Rated NC-17 for F/F sex, ws, bdsm, numerous kinks

Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/Buck Rogers/
I Dream Of Jeanie: Space Dykes: Menace Of Mongo! Part 7
by Shelly ([email protected]) and Vicki ([email protected])

Suki was very close to cumming as Lara continued to tongue fuck her asshole.

"Hmmm, oh baby, make me cummmm," Suki moaned as girl cum shot from her clit
into Lara's hungry mouth.

Lara tried, but couldn't swallow all of Suki's delicious nectar. Some ran out
of her mouth, some was running down her face. Suki started slapping and
roughly kneading Lara's tits, milking her some more.

"Bad girl!," Suki said, "You dare spill some of my tasty cum! Just for that
I'm not going to let you cum."

"I'm sorry mistress, I'm sorry," Lara said.

"You must be punished," Suki said, "Open you mouth! I'm going to pee in your

"Yes, mistress," Lara submissively said, "Please, please piss in my mouth."

Suki straddled Lara's face and pissed right in Lara's eager willing hungry
mouth. Lara drank the altered piss as fast as she could, savoring the taste,
but again couldn't drink it all.

"More," Lara gasped, "It tastes so good!"

"You bitch, you dare waste my delicious piss?" Suki said is mock anger, "You
must be punished!"

"Yes, yes, please punish me," Lara gasped in excitement.

"First, lick me clean," Suki said.

Lara attacked Suki's pussy with her lips and tongue, lapping up wine flavored
drops of pee and tasty girl cum. Suki couldn't believe how quickly Lara
bought her to orgasm. Suki shot more girl cum into Lara's open mouth.

"Damn," Suki panted, "You have got the most talented mouth ever. But you
still have 2 punishments coming."

"Yes mistress," Lara smiled, proud of her pussy eating skill.

Lara was suprised though when Suki released her from bondage. Suki kissed her
then led her to the bed. She then laid down face up, spread eagled.

"For your first punishment, you will not be allowed to cum. Instead, you will
tie me down and whip me til I cum," Suki ordered, "At least 5 times."

"Yes mistress," Lara obeyed cuffing the exotic beauty down.

"You see, there's no differance between the 3 of us and you ladies," Livia
laughed as she teased Sharon, running her hands all over her.

Tara started whipping Aura, Toni was whipping Belinda, Livia was whippng
Sharon, and Lara was whipping Suki! The sounds of whips and cries of girls
loving pain filled the room. The lines between mistress and slave were gone.
The line between pleasure and pain never existed for these true lesbians.

"Ooooooo! More!" Suki cried out, "Whip me baby! Whip me! Aaaahhh! Yes! Whip

"Whip me!" Belinda begged, "More! I love it! Aaaiiiii! Whip me, whip me, whip
me! Oooooo!"

"Soooo good," Aura moaned, "More! Harder! Whip me raw! Whip me! Ooooaaaa!
Whip me!"

"Yes! Yes! Whip me please," Sharon pleaded, "Whip me! Aaaaaaa! Whip me!

All 4 women came as one. Lara continued to whip Suki. Belinda and Toni were
deeply kissing. Sharon's head was down as she shuddered. Livia gently stroked
her hair and face, then they too kissed. Aura was surprised when Tara
released her from her bonds and embraced her, gently rocking and cuddling

"You see, I do love you sister," Tara coo'ed kissing her and stroking her
hair, "That's why I give you such wondeful orgasms."

"Y-yes mistress," Aura moaned, "Please, please let me cum more. I'll do

"Are you thirsty?" Tara asked.

"Oh yes sister," Aura said, "I'll drink your milk, I'll drink your pee,
anything to please you."

"I love you sister," Tara said with light kisses and caresses, "That's why I
punish you. To give you pleaure."

"I-I love you dear sister," Aura sighed.

"Beg to drink my pee," Tara ordered.

"Please, let me drink you hot pee," Aura begged," Please. Pee in my nasty

Aura was on her knees as Tara straddled her pretty face and spread her pussy
lips. Her enhanced pee fowed into her sisters mouth. Aura loved the taste,
drinking as much as she could. Tara pissed on her sisters tits then back into
her sisters open mouth. Livia, Sharon, Toni, and Belinda were on a large
couch, kissing and touching each other. Tara's piss stream ended,

"Now, lick me clean," Tara ordered.

Aura complied, loving every dewey drop. Suki cried out in her third whip cum.
Aura licked up and down her sisters hot wet slit, then sucked on the enlarged
enhanced clit before probing her tongue deep inside. Tara's moans showed her
pleasure causing Aura to lick and suck her sisters pussy faster.

"Oh yea, suck me, suck me, suck me," Tara cried out as she came.

Tara and Aura kissed, swapping pee and girl cum between them. Tara lightly
stroked her sisters pussy.

"Ooohhh," Aura moaned, "My pussy needs to be punished. It's a bad pussy. Whip

"Greedy bitch," Tara smiled, "Okay, I'll whip your pussy, but then you have
to whip my pussy!"

Aura wa agan strapped down, this time with her legs spread as wide open
as possible and hips raised so that Tara had an easy shot at her exposed
vulnerable pussy. The other women were far from idle. Livia was in a chair,
hands and arms bound securely behind her. Her feet were placed in stocks
and were suspended waist high. Sharon licked the soles of her feet and
sucked on Livia's toes for a few moments.

"Time to whip your feet," Sharon smiled, "If you cum I'll piss in your

"I love foot pain," Livia smiled, "Good thing I'm thirsty."

Toni was bent over, ass high in the air and spread wide. Belinda was behind
her, running her finger up and down Toni's ass crack. Belinda then gently
inserted 1 finger and finger fucked Toni for a couple of minutes.

"Whip my asshole," Toni begged, "Whip me right on my hot little asshole!"

Sharon took a lightweight cane to the soles of Livia's feet. Belinda started
using a riding crop right onToni's asshole. Lara was still lashing the tits
and pussy of Suki which were pink by this time. Tara took a multi-tailed
flogger to Aura's excited pussy. Pain was pleasure to all of them.

"Whip me," Suki cried out, "Whip me raw baby! Harder! Aaaaiiieeee! Whip me!
I'm cumming!"

"Ohhhhh, my feet," Livia moaned, "Whip my feet! Oooooo! I love pain! More!
More! Aaaaaa!"

"Whip my pussy!" Aura begged, "Whip my pussy! It's a bad pussy, whip it!

"Yes! Yes! Ooooo," Toni groaned, "On my asshole! Whip my hot little asshole!

Again the women being tortured climaxed. The women in bondage were released
and Tara called for a hudde in the middle of the room.

"I think our father plans to kill all of us," Tara whispered, "Maybe not yet,
but if Corina has son we all become expendable."

"I never knew my father was so evil," Aura said, "I fought for him, led
troops in his name and he betrayed me. So many people told me, but I couldn't

"It's not easy admitting your father, our father, is evil," Livia said.

"We have to escape," Toni said, "Get to our ship."

"No, I never thought I'd say this, but we have to kill our father," Tara
said, "He can't allow Aura to live. Suki, Livia, and I are all good fighters,
but we're no threat to him."

"At best we're Captains," Suki said, "Aura is an Admiral!"

"So how do we get out of here?" Belinda asked.

"I know a way," Aura smiled, happy that her sisters really were good, "But
I'm in no hurry for this party to end."

The 8 women started kissing. Yes, the lesbian sex and pain orgy had just


End of Chapter 7


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