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by [email protected]

Topanga Matthew's {formally Lawrence} walked into the Matthew's house. "Hello Mrs. Matthew's."

Amy Matthew's turned around. "Hello Mrs. Matthew's." she went and hugged Topanga. "I told you Topanga, please call me
Amy. How was everything on your honeymoon." She sat on the couch calling Topanga to sit next to her.

"Fine," Topanga let out a sigh.

"Fine? I'd expect a bit more when talking about your honeymoon. What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Topanga tried to lie but could tell she wasn't buying it. "Everything is fine."

"Come on you can tell me. I won't say anything to Cory trust me."

"Everything is fine." Topanga managed to stutter out but she started to cry.

Amy wrapped her hands around the younger girls shoulders. She pulled Topanga's blonde hair off of her face. "Let it out. Now
tell me what's wrong?"

"It was the wedding night, I thought it would be fireworks, magic but it was just painful." She continued to cry.

"I know how it is." Amy tried to comfort the girl. "You built it up so much in your head and then the guy doesn't come through.
Leaves you feeling like you did something wrong. Listen to me Topanga, you did nothing wrong."

"Maybe I just don't enjoy it. MY GOD, what if I can never enjoy having sex. How will Cory feel?"

"Relax Topanga. I'm sure you like sex, you just have to relax." Amy let her hand fall to one of Topanga's breasts, she started
rubbing her tit. "Just relax," Amy let her other hand slide between Topanga's legs rubbing at her crotch.

"Mrs. Matthew's, what are you doing?" She almost jumped up but was enjoying the sensations too much.

"Just relax," Amy started rubbing harder. "Would you like me to show you how good sex can be?" At a nod from Topanga,
Amy pushed her hand under Topanga's skirt rubbing her crotch through her panties. She could feel the wetness from the young
girls pussy. "Would you like to go upstairs?" Topanga gave an imperceptible nod. Amy got up followed by Topanga. As they
went upstairs Amy kept playing with Topanga's body, running her hands over her tits and ass.

As they reached the bedroom, Amy guided Topanga to the bed. Amy pushed her down and climbed atop the young girl. Their
mouths met in a passionate embrace. Amy let her hands wander Topanga's body. Amy pushed up Topanga's shirt and then
removed her bra. Amy slid down Topanga's body kissing every inch of her body. Amy spent extra attention on Topanga's large
tits. She then moved down Topanga's body, she pulled down Topanga's skirt and panties.

"Mrs. Matthew's, should we be doing this?" All thought of objecting went out of Topanga's mind as Amy Matthew's tongue
touched her clit. "OH GOD, that feels so good." Topanga sank back in pleasure as Amy continued to pleasure her. Soon, she
felt Amy's tongue penetrate her pussy, Amy was sucking on her clit. Topanga was overcome by her first ever orgasm. "OH
Mrs Matthew's!"

Amy came up for air for a moment but continued to play with Topanga's clit with her fingers. "I think you should call me Amy,
Topanga." She pinched at Topanga's clit sending a spasm of pleasure through the young girl.

"YES Amy!" Topanga screamed out in pleasure. She came down slowly as Amy withdrew her fingers. Amy presented her
fingers to Topanga. When she seemed reluctant Amy sucked each of her fingers into her own mouth cleaning off Topanga's
juices. "What am I going to do about Cory?" Topanga sat up suddenly panicking, her breath came in short gasps. "I'm a
lesbian, how can I stay married to Cory?"

"Don't worry so much Topanga." Amy comforted the girl, as she peeled off her own clothes. "You may like both boys and girls
like I do." She ran her hands over Topanga's lithe frame. "You just haven't enjoyed time with a man yet. Do you want me to
show you how to please a man?"

"Yes please," Topanga responded. She really wanted to save her marriage. She watched as Amy reached into her nightstand
and pulled out a piece of plastic shaped just like Cory's penis. "What's that?"

"Oh just my little friend." Amy rubbed the dildo over Topanga's face. "I'm going to show you how to please a man. There are
many ways to go about it. First I'll teach you how to use your mouth." Amy put the dildo to her lips and let it slip inside her
mouth, she guided it in and out as it came out she would run her tongue over its entire length. "Here you try it." She handed the
dildo to Topanga.

"You think Cory would like me to take his penis into my mouth?"

"I practically guarantee it." Amy watched Topanga slide the dildo into her mouth first hesitantly then with more confidence.
"Topanga, your lips are just made for cockscucking."

"If you think Cory would like me sucking on his penis, I'll give it a try." Topanga said with more force then she intended.

"You should call it his cock men like it when we talk dirty." Amy took the dildo out of Topanga's hands. "Now I want to show
you how to get maximum pleasure from being fucked."

"You mean when Cory and I make love."

"Topanga, you've got to relax sometimes fucking is just screwing without any deeper meaning and sometimes thats when its
best. Now get down between my legs." Amy guided Topanga so that she was between her legs. "Here now take the dildo and
use it to fuck me. Try to do it exactly the same way Cory fucks you."

Topanga thought about it for a moment and pushed the dildo toward Amy's pussy. She was unsure of what she was doing. She
pushed the dildo hard into Amy's pussy.

"Slow it down baby." Amy cooed. "Just relax slow and steady." Topanga followed her instructions slowing it down but still
pushing it in and out. Amy reached down with her hands opening up her pussy for the dildo. "It feels best if you rub your hand
along here." She guided Topanga's hands over her clit. "Rub it as Cory fucks you like this." Amy let the sensations wash over
her. "Oh yes, fuck me Topanga, harder faster yes like that." Her orgasm overcame her. "That was so good Topanga, you can
stop now. You want to try it?"

Topanga was a bit unsure of herself. "No, I think I've got it." Topanga stood up realizing for the first time what she'd done,
sleeping with her husbands mother. She felt so guilty. "I'll try it with Cory. Thanks for all your help."

"If you have any problems please come back. I'd be happy to help." Amy lay seductively on the bed. "In fact come back any
time. We can get into some advanced studies."

"Yeah maybe?" Topanga collected the last of her clothes. She put them on very fast and headed out. As she left the Matthew's
house she was terribly confused. She felt guilty yet she felt wonderful, she had never felt so good in her life. She went home and
waited for Cory to get back to their little apartment she knew he'd be late from work.

"Hello Topanga the love of my life."Cory Matthew's came into the apartment and saw Topanga sitting in a chair. "How was
your day?"

"Fine! Why do you ask me that!" Topanga let her nervousness show.

Cory was so horny he didn't even notice. "You want to do it?"

"Yes lets." Topanga went into the bedroom. As per their usual routine she shut Cory out in the living room then undressed
turned off the light and climbed under the covers. "Okay Cory you can come in now." She barely saw him as he came in. He
got in on her side of the bed and immediately climbed on top of her. He shoved his cock right into her pussy, he grabbed her
tits roughly causing her more pain. "Slow it down baby," she tried to sound sexy like Amy had. "Slow and easy does it." Cory
continued to drive in and out of her. Topanga reached down and started fondling her clit but before she could get anywhere
Cory shot his load into her pussy.

"God baby, you are so good!" Cory fell off of her and went to sleep.

Topanga turned on her side feeling completely unsatisfied. She stifled her tears as she went to sleep knowing she would have to
see Amy again soon.

She went to the Matthew's house early in the afternoon, Amy had told her she would be alone. Topanga had tried to dress sexy
for Amy, tight jeans spike heel boots and a tight blouse. She rang the bell a couple of times but there was no answer she was
leaving when she saw Mr. Feeney signaling to her. She walked over to his house.

"Amy wanted me to tell you she was going to be out today. Topanga, why don't you come in for a minute." She seemed
reluctant. "Please I'd like to show you something."

Topanga followed Feeney into the house. "Just a second," he had Topanga sit in a chair. He grabbed an envelope. he opened it
and poured pictures out onto the table in front of her.

Topanga looked over the pictures in shock and horror. They were pictures of the other day, of her and Amy Matthew's doing
all sorts of lude things. "Where how?" Topanga was shocked.

"My bedroom window gives me a good view of the Matthew's master bedroom. From time to time I have enjoyed the sight of
Amy Matthew's in her bedroom. Imagine my surprise when you joined her yesterday." Mr. Feeney stood quietly for a moment
letting Topanga run through the pictures. "Now you see my problem. What should I do with these pictures? Maybe I should
show them to Cory Matthew's? After all he should know about his wife."

"You can't it'll destroy him and me." Topanga had trouble catching her breath.

"And Amy's marriage as well, I imagine. Just imagine with one picture I could destroy two marriages, Unless." Feeney let the
word hang in the air.

"Unless? Unless what, I'll do anything."

"Anything HMMM." Feeney tried to look like he was considering his options even though he knew exactly what he wanted. "I
would like to teach you a few things, I wasn't able to when I had you in class."

"What kind of things?" Topanga had recovered a bit of her composure. Although she was still confused and disoriented.

"How to please a man, I want your body Topanga." Feeney leered at her young body. "Then again maybe the right thing to do
would be to tell Cory."

"No Please! I"ll do it. What do you want?" Topanga knew it was wrong but at the moment couldn't see a way out that wouldn't
destroy Cory. Even with what was happening she had to admit she loved him and couldn't let her actions hurt him.

Feeney sat back in a comfortable chair. "I have often imagined what your body looked like under your clothes. I'd like to see it
now. See how it stacks up to my imagination." Feeney prepared to enjoy the show but Topanga hesitated. "Well if you don't
want to I'll just go next door, Alan should be very interested in these photos." He started to get up.

"NO wait I'll do it!" Topanga's hands went to the buttons on her blouse. She had trouble opening them her hands were shaking
so much. Finally she managed to get the first button undone then the second came open. Feeney seemed to watch even more
intently as her blouse finally came open.

"Take it off." Feeney ordered and watched as her beautiful white skin was revealed. Her large breasts were held back by a
large white bra. "Now the Bra." Feeney ordered and Topanga's hands went behind her and she popped the bra open but held
it in front of her breasts. "Drop it," Topanga let the bra fall to the floor but held her hands in front of her chest. "Hands at you're

Topanga reluctantly dropped her hands. She saw Feeney stare at her breasts. To her surprise she enjoyed the look on his face
at the sight of her large tits. "Now what?" Topanga wanted to get this over with.

"I think you can figure that out for yourself." He watched as she sat in the other chair and pulled off her boots then unbuckled
her jeans. "No stand up." Feeney ordered and Topanga stood. "Now turn around." Feeney wanted to see her ass as they slid
out of her jeans.

Topanga was now facing a full length mirror. For a second she admired her body, she had always been uncomfortable with her
own nudity. Her jeans were so tight she had a bit of trouble getting them off. She had to bend over as she pushed the jeans
down her legs, she had to grab the chair to keep from falling over. She lifted one leg and pulled her jeans off then lifted the
other leg. She turned back to Feeney, now only wearing her panties. "Good enough."

"Just one more little thing." He looked pointedly at her panties and raised an eyebrow.

Topanga had lost the will to fight she was defeated and knew it. She pulled her panties down her legs. Feeney gave her a signal
to do a little twirl so she did it. Then he wanted her to do another one. This time he had her bend over put and put her hands on
the floor. she could only imagine the view he was getting. then he had her face him and bend over the same way. She imagined
so he could see her ass in the mirror as he watched her tits hang down.

"Okay stand up." Feeney watched as she did as he ordered. "You know those lips of yours look like they were just made for
cocksucking. would you like to suck my cock Topanga or.." He let the threat hang in the air. Topanga came over to him and
reached for his pants. "No you're going to have to beg for it."

"Please let me suck your cock." Topanga couldn't believe what she was saying but had little choice in the matter.

"Good girl" He patted her on the top of the head. "You may proceed." he allowed her to open his belt, then he helped her slide
his pants down exposing his cock. "You know what to do."

Topanga gasped at the size of his cock it was about eight inches long at least two inches longer then Cory's, the only other one
she had seen. She wrapped the cock in her hands and started rubbing it up and down. It got harder in her hands, she wanted to
taste a cock and this one looked good to her. She bent forward and tentatively put her tongue on his prick.

"Yes thats it Topanga use your tongue put it all over my hard cock." He watched as she bathed his cock with her tongue. "Now
open your mouth and take my cock into your mouth." Her large pouty lips wrapped around the head of his cock. "Yes thats it,
take it in farther. He grabbed the back of her head and gently guided her down his cock. "Just relax and use your tongue." He
took her halfway down then brought her back up. He guided her up and down for several strokes, until he felt ready to cum.
"I'm going to cum all over your tits Topanga." He let her go. "Hold your tits together for me." He stood and started stroking his
cock aiming it at her large tits. "YES thats it." He shot his load right on her tits then he rubbed his softening prick over her tits.

"Is that all?" Topanga looked up at Feeney, half hoping her humiliation was over, half hoping it wasn't.


"All, we've barely begun." Feeney looked her over again. "Put on your boots." He ordered and she reached for her clothes.
"No, just the boots. " He watched as she sat on the floor and pulled on her socks then slipped on the boots. They were tall
covering almost half her calf, with spiked heels he expected them to make her ass look fantastic. She lay on her back and
pulled on the boots it was a very erotic sight. "Alright stand up. Walk around, sway your hips. Yes thats it." He watched her
walk back and forth her tits swaying as she turned. "Alright upstairs to my bedroom."

Topanga headed for the stairs. She had enjoyed watching herself walking naked in the mirror. What was wrong with her that
she could enjoy any of this. She felt a wetness between her legs as she walked up the stairs, she felt Feeney right behind her.
As she imagined what he was going to do with her, Topanga felt herself getting hotter. She couldn't believe it but she really
wanted to get off. Feeney led her into the bedroom, there was a large bed in the center of the room with a large mirror facing
the bed. "What now?"

"Get on the bed." Feeney ordered and Topanga climbed onto the bed. "In the center, yes right there." He positioned her just
where he wanted her. "Spread your legs, thats it. That cum looks so unattractive on your tits. Why don't you get it off." She
reached for it with her hands. "No use your mouth, your tits are big enough so that you can suck on them yourself." She seemed
confused. "Just grab a tit in your hands and pull it up to your mouth then lick the cum off of them, yes like that. OH thats sexy."

Topanga watched herself in the mirror. She had to admit it was hot seeing herself like this. She let her legs spread just a bit
more, she wanted to see her pussy in the mirror. even after all the cum was gone she continued to suck on her own breasts it
felt so good.

"Would you like to get off now Topanga?" She nodded vigorously. "Alright then get yourself off." Feeney ordered her.

"Don't you want too?" She tried to look sexy for him.

"First things first. I want to see you play with yourself." Feeney ordered. "Put your hands on your pussy and play with yourself."
He watched her for a moment. "Put a pillow under your head so that you can see what your doing."

Topanga put a large pillow under her head this allowed her to see herself in the mirror. It was somehow erotic to watch herself
playing with her own body. She ran her hands over the outside of her pussy. She couldn't believe it but she really wanted to
have another orgasm. Topanga slipped a finger along her pussy, letting it slip inside of herself. She pushed her finger into herself
trying to pleasure herself the same way Amy had. She stuck a second finger inside of herself and tried to play with her own clit.
She wasn't having any luck getting herself off she was just getting more and more horny. "Please fuck me now, I need it." She
moaned, shocked at her need.

"Not yet." He opened a drawer on the nightstand. "Here you can use this." He pulled out a small vibrator, turned it on and left it
on the nightstand. Topanga reached over and grabbed it but seemed confused about its purpose. "Rub it over your pussy. when
you're ready slip it inside of yourself. I'm sure you've had cocks in there before."

Topanga realized what he intended. She lowered the vibrator against her pussy. "Oh yes, it feels so good." She ran the vibrator
all over her pussy getting it and her very wet. She slipped the head of the vibrator inside of herself, it felt wonderful. She pushed
it in until it was all the way inside her pussy. She started moving it in and out of her pussy. She looked in the mirror and saw
herself fucking herself. She speeded up and then slowed down trying everything to give herself pleasure. "YES, YES!" She
screamed as she was overcome with the second orgasm of her life. She continued to run it in and out of her pussy feeling
absolutely wonderful.

"How did that feel Topanga?" Feeney leered down at her.

"Just incredible. Do you want to fuck me now?" Topanga asked hot and horny.

"I think you deserve a reward. Turn over, I want you on all fours facing the mirror." He watched as she moved into position..
"Yes that's it, I want to see your face as I fuck you from behind." Feeney climbed onto the bed behind Topanga. He slapped
her ass hard once, then a second time. "Your my slut. Aren't you Topanga?" He slapped her again. "I want to hear you."

"I'm your slut, FUCK ME. Stick your hard cock into my cunt." Topanga felt him positioning his prick at her pussy. She was
going to feel only the second cock in her short life and was looking forward to it. "Stick it in, I want you inside of me now." She
begged, he pulled her hair causing her to look in the mirror as his cock penetrated her. She was prepared for only a few
strokes, the same as from Cory. She was pleasantly surprised as he rammed in and out of her again and again. He moved his
cock around inside of her in a way that drove her absolutely crazy. "OH YES fuck me. Fuck! It feels so good."

He released her hair and Topanga's head slumped down to the bed. She felt his hands wrap around her waist, she felt his
fingers playing with her clit as he continued to fuck her. She let out an animalistic scream as an orgasm overcame her. It was the
best orgasm she ever had, heightened by the fact she now knew she wasn't a lesbian, she loved cock. "Yes Fuck me with that
magnificent cock." She felt his hands on her ass spreading her ass cheeks, she felt his finger pressing on her anus.

Topanga felt she should object, but as it slipped inside of her asshole it felt so incredible all thoughts of objection died. "Yes
stick your finger in my ass. Play with my ass I love it." He pushed more of his finger into her, he corkscrewed his finger in and
out of her ass, driving her to another major orgasm. She felt him pull out his finger then he pulled his cock out of her cunt and
rubbed it between her ass cheeks. She though 'he couldn't want to fuck my ass. She felt his cock going up and down between
her ass cheeks. Topanga heard him groan and looked back to see his cum spread all over her back.

Feeney quickly got off the bed, his now limp cock in his hands. "Very good Topanga."

"Are you sure you don't want to do it again?" Topanga tried to sound and look sexy. She wanted more of his fabulous cock.

"I'm not a young man Topanga. Another time." Feeney finally caught his breath. "You can shower right in here." He lead her to
the bathroom and sat on the toilet. "You don't mind if I watch do you?"

She thought about it a moment and realized he wouldn't be seeing anything new. Thinking about it, she liked the idea of Feeney
watching her body. "No problem." She put a hand on the sink and pulled off her boots, one leg at a time. Making sure Feeney
got a good view of her ass each time she bent over.

Topanga turned on the water then climbed into the shower. She didn't close the curtain so that Feeney could watch. As the
cool water flowed over her sweaty body she decided to give Feeney a real show. She soaped up her tits making sure her
nipples got good and hard. Then she moved down her body soaping up her cunt spending lots of time rubbing her cunt lips
occasionally slipping a finger inside herself. She must have spent ten minutes in the shower displaying her body for Feeney.
Finally, she felt her skin starting to prune up and decided it was enough.

As she climbed out of the shower Feeney handed her a towel. She quickly dryed off and then put on her boots. She almost
laughed as Feeney followed her down the stairs. "You sure you don't want to?"

"I think next week will be soon enough." Feeney leered at her. "For now you better get going." Feeney watched as she dressed.
He had visions of taking her again, the mind was willing but the flesh was weak, he thought to himself. "Amy told me to tell you
she will be free Tuesday afternoon for a little fun. I think you should be there."

"What about you and me?" Topanga wanted to be fucked over and over again. She knew it was wrong but the need in her
groin overcame the need in her head.

"How about Thursday afternoon?" Feeney responded. "If that's not good, we could pick another day?"

"Maybe we shouldn't." Topanga's mind seemed to be working again.

"Remember the pictures Mrs. Matthew's." He threatened her knowing she needed little convincing. "Now is Thursday alright or
will it be another day?"

"Thursday would be good." Topanga tried to sound reluctant but was already looking forward to it.

"Wear something tight and sexy." Feeney gave her a final ordered knowing she usually dressed rather drably, he watched her
go. Once he was sure she was gone he went to the mirror in the living room and pulled it away from the wall revealing the video
camera behind it. "These should look great on my web site." He said to himself, for years he had made ends meet by running his
own pay web site. How else could a teacher afford a big house and the finer things in life.

He had gotten girls several ways. He paid a few models, some students unknowingly when they tried to influence him for better
grades or when they tried to get out of trouble. But his best source of girls had over the years had been Mrs. Amy Matthew's.
She had seduced many of her son Eric's girlfriends and he had blackmailed them just as he had Topanga, maybe the best yet.

Feeney went up and got the tapes out of the bedroom camera and the one in the bathroom. He expected to make a small
fortune on lovely little Topanga. putting a different tape on every week. He'd make preparations for something more next week.
Now he had to go over these tapes and make sure his face didn't appear. He was sure he was safe but better check besides it
wouldn't be hard to watch.

part 2

Topanga had trouble believing it, but she was back at the Matthew's house looking forward to a tryst with Cory's mother,
Amy. She paused just before she rang the bell unsure, then she remembered the great sex of the last time and all the bad sex
with Cory. She rang the bell. "Hello Amy." Topanga looked at Amy Matthew's differently now. She was an attractive woman
even though she was just wearing a robe.

"Hello Topanga, Come on in." Amy ushered her in and locked the door. She turned to Topanga and opened her robe
displaying a green shift. "You like?" She displayed herself a little for Topanga.

"It looks good on you, I wish I could wear something like that."

"You kidding, with your figure you'd look great. Why don't we go upstairs and you can put on something sexy."

"Sounds like fun." Amy moved in to give her a hug and a kiss. Their lips met and Topanga found Amy's tongue probing her
mouth, she returned the favor. They went up the stairs arm in arm. As they went into the bedroom Amy went to the closet and
Topanga went to the window, closing the shades. No reason to give Feeney anymore ammunition, she thought to herself.

"This would look great on you." Amy pulled out a white lace teddy. "Here let me help you." Amy helped Topanga out of her
clothes. She took every opportunity to fondle Topanga's lovely body. "Oh yes just lovely, here look." She pushed Topanga
towards her full length mirror. "You look so sexy."

Topanga looked at herself in the mirror posing for herself in various ways. "I guess I do look pretty good."

"Pretty good, who could resist you." Amy wrapped her hands around Topanga "Certainly not me, but I like you better wearing
nothing at all." She started pulling off Topanga's outfit. and pulled her onto the bed. Amy kissed Topanga hard and she returned
the kiss. "Your turn to pleasure me." She rolled over onto her back.

Topanga was a bit nervous but she went at it with a will. She kissed her way down Amy's body spending plenty of time on her
large breasts. She continued to kiss her way down until she was between Amy's legs. "I'm not sure what to do?" Amy grabbed
her head and pushed it between her legs.

"Yes use your tongue, lick it like an ice cream cone. Right there yes. YES!" Amy screamed out as she covered Topanga's face
with her juices.

"Hi honey I'm home, miss me." Alan Matthew's opened the door and stared for a moment at his wife naked on the bed and his
sons wife between her legs with his wife's cum all over her face. "Whats going on here?" He tried to sound angry.

"OH GOD!" Topanga jumped up. "I'm so sorry, its all my fault." Topanga started to cry and hyper ventilate.

"Stop it Alan, you're scaring the poor girl." Amy wrapped her hands around Topanga "Its okay I invited him."

"Thats right," Alan sat down next to Topanga and put his hand on one of her breasts. "I just thought I'd have a little fun, I guess
that backfired. Come on, I think we can still have some fun. Here lie back while I make it up to you for my little joke."

Topanga was pushed back until she was laying on the bed, Amy Matthew's started sucking at one breast as Alan sucked at the
other. After a few minutes Alan slid down and started eating out her pussy. He stopped and got off the bed. "Your not done

"Just getting more comfortable." He started pulling off his clothes.

Topanga felt Amy take up his place between her legs, quickly driving her crazy. She looked over to see Alan removing the last
of his clothes, his cock was hard and about the same size and shape as Cory's. She wanted to try it to see if he could get her
off like Feeney did, maybe then she could hope to have good sex with her husband.

Alan walked over towards the head of the bed and stood next to Topanga's head. "What do you want to do honey?" He asked
his wife.

"What do you say Topanga, you want to suck him off?" Amy Matthew's took her mouth off Topanga's pussy but continued to
jam her fingers into Topanga.

"Yes, I want to taste him." Topanga reached out for his cock. He allowed her to guide his prick towards her mouth. She moved
over to the edge of the bed just under Alan's prick. She ran her tongue along the underside of his prick. She felt Amy crawling
up along her body, rubbing all her sensitive spots.

"Very good Topanga." Amy ran her tongue along the top of Alan's prick as Topanga pleasured the underside. When they came
to the end of his prick their tongues came together and they kissed then went back to pleasuring his prick. "He's not going to
last long. You want to try taking him in your mouth or you want me to do it?"

"I'll do it." Topanga wanted to surprise the Matthew's with her expertise. She turned her head and took the head of his prick
into her mouth, she put her hands on Alan's hips and slowly guided his prick into her mouth. She felt Amy playing with her tits
and pussy. Topanga managed to get about half of his prick into her mouth. She used her tongue to pleasure him just as Feeney
had showed her. She heard Alan groan and felt him jerk his hips. She felt a warm fluid enter her mouth. She started to swallow
a bit of it expecting to hate the taste, but found to her surprise that she liked the taste. She swallowed more of his semen as his
cock slowly shrunk in her mouth. His cock slipped out of her mouth as a bit of spunk slipped out between her lips.

Amy slid up and licked the sperm from Topanga's lips. "What a good job Topanga. You ready to try eating me out?"

Topanga thought about it for a moment, Amy had shown her so much pleasure she wanted to return the favor. "Yes, I want to
taste you." They met in a kiss as Amy rolled onto her back. Topanga got on her hands and knees over her. Topanga slowly
kissed her way down Amy's body, spending lots of time on her heavy tits. Topanga looked over and saw Alan sitting in a chair
watching them, stroking his limp dick.

Topanga slid down Amy's body coming to the brown hair just above her pussy. She used her fingers to open up Amy's pussy.
Then she used her fingers to find Amy's clit, she started rubbing it vigorously. She moved her head down until she was inches
away from her pussy, She could smell Amy's pussy and she wanted to taste it. She buried her tongue in Amy's snatch, gratified
as Amy let out a groan and arched her back in pleasure. She pleasured her for a bit, then felt Alan moving in behind her. He slid
his prick into her hot pussy. As he fucked her, her face was pushed deeper into Amy's pussy.

Amy came like a geyser as she looked up and saw Alan fucking Topanga. As she relaxed a bit she got to thinking. "Alan,
maybe Topanga would like to try being on top. Would you like that Topanga?" All she got for an answer was Topanga's
tongue deeper into her slit, she enjoyed it but was ready to watch. "Here Topanga, come up here. Alan lay down on the bed."

Topanga nervously watched as Alan lay down on the bed, his hardon sticking straight up. "I don't know what to do?"

"Don't worry honey I'll show you everything." Amy ran her hands over Topanga's large tits pinching at her nipples. "Climb up
on Alan's dick so that you can take him in your pussy. Yes like that." Amy watched as Topanga moved into position. "Now
slowly slide back and take him into your cunt."

Topanga slid back on his dick, it felt wonderful. She went all the way down till she was sitting in his lap. "AHH, it feels so

"Your just getting started honey, start sliding up and down on it. This way you can control the fucking, ride up and down as fast
or as slow as you like." She watched as Topanga followed instructions. "Take it easy, you don't want him coming too soon."

Topanga put her arms out to steady herself, this caused her tits to droop down towards Alan's face. He was quick to go for her
sensitive nipples. Amy went behind her and ran her tongue up and down Topanga's back sending a shiver of pleasure through
her body. Topanga couldn't believe it as Amy ran her tongue down between her butt cheeks. She didn't know what to do but
Amy hadn't steered her wrong yet. Topanga allowed Amy to push her body forward, pushing her tits even closer to Alan.
Topanga felt Amy's tongue continue down her ass until Amy was playing with her asshole. The thought of what she was doing
drove Topanga crazy with desire. She felt Amy start to probe her asshole with her tongue.

Amy drove her tongue deep into Topanga's asshole as Alan pushed up fucking her hard. Topanga felt herself cumming again
and again. She fell forward burying Alan in her tits as Amy probed her asshole deeper and deeper, finally using her fingers to
pleasure Topanga.

"OH Yes it feels so good!" Topanga moaned out as her orgasm overcame her. Topanga slipped off Alan's prick and slowly
moved down Alan's body until her mouth was over his prick she took him into her mouth, she used her fingers to play with his

Amy pushed Topanga's hair out of her face so she could see watch Topanga. "He likes it when you swallow, you want to
swallow his load?" Topanga nodded her head. "See that Alan, Topanga wants to do it so anytime your ready." She watched as
Alan grunted and she could see Topanga attempting to swallow his whole load a bit of it dribbled out between her lips. Amy
moved in kissing it off her lips. their tongues met in a deep kiss. "How'd you like that?"

"Great," Topanga responded. She lay back on the bed as both Matthew's fondled her body. "But I really should be going." She
sat up suddenly, it was getting late.

"Maybe we could get together again sometime?" Amy asked.

"Yes I'd like that." Topanga got off the bed. She bent over and gave Amy a kiss then gave one to Alan. "I'll call you." She
collected her clothes and got dressed, she enjoyed having the Matthew's watch her, so she slowed down giving them a bit of a
show. She finished dressing but was reluctant to leave but she had no choice.

Topanga arrived at Feeney's early on Thursday afternoon. She had several hours before Cory would miss her. She rang the bell
and Feeney answered. He ushered her in, she thought he looked mad. He went and sat in a chair, she stood before him. She
was a bit nervous, he wasn't looking at her, even though she was in a very sexy outfit. spiked boots, a short skirt and a tight low
cut blouse. "What's wrong Mr. Feeney?"

"I'm mad at you Topanga. How dare you close the Matthew's shades and spoil all my fun."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." She lied.

"Don't insult my intelligence. You did something wrong and now you must be punished."

"Punished?" Topanga asked nervously.

"Yes, I think a spanking would be in order." He leered at her.

"A spanking?" Topanga responded she tried to sound outraged but her interest could be heard in her voice.

"Yes, why don't you take off that top first." He watched as she removed her top, gratified she wasn't wearing a bra. The girl
was changing he thought to himself. "Very nice. now get over here." He watched her tits jiggle as she walked over to him. "Get
on my lap you naughtily girl and take your punishment." As she lay across his lap he lifted up her skirt giving him a good view of
her panty clad ass.

"What are you going to do?" Topanga asked nervously.

Feeney brought his hand down hard on Topanga's ass. Topanga yelped in pain, Feeney let his hand wander over Topanga's
ass. He grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down giving him a clear shot at her ass. "You have a great ass
Topanga, just calls out for a good spanking." He brought his hand back and brought it down hard on her ass.

"OWW!" Topanga cried out as his hand hit her. She wiggled as his hand ran over her ass causing her to get excited.

"You like this don't you." Feeney reached down and felt her pussy. "Your all wet, I guess you like this. I have a special treat for

Topanga waited nervously, she heard him open up a drawer and then shut it. She wondered what he was going to do to her.
"What are you doing?" She asked but he just shushed her. She heard a hum then she felt something at the entrance to her
pussy. She guessed he was using a vibrator on her. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter as he forced the vibrator inside of
her. She felt his fingers at the end of the vibrator and to her surprise was disappointed it wasn't bigger. "OOOWW!" She cried
out as he brought his hand down hard on her ass.

Feeney couldn't believe what a hot slut Topanga was becoming. She was actually enjoying her spanking, each time he brought
his hand down on her ass he let it slid down to her pussy, her juices were flowing freely. "You like this don't you? Tell me what
you want!" He ordered.

"Spank me!" Topanga couldn't believe it but she was almost ready to cum, what was wrong with her, she didn't know and
wasn't sure she cared. Feeney brought his hand down on her bum again. "OOWW, Harder." She moaned. He brought his hand
down even harder she yelped as she came like a geyser. "OH yes harder." She moaned.

"Now what should I do to punish you. Since you seem to be enjoying your spanking." He brought his hand down hard this time,
he let his hand stay on her ass. He opened up her asscheeks. "You have a great ass Topanga. Has anyone ever fucked you up
the ass?"

"No never." Topanga felt herself getting even wetter at the thought. The idea scared her a little but it turned her on too.

"Well then, I just might have to change that." He let a finger press against her anus. "Would you like my hard cock shoved deep
into your asshole." He shoved his finger into her ass past her tight rectum.

"OWW," Topanga jumped in his lap as his finger penetrated her. She felt herself cumming as he pushed his finger in and out of
her ass. The stimulation was too much for her she had to have more. "Yes, I want you to shove your hard cock deep into my
tight ass. I want you to fuck my ass over and over again."

"Good Topanga, maybe I'll do just that." He pushed her off his lap and she landed in a heap at his feet. "First get out of those
clothes." He watched as she quickly pulled off her clothes leaving her in just her sexy boots. "Since this is your first time I don't
want to hurt you. You better use this." He pulled a tube of lotion from the drawer. She looked confused so he explained.
"Spread the gel on and in your asshole it will make the penetration a bit easier on you."

Topanga got the idea and put some gel on her finger. She wiggled around on the floor trying to get the gel into her asshole. She
couldn't believe how excited she became, with her tits rubbing against the floor, the vibrator in her pussy and now shoving her
own finger deep into her asshole. She looked up at Feeney and tried to look sexy. "It tingles, I think I've got enough on my

"Very good, now get on your hands and knees." Feeney stripped off his pants his cock was sticking straight out. "Your ass
looks lovely Topanga, reach back and pull apart your ass cheeks so I can have a clear shot at your asshole." He watched as
she lay face down on the carpet her hands behind her, her tits pressed against the carpet. He kneeled down behind her, he
guided his cock towards the dark hole of her anus. He put the head of his cock against her asshole and slowly guided his cock
inside of her.

"MMM, Oh God." Topanga moaned as she felt his hard prick pass her rectum. She tried to relax to let him in, but it still felt like
he was stretching her to an incredible degree. "OH YES!" She felt an orgasm overcome her as he slid his shaft into her asshole.
He started to push his cock in and out of her asshole. The feelings were incredible, her body was alive with pleasure, her tits
rubbed against the carpeting making them hard, the vibrator in her cunt bucked in and out as Feeney's cock pleasured her ass.
"OH GOD fuck me, don't ever stop. Harder." She moaned out as yet another orgasm went through her body. "Fuck my slutty
ass." She begged him and felt him speed up.

Feeney couldn't stand the tightness of her ass any longer. He looked up to see her face in his mirror, the look of pleasure and
effort on her face was too much for him. He pulled out and shot his load all over her back. He sat back, "That was incredible."
He slumped back against a chair.

Topanga turned back to Feeney, she saw his dick was limp. She started to stroke it hoping to get him hard again. "We aren't
done yet, are we?" She asked, she was incredibly horny she wanted him to fuck her over and over again. She reached back
with one hand and slid the vibrator in and out of her own pussy.

"I'm not a young man Topanga. Your wearing me out." He paused to catch his breath. "Why don't you go upstairs and wait for
me, I'll be up as soon as I'm ready for you, take your little friend."

Topanga pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and grinned as Feeney called it her little friend. "Okay, do you mind if I start
without you?" She gave him her sexy/innocent look.

"I'd expect nothing less from a slut like you. now get up there," he swatted her behind. As she started up the stairs he watched
as she swayed her hips giving him quite a show. It took him a minute or two to catch his breath. he finally managed to stand up.
He went over to the mirror and opened the closet door. "Well?"

"I got it all on tape. Man, she is hot." A tall young black man stepped out of the closet. "I feel like we should pay you for this

"Well if you feel that way Chris...." He let the sentence hang in the air but Chris didn't take him up on it. "You can come out
now." He opened the kitchen and another black man walked out of the kitchen. Mark and Chris were two of the professionals
he sometimes used for his web site. "I think she's primed and ready just let me do the talking. Now strip down and I'll take you
upstairs." He waited for them to get ready then headed upstairs.

He walked into the bedroom. Topanga was sprawled out on his bed naked. One hand was between her legs pushing the
vibrator in and out of her pussy, her other hand was playing with her nipples. "Oh good are you ready to fuck me?" Topanga
panted out.

"I'm not ready yet, but I prepared a surprise for you." He held the door open for Chris and Mark. "This is Chris and that is

Topanga jumped up wrapping the blankets around her as she saw the two naked black men. "Mr. Feeney! What are they
doing here." She looked the two muscular black man over, their hard black bodies were very sexy to her. Her gaze wandered
down to their groins, they had the biggest cocks she had ever seen, she shivered with desire at the sight of them.

"They are here to fuck you my dear." Feeney grinned and the two men smiled coming closer to the bed.

"I don't think I can?" Topanga responded, although she licked her lips in anticipation.

"What's the matter, do you have a problem with black people. I never knew you were prejudiced. I had thought better of you."

The accusation stung Topanga, she didn't think she was racist but had never even considered a black man a suitable partner,
maybe she was racist. She was confused and very horny, she let the blanket slip showing the men her ample tits. "I'll show you
how prejudiced I am, get over here." She motioned the two men over.

Chris got down on the bed beside her his hands rubbing all over her naked body, starting at her pussy and working his way up
to her tits. He pushed his mouth over hers and shoved his tongue into her mouth. Mark climbed onto the bed between her legs,
he used his hands to open up her pussy it was so nice and tender. He shoved his tongue deep inside the young girl.

Topanga couldn't believe the sensations that were going through her body. Chris guided her hand over his large cock, she
started stroking his impressive slab of meat as their tongues intertwined. Mark was driving her crazy with his masterful work on
her pussy. She broke the kiss to scream out in pleasure. "OH yes it feels so good right there yes." Her body spasmed with
pleasure as an orgasm overcame her.

"Thats it baby, you like that don't you. now for the main event." Mark moved up to position his cock against her wet pussy.
"You ever had a black cock before baby?"

"No never," she conceded. "OH GOD," She moaned as he slipped his hard rod into her. She watched as more and more of his
cock slipped inside of her, it felt incredible. He started to move in and out driving her crazy with pleasure. She saw Chris
changing position and put his cock near her lips. She opened her mouth and let his cock slide into her mouth. She started
sucking him off as best she could, as Mark's fucking continued to distract her. She looked up and saw Feeney had video
camera and was recording them, for a moment she was outraged but as the two studs continued their assault on her she didn't
care, she just wanted a copy of the tape.

"Oh God you are one hot slut." Chris groaned as he pushed his cock in and out of Topanga's mouth. "Yes thats it use your
tongue." He moaned. "How's that pussy buddy?"

Mark grinned. "Incredible, so tight these white bitches love black cock you want to switch?" Chris nodded and Mark pulled
out of Topanga as Chris did the same. "Roll over Bitch, get that talented tongue over here." Topanga rolled over onto her hands
and knees, she turned on the bed so that she was now facing Mark while Chris took up position behind her. "You like black
cock, you slut?" Mark held her hair keeping her away from his prick until she answered.

"Yes, I love your hard black cock, I want you both inside me. Fuck me, oh please fuck me, let me taste your wonderful ebony
rods." Topanga couldn't believe how wanton she had become but she needed to be fucked by these two studs. Mark finally
released her hair and she lowered her mouth over his cock. She grunted as Chris shoved his cock deep into her cunt. She
pushed herself back and forth getting as much of their cocks into her as possible. She had another orgasm as they fucked her
this way, she couldn't believe it but the two men showed no signs of cumming their stamina was incredible. Topanga took this
as a challenge and started sucking even more of his cock into her mouth.

"OH GOD," Mark moaned. "I think she's got my cock in her throat don't you honey." He pulled her hair up and she looked up
and nodded. He groaned and shot his load into her mouth. "Swallow it bitch. I know you white bitches like to swallow black
seed." He grabbed her hair and pulled her up, Feeney zoomed in on her throat as she swallowed his load.

Chris slapped her ass hard. "Turn around, I got another load for you slut." Topanga turned around and Chris slipped the head
of his cock past her lips, shooting his load into her mouth. "Swallow it slut," he pushed his cock into her mouth forcing her to
swallow his load. He jammed his semi soft cock into her mouth until his erection started to come back. "Yes get it nice and
hard, you want more don't you?" He pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock just inches from her face.

"Yes I want more, I'll do anything just fuck me please."

"Well I've got an idea for you but I'm going to make you do the work this time." He lay down on the bed his hard cock in his
hands. "I want you to sit on my cock." Topanga knew what he wanted she started to climb over his prick. "Not that way turn
around." Topanga wasn't sure what he had in mind but she turned so that she was facing the mirror. She started to guide her
pussy onto his throbbing member. "NO! I want you to take it up that tight ass of your's."

"I don't know?" Topanga was nervous about having anything that big up her ass, but he grabbed her pulling her backwards. All
three of them were holding her now guiding her into position. As the tip of his cock pushed past her rectum they pushed her
backwards. Topanga threw her arms behind her to catch herself. She held herself up and looked in the mirror, she was
displayed most crudely in the mirror. Her pussy was wide open and she could see the tip of his cock protruding from her
asshole. "OH GOD." Topanga grunted, terribly excited about both the image she was seeing and the cock in her ass. Her arms
couldn't hold her up and her body slipped down causing more of the hard cock to penetrate her ass. "It's so big." She groaned.
She tried to come off it but she was in such an odd position she couldn't hold herself up for long. She would raise up till she was
almost off the cock then come down on his cock until she couldn't stand it anymore, then would pull up and the process would
start over again.

"You like that dick up your ass don't you slut?" Mark teased as he watched Topanga ride up and down on Chris's hard prick.
"I'm going to shove my cock into your pussy, you'd like that wouldn't you?" The only response from Topanga was a grunt as
she fell on Chris's prick taking it almost all the way inside of her. Mark climbed up onto the bed in front of Topanga.

Topanga saw him angling his hard cock at her pussy. her ass was so full she didn't think she could take any more. "I Can't," she
moaned. As his prick touched her pussy lips she felt a major orgasm start to flow through her. "OH GOD," she moaned again
she felt his cock slip inside of her pussy. "Oh God YES." She screamed as an orgasm overcame her. Mark started pushing
deep inside of her pussy forcing her down on Chris's cock. She couldn't believe how full she felt. The two men started to thrust
into her causing her even more pleasure. "YES don't stop please don't stop yes." Her arms went out from under her and she fell
back onto Chris. She straightened out her legs, she no longer had any control of how they were fucking her and she loved it.

"God yes, what a hot slut you are. you like being fucked don't you?" Mark asked but the only answer from Topanga was an
unintelligible grunt of pleasure. "I'm going to cum, you want to taste it slut?"

"Yes, I want to taste it." Topanga groaned, she wasn't sure why she said it. Mark repositioned his cock at her lips she opened
her mouth as he stroked his cock inches from her face blowing his load right into her mouth. She swallowed most of it and
licked the rest off her lips.

Chris shoved her hard off of him. He quickly moved till he was standing over her stroking his cock, he pushed his cock into her
mouth then pulled it out till the tip was barely pressing against her lips. He groaned and shot his load into her mouth. Topanga
swallowed his load as well. Both men fell to either side of her exhausted.

Topanga had to admit she was tired as well, she noticed how late it was getting, "I better get going. Mind if I take a shower?"
She started to get up, she realized she was a bit sore but somehow refreshed and happy. When Feeney didn't object she went
into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. She soaped herself up and noticed Feeney at the door videotaping her. She
started giving him a show playing with her tits and pussy.

Feeney walked downstairs with her. She slowly collected her clothes. "When do you want me again?" She asked trying to
sound reluctant but she enjoyed these days with Feeney.

"Lets play it by ear for now, I'll give you a call when I'm ready. I'll be sure to set up another surprise for you. You like surprises
don't you Topanga?"

"I love surprises. I can't wait to see what you come up with next." Topanga leaned over and kissed Feeney. "I'll be waiting for
your call."

Feeney watched her go. he had enough tape of her now for more then a month on the web site. No reason to push it, he had
plenty of time to get ready for next month.

part 3

Jessica was played by Keri Russell

Katherine Tompkins was played by Darlene Vogel

Topanga had kept her husband Cory away from her for as long as she thought she could get away with. When she thought her
pussy and ass were back to normal she decided to use the techniques she had been learning from Feeney and Amy on Cory.
She waited for him in their small apartment. She had bought an exceptionally sexy teddy and lay on the bed waiting for him.
When she heard him in the other room she called him in. "Cory, I'm in here."

Cory walked into the bedroom and his jaw dropped. He had never seen his wife looking as sexy as she did right now, she was
usually so shy. "Topanga, what's going on?" He moved towards the bed.

"I've decided we should stop being embarrassed about sex." She licked her lips. "I want to fuck you. You got a problem with

"No, I'm a bit surprised is all." Cory didn't understand Topanga's behavior but he wasn't going to fight it. Topanga grabbed him
and pulled him down onto the bed kissing him hard. He couldn't believe it as Topanga started kissing her way down his body.
As she pulled down his pants and her tongue touched his prick he couldn't hold it in and shot his load into her face. "Oh sorry
Topanga." Cory mumbled an apology.

"No problem Cory." She put her mouth over his cock and started sucking on it. She thought about it, a few weeks ago she
would have run to the bathroom if Cory had cum on her now she didn't really care. She got him hard with her mouth and then
started sliding up his body. She opened her teddy as she climbed atop his prick she pushed her cunt down onto his cock. "Oh
yes Cory." This was the first time she had gotten him hard after he had cum, she hoped he would last longer then usual.

Topanga felt good riding atop his cock but Cory reached up and pinched her nipples painfully. "Easy Cory, be gentle just rub
them." Topanga was amazed as Cory took her advice, she should have tried it months ago. She rode up and down on his cock,
she heard him groan then felt him shoot off inside of her. "Oh yes Cory it feels so good." She slid off his shrinking cock, she lay
down next to Cory. "How was that?"

"Incredible, I wish you had done that months ago. What happened?"

"I just decided to try a bit of experimentation, I hope you don't mind. Maybe I'll try something new next time. If you don't

"Mind, Me mind?" Cory babbled when he was nervous. "Of course not, anything you want Topanga."

Topanga and Cory's lovemaking improved steadily over the next week or so. Cory's brother Eric asked Topanga to come to
his apartment so she went. As she walked into his apartment she was surprised to see Shawn {Cory's best friend} and Matt
{Shawn's brother} sitting on the couch. "You wanted to see me Eric?" Topanga strutted into the room she had been dressing
sexier and enjoyed how the boys eyes followed her everywhere.

"What's the matter Topanga? Are you and Cory having money problems?" Eric asked as he walked over to the computer.

"What are you talking about? We're fine."

"We know all about it Topanga." He flipped on the computer screen.

Topanga looked at the screen, it was a porn site there was a women on it masturbating furiously. She looked closer 'Oh MY
GOD!' she realized it was her on the screen. Then Eric pushed a couple of keys and a scene of her fucking Chris and Matt.
'Feeney!' she thought to herself, he had taped everything and looking at the screen she realized he was making a lot of money
showing it.

"Why did you do it Topanga? Did you need the money that badly? Does Cory know?" The boys asked questions one after the

Topanga tried to think come up with a plan and decided a lie would be best. "No, Cory doesn't know. We just needed the
money so badly. it was the only thing I could do." She started to tear up. "Please you won't tell Cory will you?"

"Well he is my brother." Eric responded.

Topanga realized she was around three men, looking at them she realized they were hard as rocks from watching her on the
computer. If she screwed them there was no way they'd tell Cory. It was her way out, she decided to take it. "If you don't I
can do things for you, things you wouldn't believe." She reached out and stroked his cock through his jeans. "I can do it for all
of you. Come on Shawn I know you've always wanted me."

"Well yes but."

"I want you, I want you all." The thought of seducing these three men was driving Topanga crazy, she wanted to do it. "I know
you boys want me." She started pulling at her shirt. the boys made some feeble protests but as she managed to open her shirt
they seemed less adamant. As she slipped her bra off, Shawn and Eric grabbed at her tits and started pinching at her nipples.
"Yes thats it." she stood and unzipped her skirt. She enjoyed their stunned looks as she let her skirt fall to the floor. She sat
back down and started pulling off her pantyhose.

Eric and Shawn tried to help her get the pantyhose off, pulling them over her hips, Matt pulled them down her legs. As Matt
threw the pantyhose aside he turned back and was stunned at the sight of the now naked Topanga, she looked incredible.

Eric moved in quickly kissing Topanga and running his hands along her body. She broke the kiss and turned to Shawn kissing
him. Matt started to pull of his own clothes. Topanga broke the kiss and looked up to see matt naked stroking his hard on. "I
see someone's ready." She moved off the couch and kneeled down before Matt she took his cock in her hands and gave it one
or two strokes before moving in and using her tongue on his prick.

Matt groaned and fell back into a chair. He reached down and brushed Topanga's long blonde hair out of the way so he could
watch her blow him. Matt saw Shawn moving in behind Topanga grabbing her hips he was about to object, he didn't want the
blowjob to end, but to his surprise Topanga stood without taking his cock out of her mouth. She grunted around his cock as
Shawn started to fuck her driving his cock deeper into her mouth. Matt couldn't hold out any longer, for a moment he thought
of pulling out of her mouth but decided not to. He grabbed her head as he shot load after load into her mouth, to his surprise
Topanga didn't object or try to move away but swallowed it willingly. He

released her head as he finished cumming.

"Next," Topanga said in a half sexy, half joking voice. Shawn pulled out of her pussy and came around to her face and sat in the
chair. "I've always wanted to do this." She commented as she started sucking on Shawn's cock. The idea of doing brothers had
really gotten her off, now she wanted to taste Shawn right after Matt. She reached around and started playing with herself. She
felt Eric come up behind her and stick his cock into her pussy. "Oh God!" She moaned around the cock in her mouth as she felt
Eric's large dick penetrate her.

She road back and forth on their two cocks, she used her tongue on Shawn's cock and he shot his load into her mouth. She
swallowed it then pulled off of Eric's cock and turned around and sat in the chair. Eric moved closer and Topanga took his
cock into her mouth. She tasted her own juices on her cock and felt incredibly turned on, she reached down and started playing
with her pussy. She felt Eric try to pull out but she grabbed his ass pulling him back into her mouth, tasting his seed going down
her throat.

As Eric moved away Topanga sat back in the chair still playing with herself. "Well who's next. I want to be fucked and fucked
hard." She lay back and spread her legs as much as she could.

"I'm ready to go" Shawn stood up stroking his prick. He moved to Topanga and buried his cock into Topanga's warm wet

"Oh yes, fuck me, get it all the way in!" Topanga wrapped her legs around Shawn pulling him inside of her. She felt herself
cumming as he started sucking on her tits. "Thats it baby don't stop, YES!" She felt Shawn shoot off inside her pussy. "MORE,"
she begged and Matt was there shoving his cock into her cunt. "Yeah baby fuck me, I'm your whore." Matt shot his load inside
of her.

Eric moved in closer to Topanga he shoved his hard rod into her pussy, but wanted more. He grabbed her legs and pulled her
down on the chair and pushed her legs up until he could see her asshole. "I'm going to fuck your ass." He put the tip of his cock
at the entrance to her ass.

"Yes, fuck my ass Eric. Stick your big cock up my tight ass, OWW, Don't stop." She felt him penetrate her ass, the first one in
awhile it hurt a bit but it was also very pleasurable. She used her hand to play with her clit as Eric pushed her legs up and over
her head. She came again as he pounded her ass. She felt him push deep inside of her and shoot his load up her ass. As he let
her go Topanga sat up and saw the guys were all limp. "That was fun, now don't tell Cory and maybe we'll do it again." The
guys seemed to mumble in the affirmative. Topanga quickly dressed and headed out.

As Topanga got back to her apartment she got a message that Feeney wanted to see her, she wanted to see him too. She now
knew he had filmed her and was selling it on the Internet, it didn't outrage her as much as she thought. In fact she was more
outraged that he hadn't given her any money then that he had sold her pictures. As she thought about all the men who had
watched her she got horny and took off her clothes to play with herself while she waited for Cory.

Topanga went to her appointment with Feeney. She didn't tell him that she knew about the website, she wanted to confront him
in person. As he opened the door Topanga moved in, pushing him aside. "Feeney! I know all about the web site how much
have you made off of me?"

Feeney was taken aback, others had found out but he didn't think Topanga would be into that kind of thing. "I don't know what
your talking about?" Feeney tried to lie.

"Bullshit! I've seen it, you're charging people to download pictures and videos of me doing all sorts of {she struggled for a
word} Lude things. I want to know how much you made off of my body."

"Well I don't have the exact figures but a ballpark figure would be ten thousand dollars."

"Ten thousand dollars, its only been a month since my first visit here."

"And I haven't even used all of your tapes. There has been incredible demand for you." He looked her over, she was dressed in
very tight clothes that showed off her body, her hair and makeup were done in a very sexy style. She had changed since her
first visit. "What do you want? Should I pull the tapes or we could go on like we have been doing and split the money. I have
another surprise set up for you upstairs."

"How much money?" Topanga asked, she wanted to do it but needed a reason to justify it to herself.

"Lets say I pay you one thousand dollars for every tape you make for me. I already have seven tapes of you, I have released
three. So I owe you three thousand dollars. If you want to go along with this."

"I'll take the money." She grinned. "What kind of surprise do you have in store for me today?" Topanga asked incredibly turned

"Its all set up in the bedroom, they are waiting for you."

"Two guys again, I thought you'd be a bit more creative." Topanga teased him, although she wasn't displeased with the notion
of doing two guys again.

"Just get upstairs." Feeney followed her upstairs watching her ass the whole way.

Topanga opened the door. "Hello guys." She tried to sound sexy.

"Hello yourself," came a female voice.

Two heads came off the bed Topanga was stunned for a moment. She looked them over they were two incredibly attractive
women. One was slightly older then the other with shorter straight blond hair and a nice body that was displayed by the lingerie
she wore. The other woman was younger with long very curly blonde hair, she had ample tits and long legs that her green teddy
did little to hide. She looked them over hungrily then in a flash it hit her she knew the older woman, she had been her teacher
once. "Miss Tompkins?"

"Call me Katherine, Topanga. I hope we can have some fun together." She lay back and let her hand roam the younger girls

"Yes, I believe you know Miss Katherine Tompkins. This is my niece Jessica." The girl smiled. "They also figured out my little
side job and wanted a piece of the action. Now I'll start the camera and you girls can go for it." Feeney flipped a switch and
then picked up a video camera and started taping the girls.

Katherine deep kissed Jessica and started fondling her body, she pulled open the younger girls teddy and started to play with
her nipples. She started sucking on them as she pulled down her teddy.

"Wait for me." Topanga started stripping out of her clothes as Feeney went around so he could get both Topanga and the girls
on the bed in the same shot. Topanga slipped into the bed next to Jessica. Katherine was sucking on one of Jessica's nipples,
Topanga went for the other one. She sucked on the nipple then kissed Jessica on the mouth as Katherine moved down
Jessica's body.

"YES, lick me you bitch." Jessica begged as Katherine pushed aside her teddy and attacked her pussy. She reached over and
started to play with Topanga's body. She felt Katherine pull out a vibrator and start working on her pussy, paying special
attention to her clit. "Yes right there, fuck me, yes." She groaned and thrashed, she enjoyed playing it up for the camera.

Topanga repositioned herself, she kneeled over Jessica's face and slowly lowered her pussy onto the other girls face. "Eat me,"
Topanga ordered and Jessica shoved her tongue deep into her pussy. "Oh yes you are so good." Topanga played with her own
nipples as Jessica got her off with her spectacular tongue work. Topanga turned around so that she was facing down Jessica's
body then got bent forward so she could eat out Jessica.

Katherine moved away from Jessica's pussy as Topanga moved in. She handed the vibrator to Topanga then went and got
another one and moved around behind Topanga. She inserted a vibrator into Topanga's pussy as Jessica licked Topanga's clit,
moving it around a bit, Katherine go the dildo nice and wet. She pulled the vibrator out of Topanga's pussy and heard a
whimper of disappointment out of Topanga. She moved in and started to lick at Topanga's asshole. She put the vibrator at the
entrance of Topanga's ass. She slowly worked the vibrator into Topanga's ass as she licked at both the dildo and Topanga's
ass. She looked up to see Feeney filming the whole scene, she gave him a sexy smile as she continued to work on Topanga.

Topanga screamed out in orgasm, the sensations were just too much for her. She fell off Jessica and Katherine quickly took her
position over Jessica. Topanga moved in behind Katherine pulling apart her ass cheeks she used her tongue to lick up and
down Katherine's butt. Topanga then put her tongue at Katherine's asshole and pushed it inside.

"God Yes." Katherine screamed out in pleasure as the two girls played with her she felt herself cumming all over Jessica's face.
she slipped off of her.

"My turn" Jessica reached for Topanga.

"Wait I've got a surprise for you." Katherine reached under the bed and pulled out a couple of strap on dildo's. "What do you
say you want to be fucked."

"Both of you at once?" Jessica tried to sound nervous and sexy at the same time.

"Definitely." Katherine buckled on her dildo and helped Topanga with hers. "Lay down Topanga, I want her ass." Topanga lay
down on the bed.

Jessica climbed atop the dildo, she played with Topanga's heavy tits as Katherine moved in behind her. "Fuck my ass."
Katherine started pushing her strap on into Jessica's asshole. "Yes shove it all the way in." Jessica rode back and forth on the
two dildo's inside of her. "God yes fuck me. I want to feel it, YES!" Jessica screamed out in orgasm and collapsed onto
Topanga. The three of them lay in a sweaty ball for awhile as Feeney filmed them.

"Time for a shower ladies." Katherine stood up and grabbed Jessica and Topanga by the hands leading them into the bathroom.
She turned on the water and all three of them climbed into the shower. It was a tight fit but they worked together soaping each
other up while Feeney filmed the whole thing. As they finished drying the girls split up making plans to get together again.

Topanga was the last one left before she left she turned to Feeney. "How much did I make today?"

"One thousand for the bedroom and say five hundred for the shower scene."

"Fifteen hundred dollars, incredible. Maybe we can do this a bit more often."

"I don't really have any other ideas at the moment but if I get any I'll call you."

Topanga thought about it a moment. "What if I could get a couple of girls in here? Say Angela and Rachel how much would
that be worth?"

"I'll give you a thousand plus five hundred for each of the girls you can bring in. Will you tell them your filming them."

"I don't think so" Topanga considered how she was going to do it. "I may need your house for a weekend, if thats okay? I'll tell
them I'm house sitting and get them to come over."

"Just give me some notice. I can set up anything you need."

"Good, I'll give you a call." Topanga walked out Feeney's house her mind considering plans.

It took Topanga a couple of weeks to come up with a plan and to see if the girls were going to be interested if she got them in
the right situation. Once she was confident the girls would go for it, she set her plans in motion. It took a couple of weeks for all
conditions to be right. Cory and his parents had to be out of town. Topanga arranged for Feeney to leave town for the
weekend while she house sat for him.

After arriving at Feeney's she had him show her how to run the cameras. After Feeney left she called Angela and Rachel and
told them she was nervous about staying alone in Feeney's large house. Rachel and Angela arrived a little while later, the three
girls talked and had a few drinks from Feeney's liquor cabinet. Finally Topanga put her plan into action.

"You know I found some of Feeney's wife's things, you'd be amazed at all the clothes she had. You want to see?"

"Sure why not," Angela replied a bit bored. Topanga led them upstairs.

Topanga walked over to the closet she and Feeney had prepared earlier. "Can you believe this?" Topanga opened the closet
door displaying a lot of lingerie. "Feeney said this was his ex-wife's stuff, he wants to get rid of it and said I can have anything I
want. Do you want to try some on?" Topanga asked.

Rachel was looking through the lingerie, she couldn't believe how beautiful some of the stuff was. She pulled out a black teddy.
"Could we?" As Topanga nodded Rachel looked around. "Where can I change?"

"We've seen you before Rachel." Angela spoke up holding up a white shift. "You haven't got anything we haven't seen before."
Angela started pulling off her own clothes.

"I want you to see what you think of me in this one." Topanga pulled out her favorite a low cut aqua slip, that hugged her body.
Each of the girls changed, as they did each of them stole little glances at the others as they changed. Topanga finished dressing
and walked over to Rachel who was finishing getting into the teddy. "You look incredible. How does it feel?"

"Great." Rachel walked around kind of strutting in front of the mirror. "I like the way it looks, it really shows off my tits." She

"Not bad Rachel, but you don't have as much to work with." Angela walked in front of the mirror the white of her outfit
accented her dark skin, it was low cut in the front allowing a generous view of her cleavage. A slit up the side showed off her
legs, she strutted in front of the mirror. "That is incredible on you Topanga."

"You think Cory will like it?" Topanga asked trying to sound innocent.

"You've got me thinking impure thoughts. I can just imagine what Cory will do when he sees you in that, but I think you should
try something in black." Angela offered.

"Yes, try this one." Rachel started peeling off her teddy. Angela and Topanga started to help her out. She felt her nipples stiffen
at their touch, she felt Topanga run a hand over her nipple she thought it was accidental but wasn't sure.

Topanga slipped on the black teddy, she could feel a bit of Rachel's wetness in the crotch of the teddy and knew her plan was
working. "GOD, I Feel so sexy in this." She strutted for the girls. After that they all started changing outfits. After each of the
girls had changed a number of times Topanga decided to pull out her special surprise. "I also found this." She started to pull at a
box on the top shelf, Rachel came over and helped her get the box down. Topanga opened up the box, the girls looked inside
to see a number of sexual devices. Topanga reached in and pulled out a large vibrator. "Can you believe this stuff?" Topanga
turned on the device.

"Amazing," Rachel mumbled as she reached in and pulled out a large black dildo. "Kinky, I've never seen one this big." Rachel
saw the others looking at her. "Well have you?"

"Only a real one." Angela shot back.

"Shawn's that big?" Rachel shot back.

"No not Shawn." Angela said with a bit of a giggle as she took the dildo from Rachel, "and it was one hell of a night. Everyone
should have something this big between their legs once in their life. What about you girls? Ever taken any on any real meat
between your legs?"

"I've never even thought about it." Rachel sounded very innocent. "Does size make that much difference?"

Angela and Topanga shared a look. "Girl you won't believe the difference. Want to try this one? We'll help." Angela put the
dildo against Rachel's face.

"I don't know." Rachel sounded nervous. "If you'll help. What should I do?"

Angela and Topanga whispered to one another and seemed to decide what to do. "Lay on the bed Rachel." As Rachel lay
down Angela got next to her as Topanga moved beside her. Angela ran her hand lightly over Rachel's body. Topanga started
to open the front of Rachel's lingerie as a tit came into view Topanga started to fondle it. Angela pulled Rachel's other tit out
and started to suck on it as she continued to push her teddy down Rachel's body.

Angela moved down Rachel's body kissing her out of her teddy, even as she slipped out of her own teddy. As she came
between Rachel's legs, she let her hand wander over her pussy. "Relax Rachel." She ran her hand around the outside of
Rachel's pussy. Topanga's hand brushed against her own as they both played with the outside of Rachel's pussy. Angela curved
her finger and pushed it into Rachel's pussy.

Rachel groaned in pleasure at the intrusion. She felt a second finger join the first, Angela started playing with her clit. "MMM
Yes." Rachel moaned in pleasure. "Right there, it feels so good." She felt another finger penetrate her, then she felt someone's
hot breath against her pussy. She looked down and was pleasantly surprised to see a naked Topanga moving closer to her
pussy. She felt Angela's finger leave her and be replaced by Topanga's tongue. "OH YES eat me out," Rachel groaned and
reached down pulling Topanga's head into her crotch.

Angela slid up Rachel's body kissing every inch of her skin. She passed her tits and continued to her face. She kissed Rachel's
neck and chin as Rachel writhed in pleasure. "You like that Rachel?" Angela put her mouth over Rachel's and shoved her
tongue into the redheads mouth. Their tongues intertwined as Rachel continued to moan in pleasure. Angela broke the kiss.
"You ready for this?" Angela held the large dildo up to Rachel's face, Rachel nodded. "Get it ready suck on it."

Rachel couldn't believe it as Angela put the hard plastic against her lips. She stuck her tongue out and licked it, it was intensely
erotic. She licked around the tip of the fake prick, as Angela licked it as well. Their tongues met briefly then Angela
repositioned the fake cock, so that it slipped past her lips. Rachel sucked the cock into her mouth as Angela started moving it
back and forth into her mouth.

"You want me to fuck your cunt with this?" Angela asked as she removed the dildo from Rachel's lips. "I want you to beg for
it." Angela gave her a devilish smile and motioned Topanga away from Rachel's pussy.

Rachel had been at the height of ecstasy now the lack of sensation drove her crazy. "Yes fuck me, stick that hard prick into my
cunt now." Angela let the fake prick wander down her body leaving a light trail of saliva over Rachel's body. She felt the dildo
at the entrance to her pussy but Angela wasn't sticking it in just rubbing it up against her pussy lips driving her insane with
longing. "Fuck me, Screw me with that thing. YES!" Angela felt the large head penetrate her.

Angela forced the tip of the prick inside of Rachel, She watched Topanga sucking on Rachel's nipples, she knelt forward licking
the outside of Rachel's pussy. "You like that don't you?" She asked and shoved another inch of the cock into Rachel's pussy.
Rachel's only response was an incoherent moan. Angela pulled the prick out a bit then jammed it back inside getting it even

"GOD yes fuck me." Rachel moaned. Topanga presented her large tits to her face and she took one of Topanga's large nipples
into her mouth, she sucked on it as an orgasm overwhelmed her. Rachel's back arched in pleasure, she dropped Topanga's tit
as she screamed in pleasure. She tried to catch her breath but Angela kept force feeding the huge cock into her willing cunt.
She tried to spread her legs as much as possible as more of the cock was fed into her. "OH YES!" She screamed as orgasm
after orgasm overcame her.

Angela used her tongue to pleasure Rachel's clit as she forced the huge cock into her pussy. She felt her orgasms come in
waves drenching her chin in Rachel's cum. Angela kept Rachel's orgasms going as long as she could, but finally Rachel seemed
to come down from her high. Angela withdrew the fake prick and dragged it up towards Rachel's face, she showed Rachel the
cum drenched dildo. "I guess size does matter."

Topanga started to lick Rachel's cum off of the fake prick, Angela repositioned it so that it went into Topanga's mouth.
Topanga wrapped her tongue around it as more of it slipped into her mouth, she tried to get it all in her mouth so she could
taste more of Rachel. Finally Angela pulled it out and put it in her own mouth. Topanga put her lips over Rachel's and shoved
her tongue into Rachel's mouth. As they broke their kiss Topanga sat back. "MMM Yummy. Did you enjoy that Rachel?"

"God yes." Rachel murmured as her hands ran over her body.

"What about you Topanga you want to try?" Angela asked Topanga, unaware that Topanga had planned this all along.

"I think I want to try something a bit different." Topanga rummaged around in the box of toys until she pulled out a strap on
dildo. "How about this?"

"Girl, that does look like fun." Angela took the strap on from Topanga and was a bit surprised as Topanga helped her strap it
on. She seemed a bit more experienced then Angela had ever suspected. "You want me to fuck you with it?"

"Yes, I want to be fucked and fucked hard." Topanga lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

Angela moved between her legs, she used her fingers to open up Topanga's pussy. Rachel moved over and helped open up
Topanga. Angela moved the strap on against Topanga's pussy. She felt the dildo pleasuring her as the fake cock penetrated
Topanga's pussy. "Oh god, I love fucking you Topanga." She forced half of the prick into Topanga.

Topanga wrapped her legs around Angela pulling her even deeper into her pussy. "Yes fuck me Angela!" She reached out and
started playing with her own tits as Angela fucked her. Angela got the idea and started sucking on Topanga's tits. Topanga
looked over and saw Rachel watching them with a slightly stunned expression. This gave Topanga an idea. "I want you to fuck
me from behind." Angela seemed stunned for a moment but quickly recovered and pulled out. Topanga flipped over on top of
Rachel her tits right over Rachel's face.

Rachel started sucking on Topanga's tits, then Angela forced the dildo back into Topanga's cunt. "You like that you slut."
Angela pounded away at Topanga. Topanga moved back into her getting as much of the cock into her as possible. Angela wet
her finger and pressed it against Topanga's asshole.

Topanga felt Angela playing with her ass and decided to encourage her. "Yes use my ass, do anything you want to me."
Topanga had a mind blowing orgasm as Angela's finger penetrated her anus. She slumped down burying Rachel with her tits,
Rachel continued to suck on her nipples causing her further pleasure. Topanga felt Angela pull the dildo out of her pussy and
reposition it at her asshole. "Fuck my ass." Topanga begged.

"I never imagined you could be such a slut Topanga" She pushed the dildo into Topanga's ass, surprised it slipped in so easily.
She started fucking Topanga giving them both pleasure. Rachel slid down under Topanga and started to suck on Topanga's
pussy, moving farther down she sucked on Angela's pussy then moved between the two. Angela pushed the fake cock all the
way into Topanga's ass and both girls had major orgasms.

They all fell down onto the bed and snuggled. "How long did you say Feeney would be out of town?" Rachel asked.

"Till Sunday, do you want to stay over?" Topanga hugged Rachel.

"I think we can stay, at least for tonight." Angela responded as she played with herself.

"I'd like that." Topanga imagined all the pictures they'd have by tomorrow as the girls rested together.

the end


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