This is adult fiction. The rights still belong to Glen A. Larson and every
person involved in creating the Movie, Show and everything else. I am just
borrowing the characters for a while.

Battlestar Galactica

-Athena's Pain-

by Lost Soul ([email protected])

Athena landed the small shuttlecraft on the rocky surface. When she cut the
engines, the young Lieutenant exhaled and relaxed a little. The last week
had been terrible, exhausting and every other description of bad. The huge
space-ship known as the 'Battlestar Galactica' was dead in space. A computer
virus had shut down almost every system and the experts where at the end of
their knowledge. Luckily they had found out that a man with the name of
Professor Galatin should know how to erase the virus. The bad thing just
was...nobody knew exactly where to find the old man. They had vague hints
where he might be. And since time ran out, they had mobilized every Viper
and every shuttle in the small fleet to find the man.

And even bridge-personal, like Athena, had been ordered to leave the
Battlestar and search for Professor Galatin.

Athena pushed herself up from the pilots-seat and shut down the systems. She
left the small craft and was greeted with a violent wind the threw her some
dirt into her face.


She ducked and ran towards some illuminated buildings. This was the fifth
planed she had visited, and she was exhausted to no end. She preferred the
job on the bridge of the Galactica, but...

Finally the young woman in the warriors uniform of the human fleet stepped
into the doorway of a huge building that seemed to be a bar of some kind. It
was cold, and so she opened the door.

Again it was a big change. It was hot and smoky and loud. She needed a
moment to adjust but then she wiped away some sweat from her forehead and
focused on the task.

The young woman in the skin tight, light-brown pants and the thick
dark-brown leather-jacked stepped down a flight of stairs into the crowd in
front of a long bar.

She forced herself through the masses and finally reached the bar. The
bartender looked at her with a blank expression.
"Excuse me, Sir."

He still said no word.

Athena reached into a jacket-pocked and pulled out a holo-photo of Professor
Galatin. She showed it to the bartender.

"Sir...have you seen this man?"

He did not even look at the photo.


But then she followed his eyes. He looked at some point left to her and
behind. So Athena turned around and looked into the face of..... her
brothers dead wife Serina.

But that couldn't be. Serina had died a year ago. But the woman, standing in
front of her, I a dark brown dress with hood looked exactly like Serina.


The woman smiled.

" name is Trish...I am queen Trish of Gabou. And you will be my
lover from now on."

Athena shook her head. She must have misunderstood...


The woman smiled, and that smile was that of a person who was more than
confident that everything she wanted would actually happen.

"You will join me on my way to Maruu, you will share my bed with me. You
will serve me as a sexual servant."

Athena starred at her.

"No Ma'am...I certainly will do nothing of that kind. I will not have sex
with you."

The woman was still smiling. Then she made a gesture and Athena did not know
what was about to happen till two very muscular men grabbed her and lifted
her from the ground.

"No....let me down!"

She twisted and turned and kicked ... but to no avail. The two guys had her
in iron hard hands. They moved through the crowd, walked with her toward
another room.

Athena screamed, kicked but was forced to be a puppet.
The people around them moved to the sides and let the two men with their
prey through.

Athena saw their destination...a kind of billiard-table. The two silent men
threw the young woman through the air and she landed on the table with a
loud bang.

Pain shot through her slim body and Athena screamed.

Before she had the chance to jump off the table, the two guys were at her
sides and held her down.

And through the path in front of her came the woman. She walked slowly and

"What is your name, mistress?"

Athena felt like she was suffocating. She knew that she had no chance to
escape...but the idea of making sex with a woman made her stomach sick.
Trish moved to her right side and looked down on the young woman with long,
lightly curled hair.

"My little woman...what is your name?"

"Athena...what a nice name...," she laid her right hand flat on the young
woman's stomach,"for my new lover."

Athena jumped...

"No...take your hand off my body bitch!"

Athena half expected the woman to become angry...but Trish kept on smiling
and started stroking the flat stomach.

"Oh Athena...don't talk to me this way. You will love will..."

"NO!" she screamed.

But Trish was stroking the stomach. Her fingers were dancing over the thin
but durable fabric of Athena's pants. The fingernails were scratching and
...then she pushed her hand between Athena's thighs.

Athena was in shock. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes were fixed on
Trish's face.

The woman who looked so much like Serina pressed her middle-finger against
the thin material, against the vagina.

Athena wasn't wearing any panties, she used hygienic spray that would
normally absorb any liquid. So the young Lieutenant felt the pressure of the
woman's fingers on her vagina.

The two men, the two soldiers were still holding her down and the girl had
no chance to fight or to resist the lesbian rape.

Trish kept on stroking Athens's vagina, pressed the fabric a little into the
wet opening.

It was like a jolt of lighting. Her sensitive lips shook a little and a gasp
escaped her mouth. Trish smiled even broader when she intensified the
pressure on Athena's vagina. She rubbed the finger hard over the clitoris.
Instinctively Athena spread her legs further. The flat hand of the
mysterious woman laid over the young woman's vagina, protective and
stimulating at the same time.

The hand moved upwards, left the vagina behind...fingertips were dancing
over the stomach till they reached the thick leather of Athena's Jacket.
A second hand joined the first and the slim woman opened up the big
fasteners of Athena's jacket, revealing a light brown pullover that framed
firm breasts.

The people in the room were quiet, just starring at the two women.
Trish's hands cubed Athena's breasts.

"Oh God...let me go...please...!"

But Trish started massaging..

"I like my new lovers breasts...firm and soft..."

The hands then left the breasts and moved down again till they reached
Athena's hips. The thumps started stroking and Athena couldn't breath...
The hands moved together and fingertips moved underneath the
open it up.

"No....," only a weak whispering...

But Trish kept on smiling while she pulled down the zipper to reveal a flat
and muscular stomach. She pulled the tight pants down...slowly.

The black haired girl bit her lips and her body was shaking. She never had
thought it to be possible..but she was being raped by a woman...

Somebody pulled her boots off....

And her lower body was naked...

Trish's smile got even broader when she saw the black triangle of Athena's
pubic hair.

"No...please don't...."

Athena did not struggle anymore. The two giant men held her down on the
green table and she knew there was nothing she could do.

And, although the idea of being intimate with another woman made her sick to
the stomach, she just let it happen.

Trish's hand was placed lightly on Athena's stomach. She started stroking
the naked flesh and the girl on the table closed her eyes.

Two hands were gliding over a beautiful body. Two hands felt the strong
muscles and then were placed on the inside of two thighs. Trish pushed
Athena's legs aside and opened the young woman's lap.

"Mmhh," she moaned, "what a wonderful pussy you have. It smells like fucking
you through the ground."

Then she placed her right hand between Athena's thighs, and inserted the
middle-finger instantly into the wet depth of Athena's vagina.

It was like an electric shock.

The muscles in Athena's legs shook, her mouth dropped open and saliva ran
down her cheeks. She starred at the woman in the dark-brown garment, not
believing..not wanting it....

Trish's finger moved through the vagina, shifted into the body...she used it
like a penis and fucked the young Lieutenant. She pulled it through the wet
flesh, moved the lips and smiled when she saw how wet Athena already was.

"I see, you like it, Love."

Athena just shook her head and let tears run down her face.
Then, two fingers were inserted, made the vagina
Trish inserted a third...then a fourth finger...then...her thump...
It hurt like hell.

Athena screamed...

But Trish just kept on smiling.

The crowd around them was silent, was just staring at the lesbian rape.
Trish pushed her hand forward, forced Athena's vagina more and more open.
After a while the hand moved completely into Athena's vagina.

Athena was frozen in motion. Her head lifted from the table, her eyes
wide...she could not breathe...

Trish's hand was buried in Athena's vagina and only the knuckles could be
seen. She made a fist and started turning in from left to right.

The inside of Athena's vagina was stimulated by the knuckles on Trish's
fist. Athena had never experienced anything like this. The sensation in her
vagina was as intense as a firestorm. It was like electricity running
through her well shaped body.

Her pelvis came up and sank down on the table with a loud bang. She started
screaming and her hands were clenched into fists..and they hammered down.
Trish pushed her fist deep as the vagina would let her. She felt
how stretched the girls vagina was. There was no chance to make it even a
bit wider. She turned the fist. Again and again...again...till...

Athena screamed the loudest scream she had ever done. The bar vibrated with
the sounds of pain and lust. The spectators started cheering and

It was so loud in the bar...

And then Trish joined Athena with her screams of satisfied lust. And,
although the woman had not touched her own gender, she obviously felt a
satisfaction that made her scream too.

Trish left her fist for a while in Athena's body. And she smiled again when
she saw that Athena again starred at her.

"Pl...please...take it out...please," the girl whispered.

But Trish just spread her fingers and stretched Athena's vagina even wider.


Now it was pure pain....

But Athena had no strength anymore. She just lay there, gasping for
air...her face a mask of horror.

But slowly...after a while of obvious enjoyment she pulled her hand out of
Athena's vagina.

The vagina was still open and air rushed into the girl's body. Trish licked
the liquids from her right hand and smiled down on Athena.

"Oh my lover...I think I will keep you in my possession."

Then the woman who looked so much like Apollo's dead wife turned and
addressed the men in the crowd.

"Gentlemen...I want the three of you...," she pointed at three farm workers,

" take your pleasure with this young woman. I want one of you to fuck
her of you to fuck her anus....and one of you to fuck her face.
And when you're done...bring to my space-ship in orbit."

She turned again and looked into Athena's face.

"See you in our new home."

Then Trish left the bar.

Athena starred at the muscular men who came slowly closer. Instinctively she
tried to run, to leave the table, but the guards still held her down.
The first man, dressed in rough, dark brown working cloth, opened his pants
and let them down. His cock stood erect and Athena wanted to scream, but
nothing escaped his mouth.

Each of the guards took one of her knees and opened her lap.

"Nooo...," tears rolled down her cheeks, ", please..."

The man lifted his body onto the game-table and was between her thighs. He
crawled on hands and knees forward till his face was above Athena's face.
He smiled...

Then he lowered his body down on her. The tip of his cock touched her
sensitive lips...and since it was still so wide open from the lesbian rape,
it entered her vagina like a hot knife.

A low grunt escaped the young Lieutenants mouth. Her black hair was sticking
to her head witch moved into her neck.

The man lifted his lower body and pushed it down again..

He started fucking...

Again and again his penis entered the woman's body. Athena turned her head
to the side and closed them.

"," she whispered while the farm worker raped her.

Minutes passed and Athena lay there in agony. Just a peace of meat.

He screamed in lust as his sperm ran through his cock into Athena's vagina.
But he kept on hammering down on her and Athena shook in pain.
Finally he stopped moving and laid himself on the woman's body.
Athena smelled him and her stomach turned.

Then he lifted himself up, pulled out his penis and jumped off the table.

"God, I wish we could keep her."

The second man appeared and Athena stopped looking at the predators. She
knew there was more to come.

-Please God...-

"Turn her around!"

A loud voice, like thunder...boomed through the bar and a second later she
felt strong hands lifting her body, turning it around.

Athena's face hit the green table and a sound of pain escaped her mouth.
She felt vibrations running through the gaming-table when the second man
joined her.


From the corners of her eyes she saw strong arms on both sides of her
head...then she closed her eyes.

A large, a huge penis entered Athena's rectum. The little opening was forced
open and the black haired girl on the table screamed in pain. She tried to

The large cock was buried in her ass....blood ran down the buttocks and
tears ran over the table. The young Lieutenant cried and the muscles in her
torn body shook like under an electric shock.

The man on her back started his rape....

The penis moved in and out...deep into Athena's anus...again and again...
The crowd's cheering and applauding was like a soundtrack from hell. It was
intense and louder as anything Athena had ever heard. She had closed her
eyes and endured the rape....

Pain, endless pain...blood and sperm....

The man grunted when his orgasm took him away. A flood of sperm entered
Athena's ass....mixed with blood and ...she did not know that at his point
in time....infected her with a virus....

The man got off the table and left his victim on the old gaming-table.
Athena was just a shivering corpse, a piece of meat...

And only a second later she felt the gripes of the guards who lifted her
from the table and sat her on her feet.

The young woman was barely able to stand. She felt like in a a
nightmare and it was only marginal, only a dream when she felt somebody
pulling up her tight pants and closing it.

The people pushed the soldier against a wall and she opened her eyes

A man, giant and muscular like the other two before, stood in front of her
and laid his hands onto her shoulders. With sheer force he pressed...and
Athena went to her knees....

She knew what would happen now....

The man opened his pants and she shook her head...

But she also knew that her God would not hear...

A giant penis pointed at her face.

"You open your suck my cock...!"

Athena looked into his face...and opened her mouth....
The man laid his hands onto her head and pulled her closer....and his penis
entered Athena's face....

She closed her lips around it...almost vomiting...
And then the man moved her head...pulled it close...pushed it away....
She only had to press her lips together...around his large cock....

Tears kept on running....

The cock entered her throat....deep into it....she could not breathe....
Again cheering and applauding.....

The smell...the sound...

Her soul cracked......

And sperm shot out of his penis....flooded her mouth...ran down Athena's

The man did not stop...the man fucked Athena's face....again...again...
More did not stop...

More...down her filled her stomach.....

He pushed her head back and it banged against the wall....Athena passed out.

She awoke.

It was dark ...pitch black...and...

She bent over and vomited....

Everything she had eaten...everything she drank...mostly sperm....escaped
her mouth and spilled onto a cold floor...

It felt metallic....

She sank back...lay on her back and starred into the dark.
She cried....

Athena laid a hand onto her eyes and cried....

"I have been raped....."

Minutes hour...then she sat upright...then she lifted herself and

A door was opened an light flooded the cold, metallic room.
Guards appeared...

"Come....your master wants to see you!"

Athena did not feel like fighting...and so she followed the men. She was
lead through passageways...knew she was on a spaceship...knew she was on
board of Trish's ship. She knew she had been kidnapped.

Another door opened and there she was.

Serina...oh no...Trish.

"Welcome Love."

The slim woman came closer and hugged Athena, pressed her body against
Athena....took Athena's face into her hands and kissed her.


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