Timeline: this story takes place 2 years after Capt. Kirk presumably 'dies',
in Battlestar Galactica terms, it is 1 year after the tv show, I don't count
the one where they come to Earth so it will be the familiar names Adama,
Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Boomer, Jolly etc. For one year they have traveled
the void and now are getting close to the Milky Way. In Star Wars term, this
story takes place instead of 'Attack of the Clones', although many elements
of that will remain. As for Captain Lung using Miss instead of Mister, that's
a further reflection of the change from 'Where no man has gone before' to
'Where no one has gone before', and is used as my interpretation of changes
that may have occurred in Starfleet.

At the end of the 23rd century the Starship Dragonflame, the fastest and
most heavily armed ship in the Federation encounters a rag tag fugitive fleet
protected by a single Battlestar. But the Cylons are only the beginning for
the rookie crew of Dragonflame as she and the Battlestar Galactica are soon
fighting in a Galaxy far far away against a peril that threatens all.

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek/Star Wars - Episode 2:
Starships, Battlestars, and Jedis Prologue (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

The shuttle carried the woman towards the newest ship in the Federation's
fleet. The woman could not suppress the thrill that went through her after
all these years of sitting behind a desk. This was where she was meant to
be! On the deck of a starship, and not just any starship. This ship was

Dragonflame was not like the unfortunate science ship that she been on last,
nor was it even like the Enterprise, which had been her first assignment.
This was a ship of war! Outwardly, Dragonflame had the appearance of the best
of both the Reliant class and the old style Romulan Bird of Prey, except
larger. That second effect was also not lost on the woman, since she was
half-Romulan. Inside it was far different as it had trans-warp drive,
cloaking device, aft torpedoes, plasma cannon, gatling phasers, as well as
the standard phasers and photon tubes, and even 6 small one man fighters
instead of shuttle crafts.

Sleek and deadly, it could outrun and outfight any Federation, Romulan,
Orion, Gorn, or Klingon warship. The crew was young and inexperienced, but
was handpicked to be the best of the best. The woman knew that she had also
been chosen because she had experience in perilous situations and a powerful
sponsor, her mentor Ambassador Spock.

The shuttle docked, the airlock opened and Lt. Saavik was greeted by a
familiar looking human female of Asian origin.

"Welcome aboard Lt. Saavik," Ens. Demora Sulu smiled warmly.

* * *

In the Captain's Quarters, two old friends shook hands and grinned. This was
their first command but these two men were bound by friendship and by family
ties that reached all the way back to the 20th century. The tall muscular
dark haired man then snapped off a silly imitation of an British salute.

"Commander Will Starr reporting for duty, SOR!" Will said in a mock British
accent, cracking both men up.

"Can the universe survive having both of us on the same ship?" Captain
Jonathan Lung laughed.

"Blame it on our ancestors," Will grinned. "Not easy being descended from
legends. Maybe we'll make our own."

"The fate of the universe is on your hands," a beautiful and familiar black
girl said from doorway. She was Lt. Commander Kelly Ray, Chief Engineering
Officer. "The universe is doomed!"

The three friends broke up laughing. A fighting ship, a ship with a special
selected crew and it was theirs! Each crew member had been chosen because
they were either the descendants of heroes, or already were heroes. Captain
Lung smiled at the thought of what such a crew could accomplish.

The hardest person to get that Captain Lung had wanted had been Ens. Sulu.
Prying her out of the new Enterprise had been difficult considering her
heritage. But when he recruited her best friend Ens. Yelena Chekov and then
managed to get Commander Leonard H. McCoy the 3rd, the grandson of the first
Dr. McCoy, as his medical officer, and finally got Starfleet to give him Lt.
Saavik, it was too tempting for Ens. Sulu to resist such a gathering of
Enterprise legacy.

"Let's see the readout of our key personnel," Will said curiously.

"Okay," Kelly grinned as the names of the 200 crew shuffled into the main

"Task complete," the computer chimed as three copies of the readout printed.

* * *

Key personnel;


Captain; Jonathan Lung; Code-named Dragon. Direct descendant of China Dragon,
leader of G.O.L.D. in the 20th and 21st century. Graduated 1st in class
Starfleet academy. Five years experience Romulan border. Three years
experience military police, decorated for valor 12 times against pirates and
raiders. Special skills; martial arts expertise level greater than any

Science Officer; Lt. Saavik; Half-Vulcan, Half-Romulan. Scientific mind,
mildly telepathic, brief career aboard U.S.S. Enterprise. Decorated for
heroism during the 'Genesis Affair'.

Navigation/Helm; Ens. Demora Sulu; Daughter of Hikaru Sulu Captain of U.S.S.
Excelsior, decorated twice U.S.S. Enterprise.

Weapons Control; Lt. Tallon Kang; Son of Klingon Commander Kang. Ranked 1st
at Klingon academy, recently accepted into Starfleet on probationary status.
Note: a member of the more human looking minority of the outer Klingon worlds
and thus seems to adapt more easily into Starfleet than the majority of

Communications Officer; Ens. Yelena Chekov. Daughter of Commander Pavel
Chekov. Speaks 17 languages fluently without translators and has shown
remarkable talent on this area. Special skills; can double as Helm if

* * *


Ship's Surgeon: Commander Leonard H. McCoy III; Rated 1st in all categories
of active Starfleet Personnel. Has invented 26 vaccines, winner of Nobel
Peace Prize for medicine and is still under 30 years of age.

Ship's Head R.N.: Lt. T'lee; Distant niece of the 'House of Sarek'. Rated 2nd
in class at 'Vulcan Academy'. Incurred family wrath in choosing Starfleet.
Member of a small cult on Vulcan called the 'Emotionals', because they
believe that logic does not exclude emotions. Mildly telepathic as are all

R.N.: Ens. Zan Tang; A Picean mutant with the power of healing. Semi-aquatic,
must breathe water every hour. Special skill; Extensive knowledge of humanoid

* * *

Away Team:

Number 1: Commander Will Starr, code-name Wildstar. Direct descendant of
20th and 21st century G.O.L.D. second in command Questar. Ranked 2nd behind
Jonathan Lung at Starfleet academy. Three year active duty Romulan border.
Authorized leave of absence for classified assignment. Note; Benevolent
Mutant, has a wide variety of physical and mental 'powers' similar to those
possessed by his ancestor at only slightly lesser power.

Science Officer: Metron; Experimental android. As yet untested.

Lt. J.G. Peridot; Gelatian heroine, former member, G.O.L.D. Reserve, former
member Action Angels, 300 years old, still a teenager by Gelatian standards.
Peridot has a small unremovable peridot gem in the palm of her right hand
that can produce green energy that she can use for various effects.
Gelatian's also have the physical strength of 3 men.

Medical Officer: Ens. Callisto 7; A clone of the woman known as 'Good'
Callisto, she is highly adept at both healing and breaking bones.

Star Fleet Marine: Sgt. Asaurus (nearest translation of his name). Gorn hero.
Unlimited class fighting champion of Gorn. Expert in all Federation, Gorn,
Romulan, and Klingon weaponry.

* * *


Chief Engineer; Lt. Commander Kelly Ray; Descendant of G.O.L.D. hero Billy
Ray. First in all Engineering Academies. Rated only behind the legendary
Captain Scott as a engineering genius. Has the power of super-speed allowing
her to perform repairs in seconds that would take even Mr. Scott hours.

Lt. Eric Cordon; Descendant of the famed Musketeer D'Artagnan. Five years
duty aboard U.S.S. Excelsior. Has a quick and able mind, a first class
gadgeteer and computer hacker. Gold Medallist Starfleet Olympics in all
sword categories.

Ens. Yasha; A Deltan female under usual 'Oath of Chastity'. Rated class A-1
by Starfleet. First in her class Starfleet Engineering School, recent
graduate. Special note; Yasha is a rarity among Deltans in that she
previously was interested only in females.

Ens. Ryu Kobe; Second in class Starfleet Engineering School recent graduate.
Electronics and mathematics super genius.

* * *

"Well, nice to know that all 3 of us made the 'key list'," Kelly grinned.
"BTW, I know Yasha cheats on her vow. But she's my problem."

"If she starts any trouble you will be held responsible," Dragon said flatly.
"Deltans are very promiscuous and have been known to disrupt entire ships."

"As long as she keeps it between Peridot and me she'll be okay," Kelly said.
"She's good, almost as good an engineer as I am. I would like to keep her
around in case of emergency."

"Peridot, Yasha, and you, huh?" Will grinned. "I'd pay to see that. If we
still got paid that is."

"And I suppose Callisto, T'lee , and you have just been playing chess," Kelly
smiled at her longtime friend. "And you don't complain when we have some hot
fun either."

Will Starr blushed as Kelly exposed his own horndog ways. Dragon shook his
head. What a crew, he thought with an inward groan. In truth, Kelly and he
had also been somewhat intimate in the past. His thoughts were interrupted
by Ens. Yelena Chekov's voice.

"Captain to the bridge," Yelena said over all internal channels.

* * *

The bridge crew, joined by Will, Kelly, and Dr. McCoy assembled on the bridge
as the Federation President spoke to them and the entire crew.

"Greeting to the Captain and crew of U.S.S. Dragonflame. I must say though
that yours is a ship I pray that sees little action. Our enemies are becoming
fewer now that we have welcomed our former enemies, the galaxy is more
peaceful than it has ever been. But peace must be backed by strength. I
confess that I was against this ship, but I also see that it might have it's
uses as we reach out to more and more worlds. The universe is vast and we
have learned well that not all races are peaceful. Therefore, when threats
appear it is your job to end them, peacefully if you can, the use of force
must always be last resort or in self-defense. God speed, Dragonflame," the
President said.

"Well, that was short and sweet," Dragon grinned. "Ens. Chekov, are we clear
to leave space dock?"

"Yes, captain," Yelena grinned back. "And no, I don't say Keptan like my
father does."

"Then take us out Miss Sulu," Dragon said as everyone else grinned.

Minutes later they were clear of the dock, their first destination came in
from starfleet, a routine patrol along the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy
just for a shakedown.

"Is the word given?" Ens. Sulu asked, barely containing the excitement all
200 members of the ship felt.

"The word is given," Dragon grinned. "Warp speed, your discretion, Miss

The End - Prologue


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