This chapter rated NC-17 for 4F sex, Rom.

Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/Buck Rogers/
I Dream Of Jeanie: Space Dykes: Menace Of Mongo! Part 2
by Shelly ([email protected]) and Vicki ([email protected])

Just as planned the 3 military women immediately volunteered as soon as they
were approached with; 'You have been selected, should you choose to accept, a
Top Secret Mission vital to the United States.' But they were surprised by
how quickly Lara Gordon accepted. Training for the 'Boston Marathon' she had
readily accepted the first offer of a million dollars tax free.

Maj. General Greer had been prepared to go to 10 million right off the bat.
Adventuring wasn't cheap. Her father didn't support her 'trying to break her
neck' lifestyle, so all she had was what she earned on her own from pro-am
athletic competition, some bikini modeling, and her part time work in the
electronics and computer field. Lara's own daredevil personality and
curiosity was intrigued by the General telling her that it was a mission of
exploration, not military conquest.

"You will, of course, have arms as this is a dangerous mission, but it will
be your choice to even carry them," Maj. General Greer said.

"Let me get this straight," Lara said, "It's my choice to even carry?"

"I don't know your politics," Maj. General Greer said, "Don't care. Where
this will take you, right or left doesn't matter. This adventure is big, and
I mean Columbus big."

Lara wasn't stupid. She had an I.Q. of 168, was in MENSA, and had 3 degrees.
Lara was hooked. It didn't hurt Maj. General Greer that he could sell ice to
Eskimos. The four women didn't meet until they all arrived in Phoenix,
Arizona. Gen. Trask, in a regular business suit met them as each got off
their flights. The women were told to dress in civilian clothes, their hair
and make-up was done to make them look like business women. As each landed he
escorted them to an unmarked limo. Sharon arrived first, followed by Toni

"Hi," Sharon smiled, extending her hand.

"Hello," Toni smiled back liking her immediately.

"I'm Sharon, Sharon Valeri," Sharon said.

"Toni Nelson," Toni said, "And yes, I'm related to that Maj. Nelson. My

"I hate to admit it," Sharon smiled, "But I used to have that poster with him
and Healy, Armstrong, and Glenn and all the others on my wall."

"It was a 'golden age'," Toni sighed, "The only thing he regretted was that
he didn't make it to the moon. That was his dream."

"Sorry, hope that's not a touchy subject," Sharon said.

"Oh no, that's fine," Toni said, "Yea, it's a little bit of why I joined. And
I guess I've made it."

"It's a little weird," Sharon said, "I mean, this whole 'secret mission' out
in the middle of nowhere. Like a 1950's sci fi movie or something."

"I know," Toni said, "I don't know if you noticed, but being at NASA I've
already gotten to know what 'Feds' look like. I've spotted 4 already. This
may look routine, but something is up."

"Six, that I've noticed," Sharon said, "And since when do mid-level officers
like us rate a government limo?"

At that moment Belinda Rogers joined them.

"Hi, I'm Belinda," Belinda smiled.

"Hi, I'm Toni," Toni shook her hand.

"Sharon," Sharon smiled, also shaking hands, "I wonder who our fourth is?"

"I hear she's a civilian," Belinda said.

"Would be interesting," Toni said.

"Yea, I guess," Sharon said, "I hope we'll all be friends."

"Me too," Belinda smiled.

"Ah, that must be her," Toni said as Gen. Trask approached with Lara.

"I know that girl," Belinda said, "Lara Gordon."

"The quarterback's daughter?" Toni asked.

"Yep, that's her," Sharon said, "Kind of figured it would have to be someone
like her."

"Time to go ladies," Gen. Trask, "I trust you all know Miss Gordon, and that
you've had a chance to get to know each other."

The limo started and they were off. Trailed by 3 unmarked cars, along a
blocked off route. They didn't know it, but there were 2000 men assigned to
getting them into Area 51 unnoticed. Choppers, vans, even unseen tanks, all
to keep this mission secret. WIth the general there the girls didn't have
much of a chance to talk. None of the women were prepared for going through
a gate with razor wire and 10 armed guards to what seemed like just desert,
until 10 miles in a ramp opened up in front of them and the drove downwards.

"Okay, I'm freaked out," Lara gasped.

The other women were silent, but also wondering just what the hell they had
volunteered for. Flanked by armed guards they were led to a surprisingly
lavish room.

"This will be your quarters while you are here," Gen. Trask said, "No, I
don't know how long that will be, and actually that will be up to you

The door closed and was locked. Even the military girls were a bit worried at
this point. That is until Sharon opened her locker, and found a loaded glock.
Toni and Belinda also found loaded glocks.

"Well, if they wanted to kill us they wouldn't have given us guns," Sharon

"I didn't get one," Lara said.

"We're military," Toni said, "Maybe this is their way of reassuring us."

"Well, we got a plasma tv, and looks like a DVD collection," Belinda chimed
in, "Omigawd, they know."

"What are you talking about?" Sharon asked, then saw the DVD titles, "Um, ah,
you too?"

"What are you talking about?," Toni asked, "Oh."

"Guess I make it unanimous," Lara sighed.

"Okay, so that's someting else we have in common," Toni said.

"Four women, mid-20's, gay, pilots, all overachievers," Sharon said, "We all
know Lara's resume', Toni is pretty easy to guess considering her 'legacy', I
started training as soon as I could walk, and I'm betting Beinda has a pretty
impressve backround too."

"I do," Belinda said, "So it's pretty obvious this really is some kind of
very unusual mission. Else, why all the secrecy and security."

"NASA jumpsuits for our new uniforms," Toni said, "Hey, these are mine!"

"So we're all astronauts now?" Lara asked as she went through a locker and
saw hers.

"Guess so," Toni said.

"I didn't see a space shuttle anywhere and I doubt they would go to all this
trouble for anything less," Sharon said.

"So, we're going to Mars?" Belinda grinned, "Hey, you get stuck with 'Buck'

"I've had to put up with 'Flash' Gordon," Lara said, "I know exactly how you
feel. Plus having a famous father."

"I know all about that family stuff," Toni said, "As Sharon reminded me about
that poster."

"Well, no emtional scars here," Sharon said, "Worse thing I did was break the
sound barrier against orders to get stuck with 'Boomer'."

"You don't think that any of that 'alien' stuff could be true?" Lara asked.

"Oh come on, little green men," Sharon said.

"Or those grey guys with the big eyes," Belinda said.

"I don't know, but somethings up," Toni said, "Why the NASA uniforms? Why the
four of us? And in the midde of nowhere."

There was a bathroom off of the room. A military shower with 4 heads, a
dual sink and 2 toilets. There was one footlocker left that the girls hadn't
gotten to. Opening it up their eyes grew wide.

"Well, all the best toys," Lara grinned, "Nipple clamps, whips, electric
prods. The good stuff."

"How the hell did they find this out about me?" Sharon gasped, "Even as a
little girl I was always so careful."

"Excuse me," Belinda said, "How little are we talking about?"

"Very," Sharon said.

A light came on by the door. Gen. Trask entered the room.

"Lunch will be served in 1 hour," Gen. Trask said, "So if you want to freshen
up you may do so. Your uniforms are to be worn at all times, your civilian
clothes will not be needed. Normally the wearing of photo I.D. badges would
be requred, but since you are the only women on this base, and none of you
can be mistaken for a man we will dispense with that."

Gen. Trask's little joke helped take the edge off his orders.

"Um, excuse me," Lara raised her hand, "Can I have a gun?"

"Firearms will be povided when needed," Gen. Trask said, "Maj. Nelson, Lt.
Commander Valeri, and Cap. Rogers already have sufficient security clearance.
Rest assured, this is an important mission you have been chosen for. And
while it's not my place to say it, I feel like I should. This may be the most
important mission undertaken by man or woman in our planet's history."

"Whoaaa, uhm, that's pretty heavy," Toni said taken back.

"Yeah," was all Sharon could say.

"After lunch, you will begin your first battery of tests," Gen. Task said,
"These will be some basic routine ones as travel fatique is noted. Dinner
will be served afterwards and you will be brought back here. The real tests
start tomorrow so try not to wear each other out too much."

With that Trask left them.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower," Belinda said, "Anyone want to join me?"

"You're on," Lara grinned.

At first Sharon and Toni tried to stay out of it. But as soon as Lara and
Belina were naked, Sharon could't help herself and started stripping as fast
as she could. That was it for Toni too. Soon all 4 were in the shower,
laughing as they soaped each other up. Lara and Belinda kissed. Sharon backed
Toni into the wall, kissing her hard. The kiss got even harder as Sharon
pressed her tits into Toni's breasts, Toni wrapped one leg around Sharon's
waist, her hands in Sharon's long black hair. Their hairless shaved pussies
met as Sharon started pussyfucking her.

Lara and Belinda had sunk to their knees still kissing. Belinda then laid
Lara on her back and mounted her. Lara moaned in pleasure, wrapping her legs
around Beinda's hips as Belinda began pussyfucking her. It didn't take long
for all 4 women to cum. Four way kissing followed as the brief fuck had only
made them hornier. Lara moved down, kissing her way down to Sharon's pussy.

For her part Sharon started licking and sucking Belinda's hot hairless pussy,
Belinda went to Toni's pussy. Toni completed the daisy chain, her tongue
flashing into Lara's smooth shaved slit. They licked each other's pussy's,
sucking on clits, until Toni moved even lower and started rimming Lara's
asshole. Lara returned the favor on Sharon, her tongue licking all around the
Asian girl's anus before probing inside. Sharon dug her tongue deep into
Belinda's asshole loving the taste, tongue fucking her asshole. Belinda
moaned in pleasure as she now rimmed Toni's anus. For several minutes they
eagerly ate each other's ass, finally returning to each other's pussy's for
a mutual 4 girl cum!

"Ohhhh," Lara moaned, "That was great!"

"I sooo needed that," Toni agreed panting.

"Wish we had time for some kinkier stuff," Sharon said as her breath

"Tell me about it," Belinda said, "I'm hornier now than when we started."

"I think we all are," Lara said.

They kissed some more, finished their shower, then got dressed, dried their
hair etc. A marine Lt. led them to a mess hall that was better than most. A
few scientests were over in a corner table. After lunch they were ushered to
various locations where they did some minor medical tests, followed by some
simple reflex execises. As Trask had promised, everything was simple for
women of their ability.

Despite their horniness, the promise of 'Hell starting tomorrow' made them
turn in early. All 4 of them did some stretching and a little bit of exercise
before turning in. After breakfast the 4 women were pushed to their physical
limits in grueling physical tests. The tests continued after a small lunch,
but Prof.'s Balent, Zane, and Chu were very pleased at the results.

"Man, these girls are FIT!," Chu exclaimed, "This is beyond special forces
and they're keeping up."

"I have to agree, though not as out of breath as Prof. Chu," Zane said, "This
is only the first day, and they're a week ahead of schedule just because of
their conditioning."

The 4 women were very tired when they staggered back to their quarters. The
next day was easier as after more intense physical trials they spent the
afternoon in weapon's training. As expected, Toni Nelson was the best with a
rifle, Belinda Rogers was the best with pistol, and Sharon actually beat the
stuffings out of the martial arts instructor with 3 differant martial arts
weapons; staff, tonfa baton, and sai. Lara did well in all 3, taking 2nd in
rifle, 3rd in pistol, and did well in the hand to hand weapons even though
she came in 4th.

During the rest of the week the women went through a barrage of physical,
medical, and reflex tests that pushed them to their limit. They were too
exausted for sex, but their lust and love for each other continued to grow.
The scientists met with Greer and Trask.

"I've never seen results like these," Prof. Balent said, "They're at least a
month beyond what we thought they would be at this point. Their intelligence
and physical conditioning was even better than their files suggessted."

"So, you think they're ready for phase 2 at this early date?," Maj. General
Greer asked.

"No question," Prof. Balent said, "If they do as well on the simulators and
what we've copied, they could be ready before the month is out."

"Do it," Greer said.

The next day was almost a breeze compaired to what had gone before. The
morning workout, whie vigorous, was not as taxing. More shooting followed in
the early afternoon, then they were led to a room they hadn't been in before.
They took turns in a flight simulator. They were surprsed at the sci-fi
aspects of it, as they dodged asteroids and engaed in starship type
dogfights. Toni and Sharon made the best scores and nearly tied. More used
to prop planes and non military jets Lara, again, was on the tail end.

The day after that saw a slight change. Instead of their morning workout the
girls got to go outside for the first time since their arrival for a 10 mile
full pack desert run. They were rewarded with pizza for lunch. The scientists
had set up a dupe of the control helmets as best they could build. Lara was
pleased that she actually scored first.

"Woohoo! MENSA girl strikes!" Lara cheered herself and danced a little, "Oh
yea, oh yea!"

"Show off," Toni stuck out her tongue in fun.

"Hey, you guys have been rubbing my face in the dirt," Lara said, "It's nice
to make high score for a change."

The girls weren't quite as tired when they retired. Sharon had Lara pinned to
her bed kissing her. Belinda was stripping as fast as could.

"Get a room you two," Toni laughed as she started coming out of her clothes.

Sharon got off Lara so that she could strip. Soon all 4 women were nude.
Belinda and Toni grabbed a giggling Sharon and held her down. Belinda kissed
her then starting licking Sharon's left tit. Lara was between Sharon's legs
licking her pussy while Toni kissed Sharon, roughly kneading Sharon's right

"Ohhhh, slap my tits," Sharon moaned.

Belinda and Toni started slapping Sharon's pretty tits while Lara continued
to suck her pussy.

"Oh yea, oh yea," Sharon moaned, "More! More! Ummmmmm, I'm cumming!"

Lara eagerly lapped up Sharon's pussy juice as Lara and Sharon kissed, Sharon
tasting her own delicious pussy juice. Toni straddled Sharon's face, so she
immedately attacked Toni's pussy with her tongue. Belinda and Lara were in a
semi 69 licking and sucking each other's tits before going into a full 69 and
working on each other's pussys. After days of frustration it didn't take long
for Lara and Belinda to cum in each other's mouths. Toni didn't last much
longer as Sharon's talented tongue got her off.

"If they were trying to get me to fall in love with all 3 of you they
succeeded," Lara panted.

"I love all of you guys too," Sharon said.

"Same here, I never wanted to be married before," Belinda said, "I want to
marry all of you."

"As far as I'm concerned we are now," Toni smiled.

Toni and Lara kissed while Sharon and Belinda kissed. Sharon laid Belinda
down and mounted her, while Toni and Lara got in the scissors tribadism
position. The 4 women pussy-fucked, quicky bringing each other to orgasm.
Without pausing they got in a daisy chain. Sharon was doing Beinda, Belinda
was doing Toni, Toni was lickng Lara, and Lara was eating Sharon. They
licked and sucked each other, savoring the taste of arousd pussy. With
muffled crys of pleasue the 4 fem lovers came.

Whatever the next day could bring they would face it with true love for each


End Of Part 2


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