Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Dragonflame.
It's ongoing mission, to confront threats to the Federation when conventional
methods fail. And this is the tale of war! War against a race of robots who
seek to hunt down and destroy all within their path. And it is yet more! A
tale of an even greater evil! One that threatens all!

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek/Star Wars - Episode 2:
Starships, Battlestars, and Jedis Part 4 (no sex)
by Tyval ([email protected])

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away...

The Galaxy is threatened by civil war. Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo
opposes the idea of an 'Army of the Republic' to help the outnumbered and
thinly spread Jedi Knights. Unaware that Chancellor Palpatine is actually
Lord Sideous, the Lord of the Sith. After attempts on her life are thwarted
she is persuaded to return to her home world of Naboo so that she can be
better protected. Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan apprentice Anakin Skywalker
were escorting Senator Padme to her ship, Anakin to stay with her, Obi Wan
to investigate the mysterious ties to a hidden world of 'Clone Lords'! But
something has happened. Two mysterious ships from another time, another
place, with numerous men and women worthy of being Jedi has been detected
by Master Yoda. Joined now by Jedi Master Mace Windu the ship heads out to
meet them instead. Thus does a story change, a destiny re-arrange, and
legends are born!

* * *

Even though it hurt like hell Lt. Kang wouldn't show it as Dr. McCoy taped
his broken ribs. With 24th century medicine he'd be okay in a couple of days.
Of course, a big part of it was his Klingon pride, especially since Demora
had come down to see how he was. Lt. Kang had fought well inside the Cylon

Wildstar had ordered him to guard Athena when the Cylons had attacked. Kang
had gotten 27 Cylons, a couple more than even Wildstar. His broken ribs were
a present from a Cylon fist near the end when they had almost been overrun.
Ens. Sulu smiled at him as she entered sickbay. Kang tried to smile back, but
it looked more like a grimace. That didn't really matter to either of them.
I wonder what my dad would think, Demora thought. Probably be unprintable.

* * *

"Ship's clocks are running again, Captain .... sort of," Saavik reported.
"The standard 24 hour clock is accurate, but all records to stardates have
been erased. We don't know when or where we are in time or space and it is
unlikely that we will any time soon."

"For now that's good enough Miss Saavik," Dragon said. "What have we picked
up on long range scanners? Ships, planets, star patterns in correlation to
any known galaxies."

"We are in a completely unknown galaxy, Captain," Saavik replied. "I have
records of over 1200 individual galaxies in the computer and this doesn't
match any of them. As for planets, there seems to be an extremely high
concentration of inhabitable planets, within range are 3 planets on tech
level equal to ours and another with slightly higher. As for ships, I have
already read a dozen or so ships that appear to be of 'Merchant Class'.
They are giving us a wide berth due to our size and obvious armament."

"Tech level, Miss Saavik?" Dragon asked.

"Again, compatible with ours, faster than light capability on some of them,
but much different than ours or Galatica's," Saavik said. "Hyperspace drive.
It must be."

"That would make sense Captain," Metron said. "Perhaps they were unable to
master warp, just as we are unable to access hyperspace. Each of us therefore
would have a technology the other doesn't, but which serves roughly the same

"Captain, we're being hailed by another ship, one that is just entering our
quadrant," Yelana said. "Getting visual. Galactica signaling that they are
receiving the same message."

"Patch it through Miss Chekov. Three-way conversation," Dragon ordered.

The image of Mace Windu came on the screens of both ships. Dragon instantly
knew that this was a trustworthy man. Commander Adama also felt an odd
kinship to robed Jedi Master.

"Attention, unknown starships," Mace Windu said, "I am Mace Windu of the Jedi
Council. Please identify yourselves."

"Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica," Adama said. "We came here by
misadventure due to the actions of a destroyed foe who wished to commit
murder upon the innocent."

"Misadventure is right," Dragon said. "I am Captain Lung of the Starship
Dragonflame. I represent the United Federation of Planets. By the way,
Commander Adama's rank of Commander is the equal of my Federations rank of
Admiral, so technically he out-ranks me. If he was from the Federation.
Nuts! I'm being confusing rather than helpful."

"What my young friend is trying to say, is that we have come from 2 different
galaxies, to this one," Adama smiled at Dragon's squirming. "You say that you
are a member of a council, is that an official post of your government?"

"The Council of Jedi serve the Republic, but we are independent of them.
However Senator Amidala is on board and can represent the Republic. I'm
sending you co-ordinates of our destination, the planet Naboo and ask that
you meet with the senator and I," Mace Windu said. "I believe that we have
much to discuss."

"I'm game, but I can only speak for my ship," Dragon said. "I have no
authority over Galactica."

"Since Galactica is a refuge and has been accepted by your Federation, and
you are the ranking representative of the Federation," Adama started saying
as he watched in amusement as Dragon was clearly out of his element in
matters of diplomacy.

"All right! I'm a soldier, not a diplomat, Commander!" Dragon said,
frustrated, then sighed. "We would be happy to meet with you, Master Windu."

Mace Windu let out a rare smile as he witnessed the good-natured banter
between the 2 leaders. Both were Jedi he could sense. Aboard Dragonflame he
sensed 16, on Galactica 11, one of them a young boy. Twenty-seven people
capable of being Jedi appearing out of nowhere and claiming to be from other
worlds, other Galaxy's. Only 1 in a trillion beings had the potential to
become Jedi, for so many to appear, backed by 2 warships in the Republic's
hour of need of both sent a slight feeling of hope through the Jedi Master.

* * *

Both Dragon and Commander Adama felt uneasy. They had invited Master Windu
on their ships. Master Windu had pointed out the people he said that were
critical that meet with Master Yoda who was on his way to Naboo. The reason
for the concern was that the ones chosen just happened to be the command
personnel and best fighters of both ships, save for Cassiopeia and Boxey.

That Naboo itself was a beautiful planet there was no doubt. The queen had
briefly talked in private with Senator Amidala who now rejoined them. The
meeting itself was taking place inside of a lush garden as they awaited the
arrival of Master Yoda. From the Dragonflame was Captain Lung, Wildstar, Dr.
McCoy, Kelly Ray, Lt. Saavik, Lt. Kang, Nurse T'lee, Lt. Cordon, Peridot,
Ensigns Sulu, Chekov, Kobe, and Yasha, Callisto, Healer Tang, and Sgt.
Asaurus. From Galactica was Commander Adama, Col. Tigh, Captain Apollo, Lt.'s
Starbuck, Sheba, Athena, Boomer, and Bojay, Sgt. Jolly, and of course Nurse
Cassiopeia and Apollo's son Boxey.

Whatever they had imagined Master Yoda to be, none of them expected the 2
foot tall, green creature that descended the small shuttle followed by 2
other Jedi Masters carrying small cases. But for all the small size and
seeming frailty, the power of Yoda was evident to all. He looks like one
of those Earth things called a muppet, Asaurus thought. I'm 5 times his
size and I'll bet he could break me in half.

"So, these Jedi be?" Yoda asked Mace.

"Everyone of them register well with range," Mace said. "I have learned that
some of them even have powers."

"Interesting," Yoda said as he nimbly walked around them.

"Excuse me, we're not cattle to be inspected," Dragon said. "We are strangers
here and do not wish to offend, but for you to insist on seeing us means we
must be important, or something. And just what is a Jedi anyway? Your men
don't carry visible weapons, but I suspect they are armed."

"Captain Lung is young, but he raises a question," Adama said soberly. "You
have sought us out for a purpose. Our intentions are peaceful, I wish to
return to my people so that we can rebuild the civilization that our enemies
the Cylons destroyed. It was purely by chance that we came here."

"Old warrior you do be," Yoda said. "Wish for peace do you. Wise you be.
Truly Jedi do you be. The Force bring you here, no accident. Yes, tell all."

And so did Master Yoda tell the assembled men and women and aliens, of
Galactica and Dragonflame about the Republic, and the Order of the Jedi, and
even of the Sith. Captivated they sat, and with eyes and ears, untainted by
previous knowledge of the Republic, came fresh ideas and new revelations.

"It's clear to me," Adama said, "that we actually have 4 missions that must
be accomplished."

"Right. This Chancellor Palpatine is playing both sides against each other,"
Dragon said.

"It's so hard to believe," Padme said. "Despite his growing ambition he's
always been a friend to me."

"I can't believe it! It can't be true," Anakin yelled. "Palpatine's been like
a father to me!"

"Calm yourself, boy," Obi-Wan said. "True or not we must investigate."

"So we take the accusations of strangers! People who don't know him?" Anakin

"Look, maybe we're wrong, but we are coming to this from a new perspective,
one that you can't see because you have known this man for a long time,"
Wildstar said, "But think about it? During the Trade War who else knew all
of Naboo's weaknesses. Who was the only person that was trusted enough to
know about Padme's disguise, her location, everything?!"

"Correct, and Darth Maul seemed to know our every move," Obi-Wan added.

"Who better befriend, then seduce slowly to his side than you young
Skywalker," Yoda said. "Clear it becomes. Visions you have of mother, yes?
Perhaps plot to turn you to Dark Side. Mother rescued or kept safe before
his plan must be. That leave chief opponent Padme vulnerable, unguarded
perhaps. Separated from Obi-Wan cooler head at very least."

"The pieces are all falling into place," Mace said. "Because we know him and
believe in him, it allows him to hide in plain sight while still carrying on
his plans. Also by being so close we are unable to detect any evil, what we
have felt we have thought to be merely ambition."

"That still leaves the problem of being in four places at once," Adama said.
"This Palpatine must have followers, spies and the like, however, like most
would be conquerors, he might be unprepared for the unexpected."

"Wise indeed you are Commander," Yoda nodded. "Wild cards do be in play. Your
arrival unexpected and unknown to Chancellor do be as is your insight."

"Then we do the unexpected," Obi-Wan said. "We change the rules of the game."

"Right, and I know just how to do it," Dragon said enthusiastically.
"Palpatine is only counting on dealing with Obi-Wan and Anakin, that's 2, but
we are many. Commander Adama and I must somehow interrupt Palpatine's call
for an army, that still leaves some of us to go with Obi-Wan to Kaminoa,
others to go with Anakin to protect his mother and some to stay here and
guard Padme."

"Jedi I knew you to be," Yoda nodded.

To Dragon and his crew that still seemed like some kind of samurai. The 2
that had come with Yoda set their cases on the table and opened them. Inside
were 27 lightsabers. Including a very large one for Sgt. Asaurus and a dagger
sized one for Boxey. Obi-Wan picked one up and showed them how to activate
it. Captain Apollo looked at Boxey.

"My son will also need protection," Apollo said.

"And some of us will be very unskilled in the use of this weapon," Dragon
said. "Those of us who are not experts will need to stick to phasers and

"I think a simple test should determine who can use a lightsaber," Eric said
as he reveled in the chance to learn a new sword style.

Yoda, Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan set up a few tests, including a blind one.
Dragon made a perfect score and Eric Cordon scored a 95. Right behind them
was Sgt. Asaurus and Lt. Kang with 90's. The highest ranking Galactica
members were Col. Tigh and Apollo with 85. Callisto was the highest scoring
woman with a 94.

Total ranking: score of 100 maximum.
Captain Lung: 100
Lt. Eric Cordon: 95
Ens. Caliisto: 94
Lt. Kang: 90
Sgt. Asaurus: 90
Col. Tigh: 85
Captain Apollo: 85
Lt. Starbuck: 82
Lt. Sheba: 82
Lt. Commander Ray: 80
Lt. Athena: 79
Lt. Boomer: 78
Ens. Ryu Kobe: 75
Ens. Sulu: 75
Lt. Saavik: 74
Lt: T'lee: 73
Commander Adama: 72
Commander Starr: 70
Lt. J. G. Peridot: 69
Lt. Bojay: 67
Dr. McCoy: 65
Sgt. Jolly: 65
Ens. Yasha: 64
Ens. Chekov: 60
Ens. Zan: 50
Boxey: 30
Cassiopeia: 25

Cassiopeia had to admit that she was a little embarrassed about being dead
last, even beaten by a 12 year old. She comforted herself in the fact that
she wasn't a fighter, whereas Boxey had already taken classes in case he
became a warrior someday. Yoda was quite impressed at the prowess of Dragon,
Cordon, and Callisto, as well as the Gorn Asaurus and the Klingon Kang. For
their first practice with a lightsaber they were very impressive. Some of
the other high scores might have been luck, but those 5 were already as good
as any untrained Jedi he had ever seen. Yoda himself had only scored a 97
the first time he'd ever picked up a lightsaber.

A plan was quickly hatched. In order to avoid as much suspicion as possible
Padme would be protected by women, who could pose as maids, cooks, etc. Kelly
Ray, Peridot, Athena, Yasha, Callisto, T'lee, and Cassiopeia. Obi-Wan was to
take Wildstar, Ens. Cordon, and Sheba on-planet to Kaminoa with Apollo and
Starbuck to wait for them in Vipers overhead. Anakin was then to go to
Tatooine with Col. Tigh, Lt. Kang, Ens. Zan, and Sgt. Asaurus, with Boomer
and Bojay flying air cover. Mace Windu was to round up as many Jedi as he
could find quickly to back up the various team. The rest were to head for
Coruscant to stop Palpatine from whatever he was planning.

* * *

Night had fallen on Naboo. Padme found that she could not sleep. She was
restless, horny, nervous, all of the above. Padme couldn't hide her feelings
for Anakin. It was so strange the effect he was having on her when, until a
few days ago when they met again after 10 long years, she had thought of him
as 'Little Anny'. Perhaps a walk to clear my mind, Padme thought as she
pulled a sheer transparent robe over her nude sweating body. Padme had slept
nude since she was 12.

On bare feet she slipped into the hallway. The women from Galactica and
Dragonflame had all the other rooms that lined this corridor. Padme heard
giggling and laughter coming from Peridot's room. Curious she started
walking towards it.

"Oh Padme," Kelly said startling her, "I was just about to come get you."

Padme jumped in surprise, then turned and faced the smiling, but totally nude
black girl, with an equally naked Athena right behind her. Both girls carried
big pillows under each arm.

"Get me for what?," Padme asked curious, yet strangely aroused.

"Old Earth custom, pajama party!" Kelly said enthused. "We just do it without

"It's okay," Athena grinned. "It sounds like fun. Kelly explained it all to
me, it doesn't mean we're lesbians, just that we can have some fun without
the guys too."

"I know you've got the hots for that cute Skywalker kid, it's okay, Athena
likes Wildstar, I kind of like Dragon, but I also dig Peri and Yasha too,"
Kelly smiled.

"Huh?" Padme didn't understand any of what Kelly was saying.

"C'mon, if you don't like it you don't have to stay," Kelly dropped one
pillow, grabbed the unresisting Padme's hand with hers and hustled her into
the room where a naked Peridot, T'lee, Yasha, Cassiopeia, and Callisto
already were.

The End - Chapter 4


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