Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Dragonflame.
It's ongoing mission, to confront threats to the Federation when conventional
methods fail. And this is the tale of war! War against a race of robots who
seek to hunt down and destroy all within their path. And it is yet more! A
tale of an even greater evil! One that threatens all!

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek/Star Wars - Episode 2:
Starships, Battlestars, and Jedis Part 7 (no sex, viol)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Coruscant. Dragon could not disguise his distaste for the planet as soon as
he saw it. The entire planet was steel and concrete, a technological marvel!
But Dragon saw no trees, no rivers, nothing alive, nothing natural. To an
Earthman, used to the natural wonders of green Earth, this planet was an

"Approve you do not, young Dragon," Yoda said.

"I like a little variety Master Yoda," Dragon said. "Earth is much like Naboo
in many respects, with places like Coruscant in others. One without the other
seems, un-natural to me."

"We are landing Master Yoda," Waybl Sppop, one of Yoda's Jedi escorts said.

Waybl Sppop was pretty human looking, having the appearance of a Native
American. The other Jedi Knight Jimby Hidon looked insectoid with 4 spindly
hairy arms, huge multi faceted eyes and mandibles instead of a mouth. Dragon
was used to seeing a variety of aliens, on his ship alone were members of 20
different races, but the diversity of races in this galaxy was astounding.

In the Federation, nearly 80% of all races that were encountered were human
or humanoid. Many races looked human except for skin color such as reds,
greens, orange, golden, silver etc. others looked human except for slight
alterations such as the pointed ears of Vulcans, a third eye like Amucalians,
antenna like Andorians or Morganians. And of course there were the
semi-humanoids such as the Dinoid Gorns, the dog like Canines, and a half
dozen feline races. Dragon had to admit that some of the races in the
Republic looked weird even to him.

Still, Dragon had to admit that it was curious that so many races even here
looked human as he had taken the time during the trip from Naboo to study
up on the Republic. Even in this far off galaxy nearly 60% of all planets
were of human stock. Then there was the language question. Commander Adama,
Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, all of them spoke perfect English!
To Dragon that seemed impossible that English could be spoken in 3 different

"They do not," Yoda said.

"Huh?" Dragon asked as Yoda broke his train of thoughts.

"The power of the Force it do be young Dragon," Yoda said. "You wonder how
you understand what others speak without translators, yes?"

"How - how did you know?" Dragon asked, his respect for Master Yoda's powers

"With the Force all things possible be," Yoda continued. "You understand
because you wish to understand. Same be true of those in your crew, yes. I
sense great power in you young Dragon. Untrained in way of Jedi, yet defeat
almost any you already could. Skilled you are in way of fighting, but in
way of speaking you must be this day."

Yoda sent Waybl Sppop and Jimby Hidon to do their parts in the plan he had
thought of.

* * *

Jar Jar Binks was on his way to the Senate floor. A late puberty spurt had
cured him of his extreme clumsiness, but in many ways he was still a child.
Especially in the ways of political intrigue. Manipulated by Chancellor
Palpatine, the child like innocence of Jar Jar was about to betray the entire
Republic. Waybl intercepted him.

"You don't want to speak to the senate," Waybl said.

"Me no want to speak to senate," Jar Jar repeated.

"You want to return to your room and go to sleep for 12 hours," Waybl said.

"Me want to return to room, me is very sleepy," Jar Jar said, then turned
around and headed back to his room.

The Force gave one power over weak minds. Jar Jar's mind had all the power
of a refrigerator light bulb.

* * *

"Master Yoda, what is this all about?" Senator Bail Organa asked.

"Fate of the Republic it do be," Yoda answered as Jimby escorted Senator
Organa into the private, carefully screened room.

Senator Organa was the only one who could match Palpatine in terms of power,
popularity, and influence. With Padme out he was key to the daring gambit
Yoda planned. Senator Organa could also be trusted. Yoda needed time now.
Time and the means to expose Palpatine as Darth Sideous. Yoda could feel it
now. Thanks to the insight of the newcomers Yoda could sense the 'Dark Side'
clearly now.

"What are you talking about Master Yoda?" Senator Organa asked.

"Plot to destroy Republic there do be," Yoda replied. "Sith behind it there

"Sith Lords!" Senator Organa said amazed. "I thought they were a myth. And
the destruction of the Republic? I don't agree with Palpatine on the
military idea of his, but he has a point. There are too few Jedi to stop the
Separatists should it come to war."

"Army not needed, have one already yes," Yoda smiled and motioned for Adama
and Dragon to join him.

"Captain Jonathan Lung of the Starship Dragonflame," Dragon smiled. "I
represent the United Federation of Planets."

"Commander Adama of Battlestar Galactica," Adama said. "I have the army you
need. Galactica has 200 Vipers and 50,000 Colonial Warriors on standby."

Senator Organa was speechless. What was Yoda up to? And who were these 2 men
he had just introduced him to? He had little time to fully think about it
when the one called Captain Lung flipped open a communicator.

"I'm not much for speeches, Senator," Dragon said. "It will be easier to show
you. Beam me up, Scotty."

"Captain Lung, I have to tell you, Captain Kirk never actually said that,"
Lt. Saavik said.

Dragon grinned as they teleported up his ship. Senator Organa was shocked
into disbelief. It seemed that while this galaxy was slightly ahead of the
Federation technologically, that they didn't have transporters. Then again,
Dragon thought, Galactica didn't have them either.

"On screen," Dragon ordered as they came to the bridge.

The sight of Galactica caused Bail Organa to gasp. A warship of that size
was incredible. Everything evened out as far as technology went. The Republic
had better general tech than The Federation or the Colonies, but Galactica's
Vipers were better than anything the Federation or Republic had, just as the
Federation had transporters and trans-warp drive that the Republic or the
Colonies didn't. Dragon wondered what Kelly could do if she combined all 3

"Okay, could someone please explain just what is going on and who you people
are?" Senator Organa asked.

Yoda gave Bail Organa the whole story. Waybl Sppop rejoined them with
Obi-Wan's message, then came the news from Col. Tigh and Anakin.

"I need to address the Senate, then you have to keep things rolling Senator,"
Dragon said. "With luck we can expose Palpatine in front of everyone!"

"It's so hard to believe," Senator Organa said. "I always knew he was
ambitious, but to foment civil war?!"

"That's it! Now I know what to say to the senate!" Dragon shouted as he stood

All this time Dragon had been racking his brain about how to be best convey
what China Dragon had taught him about the American ideal. His self-doubt
was gone.

"I'm ready now Master Yoda," Dragon smiled. "Let's pay a visit to the

* * *

Chancellor Palpatine hid his annoyance behind a smile. Where was that fool
Jar Jar Binks?! he thought. He had the upper hand at the moment, but without
the heartfelt support of Naboo he could still be defeated by Organa and the
others. If they opposed him that is. Without Amidala most didn't have the
will to oppose him. He checked his attendance screen again. Organa still
hadn't showed up either.

Palpatine couldn't wait any longer as Senator Thold of Smoff proposed the
'Special Powers Act' for Chancellor Palpatine to modest applause. Chancellor
Palpatine stood up, nodded to his ally and took the podium.

"It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this," Palpatine said.
"The power you give me I will lay down when the crisis is abated. My first
act will...."

"Freedom surrendered is freedom lost! Freedom lost is tyranny!!" Dragon
shouted as the hovercraft carrying Senator Organa, Yoda, and he floated into
the center of the room.

Chancellor Palpatine was stunned at the sudden turn of events. All eyes were
now on the newcomer who was flanked by the popular Senator Organa and the
highly respected Jedi Master Yoda.

"None of you know me," Dragon continued, "nor do I have any voice in your
council. For what it matters I am Captain Lung of the Starship Dragonflame,
ship of the line of the United Federation of Planets! I look around and see
a Republic, one far more vast and greater than the one I know. I represent
437 united planets of the Milky Way, barely a section compared to the
assembly I see here. But we both stand for one thing, Republic! Government
by the people and for the people!"

The entire room was fixated of Captain Lung. Palpatine inwardly fumed. How
dare he intrude on my moment of triumph, Palpatine thought. Who is he? And
how did he get Yoda and that fool Organa to give him credibility?

"Your Republic has allowed itself to become choked by its own weight. As a
result you now stand on the brink of civil war and wonder why? You look to a
leader to solve your problem for you, when you should get off your ass and
start thinking for yourselves!" Dragon continued. "You look to the easy way
out, the simple solution, on my world we have also faced these trials. Once
there was a nation divided, each one believed that it was in the right. One
side believed that it had the right to own others as their personal property,
the other side believed in the principle that the nation was founded on.
That all men, all sentient beings were created equal! A war was fought on
my world, a civil war just as you now face. Brother against brother, father
against son. But through it all, one man shone through as the shining example
of what could be, what should be. I ask you assembled here today to listen to
the words of this man. Then tell me you still want war, blood, death, and

Silence reigned as the words of the Great Emancipator were spoken.

"And that government of the people, by the people, for the people will not
perish from the Earth," Dragon said as he finished. "I say unto all of you,
freedom can only be re-gained by blood! Far more blood than is in this room.
Decide for yourselves if you want to give freedom up so willingly today for
your convenience, or if you want future generations to pay the price for
your unwillingness to stand up for freedom!"

"I call for the rejection of the 'Special Powers Act' and the immediate
resignation of Chancellor Palpatine," Senator Organa said.

The blood drained out of Chancellors Palpatine's face. This 'boy' had ruined
everything! Well, almost everything. He could still start the war. With the
battle droids and the clone army he could seize the Republic by force of
arms! The Jedi were not enough to stop him. Palpatine had wanted to do this
by stealth so as to preserve the spoils, but if that was not possible then
war it would be! And there was also the chance, that after enough chaos was
wrought, that the Senate would fully re-instate him if he seemed gracious in

"There is no need for a vote, Senator Organa," Palpatine spoke as the roar
died away. "I hearby do resign for the good of the Republic."

Enjoy your victory while you can, fool, Palpatine thought. I will see you
dead soon enough.

With a bow and a wave Palpatine retired from the Senate chamber.

Cool customer, Dragon thought. I thought he'd try something. I've got to
remember, I'm a Starfleet Captain, not a super hero.

Once out of sight Palpatine tried to raise Kamino. He was extremely surprised
when the face of Obi-Wan Kenobi came on his viewscreen.

"Oh, good evening, Chancellor," Obi-Wan smiled, Wildstar hustled a bound and
gagged Jango Fett behind him. "You will be happy to know that I have caught
the suspected assassin who attempted to kill Senator Amidala. He was very
good, led me on a merry little chase. All the way to Genesis."

Palpatine clicked the screen off. Things were falling apart rapidly. His
door slid open, Waybl Sppop and Jimby Hidon entered his private quarters,
lightsabers drawn and activated.

"Chancellor Palpatine, you are under arrest, please come with us," Waybl

Lightning flashed from Palpatine's hand knocking both Jedi backwards. Damn
it! Palpatine thought as he rushed past the unconscious Jedi. They had been
lucky. If Palpatine had had time he would have hit them with a more lethal
blast. Palpatine barely managed to avoid 2 more Jedi and a squad of regular
guards. He activated a wrist device. He had gotten a hundred of the clones
as an emergency personal bodyguard. Now they rushed to him, fully armed.
Five of them had the misfortune of running into Dragon, who was headed to
his transporter co-ordinates for beaming back to Dragonflame.

"I really don't have time for this," Dragon said, as he drew his own

Dragon quickly disabled the 5 clones without killing them. Teleporting back
to Dragonflame he raced to the bridge in time to see Palpatine's ship leave.
The clones had bought him enough time to escape for the moment. Master Yoda,
along with 6 other Jedi including the groggy pair of Waybl and Jimby joined
him on the bridge.

"Miss Sulu, trans-warp drive," Dragon ordered.

"Aye aye Captain," Demora answered.

Galactica, Dragonflame, the ships of Obi-Wan and Anakin, Mace Windu and
whatever Jedi he had were all headed for the same place now: Genesis!

The End - Chapter 7


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