Boy Meets World: Boy Fucks Girl (mf,first)
by Insomniac

Cory and Topanga had been dating forever, and were now finally about to have sex for the first time. Both were virgins and they had been dating since they were about ten years old. Each had kissed other people, but very few. For Cory it felt like forever waiting for Topanga to be ready to have sex. But she promised that tonight would be the night, and Cory was anxiously waiting.

Shawn: So... tonight's the big night huh? Huh? You dog you.

Cory: I know Shawny, why doesn't Feeny just cancel class. Doesn't he know what a big deal this is? I feel like screaming it out just so he kicks me out.

Shawn laughed, "He probably does know that freak, he knows everything. Hell he'll probably be there to teach you how to do it right.

Cory: DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME. I don't want to be thinking about Feeny while I'm finally nailing the love of my life.

Just then Topanga walked into the classroom and flashed Cory a big smile and a wink. She had a tight blouse on that hugged her large breasts. She also had a short loose-fitting skirt that flapped in the wind as she walked, almost enough for Cory to catch a glimpse of her panties.

Shawn: woooooow, good for you Cor. Can I come tonight?

Cory: man, she doesn't seem nervous at all. She's been the one holding off on this, but she's dressing sexy and being all flirty.

Shawn: hey she really wants it, don't argue with it...

~later that night~

School had passed, and Cory's parents, brother, and sister had all gone out to dinner, while Cory stayed home and faked ill. Just then a knock on the door. Oh my God Cory thought, its time. He opened the door to find Topanga standing there with still, a huge smile on her face.

Topanga: Hey stud, you ready to have your world rocked?

Cory was practically speechless. "Uhhh Uhh," already he stammered.

Topanga: Well, yeah, your family is only at dinner right. I mean, no offense I don't think it'll be that long... but lets be safe and start anyway.

Cory just nodded, still in a state of disbelief that this was actually happening. He'd been waiting since he was ten to do anything with her. So far they had only kissed and he snuck a few touches of her butt and breasts before she would slap his hands away.

They went up stares and Topanga pushed Cory back onto his bed.

Topanga: Now, why don't you sit back and relax, and enjoy the show.

Topanga proceeded to unbutton her blouse, slowly, one button at a time. Until the very last button was undone, then she ripped off her shirt, leaving her top in just her solid black bra. She then bent over a bit, revealing to Cory her massive cleavage. Like that big boy?

Again, Cory nodded. Topanga lifted her skirt so Cory could see her matching panties. Then she slowly turned around so Cory could catch a view of her ass cheeks. Her ass matched her breasts in size. She was a thin girl, but such large features. Cory didn't know how every guy wasn't hanging off her trying to get to where he was now. She turned back around, grabbed the side of her panties from under her skirt and pulled them down, but as she did she crouched down, so Cory couldn't get to see anything. But now Cory knew only a loose skirt separated him from what he was craving.

Now the real fun begins Topanga whispered. She reached back and unhooked her bra. Cupping her breast with the straps undone, and then... Let the bra drop. As did Cory's jaw. Her breasts were massive, large light pink nipples lie in the center of a pair of breast that were easily 36DD. She could see Cory just starring, almost drooling, but she also noticed a small bulge in his pants. She smirked. "I see your having fun, what about this."

Topanga turned around and then dropped her skirt. Showing her bare ass to Cory. She wiggled it a bit and giggled. Then she turned around. Her pussy was covered in dirty-blonde hair. Cory had guessed that she hadn't shaved, but she kept it well maintained. She was rather conservative so he was happily surprised that she kept it looking that well.

Cory could finally speak. WOW, you are so beautiful.

Topanga: C'mon, is that really what you wanna say. You're not trying to win brownie points, your trying to fuck me.

Cory hadn't heard her curse before, it kind of took him back, but he hadn't bigger things going on. "Uhh, you look really hot?" he said in a nervous manner.

Topanga: That's what I wanna hear. Now why don't you let me relieve that dick of yours, trying to bust through that zipper. She walked over to him and placed her large breast in his face, almost suffocating him. But he wasn't complaining. He took one breast in his mouth, the other in his hand, sucking hard on her right breast. Her nipple was now erect, as she began her focus on his member. She unbuttoned his pants and worked the zipper. She then grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them over his hard dick.

His dick was a modest six inches, rather normal in girth, and had a patch of dark pubic hair residing over it. Topanga kind of figured he wouldn't be huge, but for her first time, she knew there would be some pain, and she really had nothing to compare it to. So she was satisfied. She then took Cory's cock in her hand, the second she did Cory jerked and gasped. Until that moment his focus were on her enormous tits. But now his cock was actually being fondled, by Topanga! Topanga worked his cock up and down, as Cory became less and less focused on her breasts. She wasn't good as her was jerking himself off, but hey it felt better with someone else doing it, and her knew Topanga had never touched a dick before, and that he would be terrible at sex later. She then let go and got down on her knees.

Topanga: Ready for this baby? Cory was just about to reply when she stuck his dick in her mouth.

Topanga also had another large feature... her lips. Cory loved to kiss them, but he had to admit, he loved them around his dick much more. She was salivating so much, and she was moving her head so fast Cory thought he was going to cum. She was actually amazing at giving head. But just then she stopped.

Topanga: You're getting a little too close. We don't want to ruin the fun tonight she laughed. So why don't you return the favor? She stood up and climbed on the bed. She positioned herself over his face, and sat on it. Just lick baby lick!

Cory did as he was instructed and started to lap at her pussy. He found it odd being that she wasn't shaved, and he kept getting hairs in his mouth. But all in all, it wasn't bad. She started to get wet quick, and Cory didn't mind the taste. Topanga began bucking onto his face. She was pleased with the effort that Cory was putting into it, though she tried moving down so he would lick her clit. Every time she did Cory would move back to where he thought he was supposed to be. Cory reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks and began squeezing them. Topanga was excited by this. Cory began lapping her pussy furiously seeing her excitement, and he accidentally licked her asshole. Topanga jumped three feet off his face. WOW. That was Cory but I don't want to try anything like that tonight.

Cory: Sorry, I didn't mean to.

Topanga: That's all right, lets get into it shall we?

Topanga got up, as Cory finished taking off his clothes. So... she asked, "Whose taking top. We will probably only get one position. Guys don't really last long their first time."

Cory thought he would have to seem talented if he took top, he also read that girls do better with the pain if they control how far they go down. "Uhh, you can take top sweetie."

Topanga got the condom out of the package and rolled it over his dick, she then spread her legs, and aligned her slit with Cory's dick head. She starred into his eyes as she slowly lowered herself down. Cory's penis was slowly entering his girlfriend's vagina. It felt so warm and tight. He was already moaning and making faces. Topanga knew what was coming. She let her legs go and went fully down the length of his cock breaking her hymen. Cory felt it and asked if she was ok.

Topanga: Yeah, it hurts but it'll feel better. Don't worry baby just enjoy it.

Cory was, now that she was fully down on his cock, it was even tighter than before.

My God this is great!

Topanga was now starting to enjoy it as well. She slowly worked up and down his cock, then started picking up speed.

Topanga: Ohhhh baby this feel really good. You have a nice cock!

Cory was now taking initiative and bringing his hips up to meet hers on the way down.

"Topanga! This feels so amazing! Your boobs are soooo freaking huge." Cory reached down and started playing with her pussy. He accidentally found her clit, and this let out a huge gasp from Topanga.

"OHHH RIGHT THERE!" Cory took the hint and continued stroking her clit, not really sure what he was doing.

Topanga reached up and started squeezing her tits.

Cory: I think I'm gonna cum baby! OHHHHH MYYY GOOOOOOOOOD.

Topanga: MEEE TOOOO. Topanga screamed out as she came all over Cory's dick. Leaving the outside of the condom soaked. Cory left the inside full of his own cum. Topanga then collapse on top of Cory.

Topanga: That was... amazing!

Cory: Yes, yes it was. You are soooo hot.

Topanga mustered up the energy to stand, and took the condom off Cory's dick. She walked into the bathroom as Cory watched her nude ass fade away. Swaying from side to side. So peaked around the corner having her large breast hang out.

Topanga: Now get dressed. And no telling Shawn about this!


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