What horrible fate awaits the Earth women? Or will they submit to the will
of Ming?

This chapter rated NC-17 for F/F sex, F/f, bdsm, rom., rough, some M/F,
ATM, other kinks

Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/Buck Rogers/
I Dream Of Jeanie: Space Dykes: Menace Of Mongo! Part 5
by Shelly ([email protected]) and Vicki ([email protected])

Queen Fria really loved the stamina of the catmen. Prince Tygor pulled out of
her ass and she went ATM sucking his cock hard yet again, loving the taste of
his cock, cum, and her own ass. Prince Thun now entered her tight asshole.
They switced positions so that Queen Fria lowered her ass onto his 12" hard
cock. Prince Tygor stood in front of her feeding his own 12" cock into her
hungy mouth.

Prince Vultan was still in the air taking the female ranger. She also wanted
it in the ass. Vultan obliged. Prince Barin had refused a few girls, but a
blonde named Sia and a black girl named Davi stripping off in front of him
was too much. The orgy was going full swing, 4 women for every man. The Vogs
and dwarves just ate and drank, thinking the others were idiots for having
sex with all the food that was set out.

Prince Vultan gently landed as he was about to cum. The girl wanted him to
cum in her mouth. With a lustful roar he shot deep in her throat, the girl
lustfully lapping up his cum, flavored with her own ass. Princess Kima and
Princess Aria were still extremely horny. Hand in hand they walked up to
Princess Barona and Princess Tigra who were making out.

"Please, we want to be fucked and whipped by grown-up ladies," Kima shyly

"Are you sure sweetie?" Barona asked.

"Yes please," Aria smiled.

"Come," Tigra grinned leading them to some couches.

Since the girls were still wearing cuffs on their wrists it was a simple
matter to cuff their hands behind them. Prnce Tygor growled as his seed shot
into Queen Fria's mouth. Thun was also close to coming. Fria went ass to
mouth, loving the taste of his sperm mingled with her ass. Fria lapped up
every drop of the tasty cum.

"Ohhhhh, tie me down," Fria moaned, "Tie me down and whip me."

Fria's wrists were tied together with leather straps, then she was strapped
down face up to one end of a couch. Her legs were spread then also strapped
down. Taking up a leather belt Tygor stared lashing Fria's big tits. Thun
took up a cat o' 9 tails cracking it into the ice queens wet aroused pussy.
Fria loved every lash.

"Beat me!" Fria cried out, "Beat me, beat me beat me! Aaaahhhhh!! Beat me!"

Tigra took all of one of Kima's tits in her mouth and sucked, then did the
same to the other. Barona had Aria on her back, kissing her while rubbing
her small pussy. Tigra then offered her big tits to Kima who eagerly started
licking and sucking the tigerwomans titties. The Earth women were in a
submissive kowtow position in front of Ming's throne. Fatima's talented
tongue had made him hard again.

"Ass up Earth girls," Ming ordered, "Aura, Tara, Suki, Livia, whip them!"

The 4 sisters, though Aura didn't know that, quickly grabbed multi tailed
floggers and started whipping the Earth women. Toni, Lara, Sharon, and
Belinda all moaned in pleasure, loving the sting of the lash. The ranger
girl and a female warrior had Vultan in a chair, their lips soon had him
erect as they licked his cock and balls. A group of 10 hawkmen were doing
a bukkake on 2 liongirls and a hawkwoman. Desira had joined Tigra and Barona
to work on her sister and Kima.

The only person in the room not enjoying himself was Klytus. Hated even more
than Ming no one would even go close to him. Which was just as well. Only the
screams of his victims got his dinky 2 inch penis hard. Klytus was also the
only gay man in the entire Mongo system which was odd since lesbianism was
wide spread.

Things the Earth scientists didn't know was almost all women in the Mongo
system were extremely masochistic and that they didn't have hymens so that
their first sex experiances were less painful and more pleasurable. Being
whipped was as pleasurale as sex to Mongo women. They weren't Gorean as
women were respected warriors and rulers, but they were close.

Davi was riding Prince Barin's 10" cock, arching her back so that Sia could
flog her tits. Fria screamed out as she orgasmed again, her tits and pussy
were pink, but the 2 catmen kept beating her. Kima licked Desira's pussy
while Tigra slipped a finger up her virgin pussy and another finger in her
asshole. Barona was spanking Aria's boyish ass. Sharon came from her
whipping. Toni and Lara were only seconds behind and Belinda joined them.

"What should I do with you Earthlings," Ming leered, causing everyone to stop
and look.

"P-please Lord Ming," Toni pleaded, "We come in peace. We mean you no harm."

"We willingly submit to serve as sex slaves to your daughter," Sharon

"P-please Lord, m-master," Belinda groveled, "P-please don't kill us. We
submit, we are no threat to you. We'll be good slaves for Princess Aura."

"Father," Aura looked at him with her sad-eye look, "Please give them to me."

"No," Ming cruelly said, "I think you 4 are spies! Guards! Take them to
dungeon 'Alpha'. they are to be tortured until they confess they are spies!"

"Father!" Princess Aura cried out, "That's a death sentance!"

"Stand aside daughter," Ming ordered seeing his chance as guards surrounded
the Earth girls.

"Father no," Aura cried out.

"Guards, arrest Aura too," Ming smiled, "She will be taken with the Earth
girls and tortured until she confesses to treason."

"No! Nooooo!" Aura cried out horrified, "That's death! I'm not a traitor!
I'm loyal! Father!"

"Your-your own daughter, your best general," Barin said rising, "That's

"Father please," Aura was on her knees, "I love you! I'm loyal!"

"I renounce you," Ming said, "I have no use for a daughter who is good and
kind and merciful. Allow me to introduce my true daughters!"

Princess Tara, Suki, and Livia stood by Ming smiling.

"These are my true daughters!," Ming announced, "They have my blood. They are
cruel and sadistic and they will be your torturers! Princess Tara! Princess
Suki! Princess Livia!"

"Princess Aura is your finest general," Prince Vultan said, pulling his pants
back up.

"And she is competely loyal to you," Princess Tigra added.

"Do you wish to join them Tigra?" Livia asked.

"N-no mi'lady," Tigra backed off as 3 drones turned her way.

The Earth girls and Aura huddled in fear in the middle of the room. They
knew they didn't have a chance, but they weren't going to go down without a

"What are our chances?" Sharon asked.

"Zero to minus 100," Toni said.

"Not like we have any choice, or that we can make things worse," Lara said.

"I'd like to at least get a few licks in," Belinda nervously grinned.

"No, no! This is a nighmare," Aura cried out, still not able to believe it,
"Father! Please!"

If the guards thought they were easy prey they soon learnd differant. Belina
started it off by kicking one guard in the balls, then knocking him out with
a knee. Sharon chopped 1 man in the throat then side kicked another and
backfisted a third. Toni snapped one guards kneecap, caught another mans
wrist and threw him down. Before he could act, one guard found Lara
snatching his sword out. With a dazzling display Lara backed 5 guards into
corner,sliced teir pants off and drew 'Z's' on their butts. Sharon kicked 2
men out of the fight while Belinda threw 1 man into 3 others.

Princess Aura finaly got into the fight when a guard grabbed her by the
waist. Aura slapped his ears then knee's him in the groin. Ming was amused
and surprised that the women were hoding off, in fact beating 20 of his best
guards. Toni landed a solid punch tat knocked out one man. Sharon was a blur
of motion with a flurry of kicks. That sent 4 men into dreamlnd and 2 more
men down. Ming motioned 20 more men into the melee. Aura had grabbed a sword
and sood back to back with Lara. The 2 women were holding off 6 men each.

Belinda had gotten ahold of a mace and knocked out 2 more men, kicked a
third. A man grabbed her from behind, but she bopped him too. Toni threw
anote man and knocked out another with a kick. Aura and Lara, using the flat
of their blades and hilt punches knocked out 4 men. Sharon was grabbed from
behind too, she stomped his foot breakng 3 of the man's foot bones, then back
headbutted the man. He went down like a shot. She jumped and kicked 2 more

"Impressive," Ming smiled sending in 40 men this time.

The girls weren't the only ons that got their licks in. Barin knocked out 2
men with cheap shots. Barona got in a couple of trips. Vultan snuck in 6
bashes with his mace. Even one of the dwarves, poked a guard in the ass with
a dagger. But the outcome was never in doubt. The sheer weight of numbers
took their toll and the women were bound hand and foot and carried from the
trone room. It had taken 80 of Ming's best guards and Ming nodded in approval
as they were carried out.

"No!" Aura cried out, "Father! Please! Father!"

"Torture them," Ming said to his other 3 daughters, "You know what to do."

"With your permission, I would like to leave," Prince Vultan said stiffly as
Kima's wings had returned. He didn't wait for a reply.

Free from her bonds, Queen Fria turned, threw on her cloak and walked off.
With a stiff bow Prince Barin led his people out as well. The rest didn't
stay around long ether. Thun and Tygor clasped forearms.

"This changes nothing between us brother," Tygor said.

"Brother," Thun said, this was one friendship that Aura had forged that Ming
could never undo.

"Sister," Aria said as Desira led her out, "May we visit the hawkmen?"

"You really love her don't you?" Desira asked.

Aria nodded. Desira smiled at her. The room was soon clear of everyone but
Ming and Klytus. Undeneath his mask Klytus was chucking.

"An unusual, but bold move milord," Klytus giggled, "Shall I prepare for a
public execution or do you wish to dispose of the in secret?"

"You are a fool Klytus," Ming snorted.

"Excuse me?" Klytus was surprised.

"There will be no executions," Ming said, loving the oppertunity to show his
superiority against even the cunning Klytus.

"But mi'lord, a confession is so easy to get with mindworms, and even without
them they could be forced to confess," Klytus said.

"Oh they will confess all right, but there will be no executions," Ming
stroked his beard.

"I-I don't understand," Klytus didn't.

"Of course not," Ming laughed rising from his throne in a flourish, "That is
why I am Emporer! And you are not."

Ming pointed at a viewscreen with his ring. The ring was a marvel of
technology that had numerous functions powered by Ming's will. A one of a
kind creation by the 'saucer' aliens at the height of their civilazation, it
had fallen into Ming's hands long after the aliens had forgotten what it
could do, even thinkng it was a mere bauble. Only Ming's scientific mind had
recognized it's true value. The image of Earth came on the screen.

"I am beyond even your mind Klytus," Ming continued, "Killing them serves no
purpose, does nothing that is to my benefit. Breakng them, having them serve
me trembling in fear that I will kill them or their friends is another
matter. They love each other, and now love Aura as well. They will come to
love Tara, Suki, and Livia."

"I fear I am still in the dark milord," Klytus said, "What possible reason
could you have for this subterfuge?"

"Prnce Vultan or Barin would see it," Ming sneered, but then softened, "But
you are not a military man, not a warrior. Earth, a water world of many
resources and a pretty good general technology level. Why do you think I have
not gone after other planets when we know of at least 100 inhabited worlds?"

"Most are not worth taking mi'lord," Klytus said.

"Exactly! They are races that have fallen, that are burnt out," Ming shouted,
"Earth is rising and rich. I make enough selling Frigian ice alone to BUY
most of the planets we know of. then there's our surplus of gold, jewels,
timber, damn hunting tourism on Arboria even. I already OWN them."

"But how does Earth fit into this," Klytus said, "we have better weapons, we
could destroy them and they wouldn't even know what hit them."

"Again, your own limitations are manifest," Ming said running his hnd on the
screen, "You don't destroy a planet like Earth, you conquer it!"

"Mi'lord?" Klytus still didn't get it.

"You dwell too much on death Klytus," Ming continued, "Destruction does not
benefit Mongo, subjecation does. That is the long view Klytus. It is more
difficult, but ultmately more rewarding. Sure, we can blast them, but then
you have to start from scratch to rebuild them. That's where I am superior.
Logistics and numbers will negate our technology advantage. I have barely 2
billion to draw on, the Earthlings number over 6 billion."

"So?" Klytus asked.

"So? So! You saw it Klytus," Ming was excited, "The arrest was a test. A test
of their fighting prowess and spirit. It took 80; 80 of my best men to subdue
them and my daughter, not counting a few chap shots. Four women! I will lose
against a detemined resistance in a war of attrition against a people like

"Then why risk it?" Klytus asked.

"The reward is worth the risk," Ming smiled, "And it's a challenge worthy of

"Your daughter and the Earth women," Klytus said, "There is still no reason
to keep them alive. Give them to me."

"You still don't get it Klytus," Ming snarled, losing patience, "I know
nothing of Earth. Their defenses, their weaponry, govenment, only fools
would throw away the information they will give me once their wills are
broken. And Aura is indeed my best general. Why would I kill an asset
like that? I will use their love for each other againt them."

Ming laughed maniaclly.

* * *

Aura and the 4 Earthgirls were first dragged into a lab and strapped down to
5 tables. A laser looking device, but with 5 barrels was aimed at them. The
girls thrashed in vain, but refused to beg for mercy. Livia, Suki, and Tara
were above them in a booth.

"I think you'll like this," Suki said the captives.

"Why would I like being sliced in half by some cowardly cunts too chickenshit
to fight us fair," Belinda spat.

"Kill you?" Livia said, "Not hardly. This machine is an enhancemnt ray."

"First modification ready," Suki smiled.

The ray hit all 5 women making their nipples as sensative as clits. The ray

"What just happened?" Toni asked.

"I don't know, but my nipples feel real good," Sharon said.

The ray struck again and the 5 women had whopping big 55GG milk filled tits.

"You tits will need hands, lips, teeth and fingernail milking at least once
an hour plus a whip milking," Livia grinned.

"Modification 3 coming up," Tara said.

The ray struck and their clits were now 3" long. In additon they were 100
times more masochistic. Their G-spots were now their clits and they could
shoot their girlcum from their clits just like a dick.

"By the way, we did this one and the nipple thing to ourselves too," Suki

"We have milk too, just not to your degree," Livia said.

"Ready for round 4," Tara said.

Again the 4 women were bathed in the ray. This one was short.

"You now piss the finest wine in Mongo," Suki said, "We did this one too."

"Oh no," Aura moaned, "Mongo wine is the best in the galaxy and it makes you
even hornier."

"Aaaaaa," Toni moaned, "I don't know if that's possible. I think I'd cum if
I got touched anywhere right now."

"Please, no more," Lara pleaded.

The sadistic women didn't listen.

"There, now your feet are hyper sensative," Livia said, "Yes, this one too.
I bet you loved having your feet whipped anyway."

Guard came in, binding the now unresisting women. Too tired to resist they
were taken to 'Dungeon Alpha'. It was full of torture equpment and

"Hey! This is my room!" Princess Aura cried out as she was dumped bound on
her own soft bed.

"This is a dungeon?," Toni asked, "The Playboy mansion isn't this nice."

"Or this kinky, whips, rack, x-cross, stocks, chains," Lara said.

The 3 evil sisters entered the room.

"We know we're no match for you physically, but you will confess," Tara

"You fucking bitch," Aura spat, "I'm loyal, I'll never confess!"

"Oh, you know damn well we could use the mind worms," Suki said, "But I can
make all 5 of you confess without that."

Suki made a motion and 10 big naked muscle men walked in. The 5 women
screamed and even chained hand and foot made it to a corner and hudded
cowering in fear."

"Confess or get raped by men," Livia evilly laughed.

"Take them away!" Aura screamed.

"I'll confess, I confess," Sharon screamed.

"Me too! I'd rather be dead than touched by a *gag* man," Lara tried not to
throw up.

Tara laughed and waved her hand. The men left dissapointed.

"That one doesn't count," Tara said, "But you see, we can make you confess
any time we want. So, the choice is yours, submit to us fully and know
pleasure, or fight us, resist us in any way and we will make you confess."

"I will serve you in any way mistress," Toni whimpered.

"I submit to you in every way," Belinda sobbed.

"I am your slave, punish me for my desires," Lara softly weeped.

"I am yours, do with me as you will," Sharon said, tears runing down her

"You are my superior sisters, I will serve you in all ways," Aura said

"Now, it's time for your torture," Tara evilly laughed.

Tara stuck out her sensative foot to her sister. Aura, eagery and willingly
kissed her sisters foot.


End Of Part 5


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