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Birds Of Prey: Dinah The Rapist (Ff,BDSM,cons,ncon)
by The Fan

Dinah entered her room at the Gotham clock tower. She was very excited.
She was a tall teen girl with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. Her face
was smooth and cute with a slightly frowning, slightly dreamy expression.
She was eager to watch the tv series Androkles. It was a story about a roman
slave who fought a lion in the arena and was spared by the king of beasts
and they became companions, fighting for freedom and such.

She watched intently. The lead actor walked on screen. He was a tall, lean,
muscled man with dark hair and eyes. he wore little more than a loin cloth.
She stared dreamily. This was the man of her dreams. Emphasis on dreams
because she could never have that kind of man in her life. She was a mutant.
Life was tough on all her kind and Hollywood pretty boys didn't date super
chicks. His loss, she said. She went to her bed. A girl can dream, can't
she? She took off her pants and panties. Her left hand went to the space
between her thighs. She introduced one sleek finger into her sweet pussy.
She closed her eyes and sighed happily.

* * *

Helena the Huntress was coming home. She was tired after a long night of
fighting. There was gang warfare in Gotham city. She just fought an entire
squad of thugs armed to the teeth. A bullet had grazed her. She looked at
her shoulder, at the wound there. A reminder that metahumans weren't
immortal. She leapt from roof to roof. Sometimes she paused to hear sounds
from the houses. Men and women were loving each other.

Families were gathering. It was Christmas 2002. Helena once had that. A
mother that was cool. An absentee father with billions, a cool car and an
awesome job: being Batman. But Bruce Wayne had a life. By day he dated
hot chicks and lived a fast life. At night he fought tough guys and fast
women. He culd never be lonely, but she was. She often thought of Reese.

He was a tall, very cute black cop with a hard body. Also the son of Gotham's
version of the Kingpin. But Reese had a life. He didn't even know her name.
She sped up, fighting back tears. With one fantastic leap she landed on the
clock tower and entered by the secret entrance. The fabulous technology of
Barbra Gordon checked her vitals. She was ok.

No I'm not, she thought. Barbara was gone, visiting somebody from the past.
Even the disabled former vigilante gal had a life. People to go to.

Unlike her. Helena was about to go home when she heard a weird sound. A
moan. With amazing speed she went through the center, heading straight to
Dinah's room. They had enemies. Powerful. Like Slick, Reese's evil dad
and Darkstryke's evil other self. If someone hurt Dinah I'll...

She kicked open the door of the teen's room. She looked. Dinah was on the
bed, under the covers. Eyes closed with a weird expression on her face. She
must be in pain, Helena the Huntress thought. With one swift hand she yanked
the covers away from the girl. What she beheld amazed her.

Dinah's hand was halfway into her pussy. "What?"

The girl's eyes went wide open. "Helena?" she said.

The huntress took a step back. "Di, what are you doing?"

The blond girl blushed. "Ain't it obvious? Masturbating in my house"

"Whoa, this isn't your house. Whatever, i'm going to sleep."

Dinah took one look at Helena. The girl had a cute physique. Very.

With a nod she closed the door, using her telekinetic power. "Not funny, Di,
now open the door."

Dinah smiled. "Make me, pretty girl!"

Helena leapt. The events of the night got her pissed already. She wasn't
above kicking Dinah's butt at that point. She was very surprised when she
simply froze in mid-air. Helena knew what was happening. Dinah was
telekinetically holding her. "Put me down!"

"Say please!" Dinah said smiling.

Helena obliged. The telekinetic girl made her float to the bed and dropped
her there gently. Helena took a second to catch her breath. Dinah then did
something very strange. She kissed her. It was very light, on the lips but a
kiss nonetheless. Helena opened her eyes. she looked at dinah. what she read
in those eyes amazed her. She saw lust there. A very deep need. One she
undesrtood. She found herself kissing Dinah back. "This is so wrong," she
said, pulling away.

"What?" Dinah said. "Why?

"Because it is wrong. You are a kid and I'm not a lesbian."

"Why not?" dinah said. "Don't you love me? Am I not beautiful?"

Helena gently stroked her hair. "Oh no sweetie." Tears flowed from Dinah's
pretty eyes. "Do not cry." Helena took Dinah's frail body in her arms,
embracing her. Dinah pulled away.

"I understand you Helena, more than you think. You don't like men. You never

"Not true," Helena said. "I like Reese."

"Yeah, he's cool, but he's not for you."

"Why not? I deserve some happiness too," Helena said. "I fight all day and
night to come home to nothing. I risk it all and get nothing. It's killing

"It doesn't have to," Dinah said. "Just trust me."

She began undressing helena. The black costume came off. Dinah gasped as she
saw Helena's gorgeous physique. She had liked Helena from day one but never
knew what treasures the tomboy hid under her clothing. She looked at full
breasts with round nipples. A trim body athletes would envy, slim waist and
long legs.

"Oh my god, Hel! I never knew you looked like that."

Helena smiled shyly.

It pleased Dinah to see her so vulnerable. It was beautiful. The fierce
warrior was like a deer caught in headlights. Dinah saw Helena's pussy
covered with hair. 'I'll have to shave that,' she thought, 'but that was
for later.' They began the kisses again. Helena was kssing her with a
ferocity and need worthy of her nom de guerre. She was overwhelming Dinah.
But in spite of her look, Dinah was a die hard dyke. She liked chicks and
this brazen femme would have to be taught a lesson by the butch in
disguise. "Helena, wait."

"What, Di?" the Huntress said breathlessly.

"Just lie down and relax."

Huntress did that. Dinah then buried her mouth in the sexy metagirl's cunt.
Huntress howled. Dinah licked her pussy until cum threatened to flow. Helena
was a virgin to dyke sex and could not control her body at all. Dinah easily
brought her to a shuddering orgasm, using her sleek fingers and tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Helena said, grasping Dinah's head in her hands. The girl's
superstrong hands nearly yanked Dinah's head off. She forced Helena to
release her. The ecstatic girl looked at her young lover's face and smiled.
"Thanks," she said.

Dinah smiled. "Game's not over yet."

Helena looked at her. "There's more?"

"Much more to come," Dinah said.

They made love again and again until Helena was exhausted and drifted off to
sleep, but not Dinah. The telekinetic was just getting started. She stared at
her lover. Helena was smiling in her sleep, a sweet smile. Looking at her one
would never guess she was a fierce denizen of the night or the Huntress of
Gotham, but Dinah knew better.

She went to her erotica drawer. Inside were lots of things. She pulled out
some chains. Thick and heavy. She went to the bed and gently turned the
Huntress over so that she was lying on her belly. She bound the girl's arms
and legs so that she could not move. All the while Huntress slept. Only then
did Dinah place a pillow under the girl's belly. She looked at the Huntress'
great ass and licked her lips. She licked the girl's round, juicy buttocks.
Usually Dinah preferred latinas with bubble butts and big tits but this
white-bummed girl would do. If only the Huntress would hit the tanning booth.

'I'll have to change her,' she thought. 'She is so almost like a guy it's

Dinah had never fucked a guy in her life, had always liked women. She enjoyed
making them scream, squeal and cream. The huntress was no exception. Gently
she parted the girl's bum and began applying some aloe cream there. With one
finger she began digging up Huntress's ass. It was tight. Incredibly tight.
'Oh, what do you know, an anal virgin,' Dinah thought. 'I'm gonna enjoy
this.' She went to the bathroom and got a bucket of water.

When she came back she dropped the contents on Huntress's face. Helena
woke up abruptly. Her eyes blazed with uncanny fury. She looked at Dinah,
confused. "What's happening, Di?" she said.

"You're my new fuck toy, bat bitch," Dinah said.

Huntress looked at the girl. All trace of the tender girl she knew was gone.
what stood before her was a fierce, sadistic bee-atch. The kind she liked
beating. She struggled in her bonds but to no avail.

"Oh, Helena, you can't escape. These are titanium chains reinforced with some
green product I found in your dad's lair back when he was a Batman and there
was an alien from space helping people."

"Why are you doing this?" Helena said. "I love you."

"I love you," Dinah said mockingly.

"You're pathetic. You won't get away with this, Dinah. Barbara will find you.
The best metahuman vigilantes from Gotham will hunt you down for messing with


Dinah went to her drawer and pulled out an object. She had her back to
Huntress so Helena could not see what she was doing. She fastened something
to her waist and Helena suddenly realized something was making her ass slick.
"Oh that's aloe cream."

"Why?" helena said then gasped as she suddenly realized why Dinah had greased
up her ass. "Noooooooooo!"

She struggled against the chains with desperate strength. Dinah positioned
herself behind the struggling Huntress. With one firm hand she grasped the
girl's ass. She struggled to separate the cheeks. Helena clenched her ass.

"Oh like your ass tightening will stop my strap on dildo," Dinah teased.
She jokingly slapped Huntress's ass. Then, with one firm forward motion she
slammed the dildo into helena's asshole. The shrill scream that came from
the captive girl was music to Dinah's ears.


"That's it, bitch!" Dinah said. "Scream for me!"

She seized Helena's waist and began fucking her mercilessly. Helena screamed.
She had never had anything up her ass before. Even the aloe cream could not
help her. The pain was excruciating. She tried to close her ass but the very
long and impossibly wide dildo would not allow it. It went deep to her
bowels. So deep she thought it was gonna come out of her mouth. What was
scarier was that she could feel her body adjust to it. She was involuntarily
throwing herself back toward her cpator, toward the dildo. She wanted it
deeper. "Oh god!" she said.

"What, bitch?" said dinah.

"Fuck my ass damn you!" Helena heard herself say.

Dinah happily obliged. She drove the dildo further into Huntress's ass. Then,
abrupty she pulled out. Huntress was left gasping on the bed, her asshole
gaping. Her whole body was trembling and covered with more sweat than ever.
Her pussy was oozing with girl cum. She heard Dinah's voice.

"Are you okay? What's happening?" Quickly the teen girl untied her captive.
She looked at Helena's nude form with shyness and concern. "Who did this to
you?" Then her eyes fell upon the dildo strapped on around her waist. "Oh my
God! Oh No!"

Now freed, Helena sat on the bed. She was looking at the sobbing Dinah. "It's
all right, Dinah," Helena the Huntress said.

"No it's not, I raped you!" dinah screamed. Tears were welling from her
beautiful eyes.

Huntress knew right then she never would be able to resist. She was in love
with this strange, powerful girl who had just fucked her tiny asshole
mercilessly with a ten-inch long, two-inch wide dildo. Helena took Dianh's
hand. The girl began to talk.

"Sometimes I... change."

"Change how?" helena said.

"Well, I become this evil... thing. It started when I tried to help a woman
named Bianca. She was a butch lesbian. She died. I think part of her went
inside my mind. Her personality inhabits my more evolved consciousness..

"Really?" Helena said, pensive. "We'll have to tell barbra..."

"No!" dinah said. "She's gonna freak out that I raped you. Really freak out.
Worse, she'll think I'm gay."

"Well, that makes two of us," Helena said.

"What?" Dianh said.

"Yeah, I'm gay," the Huntress said. "I've tried to hide it but I can't. I
love you Dinah. I'll do anything to be with you. Anything."

"Anything? Dinah said.


"Well, there are a few things I would like to do to you myself," Dinah said.

"Like what?"

Dinah smiled.

The night went by. Huntress and Dinah licked each other's pussies. Dinah
fucked Helena's pussy with a dildo until the girl came. Then she made
Huntress get down on her hands and knees and lubricated her ass and pussy.
She fucked her ass with a strap on and her pussy with a smaller dildo. The
Huntress came a lot that night. Then she finally got tired and kissed her
newfound lover good night. She fell asleep.

Dinah stayed awake, thinking about the night's events. 'Wow,' she thought.
She fell for it, completely!' She looked at Huntress's sleeping form. She
had big plans for the metahuman girl. 'That ass and pussy were meant to be
penetrated again and again. What a dope,' she thought. 'She came out of the
closet. She's in love with me. She'll do anything for me. Her strength and
speed will serve me. Gotham will be ours,' she deviously thought about

The former Batgirl wasn't in a hospital. She was healing from weeks of
merciless assfucking from Dinah's big dildo and sexual deviations. That bitch
was human, though. Huntress wasn't. Her animal-like stamina would be greatly
put to good use. "I've found a sex slave," she said happily. "I'll fuck them
both. Separately or together." Images of both women eating out her pussy
before receiving her dildoes in their tight asses flowed through her mind.
Her pussy heated at the thought. 'They are mine. I'll learn their every
secret. Their abilities and bodies will be mine. No one will stop me now.'

She thought of the black cop, Reese. She made a sub out of him quickly
enough, fucking his ass with her big strap-on was good. Boy was he a
screamer and a beautiful body and big cock too. If she ever went bi, she'd
let Reese do her. Maybe. But there would be enough time for that later.

She thought about the state of Kansas. Wasn't there some kind of super
metahuman do-gooder type there as well? Maybe he'd be the one for her.


She drifted off to sleep.


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