Boy Meets World: Babysitting Morgan (MMMf,Mf-mast,inc,voy)
by Garry Walker ([email protected])

It was friday night in the Matthews' household when Alan decided to take Amy
away for a weekend away as it was their 20th wedding anniversery. But then
later that night when they were ready for departing their babysitter for
Morgan had to cancel at the last minute. So they thought for a moment and
came up with Eric so they called him up at his apartment unfortunatley there
was no answer so they drove to his apartment and let Morgan in and with that
they were off.

It would be several hours before the return of her older brother, so she
thought, so she just curled up on the sofa and watched some tv. While
flicking through channels on the tv she noticed there was a video still
in the VCR so she pressed the play button out of curiosity and to her
suprise it was porn and it immediatly came to a gang-bang between several
men and just one women. After several minutes of watching Morgan was
starting to dampen in the panty area when she realised this she started
to frig her still virginal pussy.

Meanwhile in Eric's room Eric awoke in is closet for some reason probably
because of the previous night when he was out drinking and getting stoned
with his friends until 5:30am that morning. Eric stummbled out of the closet
and immediatly into the living quarters and to is suprise was his little
sister watching porn with her panties round her knees and her skirt lifted
up around her waist. Eric didn't notice the massive errection which was
still increasing. Then with one look he noticed the monstrous errection
between his legs. He then started to jerk off because between his little
sister masturbating half-naked and the porno on TV, there was no chance of
his hard-on going down.

So he pulled his boxer shorts down (which was all he was wearing) and started
to masturbate furiousley. A few minutes later he had his eyes closed (as some
people do when wacking off). Morgan suddenley opened her eyes and saw her
brother there right in front of her. Then eric started to mumble Morgan's
name. She closely listened and soon figured out that it was actually her that
Eric was jacking off over. She thought to herself for a moment and found that
she was slowly moving towards Eric and without warning she took Eric's
throbbing member into her mouth. This however scared the shit out of Eric
when he suddenly felt a damp hole around his engorged cock. With that he
opened his eyes to see his baby sister giving him the best and only blowjob
he ever as had, so he figured what the fuck and let her continue.

Suddenley without warning Sean and Jack came through the apartment door as
Morgan did not lock it when she came in and to their suprise there was a
live brother/sister sex show going on in their very own living room. Morgan
immediatly tried to get up and straigten herself up, but Eric had his hands
wrapped around her head fucking her face. Sean suddenley started to remove
his hardening dick from his trousers and then began to walk up behind Morgan
and proceded to lift her skirt to take a peek at her incredibly sexy and
pert arse. He instinctivley started to explore with his fingers around her
arse and suddenley started to explore her arse with his finger.

He then found out how easily his digit slipped into her anal passage
(becauase little did they know that Morgan was an anal freak in the privacy
of her own bedroom where she used a dildo, which she had bought from one of
her friends, who stole it from her sisters room). Sean could stand it no
more. Although he had never had any form of anal sex in the past he felt an
unrelelenting urge to ram his 8 inches of stiff man meat into the 13 year
old's arse. So he spat into his hands and rubbed the spit onto his cock and
with one single thrust he was balls deep into the young girl and Morgan
barely muttered a single word when she was impaled on seans monster cock.

After 2 or 3 minutes Jack could stand by and watch no longer and started to
undress. It was at that moment that Eric shot his load all over Morgan's face
bathing her cheeks in his spunk. Tthen his knees gave way because of this
mindblowing orgasm and he fell back into the nearest chair with a total
feeling of relief.

Jack came over to Morgan, who seemed to be very hatty with the rectal
pummeling which she was recieving by his brother. Jack decided at that point
mMrgan should take her shirt off as he started to unbutton her shirt. He
noticed her incredibly sexy white lace bra that looked like a b-cup , he
couldn't wait to see the tits that were being concealed by the lace material,
so he just dragged the cup's of her bra to around the base of her incredibly
pert breasts. He then started to lick and suck on her teenage nipples, which
tasted miraculous. He then decided he couldn't stand and watch without
fucking someone any more, so with that he pushed Morgan and Sean back. They
both felt back against the floor. Then Jack rammed his 7 incher into Morgan's
virginal pussy, which unlike her arse ramming, she let out an incredibly loud
scream as her hymen was broken and a small amount of blood started to drip
from her previousley virginal pussy.

Minutes in to her double penetration Morgan was screaming at Jack to remove
his cock, which he did. He decided to see if Morgan could take a double anal
penetration, so he spat into his hands as Sean previousley done and started
to rub the saliva onto his cock and placed the tip at her entrance and
started to slide his cock in besides his brother's and suprisingley she
managed not only to take the cocks up her arsehole, but to totally engulf
both of the cocks bollock deep into her. Minutes later Morgan was
experiencing a massive anal orgasm and huge ammounts of cum started to flow
from her like she was pissing herself.

A short time later Sean and Jack where ready to blow ther loads into her arse
and they both simoultaneousley shot their cum into her arse, which immediatly
started to drip from her anus (which made it past the 2 cocks which where
still filling her rectal passage) and droplets of mixed spunk started to drip
onto Sean's balls. Morgan then stood up withdrawing both cocks from her and
then started to lick Sean's cock and balls clean of the mixed spunk, shit,
saliva and blood which covered them. Afterwards they all passed out totally
drained all of there energy.

This was the first of many adventures which morgan and co. would get up to.


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