Boy Meets World (MF, mf, voy)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Summer was just beginning and Cory Mathews was looking forward to spending
time with his girlfriend Topanga. They had been dating for several years,
but she would not allow him to go very far. He had only touched her breasts
a couple times. But he never actually saw them, because he had only reached
under her shirt to touch them. He just woke up and had a hardon just
thinking about Topanga. He knew that he loved her, but he was 18 years old
and felt it was time for them to go further. He couldn't believe that Shawn
had slept with over a dozen girls, while he couldn't even get his girlfriend
to give him a hand job. Instead he was forced to resort to masturbating
constantly. He felt that everyone was having sex except him. His brother
Eric had been having sex since he was 15.

Cory remembered that night well. He was 13 at the time. Their parents had
gone out for the evening, leaving Eric and Cory alone. Then Eric told Cory
that he had a girl coming over, so Cory had to leave. Two hours later Cory
returned home. He heard moaning coming from the bedroom upstairs. Suddenly
it downed on him that his brother was having sex. This excited Cory, so he
quietly crept up the stairs. The door was left slightly open, so he peaked
in and saw this beautiful girl riding on Eric's cock. Cory couldn't take it
any longer, so he went into the bathroom and jacked off. That was the first
and only time he saw a girl naked.

Now here he was 5 years later and he still was a virgin. It got so bad that
he even thought about going into the city and getting a hooker. The only
thing that kept him going, was knowing that Topanga would be his first and he
would be hers. Even Eric's first time was not with a virgin. In fact Eric
told him that he had never been with a virgin. This made Cory feel a little
better, since he would be the first to break Topanga's cherry.

Cory decided to get dressed and call Shawn up. But when Shawn picked up the
phone he heard something in the background, there was a girl at Shawn's
house. Shawn told Cory he was busy and that they could do something another
day. It suddenly dawned on Cory that Shawn was about to have sex. This
depressed Cory, yet at the same time it excited him. He thought back to the
first time Shawn had told him, he had had sex. They were both 14. Shawn had
met this girl at the mall who was 17. Shawn had told her he was 16. She
believed him and went to a movie with him that night. Following the movie,
she drove him back to her house. According to Shawn, he came 3 times in an
hour that night. Cory was shocked, since he could usually only get himself
hard once an hour at most. He just figured that Shawn was just lucky. Shawn
seemed to have everything, good looks, a better body then him, girls crawling
all over him. And what did Cory have, nothing, well nothing except for his
virginity. Geez, he was an 18 year old virgin loser. How pathetic can you
be. Your own high school girlfriend for 3 years, won't even give you a hand
job. Cory was fed up, he made a decision, Topanga and him were going to have
sex, soon, maybe even tonight. He was tired of her saying no.

That night Cory and Topanga went out to a movie. After the movie, he drove
to the make out spot. He then told her, "I love you, Topanga," whispering in
her lovely ear as he worked his hand up under the hem of her white turtleneck
and loosened her blue, plaid skirt. Cory was desperately trying to score
something off his gorgeous, but goody-two-shoes girlfriend. Kissing her neck,
Cory trailed his tongue down the beautiful teen's soft neck and nuzzled her
throat while she squirmed.

"Yes, Cory," she gently pulled his hands closer as they made a play for her
ripe, tempting tits. "You know we can't do it here in car where anyone could

"I know ..." Cory sighed, pulling away immediately. "I'm sorry. I just got
carried away."

Topanga fixed Cory in her gaze and managed a smile. "You little twerp," she
thought to herself. "Is that it? You aren't even going to try? Sometimes,
Cory Matthews, I don't know why I even bother. Look at me. I'm gorgeous.
I'm practically the wet dream of every guy in this school, and I'm yours, but
look at you. You're not even man enough to even try and get into my pants.
I'm supposed to say 'no.' I have to say 'no.' That's the game, you idiot,
and you're such a twerp you don't even know. Couldn't you feel me squirming
up against you, rubbing the back of my hand down there. You're supposed to
hold my hand down there and make me hold it, squeeze it. You're supposed to
take charge and pursue me, seduce me, not roll over and play dead the minute
I pretend to say 'no.' What am I doing with you? Why can't I just dump you
and find a real man, someone who knows the score, someone who'll make me feel
sexy, someone who'll treat me like a woman instead of a high school
sweetheart ..."

"What are you thinking about?" Cory asked.

"Oh, nothing, just thinking about us."

"Really ..." Cory looked disturbed for a moment, but then the look passed
from his face.

"Topanga do you think we are ready?"

"Ready for what," she said, hoping he was referring to sex, here she was a
beautiful 18 year old virgin.

"Well, I was wondering whether or not, you thought we could possibly go a
little farther, physically I mean."

"Thank god!" she thought to herself. "Well, I think we might be ready, but
not here."

"How about tomorrow, after a romantic dinner in a nice bedroom."

"That sounds great!"

After he dropped Topanga off at her house, he was trying to figure out where
he could take Topanga, since his parents would be at his house. Then it hit
him, Shawn's place, is the perfect make-out center. Shawn is always doing it
with girls there. Now all he had to do was call up Shawn and make sure it
was ok with him. After speaking to Shawn and getting the ok, Cory called
Topanga with the plans. Everything would be perfect. He then told Topanga
the only problem was that Shawn would still be sleeping in the apartment, but
in the other bedroom. Topanga was ok with that.

Dinner was going well, Cory had made lobster. Unfortunately Shawn's date did
not go well, causing him to return early. He apologized and promised to stay
in the bedroom the whole night.

Luckily for Cory, Shawn had agreed to let Cory have the main bedroom, which
would be more romantic and he would stay in the guest room.

After they finished dinner, Cory and Topanga sat down on the couch. He began
to kiss her, while they were kissing, he slipped his hand under her shirt and
unsnapped her bra. While he was doing this, she slid her hands under his
shirt. She was surprised to feel almost no chest hair. He was 18, yet his
chest felt like a little kids. But she loved him and that was all that
mattered. After about 5 minutes, Cory was able to remove Topanga's shirt and
bra. This was the first time he had actually seen her breasts. They were
lovely, so lovely that he almost came right there. Luckily he was able to
control himself. He began to lick her lucious tits. At the same time she
began to unbutton his jeans. He stood up, allowing her to slide them down.
While she was doing this, he too undid her pants and slid them down.

Now there stood two 18 yearr old virgins, shirtless, wearing only their
underwear. Any minute now they would no longer be virgins. Cory was first
to move, gently sliding down Topanga's panties. As he pulled them down, he
noticed how wet they were. Once they were off, he began to admire her
vagina. It was the first close-up one he had ever seen. It looked wonderful
to him. He began to touch it softly.

After a couple minutes, he told Topanga it was her turn to touch him. With
that, she pulled off his white underwear, revealing his 4 inch cock. Topanga
was a little surprised at how small it was, but she had never really seen
anyone's cock before, so she just figured most women were exaggerating. Any
way, why did it matter, she loved him. She decided to slowly rub it, up and
down. She moved a little closer to get a better look. After 40 seconds of
stroking, Cory began to shake and he came all over her hair and in her eye.
She shrieked at him for not warning her. He apologized, worried that the
whole night was ruined. She told him not to worry. She would take a shower
and meet him in the room. As she walked away, she told him to stay naked and
she would give him a surprise when she came back. With that Cory rushed into
Shawn's room, where they would be sleeping.

After 35 minutes, Topanga finally was able to clean herself off. As she was
walking from the bathroom, it was dark. She entered into Shawn's guest room.
With the moonlight barely shinning in, she could see the outline of Cory's
body under the covers. She couldn't believe it, the jerk had gone to sleep.
She decided she was going to wake him up, so she went to the edge of the bed,
slightly lifting up the covers, in order to suck on his cock. It was so dark
she could barely see anything. She slowly began to swallow his cock. It
seemed a lot bigger than she remembered, although, she had never done this
before, so she just figured that was why it seemed so big. After sucking on
his cock for 10 min, she decided it was time.

* * *

Meanwhile, Shawn was fast asleep, dreaming about his date. She was sucking
on his cock, and it felt great.

* * *

Topanga decided she was going to ride on Cory's cock. She wanted to make
sure she came during her first time. She slowly mounted his cock letting
just the tip of it enter into her tight vagina.

* * *

Meanwhile, Shawn's dream was getting better and better, his date was now
about to fuck him. He had fucked her a couple times before, she had a loose
pussy, but she enjoyed a hard fuck, which was something Shawn also enjoyed.
As she mounted him this time, her vagina felt tighter than usual. After
pushing his cock in for over 3 minutes he hit something it almost felt like
her cherry, but Shawn new she wasn't a virgin. Heck she had sex with
everyone. He just figured he was imagining things, so with one violent
thrust upwards, she pushed past the obstruction. All of the sudden he heard
a scream, as he kept pushing up and down.

* * *

Then in a flash, it got really bright in his room, his eyes were blinded as
he started to come too, he saw Cory standing across the room screaming. It
was at this moment, that he realized the girl he was fucking was not a dream
and it was not his date. Instead it was Topanga. The two of them continued
to fuck, as Cory screamed, then at all at once, they both orgasmed. All of
the sudden, Topanga had realized what happened. Instead of fucking Cory, she
had fucked Shawn, and it had been wonderful. The best orgasm of her entire
life. After the climax had ended, Topanga climbed of Shawn and went over to

He asked her how she had done this. She then explained what had happened.
Cory was still very upset, but he decided to ask Topanga anyway, "When are we
going to make love."

She looked at him and his 4 inch dick, then she looked over at Shawn, his
nice body, and his 8 incher and said to Cory, "Never, not with that little
boy body, and little boy dick." With that she pushed Cory out the door,
locked it and began to climb back on Shawn.


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