Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Dragonflame.
It's ongoing mission, to confront threats to the Federation when conventional
methods fail. And this is the tale of war! War against a race of robots who
seek to hunt down and destroy all within their path. And it is yet more! A
tale of an even greater evil! One that threatens all!

Disclaimer: This chapter follows the movie Attack of the Clones closer than
previous chapters, but there are major differences as well.

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek/Star Wars - Episode 2:
Starships, Battlestars, and Jedis Part 5 (FFFFFFF,viol)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Jango Fett snarled as Starbuck walked by him, struck a match on his armor and
lit his cigar. Jango Fett was pissed. Obi-Wan had come to Kamino openly with
Wildstar posing as his Padawan. Sheba had then snuck in and tailed Jango's
unmodified clone 'son' Boba. When Jango was exposed as the would be assassin
of Senator Amidala, Obi-Wan had allowed Jango to escape while making it look
like he and Wildstar were trying hard to arrest him. Jango had led them on a
merry chase, right to Genesis unaware that Apollo and Starbuck had been right
with the entire time.

Jango's ship Slave-1 had been no match at all for Starbuck and his faster
Viper. But what really galled Jango was the knowledge that Starbuck was
better than he was. Jango fumed at the knowledge that even if he had had
the better ship, Starbuck would still have beaten him.

"Thanks for the light," Starbuck cockily grinned.

What was worse, Jango had led Obi-Wan right to his employer Count Dooku,
something that hurt his reputation and his pride as the galaxy's best bounty
hunter. He was Jango Fett! How could he have been tricked into making such a
mistake? Using cloaking technology, Obi-Wan and Wildstar had scouted the
planet and knew what was going on down there. All they were waiting on now
was reinforcements.

* * *

Chancellor Palpatine, aka Darth Sideous fumed. Did that bounty hunter betray
him? No, Jango Fett would never talk, even under the most vile torture, so
if his plan had been revealed it had been by trickery. Yoda. Yoda and that
Captain Lung boy had somehow figured his complex plan out. As impossible as
it seemed, since even Count Dooku wasn't privy to all of it. Well, he still
had one trick up his sleeve.

"Lord Tyranus," Darth Sideous said as the face of Count Dooku, aka Lord
Tyranus, came on screen on his secret channel, "things have gone awry,
execute Plan Delta!"

"It shall be done master," Count Dooku bowed.

Now we'll see who has the upper hand, Yoda, Darth Sideous thought evilly.

* * *

Darth Sideous had no way of knowing that Dragonflame, with it's trans-warp
drive was a faster ship than his. Darth Sideous thought he had given everyone
the slip. He was wrong.

On board Dragonflame, Captain Lung was being given his first lesson in the
use of the lightsaber. Each one of the 6 Jedi posed a different challenge.
Waybl Sppop had skill. Waybl used both the lightsaber and a kind of laser
'tomahawk' in the other hand. The 'tomahawk' could be thrown and would return
to his hand. Jimby Hidon had 4 arms, each with a lightsaber. In addition, his
top 2 arms had sharp spines on his forearms like a mantis. His scissors like
mandibles could cut a man's head off, and he could rotate his head 360

Vicoda Sidex looked human except for her golden skin color. Vicoda was fast
and a very hot looking woman. Monbi Krphi was Vicoda's Padawan, soon to take
her test to become a full Jedi. Monbi was human, but she was tricky despite
her youth. She was an attractive brunette, a bit on the skinny side, and a
little flat chested, but still somewhat pretty.

Lazlo Lllos looked a lot like a Tygron, but there were major differences.
Lazlo was a Nykeen, and had wings and antennae similar to those of a
dragonfly. In addition he had 3 tails. Lazlo was very strong, had the power
of flight, and a tiger's teeth and claws. Andke Zelak looked very human,
until you noticed his hair and eyebrows were actually feathers. Descended
from an avian race, the Aspri had hollow bones making them extremely agile
and acrobatic.

Somehow Dragon managed to beat each one of them, but just barely. Man, these
guys are good! Dragon thought. What I could do with a squad of them along
with my team!

"You did well, young Dragon," Yoda said. "Some of the best they do be."

"He's a good fighter master," Waybl said. "I actually think he was holding
back a little."

"And staring at my tits," Vicoda laughed.

"Who wouldn't?" Andke laughed.

"Not me, you humans look pretty hideous to us," Jimby said via his

"Eep," Monbi gasped.

Monbi had never heard an Insectoid speak before. Waybl, Andke, and Lazlo
laughed at her discomfort causing the girl Jedi to blush.

* * *

It had not been difficult for Count Dooku to slip past Obi-Wan's ship,
Wildstar's fighter and the 3 Vipers of Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheba. Genesis
was a large planet and 5 small ships could never hope to cover it. He checked
his screen. The ships from Tatooine wouldn't arrive for several hours yet. If
all went well he and Darth Sideous could still snatch victory.

If Skywalker was on Tatooine, that left Senator Amidala all alone on Naboo.
Unprotected. With her as a hostage, the robot army attacking the unprepared
Republic, then using the clone army they could bring the Republic down within
days. The Jedi would fight valiantly, but the Separatists were prepared and
too numerous. The Jedi couldn't stop him!

* * *


Cassiopeia was manning the communications tower. She was a little jealous
that the other women got to play. Just as well, Cassie thought. The other
girls are all fighters. They all like pussy more than I do, too. For Cassie,
doing a woman was the same as masturbation, an itch that you scratched,
the other girls actually liked it and got into it. Cassiopeia scanned the
grassy park where the other women were. The whole place was ringed with
anti-aircraft batteries and nearly 1000 guards surrounded the area.

Padme was nude, face down on a blanket while Kelly rubbed oil all over her.
Kelly was also nude, her mocha brown skin was shiny from her own oil
covering. Kelly was basically in charge and all the girls had weapons close
by except Peridot who didn't need one. Kelly also ordered everyone "to stay
close, but don't let yourself get picked off as a group or one at a time."
Lightsabers, phasers, and blasters were to always be within reach.

Padme moaned in pleasure as Kelly rubbed her breasts up and down her back.
Padme was dreamy with the joys of Sappho. She was falling in love with Kelly,
that much she knew. She could see T'lee, Athena, and Yasha splashing around
in a fountain in the center of the park. Callisto and Peridot were making out
on a bench. Everything was peaceful.

Kelly rolled Padme over and kissed her. Padme returned the kiss, her arousal
was evident as her nipples visibly hardened.

"You have a very nice body," Kelly grinned. "More like a fighter's than a
politicians. You must work out."

"Weapons and hand to hand combat training every day I can," Padme grinned
back, her hands caressing Kelly's thighs. "But I've never seen better legs
than yours."

"Easy for me, I'm a mutant and my power is superspeed. I can run at 500
km/h," Kelly said.

"Kelly, I - I don't really understand what I'm feeling," Padme said.

"It's okay, you're not weird or anything," Kelly said. "I like guys
sometimes, Dragon, Wildstar, even Dr. McCoy a couple of times. But being with
a woman is different. I don't know if it's better even, but I love it. All I
know is, I could give up men, I couldn't give up women."

"Kelly, how will I know what's right for me?" Padme asked.

"Padme, just feel it, don't try to explain it," Kelly smiled and lightly
kissed her.

"Would you make love to me, Kelly?" Padme asked, knowing the answer.

Kelly smiled and kissed Padme harder. Kelly's tongue danced with Padme's as
the kiss grew deeper. Peridot and Callisto were in a 69 position and lapping
each others sweet pussies. Kelly rubbed her tits against Padme's, spreading
the girls legs with her own as she mounted her. T'lee, Yasha, and Athena saw
the other girls getting it on and decided they wanted in on it, too.

Yasha and Athena kissed and sucked T'lee's firm tits as their fingers probed
the Vulcan girl's pussy. T'lee's eyes closed as she let the 2 women take
control of her. Hungry mouths sought each other as Kelly pussyfucked Padme.
Kelly humped her pussy down on Padme's cunt as Padme's hips rose to meet her
thrusts. All the girls were moaning now as their lovemaking became more
sensuous. Athena had 3 fingers in T'lee's pussy while Yasha had another 3 in
T'lee's ass. They were finger fucking T'lee while giving her breasts a
workout with their mouths, teeth and tongues.

Callisto cried out as she came then attacked Peridot's pussy with a frenzy,
giving as good as she got until both women screamed in each other's pussies.
Clits touched and rubbed against each other as Kelly continued her sexy
pussyfucking. Padme gasped, then cried out as both women shuddered in orgasm.
T'lee was going crazy as the 2 women worked her over. Athena took her free
hand and slapped T'lee's pussy, then again. T'lee couldn't hold out as she
screamed and creamed.

Yasha and Athena kissed then quickly took the scissors trib position and
pussyfucked until they mutually orgasmed. For several minutes the park was
still as the women gasped and were still. Finally they regained their breath,
took a giggling foreplay filled shower, soaping each other up, laughing and
kissing, before dressing, arming themselves and returning to the park where
lunch had been brought out.

Halfway through lunch, Count Dooku's Destroyer, filled with 10,000
battledroids attacked!

* * *

The anti-aircraft batteries were quickly knocked out by the surprise attack.
The guards fought hard, the battledroids were not very good compared to them,
but it was quickly apparent, especially with Count Dooku personally leading
the attack, that they couldn't hold. Kelly wanted to take the fight to them,
bu knew that her job was protecting Padme. Kelly ordered Cassie to stay where
she was, she was safe, and would only be in the way. Kelly began leading the
rest of them towards the emergency escape ship.

Padme had armed herself with a phaser rifle and had a hand blaster as well.
She soon proved herself as she helped Kelly and the others blast through 2
squads of battledroids. They didn't make it. Count Dooku was waiting for
them as the reached the escape ship. A bolt of lightning flew from his hand
knocking Yasha out. Athena fired her blaster at him. Count Dooku held up
his hand and seemed to absorb the blast, before sending a weakened blast
back at Athena knocking her out as well.

"Oh shit," Kelly gasped. "Back!"

"I'll cover you," T'lee said firing her phaser.

Kelly hated leaving her friends, but she knew what would happen if Count
Dooku got his hands on Padme. Count Dooku easily deflected T'lee's phaser
blasts with his lightsaber, then used his powers to disarm her. T'lee was
far from helpless. Or so she thought. With her Vulcan strength she attempted
to put the Vulcan neck pinch on Dooku. Dooku hurled her against a wall just
hard enough to knock her out cold.

Count Dooku slowly, deliberately took off after the remaining women. The
force barely detected the chakram that he barely dodged. Bouncing off 2 walls
it returned the hand of Callisto who stood in front of him, lightsaber drawn.
Count Dooku studied her. Even though she had never actually used one before,
Count Dooku could tell that she was a master. Dooku smiled. It was all too
rare that he faced someone worthy of him.

"Bring it on," Callisto snarled.

Count Dooku was impressed. Callisto had held him off for 10 minutes and in
the end he had been forced to use his powers to defeat her. She had slightly
cut him twice and blocked some of his best moves. Count Dooku saluted her
unconscious body.

"You were a worthy opponent," Count Dooku saluted. "I would dearly have loved
a true match between us. Regretfully I have not the time."

The guards were all dead or captured and there were still thousands of
battledroids swarming the palace. Callisto had bought them a big lead, but
Peridot, Kelly, and Padme were running out of places to hide or to go. For
nearly an hour they managed to elude the battledroids, even tried to trim
the odds, but there were too many. Eventually the 3 of them were trapped.
They fought hard, Peridot used her power over the green energy, Kelly zoomed
among them with her lightsaber, Padme exhausted her rifle and her blaster's
power pack. It did no good.

Peridot was on her knees exhausted, her energy temporarily spent, Kelly was
trying to cover Padme, her own phaser was spent as well. Padme was armed with
a knife. There were still 1500 battledroids as Count Dooku stepped forward.

"Yoda was wiser than I thought," Count Dooku evilly said. "I thought you left
Senator Amidala unprotected, but you had fierce guardians. I was going to
kill them, but they fought too bravely for that. Ah, your feelings betray
you. Yes, I have something different in mind. Take them!"

The End - Chapter 8


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