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Birds Of Prey: New Passions (FF,FFf,MFf,f-mast,inter,anal,voy)
by The Fan

Dinah felt uneasy as she stepped in front of Helena's door. Uneasy because
she was prying into her friend's life. She had been suspicious about her
friend's Helena Kyle aka the Huntress and her mentor, Barbara Gordon for
quite some time. Both were gorgeous women with a lousy track record when
it came to men. But she never let herself see it. Now she thought she had
proof. And she went in to look.

She looked in through a window.

Helena Kyle and Barbara Gordon were both on the bed, stark naked. Sweat was
glistening on their sleek bodies. Helena was kneeling, her hips raised so
high that her flower-open pussy was clearly visible from Dinah's position.
Behind her, Barbara was wearing a strap on dildo and furiously driving the
fake cock into her appreciative ward. Dinah gasped. Her fears were confirmed.
Helena and Barbara had been friends for years, guardian and ward, now they
were lovers.

Helena was screaming, on her hands and knees as the woman who had taken care
of her since she was young fucked her senseless. "That's it, bitch!" said
Barbara, "Take your punishment!" Helena moaned in pleasure.

Dinah watched in utter amazement as Barbara got another dildo. A short blue
one. She caressed Helena's anus and rubbed some oil in her hands. Then she
drove the dildo into the young woman's puckered asshole. The shrill scream
that came from Helena almost deafened Dinah.


Barbara continued to fuck Helena, driving both dildoes into her holes,
filling her up. She slammed them in and out. In and out. Helena was
screaming and panting and moaning, murmuring words of love to her
guardian. They changed positions. Helena lay on her back, so that she
could get a better view of the domineering woman who was fucking her.
She smiled at Barbara and the older woman grinned as she fucked her.
The fucking intensified. Finally the treatment that she was getting in
both of her love holes worked her over and Helena screamed in a
shuddering orgasm.

Dinah watched all this with more than a little arousal.

She had slipped her hand in her pussy and quietly masturbated as the two
superheroines fucked each other's brains out. Presently Barbara was lying
on the bed, in the loving embrace of Helena.

"Thanks," said Helena. "That was the best." She planted a big kiss on the
older woman's cheek and Barbara gasped as the pale-skinned and shot-haired
girl hugged her.

"Uh, thanks, Hel," she said.

They stayed like this. Helena had her older lover pinned on the bed. Barbara
for all of her experience and skill was no match for Helena's superhuman

"What are you doing?" said Barbara.

Helena grinned. "My turn," she said.

With that she turned the woman on her belly. Barbara smiled and did not
resist. She watched Helena fasten the strap on dildo around her waist. Dinah,
from her hideout watched intensely. Then Helena got some rope and tied the
older woman's ankles and wrists to the wooden poles attached at the four
corners of the bed. She places some pillows under Barbara's belly so that the
woman's butt was raised in the air. Then Helena began eating out Barbara's
pussy from behind.

"Oh, my God, Hel," said Barbara.

Helena paused for a minute. "Like that, uh?" she said.


She stopped and began probing Barbara's cunt with her fingers and tongue.
This sent Barbara to the edge of orgasm but then Helena suddenly stopped.
Barbara turned her head and looked at her young lover.

"Why have you stopped?" she asked.

"Shhhhh." said Helena. She freed her willing captive.

She moved at super speed and was out of the room. She had heard a faint
sound. The sound came from Dinah. Behind the window, the blond girl was
masturbating. Helena grabbed her and brought her in. Now Dinah stood before
them. A slender blonde girl in a white blouse who was minus her dress and
had her pink panties

"I can explain..." she said.

"I bet you can," said Helena. "Didn't anyone tell you it's not good to spy
on people?"

The two women watched as Dinah went on mumbling an explanation for her
shocking behavior. They let her go on. For a few minutes. When she finally
stopped, they were looking at her. Two gloriously naked women. They weren't

Helena looked at Barbara. They smiled. Both were turned on by the girl's lost
and innocent thing.

"We made a decision about you," said Helena. "You can watch...or...join us."

Dinah was shocked. She could not believe her ears. "Join....them? In a
lesbian way?"

Helena and Barbara kissed each other and fondled one another. Dinah was
aroused. But still....this was wrong. This had to be wrong. But....they
looked so beautiful....

She rushed into their waiting arms.

The women grinned.

All three were on the bed.

They undressed Dinah with surprising gentleness and care. They kissed her and
rubbed her gently. Then they gave her a show.

Barbara licked Helena's pussy until the metahuman girl climaxed then Helena
did the same for her. Helena wore the strap on and drove the dildo into her
guardian. They looked at Dinah encouragingly. Dinah got two dildoes and came
behind them. She had never done anything like this before but hey, they asked
for it. She shoved the biggest dildo (eleven inches long and two inches wide)
into Barbara's sopping wet cunt for Helena's strap on was up her tight ass
then drove the smaller (not by much) dildo into Helena. The short haired
young woman froze. Dinah stopped. Helena began to gasp and moan as the girl
drove the dildo in and out of her ass. The three women worked themselves off.

The Huntress' strap-on fucking of her ass and Dinah's dildo in her pussy gave
Barbara Gordon a shuddering orgasm. The same for Helena. Dinah shoved the
dildo all the way up her ass and then rammed it then took it out. Then she
did the same again and again. Helena screamed in pleasure as the merciless
assfucking she received brought her down. She collapsed on top of Barbara,
which drove the dildo further into the older woman's ass. Ow! Both women lay
panting, gasping for breath.

They lay on their backs, looking at Dinah, amazed. "Wow," was all they could

"Did....did i do right?" asked Dinah innocently.

Both women's hearts melted when they looked at the beautiful innocent girl.
They decided to please her.

With a fuckfest.

Barbara ate out Dinah's tender virgin pussy. Helena fingered her ass. She
introduced first one then two fingers up that tight ass using some lube.
Dinah was a little apprehensive at eating pussy but gave it a try. She was
licking and eating Barbara's box. The women licked her breasts and licked
her all over like a metahuman lollipop and even made her get on all fours.
Barbara began licking the teenage girl's pussy but the asslicking she
reserved for Helena. Helena began licking Dinah's asshole like it was the
sweetest thing she ever tasted. Dinah gasped. Then Helena oiled up her ass
and took a very small dildo. The thing was four inches long and about as
thick as twice the middle finger. Dinah was apprehensive at anything going
up her ass but they reassured her. Barbara grasped Dinah's pale white
buttocks and spread her asscheeks. Helena grinned maliciously and entered
Dinah's ass. The teenager gasped. She was shocked at the totally alien
feeling of having anything up her asshole. But it passed as it was replaced
by a curious feeling. She felt full. Helena worked the dildo. She herself
was affected. It had been a while since she fucked a virgin. Now she was
taking Dinah's anal virginity as well.

Barbara did not stay inactive. She went underneath Dinah so she could eat the
girl's pussy while she took her first assfucking and at the same time drove a
dildo up Helena's own poopchute. The huntress gasped but wasn't surprised.
After all, it was Barbara who initiated her both to girl-on-girl action and
anal eroticism.

The women fucked each other senseless for a while.

Then they were joined by another guest. Dinah found herself staring at a
tall, handsome black athlete. She recognized him. He was Reese. Helena's

"He knows?" said Dinah.

Helena grinned and walked up to Reese. She kissed the man on the lips and
embraced him. Reese smiled.

"Of course, I know," he said. "Heck, I've joined them sometimes."

Barbara smiled at Reese. "Hey, handsome, join us now."

Reese didn't need to be told twice. He undressed and Dinah admired his black
body. He was a good-looking man. But the rest of his body wasn't nearly as
interesting as his black manhood. The myth was true. He came to them and
Barbara got on her knees, taking his cock into her mouth. Reese moaned at the
treatment she gave him. Then he licked her pussy before she got on her hands
and knees. Barbara took Reese's monster and guided it to her anal canal. He
pushed it in. Barbara gasped initially but soon got used to having that
monster cock up her tight asshole. She relaxed and enjoyed. They switched
around. Dinah took Reese in her mouth for her first blowjob ever and then
Reese lay down on the bed while she lowered herself onto him, and he entered
her pussy. In spite of the fucking she received from the women, Dinah gasped.
Reese was BIG. He was tearing the walls of her pussy apart. Helena watched
all this and so did Barbara.

They spent the night together then when all was done Reese left.

The two women and the teenage girl lay on the bed together. Dinah was
curled up in Barbara's embrace. Helena had already woken up. She stood there,
looking at Dinah, thinking about last night's events. This had been a hot
night. Dinah was no longer a virgin in any way shape or form. Last night she
became a woman. Helena looked at her. So beautiful. So tender.

She had been with many women and men before but none had touched her heart.
Making love to that virgin girl last night had been the highlight of her day,
maybe her life. She knew something would never be the same. She had fallen in
love. With three people. Reese. Barbara. Sweet Dinah.....

She took off. Had things to think about. Lots of things. She needed to talk
to Doctor Quinn. Pronto. Yeah, that would help. Maybe. She showered, dressed
and called a cab.

The End


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