This story is pure fantasy. It is also an adult story so if your under 18
then you are too young, please leave now.

This story is based on an actual storyline on the show. Jack saves the life
of Rachel (the tall redhead) when she's choking. She offers him anything he
wants to repay him. Of course, it being a Disney storyline all that he asked
for was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had a better idea for the
direction of the story.

Boy Meets World: Jack Gets An Offer (F/F,M/FF,voy,bmail)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Rachel was a tall sexy redhead with short hair. She was living with two guys
named Eric Matthews and Jack Hunter. Although in her mind her relationship
with them was strictly platonic, both guys constantly flirted with her, and
both guys wanted nothing more than to get in this sexy redhead's panties.

On this particular day Rachel was looking incredibly hot, she was in a short
denim miniskirt that showed off her sexy creamy white legs. Along with that
she was wearing a red tank top, that showed more of her white skin, her
flat belly, and her incredible cleavage, not impressive as far as size but
very impressive as far as firmness.

Eric thought there was some kind of an attraction that Rachel had to Jack.
Which was just actually Jack just being suspicious for no reason. In all
honesty Rachel found them both to be so cute. She spent a couple of nights
a week in bed with her hand buried in her panties and imagining the two
of them shoving their cocks in each one of her holes. She always wondered
what that would be like to do it with one of them, little did she know,
she would find out soon enough.

Eric was strangely dancing around in the front room.

"What's wrong Eric?" Jack asked.

"I have to pee."

"Well, then go pee!" Jack snapped.

"Oh no, that's what you want me to do, leave the room so you can make your
move on Rachel, I don't think so!"

"Your so paranoid Eric, what am I gonna do in two minutes, besides we have
a platonic relationship since we live in the same house, you know that."

Eric didn't need much motivation, he took off to the bathroom. Jack and
Rachel laughed at Eric's antic's. Rachel happened to be eating a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich at the time and suddenly as she laughed she
started choking. Jack saw her face turning red as she was unable to speak.
Jack immediately got behind Rachel and used the hymelic maneuver on her.
She spat out her sandwich, and stopped choking.

"Oh thank you Jack you saved my life," Rachel gave Jack a big hug, and Jack
got really hard really quick.

Eric got out of the bathroom to see them in an embrace, "Oh no no no! I knew
this would happened the second I left the room!" whined Eric.

Rachel smiled, still looking at Jack she said, "Jack saved my life, I owe
him big time."

"Oh no! I would have saved your life, dear God why did I have to leave the

Rachel stared at Jack, he could see the gratitude in her eyes. "I'll do
anything to repay you Jack, absolutely anything!"

Eric threw his hands in the air, he was sure of what Jack would ask for, what
guy wouldn't ask for sex from a sexy woman who offered him anything. Seeing
how upset his friend was, Jack told Rachel he needed to think about it. She
smiled a sexy smile and responded, "Sure."

It was later in the night when Rachel approached both guys in the apartment.
"Hey guys, could you all make yourself's scarce tonight, I have a date that's
coming over."

They both agreed, telling her that wasn't a problem. Jack was quite curious,
he wasn't seriously considering to ask Rachel for sex for her to repay him.
However now that he knew he had competition he realized that this guy might
ruin his only chance to get under Rachel's panties. He climbed the fire
escape and looked in the window as Rachel was getting ready for her date.
Rachel was in a white baby tee shirt, and a red mini skirt. Jack would swear
that she wasn't wearing a bra considering the way her nipples were poking
through the tee. Rachel always wore a bra around him and Eric in the
apartment, but now she was dating some guy and not wearing a bra. Jack
definitely wanted to see who his competition was now.

Then there was a knock on the door, it was Topanga.

"Oh great, her and Topanga are chat about some stupid girl stuff, while she
waits for her date." Jack thought.

Topanga was dressed very sexy though, the kind of outfit that Cory wouldn't
let her leave the house in. Topanga was wearing a pink top that was
see-through and it was obvious that she was wearing a black bra underneath
it. She was wearing a pair of tight black shorts that looked to be leather,
and they really rode up her ass. To top it off Topanga was wearing 4 inch
black high heels.

"My God she's so fucking sexy, but if I didn't know better, the way she's
dressed, I'd think she was a whore." Jack thought to himself.

Rachel and Topanga greeted each other with a hug, then sat down on the
couch. They talked for a little bit then Rachel gave Topanga a kiss on the

"Hmm that's weird, oh well girls do that sometimes, just a kiss on the
cheek, doesn't mean anything."

Then Topanga gave Rachel a kiss back. Then Topanga put her arms around
Rachel's neck then she leaned in and Jack's jaw hit the floor as he saw
these two sexy women begin to French kiss. Topanga stroked Rachel's red
hair as Rachel's hands slid down to Topanga's breasts. So many times
Jack had admired those breasts of Topanga's. They were so big and firm
on Topanga's small body. He had looked down her shirt many times and
enjoyed the view of Topanga's breasts in her bra. Now here was another
girl getting to squeeze Topanga's breasts. The look on Topanga's face
said she enjoyed another woman's hands feeling her up.

Topanga moaned as Rachel's red painted fingernails squeezed her breasts,
their French kissing continued as Rachel pulled of Topanga's top. There
was a great view of Topanga's chest with her cleavage spilling out of
the lacey black bra. Rachel kissed between Topanga's breasts causing the
teenage hottie to moan softly as she began to pull down her bra straps.
Topanga reached back and unhooked her bra exposing her big round tan
breasts with no tanlines to Rachel (and unknowingly to Jack too). Topanga
then pulled off Rachel's T-shirt revealing the redhead's small but very
nice breasts and her pink pointed nipples. The two women started kissing
again. This time Rachel got on top of Topanga and the two women pressed
their bare breasts together as their tongue's swirled around in each
other's mouths.

The two rolled around on the big couch in lesbian lust, much to Jack's
delight. Soon Rachel was kissing and sucking on Topanga's nipples as her
hands squeezed her perfect breasts. Topanga moaned, sticking out her
tongue and closing her eyes in pleasure, for the tall girls touch. The
two of them had been lovers for quite a while.

It all started one night after Topanga and Cory had a huge fight. Topanga
needed someone to talk to and Rachel was there for her. The thing was
Topanga had realized years ago that she was into other girls as well as
guys. With Rachel being so sexy and so sweet to her Topanga kissed her.
Rachel was shocked at first and tried to pull away. She had never thought
of another girl in a sexual manner before, but when Topanga looked at her
with those sexy eyes and begged her "Please Rachel I really need this now."
Rachel went with it and Topanga would bring her to multiple orgasms that
night. That was something that no guy had ever done to her. Before the
night was over Rachel was even returning the favor to Topanga. After that
they got together nearly every week.

This night was much like the rest of their lovemaking sessions.

Rachel started kissing lower down Topanga's tan tummy, the two exchanged
a sexy as Rachel slid down Topanga's tight shorts to find no panties, just
a moist pussy with a trimmed triangle of brunette pubic hair.

"No panties? You little slut!" said Rachel with a sly smile. She pulled her
sexy shorts off her body. Rachel then opened her vagina up and her tongue
quickly found her clit. Rachel caressed Topanga's smooth inner thighs as
her tongue tickled her clit.

Topanga cooed and moaned, "Ohhh that's it oh Rachel, ohhh don't stop yes
ohh right there ohhh God!"

Rachel couldn't resist touching her own clit as she tongued Topanga. So she
reached back and went under her skirt and slid a finger past her red thong
and inside her already moist box. It got Topanga so hot, she squirmed in
pleasure, but Rachel held her in place enough that she couldn't get away.
Rachel always got Topanga's hot spots since they made love together so many
times before and (up until now) had done well to keep their lesbian love
affair a secret. Topanga's body was building to an orgasm so Rachel knew
what all it would take to send her over the edge.

She slid her tongue down to Topanga's tight anal opening and spread her
cheeks and started to tongue her asshole. She used her hand to finger
Topanga's pussy while she got her own pussy hot with her free hand. It was
only minutes later when Topanga started to let out her orgasm all over her
girl lover's face. Rachel licked up all the delicious female cream that
came out of Topanga.

After her orgasm subsided Topanga looked Rachel directly in the eyes and
said, "You know where I want your sexy pussy don't you sexy?" Topanga
pointed to her own face and stuck out her tongue.

Getting the idea Rachel hiked up her skirt and slid down her thong. Then
climbed on top of Topanga's face. Topanga started sucking on Rachel's
little rose bud, and started slapping Rachel on the ass. Rachel was really
into spanking it got her hot. While Topanga loved spanking her to see
Rachel's creamy white ass covered in red hand prints. Topanga sucked and
nibbled on Rachel's clit.

Then as the oral intensified Topanga started to even bite on Rachel's clit.
Rachel reached down squeezing those big tits of Topanga's, Rachel couldn't
get enough of her breasts. Plus Topanga's breasts gave Rachel something to
hold on to as she rode her sexy girlfriend's face. Topanga rammed her tongue
deep into Rachel's snatch, tasting the already accessible girl cum. Rachel
felt Topanga's finger slid all the way inside her as she now started licking
Rachel clit while finger fucking Rachel's pussy. Rachel rode up and down on
Topanga's finger. Faster and faster she rode Topanga's face getting her
hotter and hotter. Topanga knowing an explosion was building for her lover
knew how she wanted to drive her to that orgasm. Topanga slid Rachel down
on her lap so that they're pussies were touching. The two began to grind
crotches as they swapped spit in an erotic wet French kiss.

Jack couldn't believe his eyes, the picture in front of him of these two
different but very sexy women lost in wanton lust as they scissored their
legs and rubbed their clit's against each others.

Not long after this Rachel moaned, "Ohhh Topanga ahhh ohh ooooooooh yes oh
I'm ohhh yesssss God I'm cummming!" Rachel then came and came again all over
Topanga. Topanga was so turned on by Rachel's moans and her lover's warm
orgasm against her pussy that Topanga herself came again.

The two lovers laid there until finally they got the motivation to get up
and get dressed. Jack looked on as the two gave each other another big wet
kiss as Topanga left. Jack now knew what Rachel would do to repay him. He
made his way back to the apartment, Rachel was sitting down and reading in
a pink robe when he entered. "Hey Rachel, how was your date?"

"Oh hi Jack, it was all right nothing special."

"Oh really, is going down on another girl nothing special?"

Rachel was speechless how did he find out? More importantly was he gonna
tell Cory? Would Topanga who had recently married Cory gonna have her
marriage ruined by this?

Jack seeing the fear in her eyes smiled and said. "Cory is a friend of mine
and I should tell him about this but...since you do owe me I think I can
forget what I saw for a little favor. A favor that involves a hot threesome
with me and you and Topanga!"

Rachel realized either Topanga was gonna lose her husband because of her or
she could agree to Jack's terms. It wasn't hard to figure out her choice.

* * *

A few nights later with Eric at work Topanga arrived at the apartment. Rachel
opened the door letting her in and greeting her with a kiss. Rachel had let
Topanga know the whole situation, and Topanga agreed to it, since she really
had no choice. Jack greeted Topanga with a French kiss, then took both girls
by the hands to the bedroom. He first kissed Rachel, then kissed Topanga,
then he motioned for Rachel and Topanga to kiss, which they did.

Jack watched the two girls kiss as he reached behind Topanga and felt her
huge knockers. Topanga was in a short black dress and Rachel in a short red
one, neither girl wore bra or panties since Jack requested that they not.
Jack unzipped Topanga's dress and let it fall to the floor. There was
Topanga's all over tan body naked in front of him. He got undressed and
pressed his already hard 9 inch member against Topanga's plump bottom as he
continued mauling her big tits.

Topanga unzipped Rachel's dress and started to suck on the redhead's pink
nipples, she would suck on one nipple as her hand would pinch the other one.
Topanga barely had to bend her head down to suck on her nipples with Rachel
being so tall. Rachel ran her fingers through her lovers hair as Jack
started to open Topanga's legs. He bent at the knees and pressed his huge
cock at Topanga's vagina. Topanga knew this was gonna be a near impossible
fit in her mind. Cory was very small compared to Jack, he was about 4 inches
not even half the size or thickness for that matter of Jack's cock.

Topanga was pushed down on all fours and started licking on Rachel's pretty
pink pussy, as Jack entered Topanga's tight tight pussy. Her cunt was like
a vise as it squeezed his rod. Jack started pumping her hard as Topanga
worked on Rachel's clit tonguing it as she shoved two fingers inside her
box. Jack buried his cock all the way inside of Topanga, slamming in and out
of her, his balls slapping up against Topanga's bubblebutt. Topanga had a
hard time concentrating on Rachel's clit as she couldn't help but moan out
loud in the utter pleasure from Jack hammering her doggy-style.

With no man ever filling her up inside like this before, Jack brought her
off to an orgasm in record time. He nearly shot his load early, but he held
back. He had to get that sexy redhead who'd been strutting her stuff all
over the place in front of him a fucking she would never forget. Rachel met
Jack in a tight embrace and a long long passionate kiss. He spread her white
legs and immediately entered her pussy. Topanga laid back and played with
her nipples as she watched her girlfriend getting nailed by Jack.

Jack squeezed hard on Rachel's perky breasts making the nipples so hard that
they ached. The two lost in hot lust sucked on each other's tongue. It was
over a year of suppressed sexual tension that they were releasing and release
it they did, Jack buried his pubes against Rachel's red pubes and released a
load that seemed endless. After they shared a soft kiss Topanga wanted to get
back in the action.

Topanga got on top of Rachel again as Jack leaned back and watched. This time
though the two young women engaged in a hot lesbian 69. Jack watched the two
girls as they licked each other at every hot spot bringing each other off a
couple of times, just like he witness a few nights before. This time though,
he had a front row seat and watching them go at it like this he couldn't help
but get hard again.

This time though he set his eyes on Topanga juicy round ass. He got behind
her and began licking her asshole, which was a pleasant surprise to Topanga
as she was now having her pussy and her ass licked. Then Jack started
sliding a finger in and out of her ass. Topanga was only getting hotter and
hotter she never imagined Jack was so kinky. "I might have to toss my sexual
inadequacy out if this guy wants to keep having his way with me."

Then Jack positioned himself down at the entrance of her ass. Then he slowly
pushed his cock up her puckered opening. Topanga was an anal virgin, she
always wanted to try anal but this was more pain than she ever imagined!
After a while though the pleasure began to overtake the pain. Jack kept
thrusting deeper and deeper, until after a while he was giving Topanga an
ass-fucking that had her moaning, screaming and begging like she was a
street whore.

"Oh God Jack oh yes fuck me oh ohh yeah ooooh fuck yeah, God fuck my ass,
ohhh God your soooo God Damn huge!"

Jack seeing his cock ram in and out of this girl's sexy ass and the way it
felt to be inside of her ass he couldn't hold his load. "Oh yeah here you
go oh Topanga here you go you fucking slut hear it comes!"

Topanga orgasmed too all over Rachel's face. Jack' shot his load deep into
her bowels and cum leaked out of her ass, which Rachel, feeling kind of
naughty, decided to lick out the cum from Topanga's ass. All three of them
collapsed in a pile of sweat and cum. Topanga and Rachel decided to include
Jack in their weekly fuck sessions.

"It's amazing" Jack thought, "and to think, when she said she'd do anything
to repay me, I was just gonna ask for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

The End

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