Birds Of Prey/Smallville: Butt Slammers (mF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent woke up one morning in the Kent farm. His parents had left
for the city of Metropolis. They were visiting some distant relatives of
Martha's. Clark Kent found himself all alone. He was gonna be alone for
the weekend. They gave him a hundred bucks to enjoy himself. Clark felt...
bored. There was nothing to do in Smallville. His best friend Pete Ross
had left town awhile ago. Chloe Sullivan was in the city with her beloved
cousin Lois Lane. Lana Lang, the girl who used to be the apple of Clark's
eye was openly dating the former Smallville high school coach Jason Teague.
Clark Kent truly felt alone and had nothing to do. He decided to go and
try to have some fun. He took off into the highway at super speed.

Clark Kent raced on the highway at a speed of nineteen hundred miles per
hour. He could not be seen by the naked eye. He just ran and ran. He ran
past cars and trucks. He soon arrived near the city of Metropolis. He knew
the place. He didn't feel like going there right now. Nope. Clark Kent went
into another place. He just ran through a random road he had never seen
before. He ran through the roads and ran, loving the feeling of might that
traveling under his own power brought him. He sped through the road until
he saw a sign. He realized that he had gone much further than he usually
went when he saw a sign that said Gotham City. He entered the city. Clark
Kent had been to the city once before. Well, it hadn't exactly been him.

Clark Kent's mind and body had been taken over by the techno-consciousness
of Jor-El. The powerful entity came to Gotham and tried to conquer it. Jor-El
had faced the Huntress, a beautiful young woman with super powers who was one
of the city's Guardians. The Huntress was the daughter of two heroes from a
bygone age. Batman, the Dark Knight who once prowled the night in search of
criminals to fight. Catwoman, the half-mortal, half-inhuman woman who had
fallen in love with Batman. The Huntress and a small band of superheroes
known as the Protectors had stopped Jor-El and freed Clark Kent from the
Alien who possessed him. Clark Kent had befriended Helena Kyle a.k.a. the
Huntress. He went into the city and thought about seeing her.

Soon enough, he ran into her. She was fighting a gang of female criminals
known as the Black Furies. The Huntress was outnumbered. Clark Kent watched
as she fought the Black Furies. All seventeen of them. The Huntress defeated
sixteen of them but the last pulled a machine gun on her. Clark Kent sped
forward and brutally threw the Black Fury against the wall and snatched the
gun out of her hand before crushing it. The whole thing took one tenth of a
second. The Huntress found herself staring at a tall, nice-looking young man.
A young man clad in a red shirt and blue jeans. He looked at her, grinning.

"Hello, there." said the young man.

The Huntress gasped. "Clark?" she asked.

Clark Kent looked at Helena Kyle. She looked so lovely. Clad in a black
leather jacket unbuttoned over a blue T-shirt, black Levi jeans and
Timberland shoes, she looked more like a pretty Hollywood starlet than
the fierce metahuman vigilante known as the Huntress.

They were walking inside a mall in Gotham city. Filene's Basement, to be

The young couple went inside the Multiplex and watched a movie. Something
called Alexander, starring Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie. Clark and Helena
sat close together at the back of the theater. Helena watched the movie.

Helena Kyle wrapped her arms around Clark Kent. They looked into each other's
eyes. There was desire in those lovely eyes of the Huntress's, Clark noticed.
He leaned closer to her and they kissed. The kiss was gentle and slow. Then,
it took on a certain urgency. It became more passionate, and also more
aggressive. Clark's body pressed against hers and Helena was put against the

"I do so want you." she said, when they stopped to breathe.

"I want you too." Clark said.

"Let's go." Helena Kyle said.

Clark took her into his arms and swept her off her feet. She looked at him
and laughed. "Where to, my macho hero ?" she asked.

"Homeward bound, my lady." Clark said with a smile.

With that, he sped away.

In a flash, they were back at the Gotham Clock Tower. Directly in Helena's

Clark Kent and Helena Kyle took off their clothes and went into the shower.
It had been a long night. Clark admired Helena's sexy body as water fell on
it. He applied soap on her back as she turned around. He watched her. She
was beautiful. A slim and sexy body. Great-looking heart-shaped ass. Hmm.
He continued to apply soap all over her sexy form. She let him do it. She
was just leaning back against him, with her eyes closed. She seemed to be
enjoying what he was doing to her. She took his hands and placed them on
her hips. Clark smiled. That's what's up, he thought. Without turning
around, the Huntress whispered to him.

"Fuck me." she said.

Clark was thrilled to hear those words. He pressed his throbbing cock against
her smooth buttocks. Helena Kyle was looking back at him with her big eyes
inviting him to take her in any way that he wanted. Her sexy body was like
putty in his hands. Clark Kent could tell that she wanted his cock. It was
harder than ever now as he was dying to get it into her ass. The young man
placed the head of his cock onto her cute little asshole. The young woman
wanted it so bad that as soon as she felt him against her ass she pushed back
on him and took him into her in one smooth action.

Clark Kent nearly collapsed. It was almost too pleasurable. He began to pump
his cock into her. Her face was pressing into the bed, her back arched. He
slammed his cock into her ass, giving it to her the hard way. He continued to
drill her asshole, yanking her head back by pulling her hair. She gasped. She
screamed. He thrust in. He pulled out. He went back in again. He came inside
her, flooding her tight ass with his hot cum. She screamed.

Clark Kent's cock remained lodged inside Helena Kyle's stretched asshole.
She just lay there, panting. Her gorgeous body was covered with sweat. Clark
pulled out of her and she rolled on her back. She took a few moments to
recuperate. Clark Kent lay by her side on the wide floor of the large shower
room. Pleasantly warm water fell on them like rain. She got up and gave Clark
a hand up. He seized her in his arms and rushed out of the showers and into
the bedroom with her. He started to dry himself using a blue and red towel.
Helena Kyle just watched him.

"Wanna go again ?" she asked. Clark's wry grin was all the answer she needed.

The End


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