Girl Meets World

Chapter 1 The Kidnapping

Topanga Lawrance was in a rush. She had promised to pick up her boyfriend,
Cory Mathews, at 12:00 sharp for a day of fun and sun at the South Jersey beaches.
It was 12:05 and Topanga was rushed trying to get ready for an afternoon of fun and
sun. Final exams were over and the two teenagers wanted to enjoy their first taste
of summer. They had made the same trip following their junior year and the two
considered it an excellent way to "let off steam" built up by a year in Mr Feny's

Topanga needed to let off some steam. She was upset that her mother had
insisted that the kitchen be clean before she could go. This unexpected errand was
going to cause the normally punctual teenager to be very late. Because of the time,
Topanga decided not to put on a T-shirt and shorts. Instead she ran out of the door
wearing only her pink string bikini and a pair of sandles. "I must have a T shirt
in the car", she tought closing the door behind her.

Topanga, opened to the door to her new bright, red Corvette. The car was
a graduation present from her parents. They were proud that she was the class
valedictorian. They were also proud of her early admission to the University of
Pennsylvania. She was happy to be staying in Philadelphia, since Cory would be
attending Drexel in the fall. Topanga loved her boyfriend and did not want to be
away from him for four long years. Luckly, Philadelphia was the home of an Ivy
League so she did not have to sacrifice quality of education to be close to her
sweetheart. Topanga's car speed out of the driveway in route to Corey's house.

The light at Liberty Lane and Freedom Road was always a source of fustration
for the young girl. On her many trips to pick up Cory, she could remember only two
times that the light was green. It was like the light knew she was coming and turned
in anticipation of her approach. Her fustration was compounded by the fact that the
light had a lengthy cycle. If she missed it, Topanga would spend another five minutes
wainting for the light to change. Unfortunately for young girl, others knew of
light's reputation and were scouting the intersection for potential prey.

"Not again", Topanga exclaimed as she saw the light turn red. Her wheels
screeched to a sudden halt, as the young girl was exceeding the 25 mile per hour
speed limit in order to get to Corey's house ASAP. As she sat waiting for the light,
Topanga did not notice the two men standing on the street corner slightly behind her
automobile. Both men eyed the young girl and without a word sprung into action. The
lookout checked out both sides of the street for potential witnesses either on car
or on foot. Topanga's automobile was the only car waiting at the intersection. The
larger man approached the car from the rear while his buddy kept watch. Topanga was
startled as the man opened her passenger door and branished a handgun. He pointed the
gun at Topanga's midsection pressing it deep into the young girl's ribs. "You can
have the car", Topanga panicted, "Please let me go". Topanga's pley was countermanded
by a single word response, "Drive". Seeing that the operation was complete, the
lookout got into a van parked on the street and proceeded behind the vet.

As she drove, Topanga began to formulate escape plans. Maybe she would jump out
of the car and take her chances. The worse that could happen was that the man would
shoot or that she would be run over by the car. Topanga dismissed the plan as being
too risky. Instead, she convinced herself that the man would not take her out of the
car. She knew that if she entered the van following her or was taken into a house
that her chances were slim. She also knew that her attaire made it unlikely that both
men would release her unharmed.

Topanga's pink string bikini exentuated her mature body. Over the school year,
her breasts had grown into a nice D cup that looked even larger because of her shapely
body and revealing swimsuit. The bikini excentuated Topanga's figure by showing alot
of cleavage between her full, round breasts. Her french cut bikini bottom was held in
place by two small strings. Topanga's hips were fully exposed underneath the two
strings allowing on lookers a unblocked view of the young girl's sexy figure.

"Pull in here", the man barked as he motioned toward the entrance to a public park.
Topanga complied with the order and stopped her car in the park's parking lot. She
noticed that the park was empty which did not help her predicament. She was still
adamant about not leaving the driver's seat of the car. "You are very beautiful", the
man said in a soft voice. Topanga turned toward him with a slightly confused look.
What was this man going to do with her. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the
appearance of a white cloth in her perifial vision. The accompliss had left the van
and snuck up behind Topanga. Now, the man was clamping a cloroforum soaked rag over
Topanga's full, sweet lips. She tried to remove the cloth, but the man's hand kept it
firmly in place. The fumes began to overtake the bikini-clad young girl as she feel
into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2 The Introduction

Topanga awoke to find herself laying in bed. As the effect of the fumes wore off,
Topanga realized that she was tied spreadeagle inside a large cell. A piece of tape was
used placed securely over her mouth eliminating to chance to make a desprite call for
help. She thought that rape must not be her abductor's motive since she remained
untouched. Topanga looked to her right and noticed that she had a cell mate.

Staring back at Topanga was a girl in her late teens. Like Topanga, she was also
tied spreadeagle to a bed. The girl was wearing the outfit of a harem girl complete
with veil. The veil that covered the lower half of her face. Beneath the veil, a cloth
gag was securely placed over the young girl's mouth. The harem girl outfit was purple
with gold sequins and sheer chiffon skirting. The outfit included a very reavealing
bra that fulled exposed the massive cleavage between the girl's chest.

Topanga noticed her string bikini had been removed and replaced with her own harem
outfit. Her outfit was the same as the other girl except that the colors were blue and
gold. The harem outfit was very revealing and offered about the same coverage as her
bikini. Topanga's D-cup breasts, unable to be contained by the outfit's skimpy bra,
poked out almost exposing her nipples.

Topanga tested her bounds even though she knew deep down that her attempt was
useless. Still, the fact that she was resisting helped Topanga keep and up beat spirt
about the situation. That upbeat spirit was quickly removed by the sight of her
abuductors at the cell door. They opened the door and approached the bed where Topanga
lay. One of the men sat on the side of the bed and began to rub the young girl's inner

Topanga was now unsure of her previous analysis of the situation. Maybe rape was
a real threat. "Dont worry sweetie, I am not going to touch you," the man said in his
soft, calming voice. Let me explain you situation. You two have been procured for a
customer of ours. He will be arriving tomorrow morning for the purpose of bringing home
two new sex slaves to add to his harem. We emailed him your pictures and tentately
agreed to the transaction.

Lets commence with the introductions, Topanga Lawerance meet Al Lambert. We picked
up Al in Fort Washington, Wisconsin. She two was driving around in a little skimpy
bikini. Didn't your mamas and dadas tell you that overexposing your sweet little bodies
will only lead to trouble. Unlike you Topanga, we tracked Al from a swimming pool we had
been scouting for weeks. Finding you was luck, finding Al took some time. But we knew we
had our girl the minute she stepped out of the car. Her beautiful ass, sweet tits, and
gorgeous face are only matched by yours Topanga.

Now that you two have been introduced let me explain the plan for the next few days.
While you wait, you must be "softened up" for the Sheik. This process will involve
training in obeidence and Middle Eastern ways. You will not remove your veil in public.
Any public display of your complete face or talking in public will be punished by a series
of sexual tortures. Both rules are strickly enforced in Middle Eastern culture and you
should be thankful that we are providing this teaching before your departure. Lets begin.


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