Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command:
LGM - Little Green Men (or Little Groping Maniacs) Pt 1 (M+F,MF,veg,cons,nc)
by Shadow Walker ([email protected])

Buzz Lightyear, stands before Commander Nebula listening as the Commander
gives him his orders for the next mission: "Buzz, Dark Matter is performing
one of Zurg's dirty little assignments; I need you and your team to
investigate and to stop the evil empire once again."

Buzz smartly salutes, "Yes Sir! Can do sir."

"Now look son, I was where you are now, fighting the bad guys and politacrats
on both sides; well, I wouldn't have selected you for this mission unless I
knew that you could do it and I am sorry to have to short you one man on this

"Which man sir? Ah, wait a minute, I don`t have any men?" stammers Buzz.

"Yeah Commander, I'm your son." beeps XR as his eyes glisten with his gears

"It isn't me sir, is it? Is there trouble back on the farm?" asks Booster,
his oversized hand grasping for a cookie.

"Well, I know it's not me, he said short a man, I am neither a man nor short;
ah, I mean that I'm not tall either, ... or short, actually I'm just the
right ..." stammers Mira as she nervously ponders some unforeseen problem.

"Mira! You're assigned to work with the LGM's on a top secret project of
theirs; the little buds have been plaguing me for a month to do this project,
and it`s so secret that they won`t tell me anything about it, only that Cadet
Mira Nova is the only Space Ranger Qualified for their project."

"What! Who me? Little o'l me? ... Well, ... I'm honored sir, Commander
Nebula, SIR!" stammers Mira as she snaps to attention, saluting sharply.

The LGMs standing around Mira snap to attention at the same time, all
smiling; as the one LGM closer to Mira stands a little back of Mira, looks
up at Mira's tight fitting uniform at her butt crack outline, runs his hand
along her round buttocks and notes aloud, "Nice moon ..." the other LGMs,
all smiling as well as they all see and sense the same senses as one, add
aloud, "Moon project, ... insert probe, ... inspect dimensional

Mira jumps as she reacts to the little LGM next to her as she feels his
finger sliding down her butt crack; "Woo hoo!" she exclaims as she looks at
the little green man.

"Like the canyon, ... back home; just like Star Wars," says the LGM along
with his fellow aliens.

"Buzz, you have your orders, now get to it!" orders the Commander as he turns
his attention to Mira and the three LGM's standing beside her; one is leaning
back and oogling her tight uniform and firm buttocks, "Nice!... Commander ...
we ... shall ... start ... immediately ... Mira's security training ... and
her ... youthful prowess ... will prove ... most helpful." speaks the three
LGM's as they each take a turn with the sentence, then walk with Mira between
them towards the door to their launch pad and their science ship. The three
LGMs hug tightly around Mira like love sick puppies as she struggles to walk
with six little hands groping her butt, and little fingers poking at her butt
crack. Mira staggers as she walks then looks back at the Commander,
"Commander Nova, are you sure this is an important mission?"

"I know you can do it princess, you have the raining and expertise for the
mission." yells Commander Nova as he watches the small group with Mira
disappear through the door to the hanger and their ship.

* * *

In deep space old 42 settles into it's long journey on Buzz's latest
adventure; Buzz settles into his command chair and snores loudly. Booster is
playing poker with XR, commenting to XR, "I miss our Princess."

"Yeah, it's not the same without that tight little ass twisting on and off
the bridge." says XR with a chuckle from within his processors.

"Remember last week when Mira sneezed and her body did a ghost event,
shivered, sparks flew then her space suit fell off." said Booster who than
grabbed his huge penis as it shot up erect from between his legs and stood
four foot tall from under the table.

"Woo Big guy, You must have a better memory than me about that event, or
you're just horny." Noted XR as he watched Booster wrestle with his meaty

"It was the first time she let me fuck her in front of Buzz."

"Yes, that was strange, as though she was trying to make him jealous; but
she knows that Buzz can't have sex with a rookie, and especially Mira, she's
way too young for Buzz, he must be really old, maybe forty something, and
Mira is just seventeen."

Buzz, although appearing to be asleep with his snoring, recalls the Mira
incident and how that she was so frustrated at Buzz when he left the bridge
as Booster and XR assaulted her pussy and ass, and as her butt bounced from
Booster's continued slamming of his cock, she was getting hornier as she
watched Buzz leave the bridge and turn towards his quarters.

Buzz wasn't surprised to see Mira ghost through his bulkhead, totally naked,
then walk over and crawl over his bed and onto his body, to be met by his
huge cock as she promptly settled down onto his penis head, then as it
'popped' upon entry she slid down his shaft, questioning Buzz as she felt his
hot sausage sliding upward inside her, "Are you mad that I allowed the guys
to fuck me? You know I love you, and, so, ... why not join in?"

"Because I am the Commander Mira; I have to be on a separate level, a command
level." replied Buzz in his memory, his thoughts switched back to the present
as he wondered what Mira was doing, he missed her nightly fucks and sucks;
her cute little ass next to him, her body shivering as she does a ghost dance
and her PJs falling off; all her little tricks had made Buzz dependent on her
presence, and he missed her as he looked down at his covers on his bunk, his
legs reaching the end of the short bunk, and his boner raising his blanket
like a circus tent; boy did he miss her.

* * *

The Science ship Explorer blasts along at hyper speed towards the LGM secret
lab on a distant moon.

Mira, dressed in her usual space suit, watches as the LGMs operate the ships
controls as she remains seated in the central command sea; she then asks the
LGM closest to her, "LGM, ah, ... sir, ... who's the leader in command of you
little guys?"

"The Sphere!, ... the Sphere!, ... the Sphere, ... the probe,... the
project, ... the great secret where no LGM has ever gone before." came a
unison of replies from all around the bridge and the many LGMs.

"Where no LGM has ever gone before; don't you mean where no man has gone
before?" asks Mira, her nose puckers while her blue eyes slightly cross in
her cross examination of the Little Green Man.

"Oh No! Man has gone before; ... just we have not gone." explains a couple
of LGMs as they pass Mira on their way to another portion of the ship.

Mira straightens up as she ponders to herself, "I wish you guys would not do

Mira looks around and then asks the command LGM, "What exactly am I suppose
to do since you specified me to be assigned to you, check out your security
system? Kill some bad monsters?" Mira is still puzzled by her assignment.

"No Monsters, ... No bad guys, ... the project is top secret, ... we wish
to test your Tangean powers and evaluate the limits of your Tangean Prowess."
explains the LGM.

"Why me? Why not a volunteer from Tangea? ..." asks Mira as she watches the
LGMs run about their ship, "... Well, if I have nothing to do until we
arrive, I think I'll go to my quarters."

"Quarters good! You rest, and be strong for the lab tests." acknowledges the
Senior LGM as Mira exits the bridge, walking down the dorridor, passing the
many `HAPPY FACES' on the LGMs she passes.

Stopping at her quarters, Mira reaches out and ghosts, stepping through the
door into her quarters. Walking over to her bunk she lays down, thinking of
her brother Rangers, then she ghosts, her body shimmers with a blue glow as
her uniform drops off her body, laying flat on the bed. Mira thinks a moment,
then she mumbles, "Damn, I'm horny. I've been getting too much sex from the
guys, and now they're not here to service me." Mira stands, naked from head
to foot, she brushes her pubic hair down flat with one hand, then listens to
the ship machinery humming, realizing that many little green men were taking
care of the ships operations; she moves over to the cubical and stands
momentarily, waiting for a stream of water for her hot shower, but instead a
glowing beam flows over her and she feels herself tingling as the beam kills
the germs off her body.

She feels her body heating as if she were under hot water, she ponders what
she senses, questioning herself, "What is this? Is it safe?"

"Safe!... Nice! ... Warm! ..." came the smallish replies as she turns to see
three LGMs, all smiling with all their nine eyes focused on her body, "Nice
formation! ... Nice Mountains ... Excellent feeders!"

"Feeders?" asks Mira, feeling no embarrassment from being nude, or being
ogled by the three LGM's nine eyes. Mira holds her small breasts in each
hand, jiggles them gently as the three LGM's eyes follow her giggling
grapefruit sized mounds. "These are more than just feeders fellows, don't
your females have breasts?"

"Does Buzz like your feeders?" asks the Senior LGM, followed by the remaining
two, "Yes, feeders."

"Well, ..." Mira turns to explain her physiology to the little aliens, "These
are called breasts, although XR calls them Hooters, and Booster calls them
Melons; and ..." Mira smiles as she continues, recalling Buzz's warm hands,
"Buzz calls them his hand warmers." Mira comes back to the present as she
feels a finger enter her pussy; she looks down to watch as an LGM begins
thrusting his finger in and out of her pussy; she also feels her snatch
getting hot and wet; Mira attempts to change their interest from her pussy to
something else, "Oh look LGM, is that a ... AH!" Mira feels the fingers of
another LGM push into her asshole. Startled she stands erect quickly, her
small breast jiggling from her change of motion.

"Nice maneuver! Course change required." noted the LGM.

Mira looks at the little green men, then bends over to get down to the little
aliens; attempting to get their little dirty minds off of her sexual organs,
the attention was making her horny.

Mira begins stroking one of the LGM's single antennae rising from his head,
his eyes widen, a grin broadens as she strokes his single head appendage,
"What exactly does your antennae accomplish? Is this the telepathic organ
of the LGMs?"

"No, not exactly." replies the LGM, "It's sweet."

"Sweet?" asked Mira as she bends lower, her small breasts rubbing the LGM's
face as Mira takes the antennae into her mouth and starts licking it with
her tongue, then she begins taking more of the sweet shaft into her mouth,
the appendage getting sweeter as she licks it, then she begins stroking the
slender shaft as it now expands inside her mouth. Mira pulls herself off of
the antennae, noticing that it has expanded to thee inches across and now
standing sixteen inches.

"Nice work." comments the LGM as he bends his head over, offering it for
further sucking.

Mira takes the offer by exiting the shower, she kneels down and begins to
seriously stroking and sucking on the small alien. Mira's eyes widened as
she feels a large appendage rub against her butt crack, then another as it
penetrates non-stop into her pussy. Mira stopped a moment, looked down to
see one LGM beneath her, his head between her legs, his antennae shoved up
inside her pussy, then she felt the other LGM as his antennae to thrust
inside her.

As Mira strokes the one antennae, she bobs up and down on the antennae
between her legs, and feeling the one LGM slamming his head against her butt.
She noted that the antennae of the LGMs were for telecommunication, but they
also had a very important role in their form of sexual intercourse, she had
three LGM antennae/penis' slamming into each of her orifices as her body
rocks and jiggles from the alien assault.

"Sweet, ... Nice ... Warm." came the three LGM comments as they stroked,
poked and slammed into the Tangean Princess.

Mira throws her head back as her body rests on the LGM's head, his face
buried in her pubic hair, his swollen antennae/organ is shoved up inside her
cunt as she rubs her legs along his face, rubbing and bopping her pussy up
and down his shaft; her own fluid dripping down the little aliens face as he
laps it us as fast as he can with his now very large tongue. The LGM behind
her slams fast and hard into her ass as two LGMs have climbed onto her
shoulders, grabbing a breast in each of their arms as they shove their
antennae into her mouth. Mira looks like she was being attacked by large
insects who were stinging her with large stingers as her body becomes covered
by green slimy alien sperm that now runs down her face from her mouth, her
butt and pussy as her body shakes in sexual orgasmic building pleasure.

As Mira grinds fiercely onto her fellow Star Command Employees, the LGM
science ship lands at the research base. Another LGM enters Mira's quarters
to see the four LGM pounding their swollen antennae into the young Tangean
Princess, he notes loudly, "You've been blocking your telepathic broadcasts!"

"Not really LGM, they just had it crammed up my ass and cunt, it couldn't
transmit with it grounded inside me!" explains Mira as she sits up from her
four LGM orgy, and just at that moment she is sprayed by the antennae that
was in her mouth, her face is soaked as she is sprayed by a gallon of alien

Blindly, blinded by the thick ooze, Mira struggles to stand as the other
antennae pop from her snatch and ass, and both of the LGMs cum as their
organs fly free, and like a live fire hose she is sprayed twice more from
ass and cunt and all over her body to the top of her head.

"Great, bubble, grumm, poo, gurp, woo, ooo; gulp! I need a life jacket."
complains Mira as she stands soaked in sperm.

The LGM takes her hand and leads her to the bridge to show her the base.

"Wait! I'm naked LGM, I need, ... Ohh my." Mira says as she jumps forward
as she feels the LGM's fingers thrust into her ass as they walk.

"No need for uniforms here!, no need, uniforms block the view." came several
replies of the LGM crew on the bridge, who all take their turn to fondle her
pussy, her soft orange pubic hair with an occasional fondle and poke into her

"Now we can test you ghosting in the machine." explains the senior LGM as he
begins stroking her vagina.

"No need for any machines LGM, I'll do the testing from here on." came a
familiar voice as Mira turns, reaching instinctively for her wrist weapon,
ready to fire her laser.

"DARK MATTER! Not this time, ... Oops" Mira looks down as she holds her hands
up as though she was still wearing her suit, her tits giggle as the LGM's
eyes bounce with pleasure.

"Missing something Princess, or are you going to fuck me to death?" asks Dark
Matter as he watches the naked Princess put one hand over her pussy and the
other over her left breasts, raising her elbow to hide her right nipple,
crossing her legs as though they would protect her snatch. "Ah!, well, as if
I have to! I can."

Dark matter walks forward onto the bridge, followed by several grubs that
escort the LGMs off the bridge as Dark Matter peers out at the base where
several hundred Hornets are busy marching the new arrivals into their holding
cells, "Actually Princess, you forget that I am from the reverse universe,
and there being gay is the normal thingy; your counter, being a bi-sexual is
busy bopping Booster and their Commander Nebula; she has a real big thing for
XR's BIG thingy; I on the other hand want to give Buzz a buzzing, since I
want him for a boy-toy, I wonder if that is considered incest if it is your
counterpart from the anti-universe that you fuck. Oh, don't misunderstand my
little princess, I do enjoy using these devices for ripping you female types

"What's the matter, Dark ah, ... Matter! Can't find any nice girls on the
other side?" asks Mira as she twists to follow Dark Matter as he walks around
her, looking at her butt cheeks.

"Well, the only females that mattered there were the Lesbians, but like
all women they just talk and talk; they wanted masculine pink! So I just
destroyed them. Bitches are just, after-all, bitches." Dark Matter says as
he turns to look at Mira's little ass with the green LGM sperm covering her
from head to foot, "Well, no need to waste lubricant, and it's been a long
time, and any old hole in a port will do."

"What are you talking about?" asks Mira who then feels a shock blast from
one of his many weapons, she staggers and is picked up into Dark Matter's
arms before she falls, then he lays her across a control panel.

Mira, groggy, screams as she feels Dark Matter's extremely large horse sized
cock slam deep into her pussy, none stop, unannounced as she grits her teeth,
tears pouring from her eyes as she feels the huge shaft slide deep into her
cunt, his cock head larger than a grapefruit as it swells her from inside; it
feels like childbirth, but only in reverse, as if he were shoving a one year
old child back up into her womb as he begins to fuck her hard and fast, his
mechanical hand holding her face down on the panel as her butt bounces up and
down from his heavy thrusts.

Mira yells loudly and screams curses at Darkmatter as he continues to rape
her in the ass.

"You scream like a little boy Mira." says Darkmatter as he turns her over
onto her back, not missing a beat as he continues to slam his child sized
cock into her ass; he runs his hand and fingers over her pubic hair, fondling
her cunt lips, noting, "Nope, you are a female bitch! Well, you scream like a
little boy, I've fucked enough of them to know." Dark Matter studies Mira's
fear shaking body as he slams his cock into her butt, grinning as he
comments, "Mmmm, you do have a cute little female body, and for the first
time I think I will."

"Uh, Ooo, god that hurts!, what? Will what?" asks Mira as her small breast
shake from the pounding that Dark Matter is doing to her ass.

Dark Matter pulls his huge rock hard cock from Mira's ass and shoves it into
her resisting cunt, it slams past all her resistance as she screams in pain
as the cock stretches and rips it's way into her love canal; never has she
been so violated and stretched by any alien creature. Zurg's Super Villain
was `super' in his natural attributes as he now grips Mira's hips, forcing
her onto his cock as he drives it all the way into her, then popping her in
and out as he begin to feel his orgasm about to burst inside the little
Tangean Princess. The stun weapons effects still held Mira captive from
ghosting free of his grip as he continues to rape her.

The moment had come, as well as Dark Matter, as Mira feels his cock lengthen
even more, his cock heats up and shoots his load. The release is so great
that Mira spurts off of his cock like a cork from a bottle, squirting over
the deck to the control panel, sliding down with his green sperm covering her
face and body. Mira is about to move as she feels the effects of the stun
weapon begin to wear off, when `WHAM' another stun ray slams into her, she
lays conscience but unable to move as small aliens workers of Zurg, called
GRUBS, come running out to grab her by her legs and drag her to the center of
the floor.

Mira lays flat of her back, unable to move as her legs are spread as one
after another of the grubs take their turn to shove their twelve inch grub
cocks into her, each fucking her for twenty minutes, then another would take
his place; soon others joined in as they shove their cock into her face, ear,
mouth, and about every hole she had as she is now being gang buggered by a
hundred Grubs that were specially trained by Zurg.

Zurg watches with glee, he wipes a tear from his eye with his gloved finger,
commenting for all to hear, "My boys, they have become Grubs."

As the last Grub pulls his swollen cock free and shoots his load over Mira's
already drenched body, the twin doors open and in comes a line of walking

"Ah! the veggies, we must always finish our meals with our greens and yellow
fellows." Gloats Zurg as he points them towards Mira's naked form, "It's time
to eat her out boys."

Mira comes around as four of the Grubs hall her up onto a medical table,
strap her in so that she can barely move with her legs spread wide for
access; Mira peers down between her legs to see Dark Matter standing with
Zurg as Dark Matter tucks his cock back into his suit, and Zurg watches
with his evil smile. "Zurg! what are you doing?"

Zurg holds his hands to his mouth in shock, "Who? MEeeeee! I'm not doing
anything yet." Zurg looks at his watch, "Oh! It is Lunch time, where does
the time fly when were having so much fun."

"I'm not hungry pointy head!" yells Mira as she attempts to ghost out of her
shackles; but, she remains restrained."

"Oh, no, no, no my dear, as your host I must insist that you have your
veggies, and besides, those shackles are my new P-23-G4-72 anti-ghosting
shackles; otherwise known as `Gotcha'." brags Zurg as he momentarily stares
at the blue naked Tangean; then folding his hands he laughs aloud as one
large Zucchini is released.

The Zucchini quickly moves up between Mira's legs, his green skin rough and
smooth at the same time.

Mira senses the veggie as it rubs between her thighs, thinking, "If that's
his cock then this is going to hurt." Mira sees the huge green head move over
her, noticing it's red eyes as a mouth opens and an orange tongue comes out
and licks her belly, then continuing it's licking the tongue slimes it's way
along her belly to her small breasts. As Mira feels the cold carrot like
tongue slide along the green sperm mucus slime on her body from the LGMs, she
feels a large rough protrusion come into contact with her vagina, then the
pressure as it begins to push at her cunt, then as she can no longer resist
the force, the `head' of the Zucchini pops into her; Mira twists and squirms
as she feels the expanding shaft sliding deep into her, then it comes to a
stop. Mira opens her eyes, sees an evil grin on the Zucchini as it pulls his
veggie cock back twenty inches, then slams it hard into her.

Zurg hears Mira's screams as he turns from his bowl of vegetable soup, his
eyes grow bigger, even for Zurg, he watches as Mira's legs flail about, her
ass getting slammed hard by the vegi-attack, her small breasts shaking
wildly, her red hair thrown wildly in the air, then Zurg begins to feel bad
as he looks back at his bowl of soup, mumbling, "Veggies are just not the
same anymore." He places the bowl down and orders one of his Grubs, "Get me
something to eat, ..." Zurg looks at Mira and her bouncing breasts as the
beast continues to fuck her even harder, his carrot like cock of 43-inches
is almost completely slammed into her on each forward thrust. Zurg turns to
his head brain, "... get me some melons."

_ _ _

Oh the greenery of it all! Will Mira exist to Zurg's vegetarian diet? Will
Mira, once a sausage lover, grow to lover her vegetables? Will Buzz rescue
Mira and save her for his Sunday BBQ?


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