Blade The Series/Birds Of Prey: Night Breed (MF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Helena Kyle walked through the streets of Los Angeles. This town was so very
much like her hometown of Gotham City. The Huntress had heard many stories
about this town. Apparently, it was ruled by vampires. Helena Kyle, the
daughter of Batman, the Dark Knight, and Catwoman, the Feline Femme Fatale,
was a super-powered crime-fighter in her own right. Born with superhuman
strength, speed and an accelerated healing factor, she was usually more than
a match for any criminal in her city. Not in the City of Angels.

Three nights ago, she saw something extraordinary. A man was running and a
woman was chasing him. At first, she was intrigued. She took a closer look.
What she saw amazed her. The woman moved too fast to be human and seemed
feral. She attacked the man, and sought to feed on him. That's when the
Huntress jumped in. She had to save this man. No matter what he did, he
didn't deserve to be some psycho freak's meal. The innocent had to be
protected. Helena Kyle swooped in, and struck the vampire woman. The female
vampire growled, and attacked her.

Two decades of walking the planet Earth had shown Helena Kyle all sorts of
strange beings. In the town of Smallville, Kansas, she met Clark Kent, a
charming and heroic young man with god-like super powers. He came from
another world, and was in fact, an alien. In New York City, she met a
costumed crime-fighter known as Spiderman. Although the media didn't like
him, Spiderman was a hero and a remarkable man. He helped her out of a jam
once. Yeah, there were odd people out there but most of them were decent.
Some were heroic. A few were dangerous. Like this female vampire.

Helena Kyle struck the female vampire and they traded blows. Nothing seemed
to keep the female vampire down for long. Helena Kyle began to wonder if she
could be killed. Well, at least the woman's intended victim, a young man,
managed to get away. Moments later, someone swooped down from the sky in a
billowing coat and joined the fight. This newcomer was a tall black man armed
with a sword. He neatly cut off the woman's head, and the woman turned to
ash, moments later.

Helena Kyle stared at the newcomer, who wasn't exactly a stranger. She smiled
as she recognized Blade, the good-looking black man who hunted vampires in
this part of the world. Yeah, they met before, three years ago. Back then,
Blade was hunting a vampire known as Deacon Frost, the Lord of a horde of
powerful vampires. Blade defeated Deacon Frost. He had come to Gotham on the
trail of one of Deacon Frost's vampire lackeys, hoping the creep would lead
him to Frost. Helena hadn't heard from Blade since.

The Hunter looked at her. The Huntress smiled confidently. He nodded
respectfully. Helena grinned. That's Blade for you. Good-looking, strong, yet
all business, all the time. The man never seemed to relax. Like her, he was a
Child of the Night. Blade was the son of Deacon Frost, the vampire Lord, and
Vanessa Brooks, a woman who was pregnant when she got turned into one of the
undead. Blade was half human and half vampire. He could walk in daylight
unscathed, unlike every vampire on the planet. He was also stronger than most

The two superheroes decided to hang out, and catch up a bit. Blade told her
about his struggle to bring down the House of the Chthonian vampires. The
Chthonian were the most powerful vampires in the world. They had connections
to the human world. They were wealthy beyond anyone's wildest dreams. They
were a threat to humanity's continued survival. These days, a vampire named
Marcus Van Sciver ruled the House of Chthonian. He and his vampire paramour,
a deadly, beautiful and treacherous witch named Chase, were among the most
ruthless of the undead.

Blade also told her that he was on his own these days. He told her how his
best friend and lover, the good-looking young Asian techno-wizard known as
Shen had left the city to visit his remaining family members. Helena was
surprised. She knew that Blade was bisexual but had no idea that he and Shen
were lovers. Oh, well. You learn something new every day. Blade also told
her that Shen was pissed about him hooking up with a U.S. Army soldier (and
nascent vampire) named Krista Starr who infiltrated Marcus Van Sciver's inner
circle and routinely fed them information. Blade loved Shen. He was loyal to
his man. But he also felt attracted to Krista Starr. Krista Starr was a very
beautiful woman and remained one even after she became one of the undead.
Also, she and Blade had a lot in common. They were both super-humans,
battling evil in a world of night. Shen was a nice guy but he was also a
mere mortal. There were things about Blade he would never understand, no
matter how much they loved each other.

Helena Kyle listened to Blade's story. Damn, the Hunter was a lonely man.
They went to a bar and killed some vampires. It was a lot of fun. Blade was
skilled and lethal. Helena was strong and fast, and her skills helped, even
though she usually faced off against ordinary people, and not bloodthirsty
night-dwelling immortals. She held her own against a six-foot-eight,
300-pound female vampire named Ginger. Ginger and her lover, a tall,
good-looking Irish vampire named O'Shea, had been preying upon people in
this part of town for a while. Blade and the Huntress put an end to them.

Afterwards, the Hunter and the Huntress went to the rooftops, to relax a
bit. Blade had gotten hurt during his brawl with O'Shea, but his wounds were
already gone. Helena Kyle was a super-human, and although her body healed
three times faster than a regular human's, she couldn't regenerate the way
Blade did. They sat there in silence, looking at the city. Los Angeles was
home to thousands of vampires. There were other creatures there too. Wolf
People. Men and women whom the full moon transformed into savage, wolf-like
creatures. Blade didn't have anything against the lycanthropes. Most of them
couldn't help being what they were. Ordinary folks by day, but once a month,
they became supernatural beasts. Vampires, on the other hand, were sentient
monsters. Blade hated them because they chose to be evil.

Helena Kyle and Blade watched the night go by. It got cold, and they huddled
together in a warehouse. As luck would have it, even superheroes had needs.
Helena looked at Blade, then, she kissed him. Blade was a bit surprised by
the kiss, but he kissed her back. They got undressed, and the action began.
Blade looked at Helena's sexy naked body, and felt desire for her. They
rolled around on the cold floor, and he got on top of her. Helena spread her
legs, welcoming him into her. Blade pressed his hard cock against her pussy,
and thrust into her. Helena gasped as Blade entered her. Holding her by the
hips, he began to fuck her. Hard and fast, just the way she thought he would
be. She wrapped her arms around him, let go, and enjoyed the right. Blade and
Helena sucked and fucked the night away.

When dawn came, the Huntress found herself alone. Blade was gone. Ordinarily,
she'd be pissed but she understood. She didn't like it, but she understood.
Blade was a loner. A bisexual black man who was also half human and half
vampire. A superhero who hunted vampires. A very complex person. A ruthless
hunter. A determined warrior. A threat. And also the one man she could never
have. The Huntress sighed. And headed back to Gotham, where the only things
that went bump in the night were bad guys, bad girls and meta-human freaks.
Those, she could handle. Easily.

The End


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