Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Dragonflame.
It's ongoing mission, to confront threats to the Federation when conventional
methods fail. And this is the tale of war! War against a race of robots who
seek to hunt down and destroy all within their path. And it is yet more! A
tale of an even greater evil! One that threatens all!

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek/Star Wars - Episode 2:
Starships, Battlestars, and Jedis Part 1 (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Captain's log; Stardate, well, I'll let the computer figure that one out.
What was supposed to be a mere shake-down has turned into an adventure even
my super hero ancestor would envy. My first command, my first mission, and
I wonder if any of us will ever see Earth again. Let me start at the
beginning. That's always best......

* * *

Three weeks of training and patrol along the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Every system had actually performed better than advertised. The crew was in
high spirits, but was hoping for some action. They were about to get it.

Two of the Dragonflame's 6 one-man fighters were launched. The thrill of
the fast fighters was clear as 2 men talked to each other on a secret comm
link that Kelly had devised just for them.

"Oh man," Will said. "This must be what China Dragon and Questar felt like
when they went off on some mission. Best friends, just like we are."

"Yep, but I bet they never had anything like these babies," Dragon grinned.

"Hey, aren't we breaking regulations?" Will asked, not caring. "After all,
it was because of Captain Kirk and all his heroics that they re-instated the
rank of Number 1. After all, Starship Captains are too valuable to waste,
too hard to train and all that. I'm supposed to see all the action."

"Of course we're breaking regulations," Dragon smiled. "Since when did either
of us give a damn?"

"Since now," Will said soberly as the images came on his screen.

There were 2 of them. Small fighters, but fast. They were at the very extreme
edge of their sensors, barely detectable.

"Well, we were wanting some action," Dragon said. "Let's talk first, though."

* * *

"Do you see them?" Lt. Starbuck asked.

"Barely," Captain Apollo answered. "They're on the maximum range of our

"It's obvious they see us," Starbuck said. "They're coming in."

"These readings don't make any sense," Apollo said. "Power source is
completely unknown. The design isn't from any Cylon ships though."

"They're obviously fighters though," Starbuck said. "It's been a yahren since
we've seen anything. Might be interesting."

"Attention, unidentified spacecraft," Will said as he ran through all
available channels. "This is Commander Wildstar of the Federation Starship
Dragonflame. Please identify."

"This is Captain Apollo of the Battlestar Galactica," Apollo replied.

"Please state your intentions," Will said, pleased that the man seemed

"Our mission is peaceful," Apollo continued. "We are in search of the
Thirteenth colony of man."

"Does this colony have a name, Captain Apollo?" Will asked, curiosity getting
to him.

Captain Apollo hesitated. What if this was some kind of trick? After all, 2
fighters of that size had to have a base ship close by. Apollo weighed the
pros and cons carefully as he always did. Fate intervened thanks to
Starbuck's well known rashness.

"It's called Earth," Starbuck blurted out.

"Well, you're in luck," Dragon grinned. "Just came from there."

"Wait a centon..." Apollo said stunned.

"Huh? What's a centon?" Dragon asked.

Apollo and Starbuck were both in shock. Could it be? Could the end of their
voyage really be at hand? The fighters the strangers had were of near enough
advancement to mean possible help against the Cylons. And they had spoken of
a 'Federation'. Did this mean they had allies? Could they really be strong
enough to stand up to their enemies. Apollo launched a secret subspace
message back to the Galactica.

"Commander Wildstar, and your wingman," Apollo said sternly. "I am turning
all weapons systems off and requesting to meet with your superiors. Please,
escort us to your ship under any circumstances you desire."

"Take me to your leader huh?" Will grinned. "Look, we know you have a ship
behind you, just like you know we have a ship behind us. Trust is a hard
thing in the universe. If we went by the rulebook we would probably be
shooting at each other by now. But, I think we'll throw the book out for

Dragon grinned. I'm going to watch out that he doesn't become captain, Dragon
thought. It was true, the book wasn't big on trust against unknown races, but
Dragon was good at reading people, and somehow he knew that meeting these
people was the right thing to do.

* * *

Their first view of Dragonflame really didn't impress Apollo and Starbuck
that much. Yes, it had sleek lines, but it was so small compared to
Galactica. Dragon had radioed ahead and requested certain personnel for the
honor guard. Landing first so that he could change Dragon joined them. On
the right was Lt. T'lee, Lt. Kang, Ens. Zan, and Ens. Yasha. On the left was
Lt. Savik, Lt. J.G. Peridot, Lt. Cordon, and Sgt. Asaurus. Dragon wanted to
show off the diversity of the Federation.

In that he succeeded as Apollo and Starbuck quickly noted the various races.
Now they were impressed. The pipe sounded as Apollo and Starbuck saluted
Dragon who stood in the center and was obviously in charge. Dragon returned
the salute. Apollo and Starbuck had left their sidearms in their Vipers as a
show of peace.

"Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Dragonflame, gentlemen," Dragon smiled warmly.

Dragon shook hands with both men. He could read that these were men of honor.
And something more, he couldn't quite put his finger on it. They were hunted!

* * *

Onboard the Galactica:

It had been a yahren since the Galactica had entered the mysterious void in
their attempt to escape the pursuing Cylons. Now word from their first patrol
into this new Galaxy they had come to from the nothingness had come. And the
word could not be contained by a people desperate for hope. Earth, and
possibly a strong Earth was near.

Commander Adama looked out the view port towards the many flickering lights
that drew ever closer. Captain Apollo, his son, had excellent instincts. Born
of 1000 battles Apollo would not be meeting with these strangers unless he
felt deep in his gut that it was right. Word was sweeping throughout the rag
tag fugitive fleet, weeping for joy and celebration could not be stopped.

Adama felt that he was no longer alone. His oldest friend Col. Tigh had
joined him.

"I know you so well old friend," Tigh grinned. "You're thinking, 'which one',
aren't you."

"You are worse than my wife was old friend," Adama grinned despite himself.
"I do wonder if this just another dead end, or if we truly have found

"Commander Adama," came the excited voice of his daughter Athena, "please
report to the bridge! We're being hailed!"

"What?! At this range?" Col. Tigh was incredulous. They couldn't even pick up
this Dragonflame on their sensors yet.

"It's true," Athena said, unable to contain herself. "We'll have visual in
less than 10 centons."

Even Adama was startled. Was Earth that advanced? No one could ever remember
seeing dignified Adama move that quickly.

* * *

As they toured the ship, despite being steered away from sensitive areas, by
the book, Apollo and Starbuck had to admit that Dragonflame was indeed a good
ship. The general level of technology seemed to be slightly more advanced
than theirs, and when Ens. Sulu came on the ship's intercom informing them
that they were almost in hailing range Apollo was very impressed.

"Holy shit! There's a whole fleet out there," Will said as he looked at the

"Mostly unarmed," Lt. Saavik said as she scanned the 200 plus fleet.
"Captain, I've never seen a reading like this. The main ship would make 10

Dragon overlooked Saavik's mistake as he took his chair. Letting his guests
know how large their ship was compared to the largest ship in the Federation
was unwise, but then again, for all Apollo and Starbuck knew Excelsior could
be Dragonflame's size.

"We have communication, Captain, I can have visual in 2 more minutes," Ens.
Yelana said.

"Wait for visual," Dragon said. "Captain Apollo, Lt. Starbuck, we mean your
people no harm, if you would stand nearby. Number 1 to my right."

"Hailing frequencies open Captain," Yelana said. "Visual in 5-4-3-2-1. We
have visual."

On Dragonflame's screen came the flickering, then steady image of a grizzled
warrior. The years of command were etched in the face of Commander Adama,
each line making him even more distinguished looking.

"Greetings, I am Captain Jonathan Lung, this is the Federation Starship
Dragonflame," Dragon began. "I am from the planet Earth, but we are from many
worlds, Vulcan, Gelatia, Gorn, Piciean. We welcome you if you come in peace,
and are prepared to fight if we must."

Saavik and T'lee had to admit that they were impressed. Everything they had
heard about Dragon being a 'shoot first, sort the bodies later' type really
was false. Then again, Saavik thought, Captain Kirk was different from what
I'd always heard about too. Humans are so complex.

After all her years of being around them, Saavik was still surprised by some
humans. Being around T'lee she was beginning to wonder about some Vulcans
too. T'lee was all Vulcan, until she got around Wildstar, then she acted like
a Deltan.

On the Galactica wild cheers had broken out as soon as Dragon had said he was
from Earth. Commander Adama was also quite adept at reading people, and what
he read in the body language and tone of voice of Captain Lung, gave him more
hope than he had felt in a long time. He could see Apollo and Starbuck,
unarmed, but looking at ease. The radical diversity of races and species also
eased the mind of the war weary leader. To be able to interact with such an
assortment of races was something unknown even in the Colonies.

"I am Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica," Adama steely replied. "We
have come here in peace. We wish no harm to you or your Federation."

Adama saw a short pretty blonde woman, obviously the Communications Officer
whisper something in the Captain's ear. Captain Lung smiled.

"My engineering officer tells me that we will be in transporter range within
an hour, I don't really know what your translation is, I will check with your
officers," Dragon said, "This man is my Number 1, he is also my best friend.
With your permission I would like him and a few of my people to visit your
ship. Your officers can stay or go as they please. If they stay, they will be
guests. I assure you, no harm will come to them."

"After all, we are not big lizards that eat human faces off," Sgt. Asarus

Even Dragon couldn't keep from cracking up. He rather liked Sgt. Asaurus and
his bizarre sense of humor. Sgt. Asaurus knew every dinosaur joke in the book
and was proof that Gorns had a (warped) sense of humor. Commander Adama was
slightly puzzled. Transporter? Was that a shuttle?

"I will be happy to receive your officers. I do request that they be unarmed
as mine are," Adama said.

"You may speak to your men if you wish Commander," Dragon said. "I think they
will enjoy pizza night. I'm about to feed them if you are unfamiliar with
that term."

"Captain Apollo, Lt. Starbuck, I will expect a full report as soon as you
return," Adama said flatly so as not to give away that Apollo was his son.

"Yes sir," both men said.

"In the meantime, you are off duty," Adama said. "I trust, Captain Lung, that
my men are safe in your hands."

"I hope to be worthy of your trust Commander," Dragon said.

"Captain, we have some interference, we must break communication for the
moment," Ens. Yelana said as her strained circuits were at their maximum.

"Very well, Miss Ray, please get the assistance of our guests to lock in
co-ordinates for a location for the transporters," Dragon ordered. "Number 1,
ready your party, full authorization. Commander Adama, my officers will beam
aboard shortly."

"I look forward to it," Adama half-smiled.

"Captain Lung, out," Dragon said as he broke communication. Turning to
Apollo and Starbuck," Lt. Saavik, Ens. Chekov, please show our guests to the
transporter room, then get them something to eat. Gentlemen, it's pretty damn
obvious to anyone with a brain that you escorting refugees. I'm willing to
bet that food is pretty scarce for everyone. Mr. Kang, contact Starfleet for
some escort ships, I think there are at least 2 class M planets nearby with
no inhabitants higher than ants. Welcome to the Federation."

Lt. Kang sent out the message. More humans, Kang inwardly groaned. Just what
the Galaxy needs. Not. But then he looked at Ens. Sulu who smiled at him.
Then again, who knows? Kang thought as he smiled back.

* * *

"Oh man, I have never tasted anything like that," Starbuck said in

"Interesting food, this pizza, you call it," Apollo said.

"I'm glad you liked it," Yelana smiled, especially at Starbuck.

Starbuck had a certain wildness about him, much like Wildstar. But since
T'lee and Callisto seemed to already have their hooks in him that seemed like
a lost cause. Lt. Saavik noticed the cigar in Starbucks breast pocket. A
cigar he pulled out and lit.

"Not a habit I care for, Lt., but some humans are known to enjoy those, I
think we have some 'Cubans' aboard," Saavik said. "Much like Romulan ale, it
is said to be the best of it's class."

"Forgive me for asking this Lt.," Apollo said, "Would you tell us more about
the Federation. I can understand your reluctance to give away anything that
might be of military value, but our people are indeed refuges as your captain
noted. We fought a war, we lost, and we fear our enemy may track us down."

"I have taken the liberty of scanning your ships, Vipers you call them, they
are most impressive," Saavik said, "Your Battlestar is also impressive from
what little I have been able to ascertain. Our levels of technology seem to
balance. Perhaps slightly in favor of you in warfare, towards us in other
areas. You seem to have no knowledge of transporters for example."

"I still don't quite get that," Starbuck said.

"You will," Yelana smiled.

* * *

The word swept like wildfire all throughout the fleet. A man from Earth was
due to arrive any centon. Commander Adama had arranged an honor guard to
meet the party, and had instructed them to not over-react if any of the more
unusual looking members of the Starship were among them. He had put Lt. Sheba
in charge, and she had requested Adama's daughter Athena to join her, hoping
that showing more women would also decrease any tension.

Athena had readily agreed. Besides, she wanted to see that handsome big man
who had stood beside the Captain of Dragonflame. Adama was unsure how the
party would be able to arrive in such a short time.

The answer caused everyone to gasp as 6 tubes of light appeared in their
midst. Wildstar had chosen Lt. T'lee and Ens. Ryu Kobe to come with him on
the 'Away Team' and reluctantly left Sgt. Asaurus behind so as to not panic
the people of Galactica. The shock of what they had just done set and the
people of Galactica cheered wildly at the display of technology.

"Federation, present," Wildstar ordered.

Wildstar, Peridot, Metron, Callisto, T'lee, and Ryu saluted Commander Adama
crisply, earning more points from the Galactica with this show of honoring
their military leader. The council of 12 started forward, Wildstar paid them
no heed, he had little stomach for bureaucrats. He knew who the true leader
was as he stepped towards Commander Adama and offered his hand.

"Commander Will Starr, Number 1 of United Federation Starship Dragonflame,"
Wildstar said.

"Commander Adama, welcome to the Galactica," Adama said, taking the man's

"A gift Commander," Lt. T'lee said. "Romulan ale, I think you will find it
most interesting."

"How the good doctor keeps getting it, we don't know," Callisto chimed in

A little boy ran up to Wildstar, a robotic dog like pet followed.

"Mister, are you really from Earth?" Boxey asked wide eyed.

"Yes son, born and raised," Wildstar smiled as he knelt and playfully tousled
the boy's hair. "Ens. Callisto and Ens. Ryu are also from Earth."

"Sort of, in my case," Callisto smiled.

"Yes, well, and Lt. Peridot is from Gelatia, Lt. T'lee is from Vulcan, Lt.
Metron is from 'Toys 'R' Us' and 'Radio Shack'.

"She's got green skin," Boxey said pointing at Peridot.

"Um, that's what happens when you don't eat your vegetables," Peridot said
thinking quickly.

Athena, Sheba, Cassiopeia and many other women smiled at that one with
knowing looks. In just minutes, the Federation members had already endeared
themselves to the men and women of the Galactica. For so long they had lived
in fear, now salvation seemed to be at hand.

* * *

"Are you sure we're on the right course?" the seated figure said.

"Commander Adama is most clever to recycle, but not even he can hide all the
debris left by over 200 ships," Lucifer said. "We are very close."

"Excellent," the figure said as he turned around.

Half of his face was gone, his right arm and left foot had been replaced by
robotic ones. This had been his punishment for failure against the humans.
The Cylons had tortured him for months before finally releasing him. Despite
all this Count Baltar still hated his own kind more than he hated the Cylons.

Things had drastically changed in the last yahren. Large cube shaped ships
had destroyed the entire Cylon empire. Only Count Baltar and 3 Basestars
survived. And only then because they had been away hunting for Galactica.
With no Imperial Leader left, and no way to create another, Baltar was now
Supreme Commander of the Cylons.

"Soon Adama," Baltar muttered. "Very soon."

The End - Chapter 1


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