Disclaimer: All these characters belong to the writers and producers of
Battestar Galactica and not to me, this story is for free internet
distribution only.

Rating: Definitely NC-17.

Timing: Season 2 during the episode called 'The Farm' Starbuck has been
captured by the Cylons on occcupied Caprica and taken to a breeding centre
where female human captives are being experimented on to try and breed
half-human/Cylon hybrids. She's tried to escape but now a Model 6 Cylon has
caught her.

Summary: The idea for this (including the title) came from Vicki who wondered
why more people don't write Battlestar Galactica fic? After all it's a series
filled with good-looking people who are constantly jumping on one another. So
here's one.

Battlestar Galactica: Bring On The Cylon Fucking Machines!
by GoolCaptain

"Come on!" The Six's tone brooked no nonsense as she forcibly dragged
Starbuck down the corridor, her wrist in a vice like grip. The Colonial
Warrior tried to fight but the Cylon was just too strong. Too, too strong,
perfect and beautiful. So, so beautiful.

They emerged into a room lined with steel cylinders, cut in half to provide
a series of alcove like booths. In them Starbuck was amazed to half-glimpse
numerous human women, all young and beautiful, standing upright, swaying
slightly back and forth. Her senses also picked up 2 more impossible things.
The first was the scent, an overpowering mixture of sweet feminine sweat and
the sexy salty taste of female arousal. She almost believed that she could
hear the sound of dripping cunnies.

The second was the frenzied moans and groans of women in the midst of
immeasurable sexual ecstasy, cries not of fear or anguish but of that most
deliciously potent mixture of yearning pleasure and pain. The room had all
the atmosphere of a huge orgy.

6 led her to an empty booth.

"Your place is prepared" she told Starbuck with an evil grin. Starbuck tried
to get away again but 6 used an new tactic on her. She stepped forward and
kissed Starbuck fully on the lips, her hand resting on the Viper pilot's
breast through her medical robe. Starbuck's head swam. She knew this was
wrong, she knew she had to get away but the 6 tasted so frakkin good, her
gorgeous mouth, her voluptuous body pressing against her. Before she knew it
she was returning the probings of 6's tongue with her own, moaning slightly
into her mouth. She found that the hand she had placed on her chest to try
and push the Cylon away had somehow found itself cupping one of the 6's
ample, perfect titties. The 6's own fingers were toying with one of
Starbuck's breasts through the material of her robe, Starbuck finding her
traitorous nipples swelling into a pair of hard, throbbing points.

The 6 broke off the kiss, looking amused. Starbuck backed away from her,
fighting for breath, shocked at her own actions. The 6 took another step
forwards and Starbuck backed away from her in confusion, stepping quickly

...right into the booth.

It automatically began to hum, bright multicoloured lights flashing on and
off. Starbuck looking around her in consternation, realising what she had
done. Weirdly she didn't feel any desire to escape the confines of the
alcove. In fact, she felt good, warm and comfortable, relaxed yet tingling
all over in a quite delightful way. The air inside the booth carried some
form of light electrical charge that had her pulses racing, her skin glowing
sublimely at the wonderful sensations dancing lightly over it. Her nipples
were hard once more and her cunt awash with liquid arousal, her breath slow
and laboured. She sighed contentedly, realising that she was undergoing what
she had observed all the other women in their booth's experiencing. And
enjoying it just as much as they were.

She was startled when two thin metal, tentacles emerged from the walls of
her container and began to sweep up and down her with a pair of wide angled
coloured lightbeams, obviously scanning her. Her suprise turned to shock when
tiny pincers emerged from their ends and stripped her of every inch of her
clothing, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Oddly she didn't feel at
all ashamed of her nakedness. After all, the only ones who could see her were
the other women in the booths and the 6.

Her wonderful, wonderful 6.

She realised the fact that she thought of her like that deeply disturbed her
but only for a moment.

"Bring on the Cylon fucking machines!" the 6 giggled softly but loud enough
to for Starbuck to hear.

She opened her mouth to protest but instead found the 6 kissing her again.
She returned her affections without reservation this time, kissing her
passionately and groping her breasts just as the 6 groped hers. She removed
the 6's dress with just as much skill as the tentacles had disrobed her and
the human and Cylon were soonl fingerfucking each other to orgasms so intense
she swore she saw actual sparks in her cyborg lovers eyes.

The 6's cunt was tight, not absolutely virgin but obviously sexually
inexperienced. It was time for Starbuck to teach her a lesson. She curled the
fingers of her right hand together and rammed it inside the blonde Cylon's
cunny, soon having her bucking and thrashing in intense pleasure, screaming
her head off, the demure facade she showed to the world long gone.

Starbuck pulled her fist out and without giving the 6 a moment to recover
fell to her knees and began to lick out her cunny. She was gratified to find
that Cylon sweat and cunny juices tasted just as sweet as human's did. As she
licked she ran her fingers up and down the 6's long, shapely legs. They just
seemed to go on for ever and ever. She also took the opportunity to tease her
tight virgin ass with one sharp, slick fingernail, having her squirming with
delight. It struck her as strange that she no longer had any impulse to flee,
even though now was the perfect opportunity with the 6 so ...distracted.

She found that all she could think about was the 6. As long as the 6 was with
her, everything would be alright.

Once the 6 had come the Cylon picked Starbuck up by the hair. The human
whimpered at such rough treatment but the 6 silenced her with another long,
searching kiss.

It was only then that Starbuck noticed that two more tentacles had wrapped
themselves around her wrists. As she began to struggle a second pair
encircled her ankles, making her completely immobile and helpless. A sharp,
fanglike probe lance from each tentacle deep into her skin and began to
drain her off blood. She could see it draining up a series of clear plastic
tubes and being mixed with a clear liquid. Two more tentacles appeared with
what looked like suction cups on the end, drops of her own blood mixed with
the Cylon serum dripping from the end. She made no attempt to resist as they
latched onto her already swollen nipples, after all they were giving her her
own blood back.

The cups began to suck and pump her breasts, milking her like a cow attached
to a milking machine. She felt her titties begin to swell to four times their
normal size, huge, sore and heavy, filled with the most divine pressure, as
though they were almost on the brink of exploding yet she somehow knew they
wouldn't. She felt lightheaded and incredibly turned on, her clitty filled
with the most divine pleasure she could ever have imagined. She moaned and
groaned like a bitch on heat, certain she would die if she didn't get some
release RIGHT NOW!

The 6 took the hint fell to her knees, licking with aplomb at Starbuck's
cunny. Starbuck pawed her peroxide blonde hair, letting it's strands run
between her fingers. She had always fantasised about being tied up and
helpless as she was fucked yet despite all her bravery had never had the
guts to try it, been too timid to let down her defences, expose herself to
another. But now that didn't seem to matter anymore.

She came so hard she almost passed out.

As she regained her senses she felt something long hard and smooth forcing
it's way into her cunny, stretching it to the limit and beyond. Looking down
she saw a metal pole extending from the floor and making it's way inside her,
it's smooth domed head punching all the way through her cervix, right into
her womb, bruising the back of it as it did so. Starbuck figured she had at
least a foot's length inside her and it was maybe the width of a woman's
wrist in diameter. She gave a very real cry of pain and fear but it subsided
rapidly as the huge fake metal phallus began to vibrate at just the right
speed to have her keening with pleasure. Her clitty and G-spot were singing
with joy at the artificial cock stretching and penetrating her so far she
felt it was about to come out of her mouth. Her fuck channel was well
lubricated by now, her juices flowing in what seemed like a continuous

Instinctively she bucked her hips in response to the stimulation, the angle
causing her sweat and cunny juices to trickle down the crack of her pert ass.
She was glad of it when she felt an identical pressure probing at her turgid
anus. She knew what it was and accepted what was about to come, forcing her
tight puckered asshole to relax and admit the new invader without resistance,
grateful that she was already lubed. She'd never trusted anyone enough to let
them assfuck her but she had to admit that she found the prospect intriguing
to say the least. She felt her snug resisting nethermouth gradually flower
open and she once again felt the incredible mixture of power and pain as it
slid inside her, her soft flesh warming the cold metal as it progressed
effortlessly, relentlessly within her. She felt the heads of the twin metal
cocks meet inside her pelvis, the wet, hot walls of her womb the only slim
barrier between their domed heads. On meeting each other they vibrated all
the faster and started to pump in and out of her, thrusting and ramming into
her mercilessly. Every thrust took her breath away, forcing her to stand on
her tiptoes, knowing there would be but a moment of respite before the
glorious cycle commenced again. All conscious thought disappeared and was
replaced by nothing but the divine sensations of the suction cups milking
her titties and the twin robotic cocks relentlessly pounding her without the
merest thought for her comfort or dignity.

They always said that the way to tame a strident woman was to 'fuck the bitch
up the ass'. Feeling it now she realised they were right, she felt all the
pain and anger in her existence falling away, replaced only by contentment
and carnal euphoria.


She just kept thinking about 6. 6 was all that mattered to her anymore. Her
screams of orgasm were quietened for a second as 6 kissed her once more.
Starbuck felt a helmet lowering onto her head, a humming, whispering sound
now in her ears and a rainbow of flashing lights shining in her eyes. It was
brainwashing and she knew it. She was being transformed into an obedient sex
slave whose only purpose in life was to serve the Cylon empire in every way
she could. With her mind but above all with her body. But somehow that was
all ok. It was all ok because 6 was there. As long as she belonged to 6 it
was all alright.

"You're all mine," the 6 whispered as the world went black.

"I love you too," Starbuck had time to reply.

* * *

Starbuck woke up in bed, the sun playing on her face. She felt wonderful. She
felt better than wonderful. She'd never felt happier or more contented in her
entire life.

She raised one hand, the manacles binding her to the bed giving her just
enough leeway to enable her to run her hands up and down her body.

She moaned with pleasure as her fingers traced their way across her still
swollen and sensitive breasts and down onto her hugely enlarged abdomen.

"I'm pregnant!" she remarked out loud, absolutely stunned.

She became aware of someone else standing beside her bed. It was a 6. Better
than that it was HER 6, the one who'd led her into the impregnation chamber.
Somehow she could now distinguish her from all the others even though they
were outwardly identical in appearance. There was someting different about
her now, something so obvious it wasn't apparent at first.

"So am I" the 6 told her, taking Starbuck's hand and placing it on her own
swollen belly. "My baby is half human, half Cylon, just like yours."

Starbuck could feel the motion of the hybrid child moving inside the 6,
mirroring the movement of her own baby inside her womb.

"The Quickening," she observed.

"What?" The 6 was obviously unfamilar with the term.

"When a mother feels her baby move inside her for the first time."

The 6 nodded in understanding. "How do you feel about your child?"

Starbuck paused for a moment but the truth of her reply was overwhelming.
"I've never loved anything more."

"I know what you mean," the 6 agreed. She gestured outside to the gardens of
the breeding centre. It was a beautiful sunny day, Caprica's weather systems
at last returning to normal after the chaos caused by the nuclear winter
following the Cylon's attack.

"Let's go for a walk," she suggested.

"I'd like that," Starbuck agreed.

She bent down and unfastened Starbucks manacles. They kissed then walked hand
in hand through the ward to the door. They passed dozens of other beds, all
filled with pregnant human women.

"What are you doing?" It was the black Cylon, the same model that had posed
as a doctor.

"The war's over," the 6 told them. "Call off the pursuit of the Galactica,
send them a message stating our wish to discuss peace. Release the other
prisoners and have them contact the resistance with our terms to end the

The Cylons gathered around, open mouthed. Starbuck noted that several of the
female Cylons were now also pregnant although none as far along as her 6 was.

"But they..." it was the 'Leoben' Cylon who spoke.

Her 6 cut him off.

"There is no THEY!" she told him forcefully. She stroked her belly with one
hand and Starbuck's with the other. "There is only US now. We are ALL god's
children. We must simply pray that the humans forgive us for all that we have

They turned and walked on. Starbuck saw the other cyborgs pause for a moment.
Then all the pregnant female Cylons began to release the human prisoners from
their chains. The male Cylons hesitated for a few more seconds before helping
them in their task. None of the humans tried to run, their fear and desire to
escape a distant memory now.

The human/Cylon war was over.

Starbuck and 6 walked on together into the bright morning sunlight, Cylon and
human, lovers and mothers. The future of both races nestled securely in their
wombs, enveloped by soft, warm flesh and deep, endless love.

"I can't keep just calling you 6," Kara Thrace pointed out.

"Well, why don't you name me then?" her 6 responded.

"How about Eve?" Kara suggested.

"I like it," Eve declared.


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