This is adult fiction. Again, the rights to the characters of this story
belong to the creators of Battlestar Galactica. I am just borrowing them for
a while.

Battlestar Galactica: Victim
by Lost Soul (hcst&

The shift was over. Finally. When the red neon numbers turned to 3 a.m.
Athena let out a sound of relieve. The young Lieutenant stretched out her
legs and closed her eyes for a moment. When she felt the presence of
Lieutenant Baxter, the man who took over, she opened them again and smiled.

"Nice to see you."

Baxter returned the smile.

"Yeah, I know. Nice to work this time of day."

Athena got to her feet and the bulky man took over.

"Nothing special this night. Some minor blips and spots in the omega sector,
but no Cylons anywhere."

"O.k., then. Have a nice night Athena."

She said 'Good bye' and left the bridge of the Battlestar Galactica.

It took forever till the turbo lift opened up the doors to let her in.
Athena felt like she had bones made from lead. She was so tired. It was
definitely time for a vacation. But, on this journey, on the run from the
evil race, called the Cylons, there was no time for rest. And so everybody
had to work almost every day of the week, every week of every month.
Athena got in the lift and waited till the doors had closed. She leaned
against the bulkhead and closed her eyes again. She counted the different
shades of sound, each sound for one level in the huge ship. She had to go to
level 14.


She wanted to lay down, she wanted to feel the soft mattress.
But then, suddenly the lift stopped.


The doors opened and Athena saw a technician enter the small lift. She
nodded, smiled and waited till the man had chosen his level.
The lift started again. Down...down...

Minutes passed and Athena only thought about her bed, about sleep when the
lift again stopped.

She opened her eyes again and looked angrily at the man.
He was about 4o, muscular; dressed in black cloth. When he did not respond
to her angry glances, she noted the device the man had in his right hand.


The man smiled and lifted the device...a kind of disk-player with a small
attached viewscreen.

"Do you remember the 14th of July?"

Athena looked confused, did not comprehend what the man meant.
His smile got even broader.

"Don't you remember your watch?"

Something dark emerged from her subconciousnes. She had thought nobody would

"Oh God..."

The man smiled.

"So, you thought nobody would notice your betrayal, didn't you?!"

Every blood rushed out of her face and her knees became weak. Yes, she had
betrayed the human race. It was on her watch when the Cylons had raided the
fleet. It was on her watch when the cargo-cruiser 'Startrader' had been
blasted into a million parts. It was on her watch when over 100 people had
died. And only because of her.

Yes, she had fallen asleep while on watch. Yes...

She had panicked, she had taken the tape out of the camera that would
normally control the soldier on watch. And nobody had noticed. Everything
was fine. Of course Athena's consciousness had felt so bad. Every night she
was awake, thinking about the dead people. A hundred.

But every time she was about to hand herself over to the authorities, she
thought about her family. What would happen to them when she, Athena was on
one of those jail-ships. Her dad would loose his post as commander, her
brother Apollo would loose his commission as captain.

Her family would probably be banned from the Battlestar.

-Oh is like hell-

Finally she had banned every though from her mind. She had somehow mastered
the impossible. And now...

"You are a traitor Athena. It is your fault that over 100 people died."
Athena, in her skin tight pants and the leather jacket just starred at the
man. Her mouth dropped open. Sweat lay on her skin. She started shivering.
"Look at the recording Athena. See yourself sleeping while people die."


"Do you know what happens to beautiful, young women on a jail-ship? Have you
ever seen the dark room where dangerous criminals spend their years? Would
you like to be their sex slave? in and day out."

"No, please...please don't give away this...this secret..."

The black dressed man snapped the disk-player shut and his smile got

"So, you little bitch want to get away, don't you?!"

She felt like her knees would give away. Athena was leaning against the cold
metal and tears began running down her face.

"No, please don't ..please..."

The man came closer.

"What would you do for me, Athena? What would you do?"

"I...I," the flood of tears did not stop. Athena was shaking. The guild
kicked in. She knew it was her fault.

"Oh God...yes, I am guilty...I...what can I do to undo my fault?"

"Noting my dear. These people are dead. But, I think nobody would like the
idea that you go to jail. People need your dad, need your brother. There is
no sense in destroying your family, is there?!"

Athena shook her head. The man had read her mind.

"So, Athena, it is up to you to save your dad and your brother...and
yourself from getting fucked all day long."

The young lieutenant kept on starring at the man. She couldn't believe what
he had just said. She could not believe what had happened. And the hardest
thing was, that it all was because of her fault. She had fallen asleep while
on watch. She had ruined her life and was about to ruin her dad's life. A
life in the fleet, in service of the human federation of planets. He would

What should she do?

Being honest? Going to prison?

Or...the people were dead and nothing in this world could make them live

"What...what do you want me to do?"

She was sobbing, tears were all over her face.

"Well," the man was all smile, leaned closer so that his nose almost touched
Athena's nose.

"For a could become," he laid his hands on her shoulders and
Athena flinched, " sex slave."

Athena wanted to be dead.
She felt like a rat in a trap. Nothing she could do.

"Athena," with his right hand he pushed the thick leather jacket aside and
his fingers found their way. He held Athena's left breast. His fingers
started massaging them.

And Athena did not move.

"It is simple. Either you go to prison, or you will become my property. Do
you understand?"

Athena nodded.


"So, if you decide to become my slave, you will keep your mouth shut
forever. If you consider to get my ass into jail...or if you decide to hire
somebody to kill me...Athena, you will go to jail. I have copies of this
disk...your sleeping-career...all over the Battlestar. And if something
should happen to me, one of those disks will go to the council. Is that
understood too?"

His hand kept on pressing her breast.


"So, Athena, daughter of Adama, how do you decide?"

The man laid his other hand on Athena's ass, squeezing it. And Athena let it

She did not say a word, just kept on starring into the monster's face. He
was destroying her life.

"I...," her voice broke off.

"How," he took his right hand off her breast and pushed it between her
thighs. Athena flinched and a sound of surprise and disgust escaped her


"I will be your ... slave."

"And, little girl, you will be my slave whenever I want to fuck you. You
will do it every way I like it. You will fulfil my wishes wherever I want to
fuck you. Do you understand?"

Her heart sank and she nodded.

"I cannot hear you."

"Yes ... I will comply."

He smiled.


He laid his hands on her cheeks and his lips touched her mouth.

His tongue entered Athena.

She felt like passing out. The man actually kissed her. His hands moved down
her body and she finally felt them on her ass. He pressed his lower body
against hers and Athena felt the pressure of his erect cock.

After an eternity his withdrew and started breathing heavily.

The man starred at her and smiled.

"Yes Athena, this is your new job. You will be my sex-slave. But...before
that it is time for a quickie."

Athena's breathing slowed and her eyes were red from crying.


"Drop your pants. I want to fuck you right now."

"I ... I can't ... I"

The man did not become angry, he just kept on smiling.

"So you wanna go to the prison ship, right?!"

"No, I don't ... I ..."

"Then, ..."

He came closer again and pushed his right hand between Athena's legs.

"No ...!"

She felt so totally helpless. There was this monster of a man, and he was
stroking her vagina, and he had kissed her, and he was about to fuck her ...
and there was nothing Athena could do. She knew, if she decided to say the
truth, if she tried handing herself over to justice, there was no doubt that
she would spend a lot of time on a jail - ship. And the man was right: There
she would get raped all the time.

The council and every other leading person knew about the circumstances on
the jail-ships. They knew there was sexual and other violence ... but nobody
even tried to change it. And so Athena was sure that she would get raped

And it would be a lot worse than having sex with this man.

So, what could she do?

She spread her legs and let it happen.

The technician kept on rubbing his hand between her legs. The fabric of her
uniform pants was very thin. And so Athena could feel everything on her body
as if she wasn't wearing anything. Added to that, Athena was one of the
women who did not wear underwear. She felt his fingers on her lips, felt
them pressing the pants a little into her vagina.

Loud moaning escaped her mouth.

Athena's hands started hammering against the bulkhead behind her. She felt
the tingling sensation, felt her vagina becoming wet.


The man's other hand held her right buttock. His fingers were pressing into
the firm flesh. His mouth found its way to her lips, his tongue again
entered her.

He withdrew his hand from her vagina. Instead he stepped closer and ...
again pressed his cock against her.

After a while he stepped back.

"Now, pussy, drop your pants."

The elevator was still stuck between the decks. Athena was wondering why
nobody had noticed this malfunction. Athena unbuckled her belt. She pulled
down the zipper, pushed the thing pants down her muscular legs. When they
where between her ankles she got up and started shivering. She felt the
man's glances on her pelvis, on her pubic hair, her vagina.

Then he came closer. He laid his hands on her pelvic bones and smiled the
broadest smile Athena had ever seen.

"Open my pants."

Athena gulped saliva, inhaled, exhaled...

Then she opened his belt.

She opened his pants and pulled them down a little till they rushed to the
ground. Instantly his penis got erect.

Athena closed her eyes for a moment, then looked at the ceiling, feeling him
coming closer.

The tip of his cock touched her lips.

"Oh God..."

Tears were running down her cheeks.

-Please God, make it go over, please...-

The technician pulled her pelvis, pushed his hip and the penis entered
Athena's vagina.

The air was frozen. Time stood still. Athena felt him insider her.
A loud moan ... no, two ... one from the man, one from Athena.
They were united, they were one person.

He started fucking the young Lieutenant.

Again, again he entered her vagina. Her lips, a frame around the penis,
sucking him inside her body. The elevator cabin was shaking, she felt cold
metal on her ass, was lifted from the ground by his hands, now on her
buttocks. And he pushed her into one corner, fucked her hard and fast.
Athena was all tears, feeling helpless and ... good at the same time.

Yes, good ... she felt the tingling sensation, she felt how wet her vagina
was ... wet to her ass. She did not like the man, she did not like the idea
of being his sex-slave, she did not like what had become out of her life.
But, she felt good. It was pervert, it was ....

The technician pushed himself as deep into her vulva as possible. Hard and
big he was. Harder, faster... again and again. Deep into her beautiful body.

The pants were twisting around her ankles and Athena started wailing. Tears
all over her face. She felt so lonely, so down ... her life was in ruins.

And the man kept on fucking her till...

A flood of white, warm sperm shot out of his cock and flushed her vagina.

He screamed in fulfilled satisfaction. Athena was screaming in pain.

It never ended. More sperm, more ...

Some of it ran out of her vulva, running down her right thigh. Some of it
stayed in her body.

Finally he grew weak, was shrinking back to normal and the man pulled his
cock out and stepped back.

Athena screamed in pain. She sank down, sank to the cold metal ground. She
covered her face with her hands and stared crying.

The man stumbled backwards till one bulkhead stopped him. He was breathing
heavily. He pulled up his black pants and closed them.

"That was a taste for what is to come, bitch. You are my slave now."
He pushed a button and the elevator continued his way.

"Why...why do you do that to me? Why me?"

His smile got even broader.

"Because I have wanted you forever. And since I stumbled onto the video of
your famous sleeping ... well, that is perfect, don't you think?"

Athena looked at him and did not know what to say. He was right, he was in
power. And there was nothing she could do, nothing. She was is prey.

Finally the elevator stopped and the door opened. It was his level.
"You are on slave duties now, Athena. I will contact you for you next ...

Then he stepped out of the elevator. The last thing Athena saw of him was
the big smile.

Athena sat on the ground, waiting for her level. Finally she got up and
pulled her pants up, closed them. She stumbled out of the elevator and it
took her forever to reach her quarters. When she lay on her bed she again
started crying. Her life was over. She was his victim. She could only
imagine what the man would do next to her.

"Oh God..."

She fell asleep.

It was her own fault, her own...she was responsible for the death of over
hundred people. And now she had to pay the price.


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