Usual disclaimers; Green Honet and Kato owned by I have no idea; Batgirl,
Huntress, and others owned by DC; Black Widow 2, Punisher owned by Marvel;
Cleopatra is fair game as far as I know. Some of these are alternate reality
versions and have little relationship to actual characters.

They are the daughters of legendary hero's and heroine's. Britney Reid, the
Green Hornet, Kata (Kat), Barbi Gordon/Batgirl 3, Helena Castle/Huntress, and
Dinah Lance/Black Canary 2. Forced to join together to stop Poison Ivy and
her 'Sisters of Sin'. Can these reluctant allies work together? Can they keep
their hands off of each other? (Answer to the last question is no.)

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex.

Bird Of Prey: Legacy! Part 1
by Tyval [email protected]

The time had finally arrived. A tall woman, blonde hair, dressed in a green
bodysuit with a deep v-neck that showed her breasts to good effect. On a
thin belt she wore a holster with a gun. Her boots were mid-calf high, wrist
blasters over long evening gloves, the symbol of a hornet on her right breast
and on the old fashioned mans hat she wore.

Her companion was an oriental woman, shorter, long black hair, dressed in a
black micro dress that barely covered her ass. A chauffers hat, thigh high
black boots, and a thin belt that held a baton completed her outfit. Both
women wore masks over their eyes.

The lights came on in the underground garage. There was only one vehicle
there. A sleek black car from the late 60's. Or so it seemed. The 2 women
that stood beside it now had spent months refurbishing it. The cars armor
was now 3 times stronger with 20% of the previous weight.

New computers, GPS system, new weaponry. Everything was state of the art
2003 technolgy in a 1967 looking body. It had been 21 years since anyone had
driven the car once known as Black Beauty!

The Reid Publishing empire was vast now. Her father had once owned only The
Daily Sentanel, now only the 'Big Four' were larger. Britney owned seventeen
newspapers, 12 tv stations, 14 radio station, 2 small independant movie
studios (that admittedly cranked out low budget softcore girl/girl porn),
and a satelite communication company. Britney had snuck components into the
satelites built by her company to aid in her crime fighting efforts.

With a touch of a button Britney had access to global communications,
every tv station on Earth, spy satelites, GPS tracking, police and fire
comminication, maps of every road on Earth, and numerous other useful
databases that could be linked fro either Black Beauty or her Hornet's

Both women checked their weaponry. Britney carried a smaller, lighter, yet
more powerful gas gun than her father used. Instead of the cumbersome
'stinger' he used to use, Britney had added powerful 'tasers' in her long
evening gloves for short range, and wrist blasters for long range. Having
practicly been raised by Kato she was a far superior hand to hand combatant
than her father.

Britney was a good martial artist, Kata was magic. As good a fighter as her
legendary father, and perhaps even faster, Kata was one of the best the world
had ever seen. Kata, or Kat as she preferred to be called carried a long
baton, that with a twist in the center, became a nunchuku. She was also armed
with 2 spear darts, coated with a knockout potion that were disguised as
earings, and concealed in her boots were 2 toe stilleto's, also covered in
'mercy' toxin.

This wasn't their fathers time, and both women knew that they might actually
have to kill, although they both would avoid it if possible. Britney's wrist
blasters had a lethal setting, and Kat's blades could kill if she had to.
Everything was in order as the Hornet's Nest hummed to life.

"Are you ready Kat?" Britney nervously smiled.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Kat smiled back.

"Let's see what's out there," Britney grinned.

The 2 women got into Black Beauty. A press of a button and the underground
elevator lifted the car into the hidden cave above. Another button on the
cave opened up. Bushes and trees parted as Kata stepped on the gas. Although
that was a misnomer as Black Beauty now ran on an expermental solar power
fuel cell that Britney and Kat had co-designed.

"Let's see what's going on," Britney said as they drove the 12 miles to the
outskirts of the city.

Britney had all her monitors and radio frequencys on. But for once there
seemed to be no activity. The few calls that came in were being easily
handled by local law-enforcement and emergency services. The Black Beauty
drove right past a dozen cop cars without getting a single glance.

After all, why should it? It had been 21 years since the Green Hornet had
been seen. There were few. If any active police officers that remembred him.
All those that knew of the Hornet were dead or retired. Records had long
since been destroyed or lost. The few records that had been tranfered to
computers Britney had personally wiped. The case of the Green Hornet was
closed. Britney and Kat had a clean slate to work with, and that's how they
wanted it.

But the night wore on with nothing going on that they could get involved in.
Finally they spotted a convience store hold-up. Two big men wearing ski masks
in May. One was armed with a shotgun, another with a revolver. They no sooner
had barged into the store when Britney took the man with the shotgun out with
a stinger shot and Kat knocked the other man out with a single punch.

Both women were out the door before any of the other 7 people in the store
even got a good look at them.

"Well, that was certainly boring," Britney sighed.

"No kidding," Kat agreed, "That guy must have had a glass jaw or something.
I didn't even hit him that hard."

"This town is dead tonight," Britney sighed, "Say, why don't we go to Gotham?
I hear they have more than their share of whacko's."

"Boy, that woud be something," Kat agreed, "Hey. remember that story they
used to tell about our fathers? The Pinky Pinkston story? Ha! They never met
any woman like that. Hell, I don't even know that the Bat was around then."

"He wasn't," Britney said, "But we do have to remember that Gotham is his
town. We don't want any of those stupid 'hero vs. hero misunderstanding'

"Not against him anyway," Kat smiled, "But I wouldn't mind getting it on with
Batgirl, Huntress, or Black Canary."

"Nympho dyke," Britney stuck out her tongue.

"And who taught me to be?" Kat teased.

"As I recall we both did," Britney grinned.

The girls had been in love with each other since they were kids and had
become actual lovers at legal age 17. The fact that they were as close as
sisters as well made them love each other all the more.

As soon as they thought it would be socially acceptable they planned to get

* * *

"What the hell are you doing in that costume young lady?" Barbara Gordon
yelled at her daughter.

Barbi was taken aback by her mother's outburst, but was relieved that Dinah
and Helena leapt to her defense.

"We need her Barbara," Dinah said, "Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have teamed
up with Viper's daughter."

"We have to have a third member," Helena added, "Barbi has been training with
us for years now."

"Mom, I know you worry about me, that's what a mother does, but I'm 18 now,
and way more trained than you were when you started," Barbi said.

"And what happens when the Joker shoots you and puts you in a wheelchair for
the rest of your life like he did me!" Barbara Gordon snapped.

"Mommmmmm! The Jokers been dead since I was 10," Barbi said, "Remember, he
went to L.A. and fucked with G.O.L.D."

"They always said he was crazy, he proved them right," Dinah sighed, "Because
only a crazy man would publicly challenge China Dragon to a 1 on 1 fight."

"And what about Catwoman?" Barbara challenged, "How many times has she, uh,
has she, um, done things to Dinah and Helena?"

"Barbi knows all about that," Helena said, "She knows what Catwoman's done to
us, and she also knows that Catwoman doesn't kill."

"And Ivy and Harley don't either, despite what some people accuse them of,"
Dinah said.

"Mom, I'm gay," Barbi said throwing her arms in the air, "And so is Dinah,
and so is Helena, and Ivy, and Harley, and Selena."

"And 99.99999% of every heroine and villainess on Earth," Dinah said. "The
worst that can happen is that we become sex slaves."

Batbara sighed in frustration. The memory of the many times she had been
stripped, tied up, and forced into lesbian sex still caused her to get wet
between her legs. Years of medical advances had repaired some of the damage
to her damaged spinal cord. She still couldn't walk, maybe never would, but
she had feeling in her loins again.

"Promise me you'll keep her safe," Barbara said, bowing her head in

The three women hugged her.

* * *

A far differant meeting was taking place in a high class lesbian night club
secretly owned by Selena Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman. In a private room sat a naked
bound woman, eyes glazed over as 4 others surrounded her. Harley Quinn had
remodeled her outfit to get rid of the stupid hat and make-up. She now was
the pretty blonde everyone knew she was, and wore a small domino mask

Then there was Poison Ivy, who contrary to reports was not half plant and
didn't kill. They were joined by Viper 2, who was the daughter of the
anarchist. Viper was totally unlike her mother. While highly skilled in
martial arts and all N.A.T.O. and Warsaw Pact weaponry, this Viper only
killed in self defense and was a hedonist. The next woman was an actual
Cleopatra from an alternate reality. Plucked from her own time by Dr. Doom
and taught modern fighting styles, she had been accidently freed and had
joined up with Catwoman.

Selena had heard that the actual Cleopatra had been rather plain. As it
turned out Cleopatra was indeed an exotic beauty with the best features of
both the Greeks and the Egyptian's. Large seductive green eyes, full lips,
jet black hair, and best of all, this one was 22 and knew how to fight. The
last woman in the room, and the one tied up, was Yelana Belova. The second
woman to claim the title of Black Widow.

Yelana had foolishly tried to capture them all by herself. Now, after days
of sexual torture and the chemicals of Viper and Ivy, Yelana was now their
willing sex toy.

"Well, this is quite a group," Viper grinned, "Have we thought of a name?"

"Well, Selena has her own group, but we can't join them because we're not cat
related," Harley said.

"How about 'Sisters of Sin'?" Ivy asked.

Everyone agreed. 'Sisters of Sin' seemed like a good name for a group of
lesbian villainesses. Ropes were'nt needed for Yelana anymore so they
released her. Ivy and Viper tried to think up plans, but all the 5 women
seemed to do was kiss each other.

"It's late," Cleopatra yawned, "And it's obvious we're not going to get
anything done tonight. Let's go to bed."

The evil women all agreed and for once all went to seperate beds. Of course,
it would probably be the last time for that.

* * *

By the time they made it to Gotham Britney and Kat were tired too. Slipping
into cvilian clothes they checked into a 5 star hotel. Too tired to make
love, they in fact fell asleep in their clothes.

* * *

Due to their late start, Barbi, Dinah, and Helena also called in early. But
Barbara Gordon's dreams were filled with a horrible, yet highly erotic
nightmare. Waking up, she was drenhed in sweat, but her nipples were rock
hard and erect, her mound was soaked with female cum. Something big was about
to happen. But what?

end of Chapter 1

Note; I'm using Poison Ivy as she originally was; an oversexed thief and
not the psycho killer DC has portrayed her as since Crisis.


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