Author's note: The characters in this story have nothing to do with any
real life people or characters belonging to ABC. Additionally this story
is completely separate from my previous stories.

Boy Meets World: Cory's Bachelor Party And Wedding (MF,MMF,MMMF,bmail)
(A New And different Boy Meets World Story)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Here he was 18 yrs old, and he was getting married. Little Cory Mathews
couldn't believe it, in 3 days he was going to be married, and tomorrow was
his bachelor party. Maybe he would get to see a girl naked for the first
time. Topanga never let him get passed second base, but that would all
change in 3 days, they would lose their virginity on their wedding night.
He couldn't wait, in fact Cory had already masturbated twice today, but he
needed to again, just thinking about it.

Meanwhile Topanga was really worried, she didn't have enough money to pay for
Cory's ring. The owner of the ring shop told her to speak to Ms. Gentry who
might be able to help her. When Topanga arrived at Ms. Gentry's office, she
found out that she would be able to earn the money she needed, by stripping
at a bachelor party tomorrow night. At first she was insulted, then she
found out that it was Cory's bachelor party and figured that it wouldn't be
so bad, but she had to find a way to hide her identity. Ms. Gentry gave her
some make up and an outfit that included a veil and a wig. Ms. Gentry also
explained to her that Topanga had to do whatever the groom asked her to.
Therefore if he wanted to fuck her, she had to let him. In fact the groom
was entitled to fuck all three of her holes. But Ms. Gentry also said that
she did not to listen to anyone else at the party. Topanga figured that it
wouldn't be that bad, even if she did fuck Cory-at least they would still be
losing their virginity together, even if it was a couple days early. Plus
this would allow her to see what Cory did at his bachelor party and ensure
that he didn't fuck anyone else.

Cory could hardly sleep that night, he couldn't wait for his party, he jacked
off 3 more times, before it was time for him and Shawn to go to the party.
It was time for the party to start, with Shawn, Cory, Eric, Jack, Mr. Mathews
and Mr. Feeny were also waiting in anticipation as the music began and the
stripper appeared. Shawn had explained to Cory that he was entitled to do
whatever he wanted to the stripper. He could fuck all of her holes if he
wanted too. Cory thought about this as he saw the stripper, who was wearing
a Genie's outfit and a black wig. The stripper then began to dance. Slowly
Topanga danced around, as she began to remove her top, revealing her breasts
to everyone in the room, Topanga realized that she was allowing Cory's
friends, brother, and father to see her naked, but there was nothing she
could do about it. At least they wouldn't know it was her. Now it was time
for her to remove her underwear, as she slowly pulled them down, Eric yelled
out, "Hey look, she has blond pussy hair!" causing everyone to cheer.
Topanga was so embarrassed, her future brother-in-law was commenting on her

Now that she was naked, Topanga began to finger herself for everyone in the
room. Jack yelled, "Can't you stick it up any farther, if not, I got
something for you that is much longer and thicker then your finger." Luckily
for Topanga she did not have to listen to him. Shawn then called the
stripper over to give his friend Cory a kiss. While they were kissing, Shawn
began to rub Topanga's large breasts, which felt so milky soft. Topanga
noticed that Cory began to get hard, while she was kissing him. As she began
to rub Cory's bulge, he pushed her away.

Shawn asked him what was wrong, and Cory said, "I wanted me first time to be
with Topanga so we could lose our virginity together." Topanga was so happy
to hear that but what Cory said next shocked her. "Shawn if you, Jack and
Eric want to fuck her though, I would like to watch."

By this point Mr. Feeny and Mr. Mathews had already left. So with that
Shawn, Jack and Eric began to strip. Topanga got to see Eric's dick first,
it was rock hard and about 6 inches long. Shawn was the second to strip,
revealing his hairy chest and a nice 7 inch dick. But Jack who was third
had by far the best body. He was very well toned, with a little trail of
hair leading down towards his huge dick. Topanga could not believe the
size of it, it must have been atleast 10 inches long. It was at that point
that Topanga realized that she would have to pleasure all of these guys,
Cory's friends and his brother. Topanga tried to back out by saying that
she was not paid to service the guys at the party, only the bachelor.

But Cory then said, "Well, since I was entitled to fucking you in all three
of your holes, I have choose to give up my chances to my friends. Shawn you
get her ass, Eric you get her mouth and Jack you can fuck her pussy."
Meanwhile, when Cory saw the size of their dicks he realized that he was a
lot smaller then his friends, but that really didn't matter because he would
be having sex with his love, Topanga, who was also pure and untouched. She
was not a slut like the stripper who was about to be fucked by three big

Topanga was forced on to her knees as Eric approached her with his six inch
dick, which appeared quite large for Topanga to fit in her mouth, since she
had never done anything like this before. So her future brother-in-law was
receiving the first blow job she ever gave, while her future husband,
unknowingly watched and cheered.

"Eric make that bitch take it all, fuck her face," Cory yelled.

Eric had received several blow jobs in his life, but this one was a little
more exciting, cause he was receiving cheers as he face fucked this pretty
little stripper. After 5 minutes, Eric shot several large loads of cum
inside of Topanga's mouth.

Before Topanga had time to recover, she was forced into a dog position, as
Shawn got behind her, with his large tool and slowly began to insert his cock
into Topanga's tight ass. Shawn could not believe how tight the stripper's
ass was. He had fucked over 20 girls in the ass since he was 12 yrs old and
this stripper's ass was much tighter then most of the girls. It was a lot
tighter then he expected, since stripper's were generally very loose. He
figured that she probably was fucked a lot in the pussy, so he lucked out by
fucking her ass. Poor Jack was stuck with the bitch's pussy, which was
probably loose as can be, since strippers fuck lots of people.

Topanga could not believe how rough Shawn was fucking her. Her formerly
virgin ass would be very sore in the morning. But at the same time, Shawn
was making her feel really good. In fact while he fucked her, Topanga had
her first full blown orgasm. After 10 minutes, Shawn finally began to cum
inside of her tight virgin ass.

Topanga could barely move, but as she laid still, she saw Jack come over to
her, with his rock hard cock, which may have been closer to a foot long.
Before he started to fuck her, Cory yelled, "Jack split her open with that
thing, make it so no one else will ever be able to fuck her normal again."

Topanga could not believe what Cory had said. But before she fully thought
about what he said, Jack was inserting his huge tool inside of her. After
the first inch, Jack hit her hymen, but since he assumed she was not a
virgin, he just plowed right through and began to fuck her for the next hour.
She came 3 times during the fucking, while Jack was able to be hard for the
entire hour.

After the hour, Jack finally shot his big load inside of Topanga. As he
finally shot his load off, Topanga realized that she could become pregnant
with Jack's baby. As Jack pulled out, he noticed a little tiny bit of blood
on his dick. But before he could say anything, Topanga was on her knees
sucking on Jack's dick. Luckily for Topanga no one else noticed the blood.
After Jack came a second time, the party was dying down and Topanga was able
to clean herself off.

Cory, Eric, Jack and Shawn all left, leaving Topanga to finish cleaning
herself. As she got dressed, she saw a note that Mr. Feeny left for her.
The note said:

Dear Ms. Lawrence,
As soon as I saw you, I realized that you were the stripper
and realized that no one else knew that you were the
stripper. If you want me to keep my silence, meet me at my
house in an hour and be prepared to do a private show.

Mr. Feeny

Topanga could not believe what the note said. In order to keep Mr. Feeny
quiet she would have to strip for him. It was getting worse every minute.
Not only had she lost her virginity to Jack, but now she had to strip for
her high school principle. She was worried but also turned on at the
prospect of stripping in front of Mr. Feeny.

Meanwhile Mr. Feeny and Mr. Mathews were awaiting Topanga's arrival. Mr.
Feeny filled in Mr. Mathews to the situation. They both stripped to their
boxers and sat down in Mr. Feeny's living room and awaited Topanga's arrival.
Shortly the doorbell rang and Topanga was invited in. At first Topanga was
confused as to why Mr. Mathew was there. She figured that he would be very
upset at her because she was to marry his son Cory shortly. But what Mr.
Mathews said to her shocked her. He told her that he wanted to fuck all 3
of her holes. She could not believe it, her future father-in-law who was
married wanted to fuck her. Mr. Feeny then told her that he too hoped to
fuck all 3 of her holes.

So Topanga quickly took off all of her clothes, revealing her large breasts
and nearly virginal pussy. Although Mr. Feeny noticed that her pussy did not
appear very tight. This was due to the fucking that Jack had given her,
although Mr. Feeny and Mr. Mathews did not know about that. Topanga first
pulled off Mr. Feeny's boxers, revealing a nice 7 inch cock. She then walked
over to Mr. Mathews and removed his boxers, and saw his 6.5 inch cock. She
then told Mr. Mathews that he could fuck her first, while she gave Mr. Feeny
a blow job. Neither of them lasted very long, but over the next couple hours
both Mr. Feeny and Mr. Mathews fucked all three of Topanga's holes. Topanga
was exhausted and fell asleep at Mr. Feeny's.

When Mr. Mathew's returned home, he saw Cory on the couch and asked him how
the rest of the party was. Cory told him it was cool and that he couldn't
wait for his honeymoon. Then Mr. Mathew's quietly said, "Yeah, that Topanga
has some piece of ass," luckily Cory did not hear him.

Cory quickly rushed up to his room to jerk-off to what he had seen that
evening at his bachelor party. Cory thought to himself "Boy that stripper
was hot and man did Jack fuck her with his big dick. That slut looked like
she enjoyed it so much, especially when she had Shawn in her ass. I can't
wait to fuck Topanga, but not in her ass, because only sluts get fucked in
the ass."

While Cory was thinking about that evenings events he was pulling on his
little dick, which was barely 4 inches long, but that won't matter, since
Topanga is a virgin and never has seen another guys dick. In fact Cory had
never seen a dick bigger then 6 inches, until he saw Shawn's large dick and
Jack's huge dick.

Finally Cory's wedding day arrived, he couldn't believe it was here. He and
Topanga would finally be married and tonight he would no longer be a virgin.
Cory and Topanga's wedding went by quickly and they were at the reception at
Cory's parents' home that night. All of their friends and family were there,
but Cory couldn't wait for the reception to end, so that he could finally
have sex with Topanga.

Meanwhile Topanga was all nervous about having sex with Cory. Would he be
able to tell that she wasn't a virgin before? Would he be as good in bed as
Jack or Shawn or even Mr. Feeny and Mr. Mathews?

Finally all the guests left, except for Eric, Jack and Shawn who were all
drunk and sitting on the Sofa. Mr. and Mrs. Mathews decided to go to a
hotel that night and leave the kids to themselves. Cory rushed upstairs
and awaited Topanga's arrival. As Topanga entered the room, Cory jumped up
and tried to rip off Topanga's clothes. Topanga pushed Cory off and told
him he had to be patient. She slowly removed her dress and stood there in
her bra and panties.

By this time Cory was standing just in his boxers, a little paranoid about
the size of his dick. Cory walked over to Topanga and undid her bra
revealing her lovely breasts. Cory began to get hard, while he licked
Topanga's breasts. Topanga slowly slid her hand down Cory's fat chest and
stomach, down towards his dick. As she put her hand over his boxer's she
realized his cock was not very big. She decided to pull off his boxers and
saw Cory's little dick. It was barely 4 inches long and looked like
something that belonged on a 12 year old boy.

Before Topanga could say anything about Cory's dick, he told her that he
wanted to make loved to her now and that he couldn't wait any longer.
Topanga told him to go slow since it was her first time and to wear a
condom since they didn't want to have a baby. Cory believed her and
Topanga laid down on the bed. Cory then slowly got on top of Topanga, and
used his fingers to guide his dick. At first Cory told Topanga he was
going to stick a finger inside of her. Topanga barely felt Cory's finger.

After nearly 5 minutes of this, Topanga was getting impatient and wanted to
feel his cock. Topanga wanted to get fucked the way she was by Jack or even
the way she was by Mr. Mathews. So she said yelled at Cory, "Fuck me
already! Enough of your finger inside of me, I want to feel something!!!!!!!"

Cory responded by saying, "I am fucking you, I have had my dick in you for 5
minutes now!"

With that Topanga looked down and saw that it was Cory's little puny dick
that was fucking her, not his finger. She couldn't even feel it, yet he was
fucking her. After another 3 minutes, Cory shot his load off inside of the
condom and got off of Topanga. She couldn't believe how awful the sex was,
she couldn't even feel her husband's dick. It was so small that she didn't
even notice it. Cory asked her how the sex was and she told him that it
was okay and that it would get better. Cory then said it was great and he
couldn't wait to do it again. Luckily for Topanga Cory fell asleep and she
didn't have to have sex with him again. As Cory fell asleep, Topanga
realized that she would have to have sex with other guys to get off, since
Cory had no chance of pleasuring her.

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