Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command: Mira, Mira On The Wall (MF,F-robot,cons,ncon)
by Shadow Walker ([email protected])

The adventures of XR and his fellow crew-men.

In deep space, six days into their first leg of their search for Agent Z,
XR busies himself with a long range scan of a near by star system; "Nothing
here Buzz, no ships, no Zerg, no Hornets; the only civilization is on the
fourth planet, a pre-industrial level."

"Just the place that `Z' would deploy his plan; let's take a look at that
planet XR." orders Buzz as he punches in his course change.

"Why are we dropping to light speed Buzz, that'll take make a four-day trip
to the planet?" asks XR as he tractors over to Buzz's seat.

"Z will have scans set for hyper-drive technologies, so we have to stay at
light speed so as not to draw attention."

"Well, what will I do with all my extra time?" whines XR, "Oh I know, I can
trim Booster's foot nails."

Buzz leans back into his chair, studies the star lit space ahead, then
suggests to XR, "Go power down XR, have some relax time; I'll let you be in
charge on the next shift."

XR turns and wheels back into the main passageway, "On to it Bug Man, leave
it to XR; always on the ball, top of the line." XR is so busy talking he
runs into the bulkhead with a `clang'. "Owe, where did that come from, I'll
have to redesign 42's defective hatch now."

XR whizzes along, complaining aloud, "Booster's asleep and due for his wakies
in an hour, and I am suppose to entertain myself; Oh! I know, Mira, she
needed some information about Agent `Z', I'll drop in our little blue wonder

XR stops at Mira's quarters, with his one finger he presses the door alert
plate; "One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy, and a three ringy dingy." No answer
came and XR, as any good `snoopy' robot, like any good Doctor, bypasses the
lock and enters Mira's quarters.

Upon entry XR notices the room is clean and neat, "Oh can have this, it
appears that Mira is wasting her time keeping tidy and not busy enough to
let things go, like my room." XR looks around and sees Mira asleep in her
bunk, she's in her pajamas, having no need for a blanket in the climate
controlled quarters, has no need to cover up.

XR rolls up close to Mira, gently seeing if she is awake, "Mira, are you
awake, ... wakie poo." XR studies the pixie sized Tangean female, her jammies
are lose but snug, her round butt and slender narrow figure forms such a
wonderful sight to XR, his sexually perverted chips activate as his eyes draw
in each detail. "In deep sleep she is, I wonder what she is dreaming, or for
that matter, what do Tangean's dream about?"

At that moment, Mira's whole body shudders as if a chill runs through over
her whole body, then she shimmers and her whole body Ghosts in front of XR;
Mira's Pajamas fall flat onto her bunk, leaving Mira naked on-top, her entire
naked body visible to XR as his cooling fan turns on to cool down his
circuits which become overheated at the sight of Mira.

"Woo to me eyes, behold the blue wonder in all her splendor; why did she
ghost. Why the hell am I talking?" XR reaches out to wake Mira by shaking
her, he grabs her naked hip and shakes her, but she is too deep in sleep,
she moans at XR's touch. "Well, I can't wake her, so I might as well take a

XR's opens his attachment door and out comes a single arm with a video camera
on the tip, it moves over Mira to look at her face, then after seeing that
she's asleep, the camera moves to wide angle and slowly scans down her
naked front as XR first studies Mira's erect nipples and her small but hard
breasts, "Well now Mira, what are you dreaming of?" XR moves the camera
lower, "Oh, nice belly button." The camera lowers down, "Now for the red
forest and Tangean primal." The camera moves in close to study Mira's pubic
mound, "Ah; se trims her hair into a pyramid shape, and a neatly trimmed
point I might add."

Mira squirms in her sleep as XR watches Mira move her hand into her crotch,
then as she places her fingers into her clitoris and begin slowly massaging
herself. "It's been a long trip for our little blue Tangean, well, let old
XR come to the rescue."

XR's video camera attachment retracts into his utility compartment, then out
comes a replacement arm with a 12-inch dildo, shaped perfectly like an extra
large silver penis, expandable of course, with micro lubricant dispensers,
"And who says that XR isn't prepared."

XR starts by rubbing the lubricated and heated dildo up along Mira's crack,
pressing into her crack as he rubs his tool along her body.

Mira moans in her deep sleep as she pushes her butt back against the
intrusive, but pleasurable tool.

XR changes course as he moves the now vibrating dildo along Mira's butt
toward her inner thighs, heading for the few red hairs visible between her
legs, and the puffy cunt lips between. As the head of the vibrator makes
contact at Mira's love junction, XR press the head of the device into her
as she responds by opening her legs, XR rubs his vibrating and very wet and
lubricated tool along her clitoris.

XR notices that Mira's body is heating up, a good twenty degree jump, and
even hotter at her cunt. XR turns his scent sensors and detects female
pheromones and how strong they are emanating from Mira's body, and especially
around her pubic region. XR's dildo jumped, it expanded to twenty inches and
oozed lubricant as XR's excite circuits became activated, his arm started
shaking as his vibrator doubled its speed.

Mira started rocking her pelvis in her sleep, closing her legs about the
silver wonder tool as XR notes to himself, Mira, what are you dreaming about,
have no worry, XR is here." With that XR placed the silver missile at Mira's
cunny entrance, pressing slightly, then with an "Oh HELL!" Shoved the fill
twenty inches deep into the impish female, as the vibrator hummed it's song,
Mira moaned her pleasure as XR, as if he were working on a rocket engine
pump, began thrusting the dildo in and out on a steady rhythm.

Mira is now moaning loudly as XR sings an old sea chantey; she turns onto her bac
k, her legs spread out wide, one dangling over the edge of the bunk.
XR pushed a button and the dildo expands to thirty inches with a two inch
diameter; and with his left hand on her left breast, and his right hand on
her right breast, XR is fondling and squeezing her breasts as his third arm
with the dildo is slamming her pussy like a mad drilling rig.

XR's sensors pick up a body change as Mira's body begins to orgasm. XR
triggers his dildo to build up a liquid firing stage for his cumming to
match Mira, he releases more lubricant that is now flowing from her sun and
spilling onto her uniform on her bunk as her butt splashes in the brown goo.
Mira grabs her breasts with both her hands as XR releases his hold, her
nipples hard and erect as she arches her back, screaming as she cums, her
body shaking as he pulls his female cum coated vibrator from Mira's cunt,
putting the remaining cunt juices into a bottle for later use, XR exits
Mira's quarters, shutting the door just as Mira wakes.

Sitting up, breathing hard, her body covered in sweat, her pussy soaked in
brown oily goo that is mixed her own cunt juices, she wonders, "Not again,
another wet dream! That's one a night so far on this trip; and this funny
brown oily goo, what is this?"

XR hurries down the passageway, noting to himself, "Six so far on this trip,
that's all home runs, no errors; the kid still has it."

Booster's Quarters

XR enters Boosters quarters, which is also XR's quarters as he recharges in
the closet. "Wake up Big Boy! It's time to serve King and country!"

"What! Who? Okay mom, I'll cut the corn toady, just give me five more
minutes." Snorts Booster as he rolls over onto his side.

"CADET BOOSTER, get that BIG ASS out'a that BUNK!" Yells XR as he quickly
rushes to his closet for the protective space as Booster Wakes with a quake.

"YES SIR! CADET BOOSTER SIR!" Booster snaps to attention, dressed in his
cadet blue shorts and looks around, realizing that he's onboard Buzz
Lightyear's space cruiser 42. "XR, I am going to sit on your chip."

"Now Big Guy, you have duty in an hour and you need to shower, you're
starting to smell like a dead carp."

Blushing, Booster sniffs at his armpits, "Oh, that's not me exactly."

"Then who is it Big Guy? I have a sensor that detects and defines over 10
million chemical, biological and atomic signatures, and that is an oil-based

"I didn't mean that you smell XR, it's that Season I told you about, I need
to mate and my body produces these super male hormones; but all that I can
attract are flies."

"Well Ole' buddy, maybe a sweet little fly will come along."

Passage way just outside Booster and XR's crews quarters

Buzz is headed back to the bridge when he hears a door slamming shut and a
pair of heavy big hands pounding on the door. Buzz then notes to himself,
"Booster's getting up."

Ships Shower Room

The shower is heavy with steam as Mira washes off the brown oily goo that is
foaming with her own female fluids; humming to herself as she runs the wash
cloth between her legs, scrubbing her blue skin to a shine, then working her
way into her red pubic hair, cleaning it to a military shine. Mira sings
aloud as she works happily, feeling unusually happy as if she has had regular
sex over the last six days; outside of her joyous romp with Buzz, who had
finally, after years of lust, allowed her to get his attention. Her sexual
encounter with Buzz had to remain a secret for the crews sake, she didn't
need any jealousy to start between the rest of the crew and Buzz, they needed
Buzz as their relentless leader; and besides, she was happy to get Buzzed
once in a while on the QT.

Mira exits the shower, walks naked over to the towel storage drawer and pulls
a towel out and drying herself off; then Mira pulls out a large bottle of
blue Tangean oil, an oil made from the Tangia Plum Royal, a special jellied
oil just for her royal family to use to soften their skin; it warms her flesh
as she rubs it on, smoothing the bluish oil over her legs, then her pubic
region with the shiny red hair, working up to her breast, paying special
attention to her nipples as she massages the oil into her body. Mira pours
another portion into her hand and rubs it onto her face, then around her
neck; then she stretches at reaching her back, but she can't quite reach it.
The young Tangean Princess strains even more at reaching her back when the
door opens and in walks Booster.

"Booster!" says Mira in a shocked surprise, not attempting to hide herself to
Booster's bulging eyes, she smiles as she enjoys teasing the giant childlike

Booster is startled, just standing still, staring at his friend and very
naked Mira, seeing her butt raise as she stands up on her tippy toes with her
hand over her shoulder, straining at reaching her back, she makes a face as
she sticks her tongue out to somehow make her hand stretch. Booster's eyes
catch one breast just visible as he tries to think what to do, "Ah, ... Oo,
Sorriee, I ..."

"Booster, we're crewmates, you've see me naked before, I need you to help me
apply this body oil to my back; please, pretty please." pleads Mira as she
turns and offers the bottle to Booster, "Please Booster."

Booster takes the bottle from Mira's hand, noting every detail of Mira's body
from the front; he has seen her nude before, but she was of another species,
and she was his buddy, not a female; but now she was all female to him and
his hormones started sweating out his male pheromones.

Mira then noted Booster's smell, "Oh my, you do need a shower Booster, and
you got into some smelly stuff."

"Sorrieee!" acknowledged Booster with a blush.

"Where did you get that smell Booster? May I ask?"

"Yeah, it's ..." Booster feels really embarrassed that it is his male
hormones, so he thinks quickly, "... it's the fiber in these new uniforms,
they break down in the Ranger issued laundry soap."

"Really! The only problem I have is when I work out my gym pants split; it's
really embarrassing when I do a tumbling flip and my pants split then fall
off in front of Buzz ..."

"You mean he saw you, ... ah, ..."

"Well, you know we have to share showers some times, and you see me when you
come into the shower, or when we stay on planet for days, camping out and we
have to bathe in the river."

"Yeah, but Buzz, he such a he-man, so male, I'd think he'd have a ..."
Booster stumbles into another embarrassing moment.

"He's got self-control Booster; he's like my father, a priest, you know, OUR
COMMANDER." assures Mira as she turns her back to Booster, leaning against
the counter and bracing herself for Booster to rub the oil in, "Okay Booster,
put that oil to me, I really need it."

"Oh, sure Mira, right on it." replies Booster as he shuffles over to stand
behind Mira, staring at her cuter butt just centimeters away from is aching

Mira feels a funny feeling inside her stomach, Boosters scent is starting
to smell pretty good, and strangely she is beginning to get hot and moist
between her legs as she shifts her legs, twisting her hips and cunt lips,
rubbing the itch. "Your smell`s not that bad now Booster, so before you
shower the smell off Booster, I really need you to rub that oil into my
backside, so use plenty of oil Booster and rub it in good with a lot of

Booster pours out oil until it overflows his huge Dino sized hand, then with
a `SPLAT', Booster swats Mira's back with his hand full of oil; the oil spews
out, flowing over Mira's back as Booster quickly and roughly smoothes the oil
over her back, rubbing it in as Mira's body gives to his pressure, swaying
side to side, back and forth, her butt rising and lowering on her legs as she
moves with the Booster forced massage.

Mira feels the rough touch of Booster, but she knows he is good hearted and
didn't want to tell him to soften his touch as she knew he's been under a lot
of pressure since his visit to his home world. Mira's body sways with each
waive of Booster's massive hand as he works his way down to just above her
buttocks; Mira feels Booster stop and looks over her shoulder to see him
pouring more oil into his hand, she grins in knowing that he takes his work
seriously; then Mira's eyes drift down to see a huge bulge in Booster's
pajamas, and sticking out the top is the uncircumcised head of his expanding

Mira turns back around, concentrating on the calendar in front of her, but
every where she looks, at every picture, she saw a bulge or a penis shaped
object; she felt herself getting hotter in her groin, she really wanted
Booster to touch her between her legs right now as it would relieve her of
her sensation there. Suddenly she felt Booster swat her again with the hand
full of oil, it hit with a splat, right on her ass, his ginger shot into her
crack along with several ounces of oil that shot down between her legs and
vagina; then Mira felt her body shudder as she felt Booster's hand rubbing
the oil hard and fast into her butt, then his fingers went between her legs.

Booster felt his hand working perfectly, enjoying the sensation of Mira's
skin, especially her butt as his fingers penetrated deep into her butt crack,
then he felt his finger come into contact with some hair, then he realized
that he had poked her snatch with his middle finger.

Mira felt his finger as it penetrates and all that she can do is to push back
with her butt, desiring more as she feels Booster withdraw his finger. "No
Booster, No, keep rubbing in the oil, please feel free to touch me."

"But Mira, I'm touching your.... Ah ..."

"Pussy, yes, shove that finger into my pussy and work that digit dam-it! Now
finger fuck me Booster, I need it bad." Orders Mira as she pushes back with
her buttocks and twists her pussy, opening her legs invitingly.

Booster puts his hand on Mira's shoulder, bracing her as he begins to shove
his digit into her pussy after applying more oil; and as he thrust and
twisted his finger, he felt his penis expanding quickly inside his pajama

Mira feels Booster's digit as he pushes it into her pussy, he shoves it deep
and keeps pushing it in until she can feel seven inches inside her, thinking
to herself, "Damn, Booster has long fingers."

Mira twists as she feels Booster thrust his digit into her and pulling it
back to push it into her again until he is slamming it with a fast, quick
repetition of slamming thrust. Mira squirms as she is now burning in her
crotch, wanting more of Booster's digit, wishing that he had a ten-inch fist
shoved into her snatch. Mira then felt a sudden shock as the digit grew,
spreading wider inside her as the digit slides even deeper, penetrating 15,
18, 20 inches, then as Mira let out a loud moaning exhalation of a sexual
orgasm suddenly coming onto her, Booster's digit penetrated 30 inches deep
into her; Mira is shocked that she is still alive as her body adapted to and
accepted a 30-inch digit, then she felt Booster's right hand take hold of
her right shoulder, then she realized that she felt Booster's left hand on
her left should and his large 30-inch digit deep in her cunt as he began
thrusting it deep and fast, his pelvis slapping loudly against her buttocks.

Mira realized, through glassy and huffing grunts, that Booster is slamming
his dinosaur-sized cock into her; Mira is being dino-fucked. "Harder Booster,
slam that ten-gallon cock into me dam-it, fuck me Booster, ignite those
booster engines of yours."

Booster quickens his pace, his huge cock is slamming into Mira's tight hole
and at slamming warp speeds as the massive muscle slides along her cunt
tunnel, then he felt his balls ache, his cock went concrete hard as he fought
to hold his dick in order to keep from blowing his load into Mira.

Mira feels her orgasm as her snatch grips the six inch round 36-inch long
dino-shaft inside her as it becomes hard as a large steel alloy shaft, and
the shaft is shoved hard and deep; "I'm cumming Booster, I'm cumming!"

"I can't hold it Mira, I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry Booster!" Screams Mira at the top of her voice.

"Because when I blow it's five gallons of cum all at once Ahhhhhh!" Screams
Booster as he fails to hold his flow as his baseball bat cock fires.

Mira's eyes go wider then she though possible as she screams, feeling her
orgasm blow as well as the dino-hose that is now spraying her insides. At
this point Mira is held in place by Booster's hands on her shoulders and
his cock is rammed hard and tight up her snatch, her feet are planted on
Booster's legs as she braces herself with her hands on his arms, then Mira
becomes airborne, sperm spews from her cunt like a rocket exhaust, followed
by Booster's spunk spewing after her. As Mira strikes the far bulkhead, she
turns to come face to spunk as the following spew strikes home, hitting her
in the upper chest and face, covering her body in a green sticky goo as she
slowly slides down the bulkhead.

Mira's butt is partially glued to the bulkhead as she is plastered in spunk.
Mira wipes the sperm from her eyes as the juice drips from her face in a
sticky thick puddle, and as her vision comes to focus, she sees Booster's
huge and still hard cock, pointing right at her, and before she can say
anything or move, a green flow spurts from the mighty Booster rocket, it
strikes with five gallons of force all at once, again.

Mira sits quietly on the floor where she settled after sliding down the
bulkhead, followed by four gallons of spunk from Booster's first load, a
gallon was still inside her and pouring out in a stream from her cunt hole.
The second cumming of Booster is still sticky and flowing over her body,
her breasts are fully coated and dripping as she once again wipes the goo
from her eyes, sticks her tongue out and licks her lips clean, mentioning
to Booster, "Lime?"

Booster watches Mira licking her fingers and reachable body parts that remain
covered in green spunk juice, apologizing to Mira, "Sorry!"

Mira looks at her friend and fellow Ranger, noting his still huge but limp
penis, "Booster, I didn't know that your cock was `L' shaped, why is that?"

"Oh, well, ah; in my species, you have to sneak up on the female while they
are grazing, and the best and most successful method is to launch a thrust
from around a corner while they are facing away from you."

"You mean you can stick you thingy in from around corners?" Asks Mira with a
smile as she continues to lick her fingers.

Bashful from what he had just explained, Booster twists in place and shuffles
his feet as he tells Mira, "Yeah."

"Booster, we'll have to try that some time."

"Really, Oh boy!"

Command Bridge of 42

Buzz yawns a big yawn, sleep from his long sleepless tour, he hears Booster
enter the bridge, "Booster, you look all refreshed!"

"Yes sir! Ready to go Buzz; all refreshed, thanks to Mira, I feel like a new
Ranger." Says Booster with a broad grin as he settles into Mira's seat.

"Well, you have the bridge cadet, you're in command, just keep it on course
and wake us if sensors pickup anything suspicious, ..." says Buzz as he heads
for his quarters "... Now for a refreshing four hours rest."

"Yes sir Buzz, Booster's on watch, nothing to worry about." Assures Booster
as he twists his butt into Mira's station seat, having to adjust it to his
bigger butt; but not before he caught Mira's cunt scent; Booster's cock
busted through his flight suit, rising to it's full height, it's cock head
in front of Booster's face. Booster immediately grabs his hard erection, but
his grip, Mira's scent and the memory so fresh of fucking her, his cock
erupted like a volcano, shooting green sperm onto the once clear canopy of
42, dripping down onto the console, circuits and fuses blow as Booster became
excited again as he shot off his second load.

Passage way

Buzz is walking leisurely along, then he stops at his quarters and hears
something coming from the bridge that sounded like "Ahhh crap!" Buzz thought
a moment, then concluded to himself, "XR must have sneaked onto the bridge
and the boys are playing cards. Oh well, they need the recreation."

Buzz enters his quarters, looks at the bunk, pulls his shirt off, then drops
his pants, reaches inside his pants and straightens up his missile to a
comfortable position, after a maintenance scratch her and there then crawls
onto his bunk and pulls the blanket over him as he likes his room air at
chill. "Lights off." Ordered Buzz as he closed his eyes to the darkness of
the night-light, a little naked pink fairy that has a glow in its belly.

Buzz listens to the humming of the ship, old forty-two had her personality,
but there is a knew noise, and a definite draft of hot air on his neck. Buzz
senses the increasing heaviness of the hot air; it must be the reactor."
Thinks Booster to himself; then he feels a moistness as something rubs his
neck, then he realized that a tongue is licking his neck, then his ear, then
it penetrated his ear.

Buzz turned over to see Mira as she kisses him on his nose, then she shimmers
as she ghosts past the blanket to rub up against his body with her naked legs
and bare breasts. Buzz looks past her to see her light blue uniform on the
other side of the blanket. "How do you do that?"

"Concentration Buzzy! Now where is that Buzz missile?" Says Mira as she
mushes around over his body.

Buzz's eyes widen as he watches the 'Mound' beneath his blanket move down
towards his pelvis when he heard Mira yell, "There it is!"

Buzz's eyes widen with his smile as he lays back to enjoy the hot Tangean
lips engulfing his growing penis, his penis begins growing and hardening as
he feels it slide along Mira's mouth and then deeper into her throat.

Mira learned one lesson from her father (note. Tangean father's have the
responsibility to teach their children all about sex.) How to contract her
throat and control her breathing while she learned to deep throat huge
Tangean Combog sausages, she didn't know why that was important for her to
learn until she was on her first diplomatic mission with her father, but
that is too personal to explain here; it's all in Mira's Personal Diary.

What Buzz couldn't understand is why, when he would blow his load down her
throat, she always yells, `The Treaty is sealed." But Buzz didn't care what
treaties Mira wanted when she worked him over, she had golden fingers that
tickles his balls as his cock is squeezed and nurtured by her hot Tangean

In the passageway just outside Buzz Lightyear's Quarters

XR is tracking along when he hears a yell from Buzz's quarters, "The Treaty
is Sealed." XR stops, ponders a moment then continues on his way towards the
bridge, commenting to his programming sub commands, "Buzz had Mira working
in her off hours, that is so unfair; I'm the robotic unit, I should be doing
the treaty workups."

XR rolls onto the Command Bridges, sees Booster and starts bragging "Booster,
how's the old hormones; Oh, sorry to hear that! I myself don't have those
nasty hormones, I on the other hand have programs and those programs give me
over one thousand ways to satisfy over a million different species and
growing, and with my special lubricant ..."

Booster jumps up from his seat, rushes past XR, telling him on the way,
"Need the shower Booster, take over until I get back."

"Sure Big Fellow, all that I wanted to say ..." Booster exists the bridge
just as XR continues, "... that I vibrated Mira for the sixth time, and damn,
what good is it to SHAG a good looking cunt when you can't brag about it,
especially when the Shaggee walks around you all day and doesn't know that
you are the one in her dreams doing the shagging." XR looks around the empty
bridge, his computer whizzes, then motors over to his long-range scanners,
"Ah Ha! A planet that needs shagging."

Boosters is hallway down the passageway, almost ready to turn the corner when
a naked Mira ghosts through the bulkhead and runs almost into him, stopping
as his eyes bounce up and down with her small breasts giggling from the
sudden stop.

Mira, knowing that Buzz is chasing her with his big boner, realizes that she
has to make a sudden decision to keep her affair with Buzz a secret and the
crew integrity solid, explains to Booster, who's penis has burst through his
uniform and is rising to his shoulder height as Mira gets hot, watching his
cock as she explains, "Boy Booster, those hormones are powerful, and
you, ..." Mira sniffs the hormone scent, "... are making me hornier; Ah, I
have an idea, I would like to try that around the corner mount and fuck that
you told me about, and without you being seen, that sounds hot."

"Sure Mira, it's easy with you, you're so pretty and nice; I love your body,
and you wanting to help me during my ..."

"Sure, sure, sure Boostee, now when I get around the corner, I'll bend over
and you shove this ..."Mira strokes his erect penis that is oozing his green
sperm and slides her hand down his shaft, "... puppy in hard and deep and
fuck the crap out'a me; then after you blow off a wad, and you launch me down
the passageway, you head back to the bridge before Buzz finds you breaking
your shift."

"Sure Mira, just a quick slam bank and blow; just the way it's done back

Mira quickly turns as Booster stares at her cute butt, memorizing his target
hole, then begins stroking his shaft hard and quick, reading himself for his
thrust attack.

Mira disappears around the corner and stops three paces from the corner,
thinking to her self "that's about right." Mira turns to see her naked
commander rushing towards her, his cock at full buzzing 12 inches as it
stands and swings between his steps. As Buzz gets within arms length, Mira
leaps up into his arms, she spreads her legs and locks them around his
waist, sliding her cunt down onto his hot shaft, feeling it slide up deep
into her as she humps her hips up and down onto Buzz's cock, hugging him
with her arms and kissing him; explaining to him, "Doggy style Buzzy, buzz
my virgin ass; take me from behind Buzz."

Mira pulls herself from Buzz's cock and bends over, her ass pointing towards
the passageway corner and watches as Buzz places himself behind her, leans
over her, his chest pressing against her back as she grips her knees and
braces for his impact; Mira feels his large cock head press at her never
penetrated ass hole, she grimaces in anticipation.

Buzz licks and kisses Mira's neck, his hands grips and massage her small
breast and hard nipples.

At that moment a large cock shaft appears from around the corner and quickly
thrust down the passageway the distance to a bent over Buzz Lightyear, it
slams into his ass hard, thrusting with relentless pressure against the
resisting muscle then `POPS' into Buzz deep and fast as Booster begins
fucking using his family technique from around the corner; Buzz screams aloud
as he thrusts hard with his hips in reaction, his cock, like in a chain
reaction, slams and 'POPS' past Mira's virginal resistance as she screams in
pain, with a sheepish grin on her face as Buzz's body and hips thrust with
Booster's massive thrusts from behind him, which in turn makes Buzz's cock
slam deep and quick into her.

On the Bridge

On the security monitor, XR is busy with his hourly security scans as the
cameras work their sequences from quarters to quarters, passageway to
passageway. XR is also monitoring a long range scan of the planet ahead when
he glances up to see Mira, bent over with his command slamming his cock into
the young Tangean female, and a large fleshy shaft from around the corner
slamming into Buzz as the Buzz and Mira react to the different penetrating
trusts. XR's visual sensors blink as the image changes, noting to himself,
"What! What was that? Who, what, my sensors are failing."

XR works on his security system as he tries to capture the images again, but
they are gone.

In the busy Passageway

Buzz is starting to enjoy the evil penetration in his ass as he acknowledges,
"Just like my last anal exam." Buzz then feels a strange sensation as his
intestines are filled with Booster's seamen, then he's launched like a rocked
from the five-gallon blow.

As Buzz is launched like a rocked, his massive forward push, thrusts his cock
hard into Mira as he loses his control and spurts his load into the small
Tangean; Mira, exhausted from the double thrusts of Booster and Buzz's
massive attack is shoves into the air as she rides Buzz's lap with his cock
still deep, and now even deeper inside her, his load spurting hard and
filling her ass with his sperm. Mira has her orgasm in mid trajectory as she
blows, spreading her juices in mid air, pouring down her legs, and Buzz's
balls as they land on the deck.

Mira lands face down, her butt up with Buzz's cock halfway out when his full
weight lands onto her ass and back, driving his cock even deeper into her.
"Oof, Buzz! That was great!" Mira feels Buzz pulling back to sit on his
knees, then she feels his massive hands on her hips, pulling her back up onto
her knees, then one hand moves to her groin as he withdraws his cock. His
finger thrust into her cunt as he begins finger fucking her, and almost as
fast as Mira can feel his finger making her hot, she feels his cock slams
into her pussy, deep into her love canal as he quickly begins slamming her
hard, pushing her face to the deck as he fucks her hard. Mira attempts to
grip the metal deck, then she ghost partially into the deck as she grips the
molecules as Buzz slams his hard shaft in and out of her cunt, then she felt
him hold her tightly about her waist as he leans into her curvature, his
moist lips kissing her neck as he continues to slide his long cock deep into
her, her own muscles gripping his cock tightly, making the friction tighter
and making her hotter as she feels her stomach getting tighter, her pelvic
muscles growing tighter and closing in around his massive shaft, then her
entire insides seemed to quake as she explodes into a massive double orgasm,
she spews her own spunk, spraying Buzz's balls that makes him react and
emptying his balls as Mira milks his cock for every ounce of sperm. They both
collapse to the deck with Buzz laying flat atop the now powerless Blue

Mira attempt to move, then considers ghosting when she decides with Buzz's
massive weight atop her, "No, Buzzy doesn't like me Ghosting, especially when
I have to ghost through his body; the last time I was inside him I discovered
his real feeling, his huge penis and I was so turned on I jerked him off
inside the suit; took me two months to scrub that suit." Mira drops back down
onto the deck, "Oof! I'm too tired to ghost anyhow, I'll just wait for Buzz
to blow his last load and then he'll roll off."

Control Deck

Booster walks in as XR turns and asks him, "Where have you been? Were you in
the Passageway?"

"Of course I was, I had to use the Passageway to get to the shower." Explains
Booster as he seats himself at his station.

"Then there was noting happening in the passageway?" Asks XR with a visual
sensor blink.

"Nothing, no, nothing, not a mouse was stirring." Booster is grinning broad
as he answers XR.

"Must have been a satisfying shower." Notes XR as he eyes Booster.

"Yes, it really was a nice shower; I'll have to have another one when I get
off my shift." Says Booster as he leans back into his seat, shuts his eyes
and recalls Mira's naked butt, "A nice tight little shower."

"Well big guy, I see you're in charge, I'll head back to the quarters and
recharge my batteries for my shift." Explains XR as he spins and heads for
the exit.

Booster, still thinking of Mira's butt, and the feeling he felt in shoving
his cock deep into the little thing, recalls after XR disappears from the
bridge, "Batteries, XR has a thousand hour bio-cell, he won't need charging
for another week."


XR scoots along on his tracks, sensing the scent of the previous orgy that
had occurred, "Well now, I smell Tangean poon juice; my little Mira has
been probing herself again." XR stops outside of Mira's quarters, knocks on
the door, then enters when he receives no answer.

"Oh Mira, honey! Sweet-cakes! I'm home! Never a cunt to find when you need
one, Oh!" Rattles XR as he comes to a stop in his tracks, his visual sensors
see Mira, again completely nude on her bunk, her butt and tush visually
enticing as he rolls up close enough to count her red cunt hairs, "Now Mira,
it wasn't that I said those things that you heard, I was trying to see if
you were here."

Mira just breaths deeply in her exhausted sleep, too exhausted to know that
XR is only a centimeter from her.

XR extends his micro camera to observe her frontal position, carefully, for
scientific and security reasons, for duties sake, carefully scans her entire
body, stopping to inspect her moist enticing lips, then her perky small
breasts and erect nipples (were they always erect), and then a slow scan
down between her legs, you had to pay special attention her as things could
be hidden in those folds; XR bumped his camera against Mira's clitoris,
rubbing and pushing it against her cunt lips as he watches Mira open her
legs slightly in her sleep.

"Oh, my little girl wants an XR accelerator." Acknowledges XR as he
withdraws his camera and extends his large black 16-inch penis with the
large vibrating, lubricant oozing vibrator. `What every girl requires, an
XR reverbrating penetrator."

XR places his left hand on Mira's butt and notes aloud, "Ooo, Solid and firm,
if only I had you down so that I could collide with your bumpers." XR turns
his vibrator to low speed as he runs it along Mira's legs and inner thighs
from behind, carefully watching with his infra red scanners as her body
temperature begins heating up, then as he rubs it against her butt crack, and
eases it into the reddening bulb between her legs, pushing so lightly into
her pussy lips, Mira responds from her deep sleep, opening her legs, lifting
her right leg up to almost 90-degrees as XR eases his vibrator into the young

Lubricant flowing, its brown oil coating Mira's body were ever it touches
her, and coating her love tunnel as the vibrating dildo slides ever deeper
into her.

Mira, in her sleep, dreams of her cousin Karis who shared their bed when they
were fourteen; his parents were at the royal house for the yearly family
gathering, and Mira and Karis were close as cousins, and had the normal first
kisses and make-outs, Mira losing her bra to his nibble fingers. On this one
night, Karis has sneaked into her room as she lay sleeping under her covers.
Mira then recalls how he had pulled the blankets off of her, reached up as
Mira was sleeping on her back, untied her pajama bottoms and pulled them
slowly down over her knees and then over and off her feet. She didn't know if
Karis was nude when he got into her bed, or if he had disrobed in her room,
but when she awoke, she felt his naked legs rubbing her legs as he had just
unbuttoned the last button and opened her pajama top, revealing Mira's small
boobs; her nipples were especially sensitive to his touch and when she felt
his warm lips bite and lick her nippers, they went erect to his and her

Mira felt her cousins fully erect cock as it pressed against her virgin cunt
as she put her arms around him. Then she screamed a muffled scream into his
bare Tangean chest as his 16-inch Tangean pounder slams into her hymen. The
dream seems so real as she feels Karis' cock slamming in hard and quick
thrusts as he fucks her hard, Mira bouncing in her bed, her legs up in the
air, flying helplessly about as they sway with each thrust, then she feels
a huge gust of sperm spray her insides, she then feels her first orgasm as
her body jerks uncontrollably, a nice feeling for a Tangean who lives under
control all the time.

Mira wakes up, her body covered in sweat, her legs spread out, and as she
feels her still hot cunt, a brown ooze mixed with her own juices, "Not

Meanwhile, midway down the passage

XR speeds along towards his quarters, cleaning his vibrator and singing to
himself, "That's number seven for seven days, now that is a NO HITS, NO
ERRORS and ALL RUNS, I love being a robot."

XR round the cornner to pass Buzz, "Ohm high Commander, is it time for your

Buzz, too busy rubbing his back, limps on one leg as he wobbles bow legged
towards the bridge, note noting the vibrator in XR's hands, "Can't sleep
XR, too many stretched muscles from ..., ah, exercising."

"Ouch, groin pulls are terribly painful, well, get rest and put on lost of
ointment H17." offered XR as he tucks his weapon into his compartment. "You
might have Mira treat your wound Commander, she has strong hands."

"I think I will XR, thankyou." says Buzz as he limps onto the Bridge.

XR turns and tracks on to his quarters, "Well, what a painful experience."



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