Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Dragonflame.
It's ongoing mission, to confront threats to the Federation when conventional
methods fail. And this is the tale of war! War against a race of robots who
seek to hunt down and destroy all within their path. And it is yet more! A
tale of an even greater evil! One that threatens all!

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek/Star Wars - Episode 2:
Starships, Battlestars, and Jedis Part 5 (FFFFFFFF)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Padme had to admit that she was having more fun than she had since she was a
child. Growing up in a mostly political environment, then being elected
'Queen of Naboo' at age 14, and following that, being elected Senator, Padme
had had little time for fun most of her life. In fact, how many friends do I
have? Padme thought. Real friends, not servants, not staff, not voters. Padme
realized that the number of real, true friends that she had could probably be
counted on one hand.

This was different. These women didn't know her, had never had their lives
affected by her, but they wanted to be with her. Padme had never really had
girlfriends before and felt a warm feeling spread throughout her young body.
Except for Corde, Padme had had no female friends. They told dirty jokes -
seems that some jokes are universal - talked about clothes, music, and boys.
T'lee had brought a case of chilled Romulan ale. Peridot sang a few of her
songs from the early 21st century.

Padme was curious about the sexuality in Peridot's music. The ale, the
freely given friendship, the comfort the other women had in their nudity was
loosening her inhibitions. Sexy music was being played on the CDDI player now
and some of the girls were dancing intimately with each other. Due to her,
well, not sheltered upbringing, but mostly political, Padme couldn't believe
that some of them were holding each other closely, hands caressing soft
female buttocks, and kissing, with tongues, as they danced slowly.

Then Callisto picked up a pillow and hit T'lee over the head. T'lee squealed
in pleasure as she bopped Yasha. Now Padme finally understood why the girls
had gathered so many pillows as they wildly giggled, laughed and beat each
other with pillows that soon spurted feathers from a Sealot goose.

"Pillow fight!" Kelly yelled as she hit all the other girls 20 times to 1.

"No fair!" Peridot laughed as Kelly smacked her 18 times in 15 seconds.

It was too much for Padme! She couldn't resist as she joined in the fun. The
frenzy of the pillow fight lasted until every pillow was shredded and the
girls, and the whole room in fact, were covered in feathers. All of them were
laughing as they looked at the mess. Then Kelly leaned over and kissed Padme
full on the lips.

"No, no, girls don't, not with other girls," Padme protested weakly as she
saw the others girls pairing up and kissing.

"I'll stop if you really want me to," Kelly smiled.

Callisto was behind Padme now, kissing down the back of her neck while her
hands reached around and gently caressed Padme's tits. Padme's nipples, grew
harder and longer than she had ever thought possible as Kelly again kissed
her lips, her tongue seeking and finding Padme's. Padme had no will to resist
as her body responded to the touch of the 2 women.

Padme was totally helpless as the other women sensuously 'ganged up' on her.
Padme was laid on her back, Peridot kissed and licked and sucked her right
breast, Yasha did the same to her left breast. Athena held her arms down,
above her head, Callisto and T'lee spread Padme's legs very wide and started
kissing and licking her toes. Cassiopeia, who had had female clients as well
as men in her former occupation as a 'Solicitor', took over kissing and
frenching Padme's sweet lips as Kelly was now between her legs.

Padme moaned in pleasure. She had never experienced anything like this! Kelly
smiled as she used her power to drive Padme crazy. Padme thrashed wildly as
Kelly used her tongue, at super speed, to eat pussy. Vibrating her tongue
rapidly Kelly gave Padme's clit a workout. Padme screamed as she came again
and again.

"Aaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee! Eeeeeeeaaaaaiiii!" Padme screamed. "Oooooooaaaaaaiii!"

"Want us to stop?" Kelly asked, already knowing the answer.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Padme moaned, "more. Please, please take me. I'll do anything
you want! I'll - I'll be your slave, anything! Lick me!"

Kelly grinned, her fingers toyed with Padme's pussy lips. Kelly slightly
inserted one finger into Padme's cunt, only to encounter a barrier. Shit!
She's still a virgin! Kelly thought. Athena had also never been with a
woman, now she found herself kissing and frenching T'lee eagerly, hungrily,
wantonly. T'lee cupped Athena's tits, then kissed down her neck before
taking each of Athena's nipples in her mouth, licking and sucking each in
turn. Kelly was again kissing and frenching Padme as Callisto continued to
stroke and knead Padme's tits.

Padme's head swirled as she kissed back now, her tongue dancing with Kelly's
and then Callisto's. Peridot kissed the back of Cassie's neck, one hand
caressing Cassiopeia's breasts, the other hand was on Cassie's pussy, gently
rubbing her moist slit. Yasha kissed and frenched Cassie's mouth, then her
talented mouth kissed all the way down to Cassie's cunt. Yasha licked up and
down Cassie wet pussy, then teased the blonde woman's clit.

Athena and T'lee moved into a 69 position, Athena had never sucked pussy
before, but quickly became an expert. I never knew pussy tasted so good,
Athena thought as she lapped up the Vulcan's pussy juice. Kelly straddled
Padme's face, her shaved black pussy just above the pretty girl's face.

"Make me feel good, Padme," Kelly ordered, smiling.

Padme had never sucked pussy before, but as Callisto was now licking and
sucking her pussy Padme drove her tongue into Kelly's tasty cunt, trying her
best to give Kelly the kind of pleasure that she was getting. Cassie was now
eating Peridot's pussy as Yasha had mounted her, tit to tit, pussy to pussy,
for a hot pussyfuck. Yasha rubbed herself up and down, nipples on nipples,
clits touched again and again causing both women to cry out.

All 8 women achieved orgasm then switched partners as they swirled in a
frenzied lesbian orgy. Athena kissed down Yasha's neck, then down to the
Deltan's full ripe breasts. Like most Deltan women, Yasha was very well
endowed. Padme was getting her first girlfuck as Peridot mounted her.
Mouths sought and found each other as Peridot and Padme kissed and
frenched, tit to tit, pussy to pussy. Callisto and T'lee did a tit 69,
then moved lower into a full 69 position, licking each other anally as
well as sucking each others pussy's. Kelly introduced Cassiopeia to dove
fucking as she used her breasts and nipples on Cassie's pussy.

"Ahhhhhh! That feels so different!" Cassie cried out.

More orgasms were followed by yet another change in partners. Then a daisy
chain followed that. Peridot licked Athena, Athena licked Padme, Padme licked
T'lee, T'lee licked Kelly, Kelly licked Yasha, Yasha licked Cassie, Cassie
licked Callisto who was licking Peridot. Cries of pleasure filled the room as
the 8 naked women fucked and sucked each other.

Finally, exhausted, they lay in each other's arms. Hours later they awoke
dreamily, eager to face the new day. A day that would bring new danger.

The End - Chapter 5


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