The Heroines endure torture while a plot to overthrow Ming is hatched. But
do the Earth girls and Princess Aura want to be rescued?

This chapter rated NC-17 for F/F sex, bdsm, fetish

Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/Buck Rogers/
I Dream Of Jeanie: Space Dykes: Menace Of Mongo! Part 6
by Shelly ([email protected]) and Vicki ([email protected])

Queen Desira and Princess Aria landed in floating city of the Hawkmen in
their royal skiff. As soon as Princess Kima saw Aria, her eyes lit up and
she flew over to her. The 2 girls gave each other a polite kiss bcause there
were s many people around.

"Let's go to my room," Kima whispered to her taking her hand.

The 2 girls skipped off, but Queen Desra was surprised. Everyone was there!
Prince Baron and Princess Barona, Queen Fria, Prince Thun, Prince Tygor and
Princess Tigra, the chieftan of the Vogs, and of course Prince Vultan. Such
a private meeting was prohibited by Ming. Ming allowed 1 or 2 to visit at a
time only.

"Well, if this is a conspiracy, count me in," Queen Desira said, "That
bastard murdered my brother in front of Aria."

"Oh, indeed it is," Vultan chuckled, "Ming is distracted today with turning
on Aura and his possible new heir."

"Were he not, we'd never be able to gather like this," Thun said.

"But it's the same problem we always have had," Princess Tigra said, "Before,
we always fought against each other, that made it easy for Ming to beat us

"And Princess Aura was brilliant, when she took command," Tygor said, "She
was 2 steps ahead of any of us. Even in my own jungle with superior numbers
I couldn't beat her."

"But she showed mercy, fought honorably, there was no shame in losing to
her," Thun said.

"Ming has made a fatal mistake by turning on her," Baron said.

"Ming has always had 3 advantages over us," Vultan said, "Numbers, weaponry,
and Princess Aura."

"Without Princess Aura, he's down to 2?" Desira asked.

"And if we all combine we can match his numbers," Baron said.

"That leaves his superior weaponry," Vultan said, "We don't have the ships
to take the fight to him."

"Queen Fria has lots of ships, but they're mostly mining transports," Thun
said, "Unarmed, and slow. Even if we loaded them with bombs for suicide
ramming they would be blown away before they could be used."

"My Hawkmen can fight Ming's ships, but it takes many of us to take even
one," Vultan said.

"Infintry would be cut to pieces by his defensive guns, and then theres the
force field around the entire capital city," Tygor said, "A shame. We would
slaughter them in an open land battle."

"There is a solution," Baron said, "The Earth women are a wild card. We know
they are fighters. If we could free them and Princess Aura, that might be
enough to change everyting."

"With Aura using her skill on our side, and whatever surprises the Earthlings
might have, we still have to find a way to overcome Ming's technology
advantage," Fria said.

"If anyone can do it Princess Aura can," Barona smiled.

"If she even wants to be rescued," Tigra said.

"What do you mean?" Barona asked.

"You saw Princess Tara, Suki, and Livia," Tigra said, "I wouldn't want to be
rescued if they were torturing me."

"Yea, but if she confesses Ming will kill her!" Desira said.

"Ming could make them confess in ten seconds, either using mind worms or the
threat of being raped by a man," Tigra said, "What's the record for resisting
mind worms? Twenty seconds? And Aura would slit her own throat rather than be
touched by a man."

"Then why go through the sham?" Desira asked.

"That I don't know," Tigra replied, "He may plan on killing her or he may
not. We know he's a sadistic pervert. Maybe he's just getting off watching
his daughters fuck each other. We do know Corina's pregnant, and probably
with the son Ming's always wanted. Maybe he'll kill all of them after he
gets his jollies."

"We can't underestimate Ming himself," Baron said, "He is a genuis in his
own right. He can't be underestimated."

"I agree," Thun said, "While not his daughters equal he is a capable

"He also know's much of science and magic," Tygor added, "That ring of his
for example."

"I agree with Baron," Vultan said, "Our first move should be freeing Princess
Aura and the Earthlings."

"Well then, we're going to need some kind of plan," Fria said.

* * *

Princess Aura eagerly licked and sucked Tara's toes. Aura licked between
her sisters toes, then took them in her mouth and sucked before running her
tongue up and down the sole of her sisters foot. Tara loved having her feet
licked. Actually they all did even before the enhancement that made their
feet 10 times more sensative.

"Take a look," Suki said, pointing at multiple tiny cameras as she made to
free Belinda, "You ae being watched by men every second. There are no blind
spots. Any resistance, ANY resistance, by any of you, and you will be raped
by men!"

"I-I will submit to you in every way," Belinda fearfully said.

"There are only 3 of us," Livia said, "So you will be torturing each other,
a lot."

"Something tells me you're all painsluts, so I'm willing to bet you already
do torture each other," Tara said.

"Well, we want to," Sharon said as Livia unlocked her bonds, "We've just
never had the chance."

"Why don't you 2 do something with her," Suki said pointing to Toni, "I want
the other blonde one and my sisters want to start on our dear sister."

"I'm Lara," Lara half smiled at Suki.

"That's pretty," Suki said, releasing her feet, and standng her up, "Are your
tits feeling full?"

"Yes Mistress Suki," Lara said.

"Do you need to be milked?" Suki seductively asked.

"Please Mistress Suki, milk me," Lara begged.

Suki led Lara over to a couch. Sharon and Belinda unlocked Toni's bonds then
recuffed her wrists high over her head, forcing her on her tiptoes. There
were holes in the floor where bondage bolts could be set. Placing the bolts
Toni's legs were then spread wide. She was so stretched there was no way to
escape anything her friends could do to her.

Aura was strapped face down on a torture table, spread eagled. Tara and Livia
selected whips and got on opposite sides of her. Sharon and Belinda had also
selected whips from the wall. Belinda was behind Toni, Sharon in front. Suki
and Lara were kissing hotly, Suki gently touching Lara's now overlarge tits.
Suki made a light pinch of Lara's right nipple. A couple drops of milk
appeared, Suki smiled then licked up the drops.

"Oooooo, milk me," Lara begged, "Please, milk me. I need a fingers, nails,
teeth, tongue, lips milking. Please Mistress Suki, milk me rough."

"Prove you deserve it, lick my armpit," Suki ordered, her hairless pit in
Lara's face.

Lara didn't hesitate, licking up her deicious sweat. Lara ran her tongue up
and down savoring the taste.

"Oh God! You taste so good. I can't wait to lick your asshole," Lara moaned.

"I think you need a whip milking," Sharon said to Toni.

"Oh yes, yes," Toni moaned, "Milk me with a whip!"

"And what about you slut?" Tara asked Aura, "Beg me to whip you."

"Please sister, please whip me," Aura begged, "Please."

Tara and Livia started whipping Aura's beautiful ass. Sharon cracked her whip
across the large milk filled tits of Toni while Belinda whipped Toni's ass.
Milk seemed to shoot from Toni's nipples as the whip landed across her tits.
Milk was also shooting from Lara's nipples as Suki slapped, kneaded, sucked,
and bit Lara's nipples and tits. Suki lapped up and sucked Lara's delicious
tit milk, her hands soon covered, some coming from her mouth, more running
down Lara's body.

"Oh yes! Yes! Milk me!" Lara cried out, "Aaaa! Milk me! Harder! Slap my tits!
Bite my nipples!"

"More! More!" Aura begged as she was whipped, "Whip me sisters! Whip me!"

"Aaaahhhhhh! Whip me," Toni pleaded, loving every lash, "Please whip me! Whip
me! Ooooo!"

Suki gently pushed Lara on her back. Suki then used her talented feet to rub
and play with Lara's tits. Suki's feet were soon covered with milk, she even
caught Lara's nipples between her toes and used her toes to pull Lara's
nipples. Lara loved the humiliation as Suki put her milk covered feet to
Lara's mouth.

"Lick your milk up slave," Suki smiled, "Do a good job and I'll let you lick
my asshole. After I whip you."

"Oh yes mistress," Lara sighed in pleasure as she eagerly licked and sucked
Suki's pretty feet and toes.

Sharon and Belinda continued to whip Toni. Toni was close to cumming as
Belinda was now cracking her whip into Toni's pussy from behind. Sharon's
whip was half covered in Toni's tit milk. On the table Aura was also close
to coming as her hot sisters whipped her.

"Ooooooo! Whip me!" Aura begged, "Whip me! Aaaahhhhh! Whip me! I'm cumming!

"Harder!" Toni begged, "Whip me! Whip me! I love it! Aaaaahhhh! Whip me!
Cumming! Aaaaahhhh!"

Toni and Aura shuddered as they climaxed. Lara had licked her own milk off
Suki's feet. Not daring to disobey she continued to suck the tasty toes,
going from one foot to another.

"Mmmmmm," Suki moaned, "I think you could make me cum. But I'm not ready for
that yet."

Suki chained Lara's wrists down over her head, then her ankles down on either
side of the couch. Suki then got up and selected a whip. Livia walked over to
Sharon. She stroked Sharon's long black hair. Livia and Sharon kissed deeply.
Livia had natural 38DD's which she had milk enhanced, pressng against the
size and milk enhanced tits of Sharon.

"Do you want to be fucked or whipped?" Livia asked.

"Whipped Mistrss Livia," Sharon didn't hesitate, "I want to be whipped."

"And I think it's my turn," Belinda said, freeing Toni's ankles, then her

Toni and Belinda kissed, tongues playing with each other. Livia offered her
underarm to Sharon who eagerly licked her hairless pit, also loving the other
woman's sweat. Because of how hot and nasty it was, Toni and Belinda started
licking each others bare armpits. This kink was actually a new one to the
Earth women, but they were really taking to it.

Sharon was strapped into the x-cross, while Belinda was suspended like Toni
had been. Livia started out giving Sharon a fingers, teeth, nails, lips, and
tongue milking. Tara was finger fucking Aura tight asshole, first with 1
finger, then 2. Aura loved it. After some teasing Suki started whipping Lara
on her tits and pussy.

"Ooohhhh! Milk me," Sharon moaned, "Milk my tits! Milk me!"

"Mmmmmm, you milk tastes so good," Livia said, lapping up and drinking
Sharon's milk.

Livia held up milk covered fingers to Sharon so she could taste her own tit
milk. Sharon sucked her fingers clean wanting more.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!," Lara cried out in pleasure as Suki whipped her, "More! Whip
me! Whip me, whip me, whup me! Aaaaiiiii! Harder!"

"Your ass is so tight," Tara smiled as she continued finger fucking her
sister, "Let's try 3 fingers."

"Yes, yes," Aura moaned, "Fuck me with your fingers! Yes! Four fingers! Fuck
my ass!"

"Mmmmmm, I wonder if I could get my whole fist up your ass?" Tara asked as
she fucked her sisters asshole with 4 fingers.

Lara was close to cumming as Suki continued to whip her. Sharon, Toni,
Belinda, and Livia however had stopped to watch Aura get her ass fisted.

"More!" Lara begged, "Ooooooo! Whip me! Aaaaaaaa! Whip me! I'm cumming!

Girl cum shot from Lara's enhanced clit, Suki lapped it up as fast as she
could. Suki caught some in her mouth and shared a sloppy kiss with Lara,
swapping girl cum and tit milk. Lara loved the taste of her own cum and
milk. It had not been easy, but Tara finally got her whole hand up Aura's

"Ooooohhhh yeahhh," Aura moaned, "My ass is so full! Fist my ass! Fist me!
Oh fuck yeah!"

"You like this slut?" Tara asked as she continued to fist her sisters ass.

"Yes! Yes! Fist fuck my ass!" Aura pleaded.

To Aura's surprise, and dissapointment, Tara pulled out.

"Lick it," Tara ordeed, her hand in front of Aura's face, "Lick your ass off
my hand."

"Yes mistress," Aura eagely obeyed, licking her sisters hand that had just
been up her ass.

"Mmmmm, ATM," Toni said, watching.

Aura loved the tangy taste of her own ass as she expertly licked her sisters
hand. But Tara had a nasty surprise for her. Even the eyes of Suki and Livia
grew wide in terror as Tara waved a 10" vibrator in front of Aura's face.

"No! Please! Not that!" Aura screamed," Please! I hate cock! I hate cock!

"You'll take my whole fist up your ass, but you don't want a vibrator?" Tara
evilly smiled, "Perhap you'd like to sign a confession and have Klytus rip
your guts out?"

"Nooooo! Pease! I'll do anything you want, anything," Aura sobbed, "Why? Why
do you want to kill me? I'm your sister. I could love you. Please, pleae
don't stick that in me."

"That's exactly what I want to do," Tara smiled lubng the wicked vibrator.

"Please! I'll drink your piss, I'll eat your shit, I'll suck your toes all
day, I'll be your slave forever, but please don't stick that in my ass,"
Aura begged.

"You're going to do all that anyway dear sister," Tara moved behind Aura,
"And it sounds to me like you're resisting. Sound I call the men in?"

"No! No! I-I submit to whatever you desire mistress," Aura sobbed broken.

"Please, I hate that as much as she does," Toni said, "But please, spare her.
I'll take that horrible thing for her."

"I will too, even though I find it disgusting," Sharon said.

"How touching, but don't you get it?," Tara asked, "You are slaves now. The
fact that you actualy enjoy and cum from torture doesn't change that. We
allow you to cum because we want your love as well as your obediance. But
make no mistake, you are slaves! We can do anything we want with you! Unless
you have a death wish or WANT to be raped by men you WILL obey."

The fight left the slavegirls. The choices were simple, submit and love it,
or resist and either die or face true horror.

"But what of Earth?" Lara asked.

"Our father obviously has no plans for your planet," Livia said, "We could
destroy it, but that is of no benifit to us."

"And conquest would be immpossible," Suki said, "Even with our superior
weaponry we simply could not match your numbers. Your over 6 billion to our
barely 2 bllion. Add in the logistics, the possibility of domestic revolts,
and other factors and you'll see your plant is in no danger. Why else would
you be given to us instead of Klytus for infomation about your planets

"Our father doesn't want you dead, or you would already be so, but you will
obey or you might end up that way," Tara said, "Now, no more resistance will
be tolerated. You will submit fully and completely to anything we desire."

"Yes mistress," Aura sobbed, "I am your slave, do with me as you will."

Tara was surprising gentle as she inserted the vibrator into her sister's
tight ass. She laughed as Aura cried.

"Please, take it out, take it out, it hurts, it hurts," Aura cried, "I'm your
sister, how can you be so mean? I wouldn't do this to you."

"Fuckng baby," Tara sneered, "I could shove my arm up your ass to my elbow
and you'd love it. But you cry over a little vibrator. I've got bigger
strap-on's and dildo's I'm going to fuck you with later."

"Oh no no no no no no!" Aura whimpered, "I hate cock! Please! Take it out!"

"No, now take it," Tara ordered with an evil laugh.

"Now, you get your reward for being a good little slut," Suki told Lara,
"Lick my asshole. I've let you cum, now you make me cum."

"Yes mistress," Lara submissively said.

Suki lowered her beautiful ass to Lara's face. Lara willingly started licking
all around Suki's asshole, then probed her tongue inside loving the tangy
flavor. Lara stabbed her tongue inside as far as she could, wanting more.
Circling all around te hole, then again probinginside. Lara then tongue
fucked Suki's hot nasty tasty asshole. Suki's moans of pleasure spurred Lara
on to lick and suck faster.

Since she couldn't do anyhing to help Aura, Toni decided to work on Belinda.
Toni first started giving her a hard rough milking, slapping, kneading, and
biting Belinda's tits.

"Oooooo, milk me baby, milk me," Belinda moaned as milk squirted from her
tits, coveing Toni's fngersand running from her mouth as she drank and lapped
it up.

"She might like whip 3," Livia told Toni, as she took a 3 herself, "It look
like a bullwhip, hurts like hell, but leaves no marks and makes you cum like
crazy! It's the one I like used on me the most."

"Huh, for someone who claims to hate this so much, you're awful fucking wet,"
Tara said as she continued to fuck her sisters ass, "Beg me to fuck your ass

"Yes mistress," Aura sobbed, hating it, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me! Fuck
me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me!"

Despite herself Aura ogasmed, grrl cum squirting from her clit. Tears ran
down her face as she was forced to lick the vibrator clean. Tara released he
so that she could roll face up. Tara then restrained her sister face up for
torture to her front. The torture had just begun. But so had the pleasure.


End Of Part 6


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