'e soooooo wicked," Jamie giggled, "That would be sooo hot!"

"You make me hot, and wet," Dawn smiled kissing Jamie's nipples.

"Mmmmmmmmm, I want to taste your sweet pussy," Jamie smiled back.

The two young girls got in a 69 position and started licking each others
barely teen pussies. Buffy's jeans were down to her ankles, her blouse and
bra on the floor. Tongue's flashed on pussys, lips kissed and sucked. Buffy's
panties fell, she stepped out of her jeans and panties in case she had to
pick them up and run. Buffy stood naked, her hands roughly kneading her own
tits as she continued to watch the erotic scene. This was far more exciting
than any movie she had ever watched.

"Ahhhhhhh," Dawn cried out as she climaxed.

"Ooooooooo," Jamie moaned as she came seconds later.

For several minutes the girls just lay in each others arms staring lovingly
in each others eyes. Buffy felt dizzy. 'This is wrong,' Buffy thought,
'That's my sister! She's barely 14! And she's having sex with another girl!
I shouldn't be getting turned on by watching this! I should stop this, but
I can't.' Buffy thought that the girls were finished, and quickly picked her
discarded clothes up, prepared to run to her own room. But Jamie and Dawn
were far from finished.

"That was great," Jamie said, "But you know what I really want."

"Me too," Dawn grinned, "Did you bring them?"

"Always," Jamie smiled, sliding out of bed and getting into her bag.

Buffy's eyes grew wide yet again as she saw Jamie pull out several small
whips and some soft lined handcuffs. Dawn picked up one of the whips, it had
multiple tails that were about a foot long. Jamie locked cuffs on her wrists,
lay on her back she was thrusting her hairless mound out to Dawn. Dawn
secured Jamie's wrists over her head to the headboard rails.

"Please Dawn," Jamie begged, "I need it bad. Please whip my pussy!"

"Greedy little cunt," Dawn smiled, "I'll whip you, but you have to whip me

"Yes, please Dawn, I'll do anything you want, just please whip me," Jamie
said squirming in excitement.

Buffy couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her little sister was going to
whip another little girl! Dawn cracked the whip right into Jamie's little
cunt. Then again, and again! And Jamie was loving every lash!

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Whip my pussy! More!" Jamie begged, "Iiiiieeeee! Whip me!
Whip me! Aaaaaaaaaaa!"

Dawn was whippng Jamie faster, using the whip on her small little tits, then
her spread open pussy. Jamie was writhing in pleasure. 'How can she take
that and be gettig off on it,' Buffy thought as she fingered her own shaved
hairless pussy. Buffy inserted two fingers up her own pussy and started to
finger fuck herself as she watched Jamie get whipped.

"Whip me! Aaaaaaaaaa! I'm cumming," Jamie screamed, "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Dawn was on Jamie in a second, passionately kissing her best friend and

"Ohhhhh Dawn," Jamie breathed, "I love you."

"I love you Jamie," Dawn whispered back, kissing her.

Buffy couldn't take anymore. As quiet as a mouse, she ran to her own room,
closed and locked her door, and practiclly dived into her own bed, frigging
herself silly. Buffy got herself off three times and still couldn't stop.
Jamming three fingers into her pussy Buffy reached behind her and inserted
a finger into her ass. Buffy furiously pumped herself, moaning as she
climaxed a fouth time.

"Still Buffy wasn't satisfied. Buffy went to her closet and got two
clothespins. Without thinking she put one on each nipple. To her surprise
she found herself loving the pain, and wanting even more. Buffy got a leather
belt out of her drawer. Laying back, she started slapping her tits with the
belt. Then Buffy yanked the clothspins off and came.

"Ohhhhhh," Buffy moaned.

But even slapping the belt into her own pussy wasn't enough. Buffy had tears
running down her face in frustration. Visions of being tied up by Whitney and
Courtney filled her head. The day caught up with her and Buffy fell asleep.

End of Chapter 3

Note: In this story it has been noted that Cordelia, Whitney, and Courtney
have not been as bitchy. The reason for this is that they are all friends, no
matter what. That will be important later on. I added some of the bitchiness
from the film in this chapter, and will include the tryout bitchiess too.


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