Ming the Merciless makes his move and our heroines are in deep trouble. Which
side will Princess Aura choose?

This chapter rated NC-17 for f/f sex, mild BDSM, Rom., young (13)

Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/Buck Rogers/
I Dream Of Jeanie: Space Dykes: Menace Of Mongo! Part 4
by Shelly ([email protected]) and Vicki ([email protected])

Ten male guards lined up on the right side of the Earth girls, another 10 on
the left. Captain Tara and 4 warrior women were in front. They could hear
trumpets and drums as they were led into a very large room. It was packed
with people of many races, including the geneticlly altered races they had
seen from the ship. It was still a bit of a shock to see the 7 foot tall
Vogs, with poison dripping fangs, or beings who looked like lions and tigers
standing like men.

Thanks to human predjudice the Earth girls could admire the tawny muscular
bodies of the cats, whereas the scaly Vogs were repulsive. In reality the
Vogs were far more peaceful and civilized than the short tempered warlike
felines. Before Princess Aura had brought peace between them the lionmen and
tigermen always had to be on opposite sides of the room durng these yearly
tributes, bcause they were hard to seperate during fights. Now, thanks to
Aura, they not only stood together, they intringled laughed and joked with
each other, even hugged.

The lionmen had mane like hair and beards. Both the lion and tigermen wore
armor similar to that of anciet Romans, all the men carried swords. The lion
and tiger girls were quite attractive, sporting long human type flowing hair.
They also carried daggers, a few wore short swords. The rest of their
clothing was as nonexistant as most of the other women the Earth girls had
seen, strings, sheer veils, jewellry. Most were barebreasted, a few had pasty
like decals coverng nipples.

The black men and women of Tropica looked much images of Zulu's clad in fine
animal skins, but also sporting beautiful golden silk capes and headresses.
Some of their skins looked like reptile and in fact was, causing many Vogs to
hiss in anger. They mostly carried spears, however the king wore a sword. The
women wore capes jewellry and nothing else. They were lean and muscular. The
dwarf race took their pace between the them and the Vogs.

The dwaves were the most covered up, wearing long robes that covered their
entire bodies. Only their faces were visible, a mixture of red, greens,
yellows, blue, and orange. They averaged only 3 1/2 foot tall. Skilled
craftsmen and artisans they were the most popular race on Mongo. Everyone
loved them.

The Hawkmen were very impressive. Sporting wingspans of 12-15', and
possessing hollow bones, they were mostly thin, but with wiry muscles. They
could fold their wings behind them to a degree that they could gracefully
waltz if they wished. They were well armed with swods, maces and some even
carried blaster pistols. Prince Vultan seemed an exception to the mostly
lean hawkmen as he was a huge burly bear of a man.

His bulk was extremely deceptive as he was all muscle, quick, and one of the
most agile flyers of his people. Bearded, boistrous, with an infectuous laugh
he practically lit up the room. He could make Vogs and Tropican's drink
together. The men were also clad in a Roman style manner. The girls wore a
short tranparent dress down to their ass. Nothing undrneath and it was easy
to tell. Even Prince Vultan's 13 year old daughter, might as well have been

Queen Fria led the Frigian's in. They were very pale white skinned, wearing
furs and silver or white capes. On Frigia the women wore furs, on Mongo they
were as naked as the other women. Fria hersef wore only her crown, an ornate
long silver cape, her jewellry and a string panty that hid nothing as most of
the women were wearing, and bare breasted. Her men were dressed more like
Cossaks, with large swords and laser pistols on their hip.

Of recognizable women, the Vogs and Dwarves were unknown, the women of
Arboria were the most covered up. Princess Barona and other female 'Rangers'
wore the shortest shorts imiginable, going into their crotch, and 'Daisy
Duke' type shirts tied in front. Belts with short swords and pistols were
at their waist. Pixie boots and 'Robin Hood' caps with colored feathers
completed their outfit. Prince Barin and the men wore what looked like
complete 'Robin Hood' outfits with swords and what looked like a laser
pistol crossbow.

In addition to the diplomatic contigents there were pehaps as many as 300
other people. They were a variety or races, looking white, latino, and
oriental. Almost all the women were naked or nearly so. The lack of clothing
on almost every woman in the room eased the minds of the Earth girls. Food,
drink and even some sex was going on as most everyone seemed to be having a
good time.

"Lot's of weapons," Toni whipeed to Captain Tara, "Isn't your Emporer afraid
of someone taking a shot at him?"

"Take a look," Tara said pointing at dozens of robotic drones, "Each of those
drones has a stun ray that will stop anyone in their tracks. We have to use
stun rays because there is also a dapening field in this room that prevents
lethal laser and blaster settings. In additon, there are over 100 guards just
out of sight. And most of these people hate each other as much as they hate
our lord."

"But there's still swords and spears," Sharon whispered.

"Even should someone get to him, which is doubtful, our lord is an excellent
fighter. And, he has, other protections," Tara explained.

A gong sounded with an anouncement of 'Her Royal Majesty Princess Aura'. This
was greeted by unfaked applause. Many people bowed to the absolutely stunning
beauty that walked in. She wore a tiny gold bikini top that barly covered her
nipples and the usual dental floss panty most of the women wore. She wore an
ornate sheer cape with gold trim and a diamond tiara. Several attractive
topless near nude armed warrior women accompinied her. She hugged several of
he female guests and chatted with many others.

No matter what they thought of her father almost everone loved Princess Aura.
Princess Tara was disgusted. Aura's walked up to the guarded Earth girls.

"It's okay captain," Aura warmly smiled, "I'll take responsability for them.
What harm can they do? There are nearly 200 guards and all the drones. They
are 4 frightened girls a long way from home."

"As you wish princess," Tara said then caught the eye of Princess Desira of

"You fancy her?" Aura asked, "She's very hot and she's a whip lover."

"Yes princess," Tara smiled, the love of lesbian bdsm was one thing they

"Hi, I'm Princess Aura Earthgirls," Aura smiled at them, "I would like to be
friends, would you tell me your names please."

"I'm Toni Nelson," Toni smiled, taking her hand, "We really do come in

"Sharon Valeri," Sharon took her hand, liking her instantly.

"Hi, Belinda Rogers," Belinda said.

"Lara Gordon," Lara said, "I love the way all the women dress."

"Me too," Aura grinned, "I hate even wearing this much. Reports from Klytus
say that women of your planet have to wear lots of clothes. I couldn't stand
it. Anyway, welcome to Mongo. I'm sure you must be at least a little scared."

"Your Captain Tara warned us of Klytus," Lar said, "Everyone seems to like
you, why would your father keep someone like that around?"

"That is something I have always wondered," Aura said, "I love my father, but
sometimes he does things I hate. The recent attack on Tropica for example.
I'm not blind, I'm not stupid, that was butchery. Sometims I wonder if
everyones right about my father."

"It's never easy to think of your parents as bad," Belinda said

"Well, I will try to protect you from that piece of shit," Aura said, "I
would like you 4 to live with me. I think we could have a lot of fun

"I hope it involves lots of sex and whipping," Toni smiled, pretty sure she
was right about Prncess Aura.

"Mmmmm," Aura smiled, "I'm hot just thinking about it. You're all so pretty."

"We think you're beautiful too," Sharon said.

"Let me introduce you to my friends," Aura laughed, taking the hands of
Sharon and Belinda.

Princess Aura introduced them to everyone. Soon, the girls were mingling
freely, almost forgetting all peril. The party was in full swing. Princess
Desira and Tara were openly making out. Many women had discarded what little
clothing they had been wearing. Guy/girl and girl/girl couples danced
together. Prince Vultan, Prince Thun of the lionmen, and Prince Barin openly
drank with Vogs.

For a little while the Earth women thought there was a chance the mission
could be a success as everyone seemed to be having a good time. Princess
Barona was naked and dancing with Belinda who had removed what little she
was wearing. Lara was surprised that little hawkgirl Princess Kima was
flirting with her. Then the gong rang again.

"His royal highness, Ruler of Mongo, Emporer of the solar system, future
ruler of the Galaxy, Emporer Ming!" the announcer shouted.

The blood of the Earthgirls froze, the music stopped, the people stopped
laughing and mingling and gathered in their own groups. Trying to half-way
hide the Earth girls ran behind a group of the warrior women and bowed when
everyone else did. They could almost sense the evil of Ming, as flanked by
huge guards, Klytus and some of his sadistic priests he took his throne.
Ming was looking very happy which made everyone nervous.

Princess Aura kowtowed in front of him, then took a place by his side.

"I am pleased so many of you have come to pay tribute to me," Ming smiled

"We are pleased that you are pleased father," Aura said.

"I understand we even have visitors from another world with us this year,"
Ming said, "Present yourselves."

Reluctantly the Earthgirls stepped forward. They decided complete submission
would be wise and kowtowed to Ming.

"I see that Earthgirls know their proper place," Ming said, "You are all very
beautiful, but you're all girl lovers like my daughter. A shame."

"Father," Princess Aura said, "They mean us no harm, please, give them to

"Earthgirls," Ming said, "Would you like to go with my daughter?"

"V-very much so great lord," Toni said humbly.

"We shall see," Ming said with a wave of his hand, "But remove your garments.
You too daughter."

They quicky scambled to the side and took off what little they wore. Princess
Aura also stripped off knowing her father liked all women naked in his

"The tribute of the Hawkmen shall be first," Klytus announced.

"I present this diamond taken in an honorable raid on Frigia," Prince Vultan
said holding up a diamond the size of a football.

"Prince Vultan speaks true," Queen Fria said, "It was a fair fight."

"Well then, we are much pleased Prince Vultan," Ming said as a guard took the
diamond to the area Ming had set aside for his 'gifts'.

"The tribute of Frigia," Klytus said.

"What do you have for me since Vultan's raid," Ming asked.

"We were quite prepaired mi'lord," Queen Fria smiled making a gesture,
"We discovered an unusually rich bed of ice oysters."

A wicker bowl was presnted to Ming. Removing the lid the content was revieled
as dozens of black pearls. Ming had a huge smile.

"We are most pleased Queen Fria," Ming said.

"The tribute from Ardentia," Klytus said, hating his role of announcer.

Prince Thun of the lionmen, Prince Tygro of the tigermen and his sister
Princess Tigra approached and bowed low, more to Princess Aura than to Ming.

"Hail Ming and to your great general and daughter Princess Aura, who defeated
us in honorable combat and also brought peace between our races," Thun said.

Prince Tygro and Princess Tigra pulled the cover off a beautiful full sized
statue of Princess Aura. It was a well done likeness showing both her beauty
and kindness. Ming was not pleased, but the statue was priceless.

"Carved from the single ivory tusk of a Phantor," Prince Tygro smiled as it
was wheeled over to the other 'gifts'.

"We are pleased," Ming gave them a slight bow being diplomatic.

"The tribute from Arboria," Klytus said.

"Made by our finest swordsmith," Prince Barin said, making only a slight head
nod as a ranger offered up an ornately hilted sword.

Ming accepted, drawing it and making a few practise swings. It was well
balanced, the gold and jewels were well set. While not worth as much as the
previous gifts, it was a sword worthy of royalty.

"I am well pleased Prince Barin," Ming said, "Good steel."

The Vogs had nothing and the dwarves contributed so much that Ming never took
anything from them.

"The tribute from Tropica," Klytus said bored.

"Great lord Ming" King Benwan said, "Due to your blasting of my kingdom I
fear I have nothing to give to you this year but my loyalty."

"And how great is your loyalty?" Klytus asked, perkng back up.

"Immeasurable lord Ming," King Benwan said.

"Then prove it," Ming said, "Fall on your sword."

"What?!" King Benwan said.

"You heard me, fall on your sword," Ming smirked.

"Let this be an example for all," King Benwan said, drawing his sword and
pacing the point aganst his chest, "Death to Ming!!"

King Benwan had reveresed his sword and lunged. That was exactly what Ming
thought he would do. A ray from Ming's ring stopped him in his tracks. Rising
from his throne Ming pried King Benwan's sword from his hand, then stabbed
him right in the chest with his own sword. King Benwan fell dead as his
retinue hurried to catch his falling body as Ming released it. The Earthgirls

"Princess Desira," Ming said coldly, "Your brother is dead, you are now
Queen. What is your tribute? Perhaps your little sister, Princess Aria?"

"Please lord Ming," Queen Desira sobbed over her brother's body, "Not Aria.
Please. I-I hate men, but I will sacrifice myself to you. But please spare

"She is 13, legal age of consent for lesbian sex is 8," Ming stroked his
beard, "Wait, where is she?"

A quick scan of the room and Ming spotted her. Princess Aria and Princess
Kima were in the back, naked and making out. Ming got a perveted idea. He
motoned for them to be brought foward. Caught, the 2 teens sheepishly stepped
forward holding hands. It wouldn't be smart pissing off Vultan even here in
his own throneroom. One of the 20 hawkmen would get to him no matter how good
his guards and drones were.

"There is a solution," Ming said, "If Prince Vultan would agree, perhaps
some, entrtainment would do."

"If it will spare further bloodshed," Vultan said, "But only if my daughter

"Very much so father," Kima looked in Aria's eyes, "We have loved each other
for years. Um, my wings will get in the way."

"My ring can make your wings dissapear for about an hour, and can't remove
them permanatly," Ming leered, "It is totally safe."

"Then I want to," Kima hugged Aria.

"Oh Kima," Aria moaned as they kissed deeply.

The ray from Ming's ring caused the hawkgirl's wings to vanish. A futon was
paced in the middle of the floor. The 2 teens were on their knees kissing
each other. Aria's dark skin against Kima's white was a stark erotic
contrast. Their hands caressed each others back. Kima's hands were now
rubbing Aria's small ass.

The horror of King Benwan's death was being replaced by the sight of 2 young
girls making love. The girls continued kissing, rubbing their tiny tits
against each other's now. Taking the aggressor role Kim laid Aria on her

"Ohhhh Kima," Aria moaned, "Kiss me, kiss me."

Kima continued to kiss her lover, her hands now toying with Aria's small
tits. Aria's hand now found Kim's hairless 13 year old pussy and started to
gently rub it. Kima returned the favor and both girls started mastrbating
each other. They were so hot for each other they came within moments.

"Aria," Kima moaned.

"Kima," Aria gasped.

Kima wantonly licked Aria's juices from her hand. Almost all the women and
many of the men were becomming aroused at the barely teen sex play. Barona
had walked over to Princess Aura. Sharon found hersef kissing Lara. His body
removed, Queen Desira felt Tara's comforting hands on her shoulders. Suki
and Livia, both already naked, moved closer to the Earthgirls. Nor were men
being left out as aroused dancing girls and slave girls moved among them.
Queen Fria playfully toyed with Prince Thun's mane beard.

Kima licked and sucked on Aria's dark nipples. Kima found that she could take
Aria's entire tit in her mouth and did so. Aria loved it. Kima then did the
same to her other small tit. That was so hot Aura and Barona started kissing
moving towards the Earthgirl's. Princess Tigra, Tara, and Desira were also
headed that way, getting all the girl lovers in one spot. Kima and Aria had
gotten themslves into a 69 postion. They couldn't resist each other's pretty
barely teen pussys and stared licking.

The 2 girls couldn't get enough of each other's virgin pussys as they licked
up and down each other's small slits. Clits were sucked on, then tongues
probed inside. The girls were inexperianced, but made up for it in
enthusiasm. They didn't hold out long before cumming in each other's mouth.
But their ardor was only inflamed further as they lapped up each others

"Oh baby, you taste so good," Kima moaned.

"Mmmmm, I want to fuck you now," Aria lustfully said.

Aria was on top of Kima now kissing her. Kima spread her legs as Aria
positioned herself on top of her. Aria's black skin on Kima's white skin
looked especially hot. Aria arrainged herself, tit to tit, nipple to nipple,
pussy to pussy.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me," Kima begged.

Kissing her love Aria began humping her pussy, into Kima's pussy, grinding,
then humping, rubbing. Clit's met, touched, rubbed, again and again. Kima met
Aria's down strokes with upward thrusts of her own. Faster and faster as both
girls were screaming in pleasure in each other's mouths. With a final thrust
they again came.

They lay panting in each others arms for several minutes. But they surprised
everyone by not only still wanting more, but what they wanted next.

"I want to be whipped," Kima panted, "I want to be whipped!"

"Me too," Aria smiled.

Chains came down from the ceiling. A table with cuffs and whips was rolled
out. Both girls quickly put cuffs on their wrists and ankles. Kima's arms
were chained high over her head forcing her on tiptoes. Her leg were then
spread wide and chained to hooks that popped up from the floor.

"Please, I can't wait, my pussy is so hot, I want to be whipped," Kima

"Hot little white bitch," Aria grinned.

Selecting a many tailed flogger Aria started whipping Kima's small ass. Kima
loved it! Kima decided she liked being whipped even more than she liked
fucking and sucking.

"Ooooooo, whip me," Kima moaned, "Whip me! Whip my tits!"

Aria grinned and sitched targets, cracking the whip across Kima's tiny
titties. Kim shuddered in orgasm as Aria slowed the speed of the lashes. As
Kima recovered Aria again started whipping her faster, first on her ass, then
on her tits.

"More, more," Kima begged.

"Where do you want me to whip you?" Aria lustfully asked.

"My pussy, whip my pussy," Kima cried out, "Please, whip my pussy!"

Aria cracked the whip into Kima's wide open helpless pussy. Kima almost came
from the first lash. Aria spun the whip faster and faster on Kima's pussy.
Kima couldn't hold out and screamed as she came. Kima hung limply in her
chains as Aria released her. She held Kima up and they sank back down
together kissing. Queen Fria was getting a DP from Tygor and Thun. She was
half nympho herself and cried out as the 2 catmen shot inside her. She
immediately started cleaning their cocks with her mouth, licking up their
cat jizz.

Kima recovered as Aria held her, the 2 girls were truly in love with each
other. It was now Aria's turn for the whip. Aria was chained up like Kima
had been.

"Oh baby, I need it bad," Aria licked her lips.

"What do you want?" Kima asked teasing her lover by running a flogger across
her small tits. She then took each of Aria's tits in her mouth and sucked,
then going to the other.

"The whip, I want the whip," Aria pleaded, "Please."

Kima licked her lips then started whipping the black girl. Ming was trying to
watch, but a dancing girl was giving him an expert blow job. Contrary to what
his enemies said, Ming had some size and no trouble getting it up, Prince
Vultan was in the air fucking a female ranger. Queen Fria was still with
Tygor and Thun. She was sucking Thun's 12" cock while Tygor plowed her ass
with his own 12" prick.

Aria was loving every lash just as Kima had. Aria felt herself close to
cumming, so close as Kima was whipping her ass, tits, and pussy.

"Aaaaaah!" Aria cried out, "Whip me! Whip me, whip me, whip me! I'm cumming!"

Kima stopped as Aria shuddered in orgasm. Kima kissed her, roughly playing
with her tits. Ming blew his own load when the girl started licking his
balls. Fria took Thun's load down her throat, swallowing every drop. Seconds
later Tygor shot his load deep in her ass.

"What is your name woman?" Ming asked.

"Fatima milord," Fatima smiled, licking up his cum.

"You just got promoted to number 2, right behind Corina," Ming gasped, this
was one hell of a good week.

Aria was ready for another round. Thrusting out her bare teen pussy it was
obvious what she wanted. Only 13 and both girls already knew what their
bodies craved.

"Please, whip my pussy," Aria begged.

Kima started whipping her lovers pussy, spinning the whip into the hairless
pussy. Aria loved it! She knew that she wanted more and more. Just like Kima
she couldn't hold out long and with a cry orgasmed. Ming applauded as Kima
took her down and they kissed as lovers. After a couple of minutes they
stood, holding hands and bowed.

"Bring the Earth girls before me," Ming said wickedy.

Time to dispose of them and Princess Aura, he thought.


End Of Part 4


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