Battlestar Galactica:
The Emperors Possession Part 1 - Female Evolution (FF,FFF)
by Lost Soul

The shuttle was diving way too fast into the atmosphere; all controls were
flashing signs of alarm and the young woman at the controls was shouting
words of frustration. She hit the control boards and even some tears of
dissatisfaction were shining in her eyes. Her long, black hair was partly
sticking to her head since sweat was pouring all over her slim body. Her
skintight uniform pants showed dark spots were the sweat did not let go of
them, were the sweat had them stick to her muscular legs. Her sweater,
somewhat dark, did not show those signs, but nevertheless those spots of
sweat were there. To make matters worse, a thick leather jacket was part
of her warrior's uniform, and all soldiers of the human fleet were damned
to wear those jackets all the time.

-To hell with regulations - she swore under her breath but had no time to
get rid of her jacket.

Thick vegetation had begun to caress the belly of her shuttle. Athena now
was able to hear scratches and dents that were produced by trees of unknown

This moon, this small but densely vegetated moon was coming closer at a rate
that the 28years old girl did not like at all. She had no control whatsoever
over the shuttle and she knew very soon all she would be able to do was
praying to survive the crash. And like the upcoming catastrophe had read her
thoughts, a loud beep, deep in the guts of her shuttle, joined by a sudden
shudder were the last functions the vehicle was able to perform.

All of a sudden every system went blank...

For one moment Athena thought she could hear the roaring sound of the angry
winds outside. In that short moment everything was peaceful, everything was
right and good.

But that moment lasted only a second or two. The very next moment though the
nose of the shuttle suddenly dove uncontrolled into the rainforest of an
unknown moon in an unknown system. Here she would nobody would
mourn over a very stupid young Lieutenant who had been stupid enough not to
tell anyone aboard the ‘Galactica' where she was heading on the hunt for the
traitor. Here she would soon hear the sound of her breaking neck....

But Athena did not die. Not yet, anyway. Athena, daughter of the mighty
Commander Adama, survived the crash. Though she bumped her head on one
control panel, and though she lost consciousness for a while, she survived
the accident without serious harm.

"Is she awake?"

A muffled sound found its way to Athena's ears. Someone or something was
probing through the remains of a once proud shuttle...proud to be part of the
human fleet.

"Looks nice...the girl."

"Sure she does..."

And then she was grabbed...strong fingers were wrapped around her upper
arms...and dragged to her feet.


But every thought and every try to speak hurt so much.

-Please let me sleep...-

But then someone held something solid, something cold to her neck and Athena
could hear a hissing sound.


And faster than she would have thought consciousness found its way back into
her body. She started coughing and some saliva ran down her left cheek when
Athena lifted her head and looked straight into a face of a man.

But, no, it wasn't a face. No, this man wore a helmet and the only face
Athena could see was her own as a reflection in his faceplate.

"Who are you?"

But the man did not answer the young Lieutenant's question, and neither did
his comrades. Athena saw, out of the edges of her eyes, that another man
pointed toward the shuttles torn apart hatch.

"Let's get her to the palace."

The other men (they were three in total), agreed with their leader and Athena
was then dragged away.

"The Emperor will be pleased."

"Yes, he will have another one."

Athena found strength returning to her legs and after a short while she
actually was able to walk on her own feet.

-Emperor? They are bringing me to their Leader.-

Athena smiled. Yes, that was good: The best news in some time. They would
bring her to this peoples Emperor; the man in charge... And surely he then
would contact the Battlestar; only to figure out that this young woman was
part of the fast human fleet. And he wouldn't want to have those humans
angry. He would return Athena to her people and everything would be good

The smile on Athena's face did not fade away for some time. She did not even
mind her bruises and the silence of her captors. Yes, everything would be
good, would be fine again. Or so she thought.

* * *

Two hours after the shuttle had crashed on the moon, Athena was led into a
fast entrance hall of an equally luxurious and somewhat intimidating palace.
Gold and Silver, gemstones and some shining, red stone that Athena did not
know, were spread out all over gigantic walls. The sound of their footsteps
echoed through fast hallways and corridors they were taking.

Athena still was convinced that as soon as she would meet the Emperor,
everything would turn out to be fine. But even if she hadn't been that
confident in her future, she wouldn't have been able to speak out any
thoughts. This palace simply took the breath out of her mouth. Never in
her life had the slim woman seen anything like this. And while they were
walking fast through corridors and hallways, they still were passed by
men and women who obviously were working here. Athena saw muscular men
in baggy and golden pants with no cloth covering their upper bodies.
Athena saw fragile looking girls in some sort of slave-costume. Slaves,
yes slaves, they had to be slaves. Athena nodded, as if to underline her
own thoughts.

And after they had been walking for thirty minutes through the palace, the
guards came to a stop in front of an older woman, still dressed in the same
slave outfit the younger women had worn.

Athena shifted her attention to the older woman who, as Athena noticed, was
still in incredible shape.

"Who do you have?" the older woman asked in a very noble accent.

The voice, that came out of the dark helmet sounded positively metallic and
a little annoyed when the guard placed one gloved hand onto Athena's left

The young woman winced in pain and was pushed into the harsh reality of
facts; facts that would tell her that a shuttle accident wasn't something
she was supposed to have too often.

"Her shuttle was found in the beltan-region."

"Where's she from," the woman asked and did not give away any attention for
to the prisoner. In fact, Athena had the feeling that she easily could have
been a dog or any kind of animal that would live on this moon.

The guards told the woman where they had found Athena and gave their prisoner
the distinct impression that she was not to answer.

But it did not matter; as soon as she was brought in front of the Emperor,
Athena would be send back to the ‘Galactica'. The bright, but inner, smile
did not fade away...yet.

"I see," said the older woman and pushed away a strand of black hair. Athena
thought that this woman had been in command for all her life; she simply
carried obedience...asked for it without speaking a word.

"Shall we bring her to the concubines-quarter?"

The woman's eyes fell on Athena and the young woman had the feeling that she
was about to get sold to the highest bitter. And then there was this word...
concubine...that let her question her positive thoughts about her future.
Concubine...the mistress...the sexual slave of...of...

-...of an Emperor...oh my God...-

Every color left the Lieutenants face and her knees started to become weak. don't worry. Maybe this is just a misunderstanding on my part-.

The translator, embedded in the young soldier's skull, might have had a
malfunction, or those people might have a different understanding of that
one word that was nagging on the pleasant feelings Athena still thought she

The black haired woman seemed to have her own thoughts about the treatment of
Athena while she was looking at her like any owner would look at his newest

But then she nodded.

"Well, yes, bring her to the concubine-quarters till the Emperor wants to see

The guards nodded.

"Yes, Sir."

"And...let her be cleaned."


"And her cloth....too. The Emperor likes to have her clean and good

"Yes, Sir."

Athena, again, wondered if her translator had a malfunction while she opened
up her mouth in order to say something...anything...that might trigger words
of comfort. But the older woman turned on the spot and wandered off with wide
strides that would take her almost instantly out of range for Athena's words.

Athena closed her mouth and felt strong hands wrapping around her upper arms.
She then was turned around and dragged away; along another corridor and into
the unknown guts of a palace that somehow held Athena's fate.

The young woman was so taken by the things that happened to her, that she did
not even think about escaping from here. And still there was the hope that,
once she had told that Emperor about here origins, that he would then turn
her loose. But this hope was thinning out with each passing moment. Her
brains were taking over, were trying to tell her that this wouldn't turn out
to be a nice, harmless adventure. Still...Athena rejected any thought that
wouldn't be as it she wanted it to be, yet.

The sound of dripping water was the strongest impression that awaited Athena
when the guards brought her to a vast chamber, filled with young women, all
dressed in some sort of slave outfit. The men either had a good hold of
themselves, or they were gay, Athena thought. Those young women, none of
them, as far as Athena could tell, were over twenty-five were lying on sofas,
on mattresses or they were taking a bath in one of three huge pools. They
were barely dressed and all of them seemed to be in a very good mood. Athena
could here giggling, laughing and any variety of a light mood when was
walking down broad steps, down into the slave chamber...into the chamber of

The young Lieutenant of the human fleet couldn't suppress a sensation of
small lust that would engulf her slim body when an even younger woman
approached her and the guards.

"Hi," was all the girl said.

The guards turned to the girl and Athena wondered if there was any impression
on their faces, underneath the face-shield.

"This woman is to be cleaned up."

"Her cloth as well," the other man said.

"I see," the slim, young girl said, "Our master is going to have a new


This word was the first word Athena had said since she had been brought
into the palace. Until this very moment the young soldier did have a good
restraint on herself, but now that she had heard this word...possession...
this grip on her self was loosened up. This just couldn't be true...she was
no ones possession...

"Oh, don't you interfere in our masters whishes," the young slave said and
made a gesture that would tell anyone that Athena's protest was the dumbest
thing anyone ever had done.

"Come," she then said and took Athena's left hand.

Without asking and without any seeable hesitation, the young slave led Athena
down the stairs and into the chamber filled with young women, eager to please
anyone who would ask.

The human warrior turned slightly and saw the guards leaving. There was a
sense of finality to this chapter in her present adventure. She thought about
asking when she was ready to be brought to the leader of these people, but
then Athena found it to be very much obvious when this would take place: She
had to be cleaned and pampered till this Emperor would find her worthy of his
attention. But then, yes, maybe then, Athena would be able to tell this man
that she was from the human fleet, from the Battlestar Galactica, from...a
place where she belonged. And she found her strength again, the will to wait
until everything would turn out to be very fine.

And so the slim, physically well trained young woman was led towards the
biggest of those three pools that occupied the largest space in the chamber.

Finally, when they had reached a bench, on the longer side of the pool, the
young, blonde woman pointed at the bench and smiled very nicely at Athena.

"Please undress yourself. We would like you to have a bath. And we also will
take care of your uniform.

Athena smiled back at the girl that, Athena thought, had to be not even

"And later I will meet your leader, I presume?!"

The girl simply smiled back Athena and pointed at the pool.

"Please...," she said.

Athena nodded and briefly thought about not having the bath. She could tell
the girl and her fellow slaves, that she did not need the bath. But then
Athena suddenly felt all the exhaustion and all the bruises from the
involuntarily brutal accident. She felt dirty, and she felt every bone in
her body. Maybe, just maybe, a bath wouldn't be such a bad idea.

And so Athena started undressing herself.

When Athena placed her skintight and light brown pants onto the bench, she
was completely naked.

The young Lieutenant felt somewhat uncomfortable, standing naked in front of
all these even younger women. She felt their glances, stroking her forms,
pacing up and down and she saw their smiles.

"Please, come into the pool. We have to clean you up, before our Emperor can
see you."

Athena looked at the blonde girl and started to walk down some steps into
the bubbling water of the pool. From the first step on, Athena felt the
relaxation crawling up her body. All the stress, all the bruises, and all
the tension seemed to be evaporating at this very first moment. And when
Athena was as deep as her navel in the pool a redhead grabbed her right

"Please, come with me."

Athena turned and looked somewhat helplessly into the warm and comforting
eyes of the Blonde that was now following her into the pool. The girl smiled
at her and Athena felt better already.

And only a minute later she and the redhead had reached some sort of
underwater bench.

Without being asked the Lieutenant sat down and was joined by the Redhead.

"Please, lay back and relax. We don't mean you any harm...dear. We only want
to make you comfortable."

Athena nodded and leaned back.

Before she closed her eyes, she saw the Blonde joining her and the other girl
on that bench. The Blonde smiled.

"What's you name, dear?"

"Athena. I'm Athena."

She smiled at her and Athena's heart started to flutter.

And then she felt something soft on her bruised skin and turned towards the
Redhead who had some sponge in her hand and had started to stroke Athena's
left arm with it.

"Shhhh," the Redhead said, "nothing to worry about, Athena."

Athena then smiled at the girl who was about twenty years old (the same like
the gorgeous Blonde) and closed her eyes with a small smile on her lips.

Sponges were traveling over Athena's slim body, taking care of every bit of
dirt and dust that had crawled underneath her uniform. Her arms at first,
then her upper chest and then...for a brief moment she had to open up her
eyes when she felt them on her firm breasts...she had to look into those
smiling faces and only then was able to lay back again. She felt so good and
there was no hidden agenda in those lovely eyes of those lovely girls. At
one time she suddenly felt the urge to answer the unspoken question of her
own sexual orientation, but that urge dissolved only the fraction of a second
later. What did it matter? She was not looking for any kind of relationship,
and there was nothing bad in acknowledging the beauty of a human being.

Athena opened her eyes and felt a little shocked (at first) when the face of
the Blonde was only a few inches away from her.

"What," Athena asked with the most sensitive voice.

"My name is Ura, you know."

Athena nodded.


The Blonde nodded.

"And I want to kiss you, Athena."

Athena felt like she had been transported into a soft bubble, into a dream,
into any kind of realm that was different from normality.

"Then, kiss me, Ura."

Before Athena could form another thought about sexual orientation, soft lips
were pressed onto her mouth and she parted her lips.

The Blonde, Ura, led go of her sponge and Athena felt the girl's right hand
resting on her left shoulder when the tongue slipped into her mouth.

She moaned and felt like some kind of battery being reloaded after weeks of
uselessness. Athena shoved he own tongue forward and the tip touched the
girl's tongue. They were playing with each other; forward, backward...
forward. The Redhead still shoved her sponge over the muscular human body...

Athena felt a little pressure on her thighs and knew that the sponge was
pressed towards her lap.

The kiss...the moment...the uprising lust would not deny satisfaction to her
and so she spread her legs to let the sponge onto her vagina.

The Redhead shoved the sponge up and down, up and down, up and down and it
felt so good...

The kiss was then broken and Athena had to gasp for air when she looked into
shining eyes and the continuous existence of Ura's smile.

"Did you like it?"

Athena nodded.


Then the beautiful face went away only to be replaced by another beautiful
face: That of the Redhead.

""I want to kiss you too, Athena."

The sponge left Athena's vagina and popped to the surface.

Athena, somewhat disappointed, exhaled with a light shudder that went through
her body.

"What's you name?"

The Redhead smiled at her in a very girlish manner.

"Samra is my name, Athena, and I still want to kiss you."

Out of the corner of her eyes Athena could see Ura, still smiling at her,
bending forward. And only a moment later soft lips were pressed onto her
right shoulder...followed by...

"Uhhh," Athena's pelvis left the bench when she felt a hand between her
thighs. Ura obviously had shoved her finger's into her lap and had instantly
started to stroke Athena's soft lips.

"Kiss me, Samra."

The Redhead then pressed her soft lips onto Athena's mouth, and again the
human soldier felt an alien (but not so alien) tongue slip into her.

And, almost at the same moment Samra had started to kiss Athena, the alien
girl grabbed Athena's right breast. Instantly she started to stroke the
breast, started to caress it, started to press it lightly and Athena knew
that there was nothing wrong with her almost buried sexual desire to be
with another woman. Nothing wrong, but all was right.

One of Ura's fingers slipped into Athena's vagina; without any effort it
parted those lips that were not only wet from the warm water and made small
circles in Athena's body.

The soldier sighed and Athena did not know what to do with her own hands. She
just lay there, on that bench, in that pool, and was being satisfied by two
beautiful women and there was nothing she was supposed to do. The only thing
active was her response to Samra's kiss...

Only her tongue would do something.

But again the kiss was broken and Athena was gasping for air.

And this time, when the young soldier looked up, she saw both girls smiling
down on her. This time no words were spoken, and this time Athena felt
relaxed and in peace with herself. This time...

This time Athena grabbed Ura's face and pulled her down.

The blonde slave instinctively seemed to know what Athena had in mind, and so
she opened up her mouth again. Their lips touched and the kiss build up with
each passing second. It became incredibly strong, became like a force of
nature. Athena let go of the other woman's face and instead hugged her and
pulled the slim body over her own.

She felt hands on her shoulders and one strong thigh between her legs,
pressing hard against her vagina.

-Oh God...oh...God...-

Samra was least for the moment. Samra was nice, was beautiful
was... but Athena felt something for Ura.

As strange as it seemed to her, as unfocused in the context of Athena's life,
as it was...there was something going on. Maybe, just maybe she did have a
'love at first sight' experience...maybe...she was a lesbian...maybe...

But in this tender moment it did not matter what Athena was or had become. In
this moment, while soft and warm waters were moving around them, hugged them,
engulfed them in perfect feelings, all Athena knew was, that she wanted this
girl as much as she had wanted other lovers before.

And when Ura's thigh moved, when it started rubbing over Athena's vagina, and
the tension grew...when the lust grew...Athena knew that her decision had
been right.

The blonde Slave with the name of Ura pressed one leg hard against the soft
and reddish lips, against the vagina of an alien woman. She was riding Athena
in a way, like the black haired girl was some sort of horse. And each and
every passing by had its impact on Athena's lust. She knew that each and
every thrust of the girl's hips would push her closer to the orgasm.

And also with each and every thrust of Ura's hips a fairly amount of water
kept on splashing all around the newly found lovers. Soft lips would find
Athena's mouth and one agile tongue kept on gliding over the Lieutenant's
teeth. When their lips parted Athena felt the breathing quicken... she felt
the warm and tingling sensation in her lap...felt the pressure, felt the

"Oh yes...Ura...Ura...oh God...," Athena kept screaming while her hands held
the other woman's buttocks...held them tight. Her fingers were digging into
the firm flesh of Ura's butt while the slave girl kept on riding, kept on
sliding over Athena's vaginal lips.

The fire grew hotter. With each and every passing moment the fire grew and
grew and got hotter. Body liquids and warm water mixed and one redhead was
watching a couple of lovers, riding, loving each other passionately.

Athena's eyes were half closed and her hand were moving up and down, were
sliding over Ura's back while her mouth had found the other girl's lips;
while her tongue kept on playing with the other girl's tongue.

Satisfaction was imminent...

Lips parted again and both girls were out of breath when the orgasm hit
Athena first and her lover second.

It was a warm explosion in her lap and a loud moan escaped Athena's mouth.
Then, before her conscious mind would kick in again, she felt a violent
shudder in the slim body over her: Ura was screaming out loud, and the sound
was that of an animal in pain.

Athena hugged the girl with both arms and held her very tight against her own

"Yes, Ura," she whispered while her own, long and black hair kept on floating
around her head.


Ura supported her upper body with both elbows on the bench underneath Athena
and her face was shining with satisfied lust and love.

"So, Athena from the distant universe...did you like it? Do you like to sleep
with women?"

Athena's body relaxed and her hands were put underneath her head. The
Lieutenant smiled at the alien slave...

"Yes...Ura...yes," she whispered.

The Blonde slid off Athena and Athena kept following her with her eyes. She
simply couldn't get enough of that girl.

"To be honest, Ura...," she said in a dreaming kind of mood, "I never had sex
with a woman before."

Ura smiled at her while she moved to a bench right next to Athena.

"You know, Athena...we are not allowed to have intimate relationships with
other men in our Emperor's palace. Only he has the right to sleep with us."

"We are not lesbians, you know...," suddenly the Redhead said and Athena had
to move her head in order to see the other, beautiful, and smiling face.

"Most of us really enjoy men very much."

"But our master is only one man...and though he always says that he loves
each and every of his women, it is... not enough, you know," Ura said.

"I see...and," Athena's forehead suddenly changed into a frown when she
realized that they were actually talking about having sex with this unknown
ruler of an alien civilization. She remembered all of a sudden that she had
to get back to the Battlestar Galactica...," and you all have sex with him?"

"Yes," both slaves said in unison.

"I see...," she started chewing her lower lip when her mind became much more
aware of the whole situation. Here she was, in an alien city; captured by
alien forces... She was supposed to do everything in order to get back to her
own people, but Lieutenant Athena had nothing better to do then sleeping with
another girl. And the next thing she would do was having sex with the

Lost in her own thought, Athena shook her head.

"What is it?" Samra, the Redhead, asked her while she started stroking
Athena's left shoulder.

The human did not mind the intimacy and just looked at the girl.

"I have to get back to my ship, you know!?"

"But", Samra began, "isn't your little ship broken?"

Athena smiled at her.

"No dear, that was only a shuttlecraft. I am from a huge, from a massive ship
called a Battlestar. And my people are waiting for me."

"I see."


Now Athena's head moved to the other side where Ura was smiling down on her
and placed one hand onto Athena's right breast. Instantly the slave-girl
started massaging the breast and Athena fought with the urge to close her
eyes again.


"The way I see it, you only have one chance to get away from our world."

"That would be...?"

"You have to wait till our master wants to see you. Then you have to ask him
to contact you people."

That had been her plan all along, but Athena nodded as if Ura's plan was new
to her.

"Yes, I think you are right."

Let's just hope he doesn't want to make love to me...

* * *

When Athena had went out of the pool in order to dry herself up and get
dressed again, the young Lieutenant found out that her uniform was missing.

"Come," Ura said, pointing into one vague direction, "you should rest a

"But my cloth...," Athena hesitated.

The Blonde smiled at her and Athena felt her heart beating faster.

"Don't worry, dear. Your cloth will be brought to you after it has been
cleaned up."

Athena smiled back, still insecure, still worrying about her cloth. But, she
decided, there was just nothing she could do, at the moment, but following
the gorgeous Blonde. And so she did not refuse Ura's offer to take her hand
and lead her towards the bed chambers.

"Here we are," Ura said, making one swift move with an open hand to show
Athena the chamber.

"I see..."

The room was occupied with one huge bed and otherwise decorated in a style
Athena had once seen in an computer documentary about the planet her father
called ‘The cradle of humanity"...the planet Earth.

Obviously there had once been a part of that world where powerful men would
possess many women as slaves, as concubines. They lived in huge tents in the
desert and would cloth themselves in loose fitting robes. Arabia... had been
the name of that land...

Athena shook her head and felt curious about the connections this world would
have with Earth and Arabia...

"I suggest, Athena, that you take a nap. We will get to you when the time has

Athena looked at her, nodding and involuntarily starring at Ura's breasts.

And there it was again, that feeling, that longing, for Athena's own gender.
There it was again, that lesbian desire...

Why, oh why, would Athena suddenly feel these strange feelings? Why would she
suddenly turn into a lesbian? Never had she felt this urge...


"Yes, Athena?"

"Can you stay with me?"

Ura smiled, somewhat in a shy manner and Athena felt the rate of heartbeats
in her chest quicken. Could it be? Could she have fallen in love with this
girl...all of a sudden, from one moment to the next? Or was this just lust...

-Oh my God, I actually had sex with a woman...and enjoyed it.-

"Do you want me to stay?"

Athena hesitated. The right thing to do would be to deny herself the
existence of those unnatural feelings. The right thing...


Without another word the slave girl named Ura went over to Athena's bed,
turned around so that she was now facing Athena, and pulled her own, flowing
tunic over her trembling shoulders.

With one, flowing move that tunic landed on the floor.

And again the urge of toughing that body flickered in Athena's mind. And
again she saw those firm breasts and the glistening of that soft skin. Ura
smiled at her and went backwards till her calves were touching the edge of
the bed. Then the young slave girl led herself fall back and she landed on
that bed, on that mattress with a soft sound.

Ura then pushed herself backwards till she was in the middle of the bed.

"Come Athena, come...," she whispered and Athena felt her knees almost giving
in. Slowly she went over to the bed and then got on all fours till she was on
Ura's right side.

Ura wrapped her arms around Athena's neck and the smile grew even wider.

"You know...we are not allowed to have sex with other men..."

"So you told me," Athena smiled...

"And I'm sure I also told you that we are allowed, and indeed encouraged, to
be together with other girls."

"Yes, you did...," Athena went over the other girl, like a predator then she
was gazing down on her.

"Ura pulled her down, spreading her legs for Athena.

The young Lieutenant placed her knees between Ura's legs and then was pulled
down on her.

Breasts were pressed on breasts, one flat stomach touched one flat stomach,
and the hills of Venus suddenly were pressed onto one another.

-Like I'm a man...-

"Kiss me, my alien friend," Ura whispered and closed her eyes.

Athena's heart went even faster when she bent forward, when her mouth touched
the girl's lips, when her tongue slipped into her lovers' mouth.

And the urge was fulfilled...

The urge was transformed into passion...

Athena kissed the girl with all her might, with all her lust, with the need
to have sexual satisfaction. She felt her lovers' breasts and this particular
sensation was almost too much for her. This feeling, this knowledge that the
pressure on Athena's own breasts was caused by this girl, by this girl's
breasts was unbearable...

"Oh Ura," she whispered out of breath, kissing her, inserting her tongue as
deep as possible into Ura's mouth...and stroking Ura's teeth, Ura's gum...

This was all Athena needed...

She then placed one leg over one of Ura's legs and pressed her own vagina
hard against that muscular leg...and started rubbing, started riding her

The room was filled with the sound of passion and it echoed from its walls.
Athena was not thinking anymore; she only felt the lust, felt the wet burning
in her lap and heard Ura's breathing, Ura's voice. And indeed there only was
Ura in the whole wide universe... Only Ura, the most beautiful girl in

-Ura, my sweet Ura...I cannot leave you here...I want to be with you...-

But this thinking was ridiculous...

Athena's hands were now framing the young face of her lover and she withdrew
her mouth from those sweet lips, breathing fast, breathing down on Ura with a

"You are so beautiful my sweet Ura."

The smiled back...

"And so are you...but now...," she said with a light amusement in her voice,
" kiss my womanhood..."

Kissing her womanhood...

Athena had to smile a very small smile. Licking the other girl's vagina was
more the way she would have put it, but it was alright...

Kissing her womanhood...

Licking a vagina...

This cannot be...but....

Athena pushed herself back till she sat on her own calves and was facing the
pink lips, framed by no pubic hair whatsoever.


She opened up her mouth and her tongue was extruded...

Slowly and very cautiously the tip of her tongue touched the small point on
the upper end of those lips...the small dot, the small thing, the center of
lust...and for the first time ever Athena started licking another woman's

The taste wasn't as bad as she had anticipated...not at all. The taste
instead was sweet and good and...

She pushed the tongue between those lips, used it like it was a man's

And then, suddenly, Athena used the help of her right hand...inserting one
finger into Ura, rubbing it over those lips, rubbing it over that clitoris
and did not stop licking her lover's center of lust.

Ura responded with a shudder, with a loud groan and with fingers that
were now digging into the black mane of a human soldier in very alien

"Yes, yes...," the slave girl moaned, "oh Athena....yes...!"

And Athena inserted a second finger...and a third...rubbing them over
sensitive lips, pushing them deep....deeper into Ura's vagina.

And still...she sucked up every liquid, licked over those lips....breathing
hard, breathing heavily...

The girl lifted her pelvis and pressed it hard against Athena's face...

"Oh...," Ura's voice was shrill now...and there was not self-control left in
the young slave...

Athena now used her other hand and inserted one finger from the left hand...

She pulled the vagina open...and kissed the inner lips, licked over them...

Ura came...

Till Ura yelled her lust at her, till the sound of one orgasm filled the

"Yes...oh my God...yes...yes....," heavy breathing...

Athena kissed the vagina and withdrew her fingers.

Again she kissed the lips and then withdrew herself, lifting her torso and
sitting on her calves again.

Ura's pelvis sank back onto the bed and Athena could see a smiling face. Open
eyes, dark and huge, were focused on her and the Lieutenant could see how
grateful her lover was.

"Oh Athena....that was so good..."

And without waiting for a response on Athena's side, the slave wrapped her
legs around Athena's hips and wrestled Athena around...

A sound of surprise escaped Athena's mouth, and then she found herself laying
on her back and gazing up, gazing into her lover's face.

"Now, what...?"

"Now it is my turn to please you, my beautiful lover."

Athena's smile grew wide and she placed her hand underneath her head.

She looked up and saw Ura grabbing some kind of gear...


Ura slipped off the bed and put the gear on...a...

-A strap on...penis...-

How absurd it was...a girl with a man's penis...about to fuck another girl...

-Am I ready for that?-

But Ura came back, slipped back onto the bed, crawling over Athena who
instantly spread her legs apart.

- I am about to receive love from a girl...-

Ura's penis was the color of cream and Athena could make out veins...

She then withdrew the hands from underneath her head and placed them on the
young and trembling shoulders of her lover.

"Fuck me Ura...please make love to me..."

Ura smiled in a shy way...


And only a moment passed till Athena could feel the tip of an artificial
penis touching her throbbing vagina.

She was already so wet and so open that it would have been abuse not to
insert the cock into her body.

But this torture was never done...

A large artificial cock was very slowly inserted into Athena's vagina...

It slid slowly over sensitive and very wet lips, rubbing over one sensitive

The penis was really big and it filled her out like no penis had ever filled
Athena out. It spread her vulva apart so that in would be on the verge of
pain... but only on the verge... never crossing this boundary.

Ura lifted her pelvis and the cock was pulled out...a bit...

Ura pushed, Ura pressed and Ura's pelvis came down on Athena again. Ura's
penis pushed Athena's lips apart, Ura's penis entered the realm of lust,
entered the vagina till the tip of that penis would touch one inner wall
and Athena would scream out a sound of pain.

Harder and faster she went...

Harder and faster the pelvis went up and down...

And the alien slave girl fucked Athena hard and harder.

And the alien slave girl fucked her till Athena was out of her mind.

She placed her hands on Ura's hips and yelled out her lust and her need to
become satisfied.


The penis spread the vulva apart and pain and lust mixed...till Athena needed
the pain...

Again and again the penis was inserted into Athena's vagina...

She wrapped her legs around her lover and pulled Ura closer, only to let her
go a moment later...

Athena closed her eyes and felt the burning sensation in her lap growing at
an alarmingly fast rate.

"Oh sweet Ura...."

And the sweet Ura did not waver; and the sweet Ura kept on looking into
Athena's distorted, sweating face...

The sweet Ura never stopped moving her pelvis...never stopped pushing the
artificial cock as deeply as possible into the throbbing vagina of her alien

A soft explosion of bright light spread out...and filled her head. Athena's
lap was burning and the relieve spread out, grabbing every cell, fulfilling
every desire...

Her lap hurt...her lap was bathed in joy...

-Oh God, this orgasm is so God..."

Suddenly Athena's upper body went up from her rest...suddenly she wrapped her
arms around her lover...pulling her girl along with her, back onto the soft
mattress till she would feel the pressure of another woman's breasts on her

Athena then was screaming out aloud...

"Yes...oh yes...!"

...till the burning sensation subsided...

...till the orgasm was hiding again...

And till Athena's body felt the satisfaction,

The two newly found lovers lay, curled up, stroking one another on a very
soft and very big bed and Athena of the distant human fleet smiled at the
sensations she had experienced in the hours of the near past. And somehow
it was funny and hardly understandable:

For once there was the unknown Emperor and an unknown threat of an
unpredictable future. Secondly...Athena had experienced lesbian love for the
first time in her life. And the funniest thing about the later was, that she
young woman did not feel any guilt that she had wavered, that she had
wandered off from the past of heterosexuality.

She vaguely remembered her task... getting into communication with the
Battlestar Galactica. She had to call her Dad and the rest of the fleet. Yes,
oh yes... she had to....

But the beautiful Lieutenant did not finish this thought when she slid into
a colorful sleep and into dreams of fulfilling love with the most beautiful
girl in the entire universe...Ura...

Will be continued in...

The Emperors Possession Part Two "Doubts of the mind"


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