Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Dragonflame.
It's ongoing mission, to confront threats to the Federation when conventional
methods fail. And this is the tale of war! War against a race of robots who
seek to hunt down and destroy all within their path. And it is yet more! A
tale of an even greater evil! One that threatens all!

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek/Star Wars - Episode 2:
Starships, Battlestars, and Jedis Part 2 (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Wildstar was actually a bit embarrassed by all the attention he was getting.
To these people Dragonflame was salvation. Commander Adama introduced him to
everyone. Wildstar shook hands warmly with military men and women like Col.
Tigh, Lt. Boomer, and Lt. Sheba, and coldly with the 'Council of 12.' More
than a few people kissed him, he grinned as he saw all the members of his
party, including Metron getting the same treatment.

Wildstar was also getting lots of 'bedroom eyes' looks from a number of
women, including many he found attractive. In truth he cut a very dynamic
figure in the red 'dress uniform' he wore. His handsome face and wiry steel
hard muscles had always caused more than a few female hearts to flutter. But
the only Galactica woman Wildstar felt attracted to was the dark haired
beauty named Lt. Athena.

Wildstar could have mind-scanned her, just as he could have Apollo and
Starbuck, but he was a man of honor and long ago had made a vow not to use
his powers to invade the minds of others unless absolutely necessary. He did
learn that Athena was Commander Adama's daughter in conversation with a Lt.
Bojay. Other eyes watched the mutual glances between Wildstar and Athena.

"Guess we just became a foursome," Callisto sighed to T'lee.

"Well, he is man enough," T'lee grinned.

No one who saw T'lee grin knew just how rare a sight that was. Seeing a
Vulcan smile was like seeing a Klingon kiss a Tribble.

"Please, you don't have to go to any trouble with a feast," Wildstar said
as the welcome continued. "I am sure that food is in short supply and your
people are not completely safe yet."

"What do you mean?" Athena asked.

"Your enemies, the Cylons I believe a few people have mentioned. What if they
are behind you still? The Federation will have to find suitable planets for
your people to settle on," Wildstar said. "We'll also need to fight them."

"Your Federation will help us won't they?" Cassiopeia asked.

"There is no question of that," Wildstar said. "The Federation will fight for
you, as we would any band of refugees."

Another cheer went up for that. A ragged cheer to be sure. The party from
the Dragonflame were led into an area that had been hastily turned into a
'Ballroom'. The music was odd, but light and danceable. Wildstar and Athena
had several dances together, it seemed that formal dances were similar enough
for the Federation men and women to adapt to them. Wildstar spotted an
instrument similar to a guitar. Peridot had also noticed it and made her way
to Wildstar.

Peridot had been the 'Britney Spears' of Gelatia before she had joined her
older sister on Earth in the early 21st century. The 2 of them made their way
to the makeshift stage.

"With everyone's permission, Peridot and I would like to sing a few songs for
you," Wildstar said, "We like the music of some 300 years ago, and we hope
you will not think that they are too strange."

The music of long ago rock ballads, while strange to the Galactica, was a
hit. Especially with the younger audience.

* * *

Dragonflame and Galactica were much closer now. Close enough that
communication no longer threatened the ship's systems now. Captain Lung
smiled as he read Starfleet's message. He knew that the refugees would be
welcomed and he was right, although the speed of the reply surprised him.
Normally, an answer to an inquiry from this distance would take weeks, but
there were 2 science ships in the quadrant who had relayed Dragonflame's
initial message down the line faster than normal. An emergency meeting by
the Federation president had been unusually quick as there had been quick
assent with no dissenters.

Now that was a miracle, Dragon thought. For once something that nobody could
object to.

"Miss Chekov," Dragon began, "Hailing frequencies open. I have excellent news
for those people. Have Captain Apollo and Lt. Starbuck join me as well."

The message came across all screen in the weary refugee fleet. Hope became
outright jubilation. Wildstar and all the the members of the 'Away Team' were
hugged almost to oblivion.

"Attention! To the refugees of the 12 Colonies, to the Battlestar Galactica
and her valiant crew, to your distinguished Commander Adama," Dragon began
as he appeared on the screens, Apollo and Starbuck just behind him, "I have
just received this message form the Federation President and I would like
to read it to you. 'To our brothers from other worlds, we, the United
Federation of Planets, do hereby, and unanimously do offer you refuge and
protection under the law of brotherhood. Two science vessels are en route
to escort your fleet, first to 2 small habitable planets where you may rest
or some may choose to stay, then to any planet you desire. All 437 worlds
of the Federation offer you sanctuary. Orders to the Dragonflame are to take
a rear guard position as a precaution against your enemy. Welcome to

The years drained from the face of Commander Adama. He had done it! He had
led his people to safety and to freedom. Adama danced with Callisto then, his
rich laugh made her smile. Col. Tigh and Adama then hugged. All throughout
the ragged fleet the joy could not be contained.

* * *

Two days had passed as Commander Adama watched his fleet leave. He had chosen
to also stay until all his people were safe. The unarmed science vessels had
been joined by 4 Federation transports who were taking on people from ships
that couldn't go any farther. Apollo joined him in his quarters.

"Only a few more to go father," Apollo said with a rare smile.

"You know this isn't the end of it," Adama said. "The Cylons will find us.
More people will die."

"Father, we were 12 planets that fell to treachery," Apollo said. "They are
437 planets who will be prepared for an attack."

"I pray that you are right," Adama turned to his son, a half smile on his
face," I have faith in them if they are all like Captain Lung. He is clever
despite his youth. He has hidden his ship behind that asteroid. If an attack
comes, he will hit them from the rear."

"He is well liked by his crew, a natural leader," Apollo said.

Over the last 2 days the crews of the 2 warships had struck up many
friendships. While some had gasped at the sight of Gorns, Andorians, and
others at first they now shared drinks and lies freely.

"Father, I am going to 'Seal' with Lt. Sheba," Apollo blurted out. "I talked
to Boxey about it, he is quite fond of her and approves."

"Your son is quite remarkable," Adama grinned. "He has had to grow up so
fast, and seen so many things a boy his age shouldn't see. He is just like
his father."

Apollo and Adama hugged each other.

* * *

"It is as you suspected Lord Baltar," Lucifer said. "The void is indeed
growing thinner. Since we are unburdened by having to escort run down
civilian craft I believe we are now closing in on the humans."

"Good," Baltar sneered as he swiveled his chair to look at the robot. "Soon
I will make them all pay. How long?"

"I suspect no more than a day at full power," Lucifer answered.

Lucifer did not tell Baltar his suspicions. Lucifer suspected that Galactica
had stopped or slowed to a crawl. But why? Commander Adama could have no idea
that they were so close. And if he did know, for what purpose. Galactica was
a match for a single Basestar. With luck or skill the Galactica might even
get 2 Basestars. But 3 was beyond what any Battlestar could handle.

Adama was no fool. Without the Galactica his mangy little fleet would be
picked apart at Baltar's leisure. Lucifer was smart and this troubled him.

* * *

"We've got company," Dragon said as the superior sensors of the Federation
picked up the signals of the 3 huge Basestars.

Had they been the size of Dragonflame perhaps Baltar might have gotten the
surprise attack he wanted. But Basestars the size of asteroids were a dead

"Three against 2, not good odds," Wildstar grinned. "For them."

"Miss Chekov, contact Commander Adama," Dragon smiled, also relishing a good
fight. "I want a meeting of all major officers from both ships."

"Oooooo, I've seen that look in your eye before Dragon," Kelly laughed. "That
stunt you pulled on your 'Kobayashi Maru' test almost made you another James
T. Kirk."

"You almost won the 'Kobayashi Maru' test?" Lt. Saavik's asked, her eyebrows
arching up.

"With this ship I would have won," Dragon smiled. "And it was with most of
this crew. With you and a few others who have joined up since it would be
possible. But only with this ship and this current crew could anyone win."

"How did you do it?" Saavik asked.

"Something my ancestor called a squeeze play," Dragon said. "You must
remember, I had Peridot, Wildstar, Kelly, Lt. Kang, and Sgt. Asaurus with
me. Well, you'd have to see it."

Lt. Saavik had a very funny feeling that she was about to.

The End - Chapter 2

This was just a short one to set up the battle for next chapter. Just what
is Dragon planning?


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