A/N: The following is based on characters I do not own, events that didn't
happen, and all that other stuff. This story is meant for adults only and if
a kid or teen looks at this and reads it, then be warned I have stated it is

Boy Meets World: Bachelor Party Part 1 (MF,inter,oral)
by Jester_2003

Cory Matthews sat in the Student Union of Penbrook College as his brother
Eric, his best friend Shawn, and his best friends brother and Eric's roommate
Jack all talked about his bachelor party. "So Shawn's got the strippers
ready?" Eric asked as he looked at the younger man.

"Yes Eric, you got the drinks."

"Of course." Eric said as he held his arms out and stood. "I'll start
unloading them back at the apartment." Eric rushed off quickly as Cory
smirked and tapped his fingers together.

"Okay," Jack said as he stood and looked at Shawn. "I already made sure the
checks all cleared and that there is two kegs in my closet. I also got us a
large box of condoms for any size."

"Good, now go make sure Eric doesn't meet the strippers first." Shawn said as
he patted his brother's shoulder. He turned to Cory as Jack left. "You don't
have to touch the girls Cory but you can if you want. Okay buddy?"

"Okay Shawn." Cory smiled as he stood and the two friends walked back to
their dorm room.

* * *

Topanga Lawrence walked into the jewelry store behind her two friends,
Angela and Rachel. The tall red head began looking around as Topanga and
Angela walked up to the young woman behind the counter. "Yes I am here to
pick up my fianc‚e's ring."


"Lawrence, Topanga."

"Ah yes, well there is a problem."


"The check you wrote bounced."

"But that can't be."

"Calm down Topanga."

"I am calm Angela."

"Listen Ms. Lawrence, I can give you the ring in the morning but you will
have to earn it."


"See I run a Bachelor Party service where I provide paying costumers with
women to strip for them amongst other things if the girl is willing." The
woman stopped and reached under her counter pressing a button that locked
the doors. "A few days ago I had this man working in here and he double
booked my girls tonight and both clients paid upfront. If you could find
me three girls willing to do this then I will upgrade your diamond and
your husbands to be as well as make it free of charge."

"But you're asking me and three girls to be hookers."

"Ms. Lawrence I am asking you to find three girls who will strip and if any
one of the girls chooses to fuck the guys there then they will be allowed
to. It's already paid for if you do but if you don't that is okay because I
haven't cashed the check." The woman smiled, as she looked Topanga up and
down. "You three could do this and I will even give you wigs and costumes.
I can even dye your hair if you want and give you fake contacts to change
eye color."

"Topanga, I'll do it to help you. I mean its not as if the people will ever
meet us. I mean it works out and I can tell Shawn that we are all going to a
movie and cover for us."

"Yeah and I'll help out too. I can talk Jack and Eric out of the apartment
for the night so we can change there and everything. And you can get your
rings and stuff all fixed up and think about what the extra money could go
to." Rachel added for help.

"Okay," Topanga said reluctantly. "You go and call Jack and Eric and Angela
can call Shawn from her cell phone." With that, the girls all went behind the
counter and into the back room with the shopkeeper.

* * *

Jack picked up the phone and smiled as Rachel came over the line. "Jack?"


"Oh good. Listen us girls are going to be at the apartment tonight so can you
and Eric not watch that horror movie marathon thing there."


"We really need the apartment Jack...please?"

"Alright, we will make sure we are not here." Jack said before hanging up.
"Eric, we have a problem."


"The girls need the apartment and we can't have the party here."


"You tell Rachel `no'."

"I can' we better get a place then."

"Listen you go down stairs and use the payphone to call Cory and Shawn and I
will call a hotel and see about getting some room or something." Jack picked
the phone back up and dialed the nearest hotel with good service and lots of

"Penbrook Davenport hotel?"

"Yes I was wondering if you have a large conference style room connected to
a couple of bedrooms."



"However we do have a three bedroom suite with a living room attaching the
three bedrooms together." The man said that causing Jack's face lit up.
"Would that fit your requirements?"

"Yes, yes it would. How much will that run for the night till tomorrow

"One thousand dollars upfront as well as a five hundred dollar security for
any damages and then you will owe another thousand dollars when you leave or
five hundred if you want us to keep the deposit for the second payment."

"Okay...can I give you my credit card and pick the keys up tonight?"

"Yes," typing sounds filled the phone as the man on the other end began
taking the info.

* * *

Cory walked into the large room and smiled as Eric and Jack dragged the last
of the beer into the room. Cory looked to Jack, "Thank you for this."

"Hey the way I figure it is if we all get lucky enough tonight will be well
worth paying three and a half grand." Jack and the others finished setting up
and called the agency to inform them about the location change.

"Hi, this is Eric Matthews. I am calling about the three strippers we have
paid for to dance amongst other things at the Matthews Bachelor Party."
Eric stood silent as he listened on the phone. "Yes do to some unforeseen
complications we have been forced to move the party to the Davenport Hotel.
The man at the desk will be waiting for the three women to tell them what
floor it will be. The room is under the name Turner so they will have to
ask for a Turner." A second silence and then Eric nodded and added. "Thank

As he hung the phone up, he turned to the others who smiled at him. "Good
thing we had Jack change the reservation name. That way we can't get caught."
Cory said in mock amusement.

"Well be quiet Cory," Eric said as Jack returned to the room with Shawn
behind him. "There are still three and she told me there will be a black
girl with blonde hair, a Latin looking girl with red hair and a white girl
with black hair. So who gets who and how are we going to do this?"

"Well I suggest we let Cory pick who he wants and I also suggest, we let him
have first pick of the rooms." Shawn said hugging Cory's shoulders.

"Agreed." Jack added. "So you can pick the girl when they get here and you
can pick the room now. That one has a window." Cory smiled.

"A window? With a view perhaps?" Cory grinned like a maniac as Jack nodded.
"Okay that's mine!"

"Sometimes I wonder what Topanga sees in you little brother."

"Anyways, I suggest we go ahead and watch the game till the girls get here.
Cory, want some beer?"

"No you guys go ahead and have some." Cory said as he walked into his room
and looked out the window.

* * *

Topanga, Rachel, and Angela walked into the Davenport hotel in trench coats.
They had all had their hair dyed and shaved their pubes off so they would
look better in the thongs and g-strings they wore. Each girl had been dressed
in a different outfit, Rachel in a blue tank top with a plaid skirt and
tennis shoes without socks. Angela wore a black bikini top with hot pants
with thigh high black leather boots. Topanga had on a curve hugging white
blouse with a black and blue plaid skirt and a pair of knee high white
stockings. There where going to be four people, they had been told, and they
would provide food and beer if the girls got hungry or thirsty. "May I help

"Yes, we are here to see the Turner party."

"Oh yes, a young man called a minute ago and told me to let you up and
give you a key. He said that he would be there to greet you along with his
friends." The older man behind the desk said with a kind smile. "Here you
go this is the spare key for the room. Go ahead on up." He waved at a pair
of elevators.

The three girls climbed into the elevators and went up to the top floor.
They got off and walked down the hall. They came to the end of the hall where
the room was. "Okay, no matter what we only do what we feel safe doing."
Topanga said with a wary smile. They opened the door to find the main room a
mess. Three heads where on a couch facing away from them. "Hello!" The three
heads moved and each man stood. Eric, Jack, and Shawn stood there.

"Hey Cor! The girls are here!" Shawn yelled as he took a drink of beer.

Cory Matthews entered from a bedroom and looked at the three girls with a
suspicious eye. A look of enjoyment flashed over his face before it faded and
was replaced with a worried look. "Come on Cor so what if you're a virgin I
bet these girls don't care. Do ya?"

Angela snickered and smiled. "Why no we don't." She looked at Topanga with a
grin. "Are you all drunk?"

"Yeah, but that's okay. So cutie, would you like to see something big and
hard?" Eric asked as he looked at Angela.

"Eric!" Shawn cut in. Angela was relieved that he still noticed her in his
drunken state. "Cory gets first choice of the girls you know that." Cory
picked up a glass of what appeared to be beer and drank it quickly.

"Yes I do Shawny. You girls can dance first if you like." Cory said with a
silly grin. Topanga looked torn, she had liked the idea of stripping since
Rachel had told her it would be sweet for her to do for Cory on their
honeymoon. But she looked to scared now that she knew who was there.

"Topanga, they are so drunk they won't remember it in the morning." Angela
said as Rachel nodded. "Trust use we put marker faces on Shawn, Eric, and
Jack when they where drunk one night. They tried to fight us off but when
morning came they where at each others throats for it."

"Yeah and you said Cory can't handle beer himself without blanking on the
night before." Rachel added, "plus this way you can have fun and let loose
one more time before you get hitched."

"True," Topanga said as she relaxed. Each girl dropped her jackets and walked
to the front of the couch. Angela led Cory to the couch where the four boys
sat. The three girls turned the TV to MTV and where pleased to see a good
song start seconds later.

Angela stripped out of her boots and then her shorts. Rachel kicked her shoes
off and slowly bent over as she pulled her skirt with her. She stood and
removed her shirt revealing her breast to the four men. Her nipples where
rock hard as she pinched them, her mind was slipping as she let herself get
turned on. Angela had removed her top and now was toying with her g-string
teasing the men. Topanga had removed her blouse and skirt but left her
stockings and shoes on. Angela licked her fingers and twisted her own hard
nipples as she smiled and shook her ass at Shawn, or Eric, or anyone.

Topanga reached behind her and removed her bra with a spin. She revealed her
large breasts with her silver dollar sized areolas, her nipples already hard
as she let herself imagine the room with only Cory in it.

* * *

Cory watched the three girls as he dropped the cup he had mixed his beer and
lemonade in. He knew he couldn't hold his beer so the lemonade had helped to
make him more in control. He watched as Rachel slid her hand down the front
of her thong which had become slightly wet from the look of it. He turned to
Angela and found her already completely naked and rubbing herself. He smiled
as he looked at her total naked body; Rachel had soft pink nipples he noted
as his gaze fell to Topanga. Her large breasts bounced and swayed slightly as
she danced. Her dark nipples drawing his gaze as she flashed him her hidden
treasure behind the hot pink thong she wore.

Cory smiled as he realized that the girls had all figured him drunk like the
others. He knew they wouldn't dance otherwise, but he smiled a bit more as
he realized that Topanga was letting herself go slightly as she flashed him
again letting him see her bald pussy. He restrained himself as he had learned
over the last two years from studying. He had secretly been studying the art
of Tantra and had come to be able to control his member. He then had a very
clear moment of inspiration. If he got Topanga into a room with any of his
buddies and suggested that they get blowjobs he would still have a virgin on
their wedding night but he could also get a chance to fuck either Angela or
Rachel. His smirk grew slightly as he whispered to Shawn. "Hey Shawny, why
don't you take the red head and go get a blowjob?"

"Good idea Cor. Hey Red! You want to go give me a hummer?" Shawn said with a
grin as he stood and staggered slightly.

* * *

Topanga was worried as she looked at Angela and Rachel. "Go ahead Topanga, I
mean Cory won't remember plus you can use the practice since you have never
done it before." Angela said as Rachel nodded. The three girls had gathered
in a huddle and Topanga seemed worried.

"Why don't you do it Angela?"

"Because he asked for you and what happens if Shawn remembers it was me?
Dancing is one thing sex is different. Shawn would remember if it was me, at
least I hope he would."

"And what if he remembers it was me?"

"He had never had a blowjob from you so he can't remember you." Angela said
plainly. "Look don't worry it will be fine and think this way you can at
least say you have had some experience."

"True but..."

"No buts. Now go ahead and have fun." Angela said with a mischievous smile.

Topanga stood and walked over to Shawn and grabbed his hand. She led him
into the bedroom on the east side. She closed the door and locked it as
Shawn dropped his pants and sat on the bed. "Come on sweetie." He pulled
his shirt off revealing his hard 5 «-inch cock. It was not that thick but
not freakishly skinny. Topanga smiled slightly and walked over. She dropped
to her knees and stroked it gently as she placed the head in her mouth. She
licked around and flicked her tongue over his head as she lowered her head
more and began taking inch after inch into her mouth. Shawn grabbed her head
and began bucking his hips faster into her mouth.

She increased her suction and licked his cock furiously. He bucked harder
and his cock bulged slightly as he fired his cum into her mouth. She gulped
it all only letting a tiny bit out the side of her mouth. She whipped it away
with her finger and sucked it clean as she jacked his cock slowly. He was
getting lip and she looked up to see him smiling before falling backwards
asleep. She groaned and went to a chair in the corner as she fingered fucked
herself replaying her first cock sucking adventure in her head.

* * *

Cory smiled as he stood and walked over to the two remaining girls. "Who
wants to come play a game with Cory?" He said with a grin. The two girls
looked at each other and shrugged. Angela took Cory's hand and led him to
the north room.

"So Cory, what type of game do you want to play?"

"Shh." He said as he kissed her. She was shocked at first but relaxed into
it as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and cupped her ass in his hands.
He pulled her to him as he broke the kiss; he looked into her brown eyes and
smirked. She looked shocked as he dropped to his knees and pushed her onto
the bed. "Relax and let Cory make you feel good." He spread her legs and
traced his tongue over her outer lips. He slowly opened her outer lips and
darted his tongue out and flicked it over the clit. She tensed for a second
as she reached a hand out and looked down at him.

"Eat me!" She nearly shouted as she drove his face into her cunt.

Cory licked her pussy and fucked a finger into her as he sucked on her clit
finally bringing her to climax. She tenses around his finger and nearly
squeezed it out as she came. Cory smile and stood, "My turn." She climbed off
the bed as Cory sat on the edge.

She unzipped his khakis and pulled them and his boxers down and had to jerk
her head back as Cory's cock sprung loose. `God he has to be twice as big as
Shawn.' She thought as she reached a tentative hand out to his 12-inch cock.
It was as round as the top of a soda can. She couldn't even wrap her fingers
all the way around it. Her mouth was watering when Cory spoke again this time
barely audio-able.

"Come on, suck my cock for me...please."

"Oh god yes." She said without thinking as she licked from the base to the
tip. She gently sucked his head into her mouth and swirled her tongue over
the head. Cory smiled as she bobbed her head down on his cock. She took all
of six inches into her mouth before coming off it and smiling at it. She took
it back in her mouth and took an extra two inches this time as she fought
against the gag reflex. She took a breath and took all of ten inches down
after three more tries. She smiled wide as she took one more breath and began
working the full cock into her throat, she licked the underside as she inched
it all the way in. She licked the underside slowly as she withdrew the cock
from her mouth. `I have to have that in me.' She thought as she pushed Cory
back on his bed. "I want that cock in me, ready for me big boy?"

"Oh yes." Cory said as he held her hips. He slowly pulled her down. "Good you
are so fucking tight."

"Oh yes, fuck my tight black pussy Cory." Angela said with a growl as she
forced herself even further down on to his cock. She stopped as he pulled her
to him. He kissed her as he rammed the rest of his cock into her causing her
to scream into his mouth. Once the kiss was broken Cory sucked on one of her
tits as she moaned. "Oh God! It fills me up so right! Oh God Cory, fuck my
pussy! Oh God I'm cumming!!!" She screamed as Cory fucked her faster. She
quaked in his arms as he rolled over.

"Oh God, your pussy is so fucking tight."

"Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck my tight cunt with your big white cock." She growled
as she raked her nails over his chest.

"Flip over." She slowly rolled over onto her hands and knees as he grabbed
her waist. He pounded his cock into her hard and fast. She came again two
more times while he pounded into her; he slowed his strokes and flipped her
over without removing his cock. He looked into her brown eyes and smiled. He
thrust hard, deep, and slow. Drawing almost completely out before slamming
back in and slowly removing his cock again. She wrapped her legs around him
and helped him as she came again and this time he came shooting his warm cum
into her belly as she passed out. "Well that's that." Cory removed his cock
and slid his boxers on as he placed his pants and shirt into the dresser by
the door.

He walked into the main room and found Rachel trying to get Jack and Eric up
to take her into the last room.

* * *

`Come on you guys, every one is getting something but me.' She thought as she
tried to wake them back up. She had sucked both of them off but was startled
to find them passed out afterwards. `Damn them for drinking all that beer.'
Cory cleared his throat behind her and she nearly leapt out of her skin. "Oh,

"Your friend is asleep in there."

"Oh, okay. Well my other friend was tired to so she went home. I told her we
put you to bed."

"Oh well thanks, so did you get your fill?"

"What? I got these two jerks off but they fell asleep afterwards."

"Ah, well that can happen. Maybe I can help you out though."

"Oh thanks, but I can go home and masturbate." She said as she mentally
added, `if you're anything like Eric you won't last long enough for me to
feel it.' She smiled at the idea of Eric's small four-inch cock that she
had named `half-minute-man'. Jack however had a nice 7-inches in his shorts
but he was like Eric in lasting barely two minutes.

"Come on, I mean I won't tell if you won't and after all you must be horny."
Cory moved closer and wrapped a hand around her waist with her back to his
chest. He slid his hand down to her pussy and slipped a finger in. "See
you're already wet, and I am already getting hard so why not?" Rachel smiled.

`Topanga is gone and Cory won't remember this plus it will possibly get me
off.' She turned to face him and grinned even more. "Sure. Let's go in here
Cory." She said leading him into the last room. She turned the lights on and
lay on the bed as Cory entered. He smiled and dropped his bowers revealing
his hardening cock. Rachel literally gasped at the sight of the 12-inch
monster before her. She had fucked guys with big dicks before but Cory was
hung like a motherfucker.

"I see you like, I take it my brother and his buddy aren't nearly as big?"

"Eric's only like a fourth of yours. Jack's is a nice size but damn that's a
fucking anaconda!" She said as he walked closer. "Oh, I have to have that."
She spread her legs with a grin and Cory pushed his cock head in. He gripped
her hips and looked into her green eyes.

"How do you like it? Fast? Hard? Slow?"

"Fast and hard, now fuck ME!" She screamed the last word as he slammed his
full cock into her tight cunt. "OH DAMN!" She screamed as she climaxed
quickly. Cory smiled and pulled her head to his and kissed her as he pounded
into her. He laid her on her back and lifted her legs onto his shoulders as
he pounded into her with all his might. "OH FUCK! OH SHIT! FUCK ME CORY! FUCK
and again as Cory slapped her ass with a free hand. She stopped humping
against him and looked down at her pussy being invaded by his cock.

"Roll over." He said as he removed his cock. She got into the Doggie Style
position and wiggled her ass for him. Her smacked her ass and spread her
cheeks as he plunged his cock into her cunt and removed it again. Suddenly
there was a pressure against her anus as he pushed his cock head into her

YOU'RE SPLITTING MY ASS OPEN!" She bellowed as she cried slightly. Cory
stopped and she slowly got adjusted to it.

"Relax and don't fight it, once you have something this big in your ass you
will never have to worry or imagine it." He smiled at her as he pushed more
into her. He slowly pulled out some and pushed more in her. He slowly fucked
her tight ass for almost thirty minutes till she was moaning and panting for
it all and he gave her all of it. "It's all in your ass. You ready to have me
pound your sweet ass?"

"Oh yes Cory fuck my slutty ass." She moaned as he began to draw all the way
out before slamming into her all the way to the balls. He fucked her ass hard
and fast for nearly ten minutes, as she came two more times, before he pulled
out and used the sheet to whip his cock before she turned around and he
plunged his cock deep into her pussy. He kissed her and bit her lower lip
gently as they broke the kiss. He licked her lip as she climaxed and he came
with her shooting his hot cum into her waiting belly. She gasped as she laid
back and smiled. "God that was the best fuck I have had in so long." She said
as the two held each other before she fell to sleep in his arms. He made sure
she was covered up before grabbing his boxers and heading back to his room to

* * *

Cory woke the next morning in his dorm room. Shawn wasn't there and he knew
Shawn was probably still sleeping in the hotel. Cory rolled of his bed and
grabbed the phone; he dialed Topanga's phone number and waited for her to
answer. She did and he smiled. "Hey Topanga."

"Oh, hi Cory."

"So did you girls have fun last night?"

"What? Oh, yeah. Is Shawn there?"

"No, he passed out at the party from what I heard. So where is Angela and
Rachel? I figured we could all get together and talk. Eric forgot to deposit
the cheek your parents sent us and I want to get back at him for making us
lose our wedding rings."

"What? Oh, well, we didn't loose them. I took care of it."

"Aw, well I won't ask how you pulled off that miracle. But what's say you and
me go get something to eat?"

"Okay, I'll be ready in thirty minutes."

"Okay." Cory smiled and hung the phone up before humming a song and changing
into clean clothes.

* * *

Cory and Topanga sat in the small caf‚ outside the Student Union. "Topanga,
have I ever told you I love you?"


"Oh well, I still love you."

"Good, because I love you too Cory."

"Hey guys." Shawn called as he walked over with Eric and Jack behind him and
a chatting Angela and Rachel behind them. Topanga excused herself and went to
the restroom as the others sat around. "So Cory you got a hang over?"

"Nah, I only had a small amount of beer last night. I cut it with a lemonade
from the lobby." Cory said with a smile. "Anyways, how was your night Angela,
Rachel? Anything fun?" Angela and Rachel had been seated behind the three
guys who where all absorbed by their headaches and the three coffees a
waitress had just delivered. The two girls looked at Cory in shock. "Well
maybe you both found something to do last night before you went to bed."

"Cory, you remember what happened last night?"

"Yeah Shawny, in vivid detail. A very cute girl took you into your room but
you passed out before she could even lay a hand on you and she left in a fit
of rage and since Eric and Jack dozed off shortly before the other two girls
left. I then locked the room and left after showering and looking for the key
Eric had."

"Sorry about that Cor, we ruined all the fun."

"Nah it was okay. I got into a few things before finally going to sleep
myself." Cory said with a grin at Angela and Rachel. Topanga came back
shortly after as Eric and Jack got into a fight over the game from yesterday.
"Hey sweetie."

"Cory, I have to go study for my Criminal Law test, and you three boys have
to study for your exams tomorrow." She pointed at Shawn, Eric, and Jack. "See
you later sweetie." She said and kissed Cory on the lips. Topanga and the
three other men walked off in separate directions as Cory took a drink of his

"So, did you all have fun?" Cory asked with a grin.

"Cory." Angela began.

"Angela, don't worry. I won't tell Shawn or anyone. I figure it's like this.
Last night was a dream for all three of us. Unless someone would like to
change that?"

"What do you mean `change'?" Rachel asked with a hint of a grin tugging at
her lips.

"Well, I figure if someone wanted to pursue it they could try. See it's like
this. If we wanted to per say...pursue the continuation of the game from last
night. Then we could continue in privacy like now, when everyone else is gone
and we are alone and have nothing better to do."


"Trust me Angela I love Topanga more than you will ever know but I enjoyed
last night's games. I see no one here who did not will fully pursue the games
last night." Cory smiled even more s he stood. "After all girls, look at the
three men you have besides me." Cory smiled as they weighed their options.

"Okay." Angela said with a smile. "But we have to be careful. I love Shawn
and don't want to lose him but damn I know he won't ever satisfy me now."

"I'm in too. Jack and Eric are sweet and cool and all but I have to have the
white anaconda again." Rachel smiled as she blushed.

"Good, because it can't wait to get some of you both again. Oh, and
eventually I plan on bringing Topanga in on this so don't bold face lie to
her about anything just be cryptic like I was today." The two girls smiled
and walked off talking about last night in hushed voices. Cory watched as a
pair of tanned arms wrapped around his waist.

"So can I watch this time?"

"Hey, it was your idea baby." Cory said as he turned around to kiss Topanga.
"I knew tell you before they arrived would be a good idea."

"Yes, it was. But remember I get to ride you when we get back to your room."
Cory smiled, "this is going to be fun. Just wait till the honeymoon, I wonder
if they will agree to join us?"

"Who wouldn't? With a hot body like yours and a `white anaconda' like mine...
well I think they will agree to come, and come, and come."

To be continued...


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