Breath Of Fire 2: Fun And Revelations At The Windia Inn (FF,bond,spank,shave)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Katt was tired, she and her friends were hot on the trail of a thief, and
their journeys were taking them far and wide. Since they had been running
around for quite awhile, they had, as a group popped for a night at a decent
inn. Nina and Katt shared a room, the guys shared another.

Katt spent most of her time at the inn searching through, drawers, cabinets,
and under mattresses for stuff to snag. The beautiful feline felonious dancer
and gladiator figured that if it was laying out, it was free.

Katt had just finished rifling through all the drawers to see if there was
anything she could pocket when she noticed Nina was sitting in a chair
staring out the window.

Her poor friend, Nina was just booted from her family's palace by her father.
It had something to do with Nina's wings being black and some curse involving
that. Actually, Katt noted, her wings were an inkie dark blue.

Katt dropped her bag full of inn towels, silverware, sheets, and juicy red
apples with a clatter. She walked over to Nina and placed a gentle hand on
her shoulder. Nina reached up and placed a hand over Katt's.

"I want to just rip out these stupid wings," Nina said in a small voice.

"Nina, DON'T SAY THAT!!!! Your wings are beautiful!" Katt exclaimed.

"I'm glad YOU think so. It's just the whole rest of the world I need to worry
about." Nina said wryly.

"Let's talk about something else," Katt suggested.

"Okay, like what?" Nina asked.

"Well how about boys? Ryu's kinda cute isn't he?" Katt asked with a smile.

"He's cute I guess." Nina said with a shy smile.

"What he's not to your liking? Great, he's all mine, then. Well what was your
old boy friend like. You have had a boyfriend before right?" Katt asked.

Nina's face went red.

"Well no, not really..." Nina said mentally reviewing her exits.

"What do you mean, not really? Did you or did you not have a boyfriend?"
Katt sensed Nina's evasiveness.

"AAAARGH!! I'm gay, okay?! I like girls! Jeez, beat it out of me why don't
ya? I am a full blown lesbian," Nina said angrily while crossing her arms
and pouting.

"Sheesh, calm down miss drama queen. It's OK. To tell you the truth, I
sometimes go for girls. It's no big deal." Katt assured her. To tell the
truth, Nina's little revelation kind of turned her on.

"Really? So you're not freaked I'm gay?" Nina asked hopefully.

Damn, she was cute.

"Of course I'm not freaked, I've messed around with girls before. It's okay,
really," Katt smiled.

"Whew, I'm glad. I didn't want you to feel weird around me," Nina said.

"It's not a problem. Well, have you had a girlfriend?" Katt asked.

Nina blushed brightly.

"Um, yeah." Nina said. "But you're asking all the questions! You said you've
been with a girl before, tell me about it."

"No big whoop, I had finished a nice match and was all tense and bruised and
stuff. This girl was hanging out around the fighters turning tricks. She said
she'd eat me out for 10 gold pieces so I said OK. She was cute, and my pussy
had been ignored for quite awhile." Katt explained.

"Well, with me there was this maid at the palace ... she was my first. I-I
kind of liked it when she spanked me. And when she told me I was bad for
liking it." Nina's face was bright red as she admitted this, in a very small

She is absolutely adorable, Katt thought.

"Hee hee," Katt giggled. "Not used to talking about sex are you?"

"No, no not really," Nina said.

"Well we should get some sleep," Katt said as she slid her ill-gotten loot
under the bed. "Try not to think about today."

"Well there is one thing you could do, if you wanted, to help me get my mind
off it," Nina said quietly.

"Sure, anything," Katt replied.

"C-could you please have sex with me?" Nina asked shyly, eyes downcast from
fear of rejection.

Katt's mind practically blew. She thought she was going to have to settle for
fantasizing about Nina. She must have done something good in a previous life,
although for the life of her she couldn't think think of what that would have

"Well, I did say anything didn't I?" Katt smiled, trying not to sound to

Nina's face brightened noticeably.

"Well why don't you take off your clothes and let me take a look at what I
get to play with."

Nina, who enjoyed the role of a submissive, removed her clothing and neatly
set them on her bed. Nina had a cute little body, with a pair of nice ripe
young tits and a cute, firm little ass.

Katt stood up and admired Nina's 'goods'. She let her eyes linger on Nina's
large pussy lips. Katt gulped.

"Umm put your hands behind your back," Katt ordered.

Nina obeyed putting her wrists together above her ass and below her wings.
Katt found a 2 foot long cord from her pack and used it to tie Nina's hands
behind her back securely.

Katt then bent her over the bed post.

"So you like to get spanked, huh?" Katt asked.

"Oh yes, yes please," Nina begged.

"Okay," Katt said.

She raised her hand and brought it down on Nina's ass. SMACK!

"Oooooooh!" Nina cried.


"EEP!" Nina cried out cutely with each slap.

Noticing a satisfying redness on Nina's cheeks and a moistening of Nina's
pussy, Katt decided to try something different. She searched Nina's wings or
a suitable feather then, PLUCK!

"AWWWWCH!!! Damn it, Katt! That really hurt!" Nina said, looking back at her
friend angrily.

"Don't worry I'm going to make it up to you real soon," Katt giggled.

Katt used her new feather to tickle Nina's pussy, lightly brushing it over
her cunt.

"Mmmmm oooh!" Nina moaned.

Nina's body shuddered and swayed back and forth, her wings fluttered a bit
as Katt continued to tease her cunt with the feather. Sweat poured from her
brow, and she bit her lip as tiny ripples of pleasure coursed through her
pussy and up her body. Nina moaned pretty loudly all through the delicate

Suddenly Katt removed the feather and set it aside.

"N-no please d-don't stop..." Nina begged softly.

"Sorry, Nina but, I have a sudden craving for poultry," Katt laughed.

Katt spread Nina's legs a bit and knelt before her delicious dripping wet
pussy. Katt's head dove between Nina's legs and her tongue went to work
lavishing Nina's pussy.

"OH mmmm OH yeaaaaaaaaah" The winged girl moaned.

Katt tightly squeezed Nina's butt cheeks as her tongue dove as deep as it
could, rolling around in Nina's wet hole. Katt pulled out a sec and licked
her lips, she was a bit surprised at how much she liked the taste. She
quickly found Nina's clit, Katt licked and sucked it like a mini cock. She
held it between her teeth and bit it softly. Nina screamed as her back
arched, her chest tightened and her cum splashed forth all over Katt's cute

Katt did her best to lap up as much of it as she could. Hmmm, tastes like
chicken, she thought.

Katt got up and repositioned the exhausted Nina so that she lay on her back,
resting on her wings. Katt shed her clothing letting her tits pop free. Katt
shaved her pussy, Nina noted. She jumped atop Nina and lustfully fucked her
mouth with her cum soaked tongue. She pulled her face away slightly so Nina
could lick the girl-juice from her face.

Katt slid down a bit so she could lick and suck on Nina's hardened nipple.
With her other hand Katt roughly kneaded Nina's free tit, her friend squirmed
under her grasp.

"Nnnnn oh, oh yes," Nina moaned as she ground her pussy as best she could
against Katt's sexy thigh.

It didn't take long for Nina to cum a second time, this time gushing all over
Katt's thigh. Nina was huffing and puffing her lovely body glistened with

"I'm going to make you cum all night long," Katt smiled.

"Oh yes, Katt, p-please make me cum more," the half-exhausted Nina moaned.

She took some more cord and used it to tie Nina's ankles apart.

"The only thing is, I'm not crazy about the hair. It's got to go." Katt said
staring at Nina's blonde pubic mound critically, as she spit out a yellow

"Huh?" Nina asked, confusedly.

Katt reached into her bag and revealed a sharp razor.

"EEEEEEEEEEEK! NO PLEASE KATT, YOU CAN'T!" Nina begged as she struggled
against her bonds.

"Of course I can, silly. You are all tied up, remember? Now hold still."
Katt said.

Katt straddled Nina's smooth tummy and began to shear away Nina's blonde
patch. Nina screamed her head off, but no one came to save her. Most of the
Inn had already assumed the two were having kinky sex.

"There all done." Katt smiled.

"BITCH!!!" Nina cursed uncharacteristically.

"Hee hee, talk like that and I won't make you cum again. Nah who am I

Katt slid down so the pair were in the '69' position. She began to greedily
eat out her feathered blonde friend. Nina was shaking and moaning as Katt's
face dove into her snatch. Nina's tongue struck forward into Katt's steamy
hot hole. Soon the pair were cumming in each other's mouths.

* * *

Ryu had decided to do some weapon shopping, so Rand was left to have lunch

Katt came down the stairs to the Inn's dining hall and sat don next to Rand.
She looked like did not have any sleep. And Rand noted she bore a very goofy

"So how many times did you make her cum?" Rand asked as he chewed a muffin.

"Ask me later, I'm not done yet. Just came down to refuel." Katt ordered a
boar sandwich and apple juice from the serving girl.

"Isn't Nina hungry too?" Rand asked.

"Hee hee she's kind of tied up at the moment. I'll bring something up to
her," Katt giggled uncontrollably.

The End


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