Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don't read if you don't want to.

!!!!!Warning: Rough and violent story. Feel free to comment on the violence
in your feedback, but don't say you weren't warned!!!!!

Synopsis: A group of super-powered heroines under the leadership of Lara
Croft confronts the alien Predators hunting them.

Comments: I would call this a sex/horror/action story. The first two parts of
the story is character set-up and intro with several consensual MF and FF sex
scenes. Then comes the battle between the heroines and the Predators along
with several rape sex scenes. I tried to seed the sex scenes throughout so
you don't have to go long without one. There are several deaths in the story
but the heroines though are pretty tough and give as good as they get. The
story is broken into 3 parts.

Abby Miller (pupil of Elektra): Kristen Prout
Abigail Whistler: Jessica Biel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summer: Michelle Trachtenberg
Elektra: Jennifer Garner
Faith the Vampire Slayer: Eliza Dushku
Hermione Granger: Emma Watson
Jill Valentine: Sienna Guillroy
Lady Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie
Max (AKA Dark Angel): Jessica Alba
Miho: Devon Aoki
Mystique: Rebecca Romaijn
Selene: Kate Beckinsale
Willow Rosenberg: Alyson Hannigan

Codes: MF, snuff

Blade Trinity/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel/Elektra/Harry Potter/
Predator/Resident Evil/Sin City/Tomb Raider/Underworld/X-Men:
The Hunt is On Part 1 - The Gathering Of The Hunted
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message

Sunnydale, CA...

Buffy opened the door to the magic shop. Giles was inside and she stormed
up to him, "What the fuck is so important that you pulled me off patrolling?
You know I need to be out looking for Dawn."

Buffy was on edge. Her sister had been missing for more than a month, along
with Faith. She had been out every single night looking for Dawn. She was
exhausted, barely sleeping, spending every possible second tracking down

"Calm down Buffy," Giles tried to calm her. "I received something tonight by
messenger that you need to see." He handed her a letter. She took it and

"Whose Lady Lara Croft?"

"She's a collector of sorts. An adventurer, explorer, finder of rare things.
She is very rich and very well connected."

The letter asked that Buffy come to England to Lara's estate for an important
meeting. It also said it was in regard to her sister.

"Can we trust her?"

Giles nodded. At this point, Buffy was desperate for any information. She
would have gone to Hell if the Devil himself had promised her info on Dawn.

Buffy called Willow and two hours later the two of them were sitting in first
class on a trans-Atlantic flight to London using the tickets provided by Lady
Croft. It was the first time in a month that Buffy felt she could relax. She
practically passed out as she was so tired and slept the entire 13 hours of the

Seattle, WA...

Max sped through the back alleys of the city on her motorcycle. She was
travelling nearly 90 mph and maneuvering between the buildings and dumpsters
with super human reflexes. She was a messenger and was on her way across town
to deliver some legal papers.

Turning a corner, a large expensive Mercedes was blocking the alley in front
of her. Screeching to a halt, the back wheel of her tire stopped just inches
from the fender.

She slammed her fist on the hood, leaving a large dent. "What the fucks your

The driver side door opened and a large man got out and walked around the car
as the shapely 19 year old young woman got off her bike.

"Hey! You little bitch! I hope you have money to pay for that damage."

"Who you calling a bitch, BITCH!" Max grabbed the man by the jacket and
lifted him off his feet. He was shocked at her strength.

"Please young miss, don't hurt him," the older man sitting in the back of the
car, rolled down the window and spoke to Max calmly. "I am sorry but we did
not expect you so soon."

"Expect me? What's going on?" Max let go of the man with her right hand,
holding his 240 pounds up with only her left. She reached up between his legs
with the right and grabbed his genitals. Giving a squeeze, the man grimaced
in obvious pain, "Speak up or your boy here becomes a soprano."

"Please miss. I implore you. He may not be very bright but he is a good
driver. Which is more than I can say for you."

Max smiled, for some reason she liked this old guy. He had attitude. "Okay.
But speak up. What do you want?" She set the bodyguard down.

The man unlocked the car door, opened it and slid to the other side of the
rear seat. "Step in and I'll tell you." She was hesitant.

"I promise, we're no threat to you. We both know we couldn't hurt you even
if we wanted to. We will take you to deliver the package under your coat and
bring you back here to your motorized bike when done. At worst you will have
gotten to ride in a very nice car."

Max sat down and shut the door, "Okay, I'm curious. But just in case you're
thinking I'm a hooker. I'm not."

"Of course, you're not, I know that. But in my younger more virile days I
would have paid almost any amount to spend even five minutes with such a
succulent young flower as yourself."

Max looked at him with a wide grin, "You old perv you."

The man laughed at her youth and confidence as they drove off.

Raccoon City...

Detective Jill Valentine was called into her captain's office. "Yeah boss?"

"Do you really need so many guns Jill?" he asked her referring to the fact
that Jill had a 9-mm Beretta hanging from a shoulder holster under each arm.
Additionally, she had another in a belt holster in the small of her back and
a fourth gun that he was sure was there in a hidden ankle holster.

"I consider guns like condoms. Better to have them and not need them than
need them and not have them." She sat down and put her feet up on his desk.

"Get your goddamn feet off my desk! I swear, I don't know why I put up
with your crap Valentine."

"Cause I'm the best cop on the force that's why," she said with a smirk.

"I doubt that," he said sarcastically back, "but you must have screwed up
royally to get assigned to an entirely new country." Jill looked at him
quizzically. He handed her the transfer order. "You leave for London this

Basin City...

The college students froze as the door to their hotel room opened. When the
girl walked in they all inhaled and held their breath. The small Asian girl
who had walked in was even better than they had hoped. They had ordered a
hooker from Old Town but weren't sure the quality they would get with what
they could afford to pay.

It was a bachelor party for Roger. They had all tried to talk him out of
getting married, but he was in love. They at least got him to agree to one
last good time before he tied the knot.

The whore had arrived and Brian walked up to her. She was beautiful. Petite
at barely 5 feet tall. She had long brown hair and she wore a light silk top
and thin cotton pants that came down to her calves. Her facial features were
unusual and striking, delicate and feminine.

She didn't speak as Brian walked up to her, she simply held up her hand. "Oh
right, the money, of course." Brian placed $200 into her small outstretched
palm. Miho took it and placed it in her pocket.

Roger was sitting in a small wooden chair in the middle of the room. She
approached him and began to strip off her clothes in front of him. Roger
couldn't take his eyes off her. Neither could the other five young men in
the room. They were there for the party, all drinking beers and watching
porn. Now, though, the videos didn't seem all that important as they watched
Miho naked.

She slinked out of her clothes and stood in front of them swaying her small
body and dancing for them. She writhed her hips and arms seductively. After
a few minutes, she could see all the cocks in the room were hard.

Straddling Roger, Miho began writhing in his lap, shoving her small tits
into his face. He wrapped his lips around the right one and began sucking.
Reaching down between his jeans and his belly, she grabbed his organ in her
tiny hand. Roger's eyes widened, she had a strong grip.

She slid down to the floor on her knees and she could feel all the guys
staring at her tight little ass as she did. Opening his pants, she inhaled
his cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it hard.

"Oh my god!" he exclaimed as he felt her lips envelop his sex organ. The guys
watched jealously as the girl's head bounded up and down on their friend's

He couldn't last long, he knew it, but he was fighting not to cum. Just as
he reached the point of no return, he felt a hard pinch at the base of his
cock stopping him from shooting his load. Miho looked up, wiping drool and
pre-cum from her mouth with her free hand.

After about twenty seconds, she let go of his cock and slid into his lap
again but this time his organ slipped into her cunt and she began riding
him. Up and down she bounced on his lap with her tits in his face. The boys
watching were captivated, they all felt like they were going to cum, their
cocks swollen, like she was fucking them all.

It didn't take long for his orgasm to build again. This time though, she
didn't stop, time to earn her money and go home. With a quick clinch of the
muscles of her cunt, he exploded inside her.

Now that her job was done, she climbed off the boy. A slight ‘pop' sound
was made as his cock pulled free from her. His organ was limp and totally
drained. Miho ignored the eyes on her as she dressed and turned to leave.

As she approached the door, Brian stepped up and took Miho by the arm.
Her pretty face snapped around and he stepped back startled. He removed
his hand, "Sorry."

He knew better than to mess with a whore from Old Town. Even though there
were six of them and each of them outweighed her by 80 pounds, she was in no
danger and they all knew it.

"How much for the rest of us?" She eyed him coldly. "Please! How much?" Brian
turned and all the boys started pulling money from their pockets and handing
it to him. He passed it to Miho, without even counting it. She took it, about
a grand she estimated.

Still without saying a word, she put it in her pocket and closed the door.
The boy's faces all lit up. "Me first!" Brian called out and dropped him
pants to his ankles. Miho stripped naked and kneeled down in front of him.
He was so excited he blew a load of cum into her face before she even put
his cock in her mouth. All it took was the touch of her delicate hand.

She wiped the semen from her cheek and approached another boy sitting on the
bed. All of them were naked already, eager and practically begging for her.
She straddled the one on the bed and he came nearly as fast as Brian had.

About twenty minutes later, Miho walked out of the hotel with her money. As
she walked outside, it was raining and she debated whether to call a cab. A
man approached her. She assumed he was going to proposition her and held her
hand up indicating she wasn't interested before to he could.

"Miss Miho," the older gentleman said to her, "I am not here to offer you
money for you' But I do need to speak to you. Please, my car,
we're getting drenched and it's very warm inside."

He indicated a limo sitting a few feet away. She thought it over and then
walked to it and climbed in, still without saying a word.

Los Angeles CA...

"Hey kid!" A woman called out for the 15-year old girl walking down the

"Fuck you! Get away from me!" the young woman yelled back, her voice filled
with the attitude of a teenager.

"Fuck yourself Abby!" The woman replied and the girl whirled around when she
heard her name.

"Do I know you?" she asked the tall beautiful woman with striking angular
features and speaking with a light British accent. The woman approached
slowly not wanting to frighten her.

"No, we've never met, but I know you. And I know that the streets are not the
place for a young woman even one as capable as yourself."

Abby Miller looked sideways at her, "And who are you?"

"My name is Lara, Lara Croft. And I know that your sensei wouldn't want you
out on these streets."

"You knew Elektra?"

Abby had been on her own for several months since someone, something rather,
had attacked her and her fellow students at their training camp. Twenty of
her friends had been slaughtered, many of them raped before being killed. Her
mentor, a woman named Elektra, had also been there. She was missing.

Abby had traveled to LA to try and track down a man who she thought might be
able to help her but she had been unable to find him and she was living on
the streets.

"Yes, I knew Elektra," Lara told Abby what she needed to hear. The fact was
she did know Elektra, but the last time they had met, Elektra had tried to
kill her. Elektra was an assassin, one of the best in the world in fact. Lara
was actually surprised she had survived.

She felt it was best not to tell Abby the nature of their meeting. It wasn't
the girl's fault and the fact was she was in terrible danger from more than
muggers and crack addicts if she stayed on the street.

Abby thought for a second but then decided the woman was right. Besides,
anywhere was better than sleeping on the streets. The two women walked down
the street to Lara's waiting car.


"There's nothing more alluring than a beautiful woman in rubber I've always
thought." The man wearing the $5000 suit laughed at his own nervous joke but
quickly stopped. The pale woman pointing the gun at his head did not seem to
be laughing. She simply cocked the hammer and he gulped.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He was in a sewer tunnel. Selene was
down here hunting werewolves when she ran into him. Before he could answer
a monstrous hairy creature with claws and fangs rounded a corner and charged

"DOWN!" She grabbed the man by the neck and pushed him to the ground as she
opened fire on the beast. As it lunged at her, she emptied the clip of her
gun into it. Reloading with a practiced motion, she had replaced the magazine
before the werewolf had hit the ground, sliding to a stop at her feet, dead.

"Good thing I use silver bullets don't you think?"

Selene looked down at the stranger whose neck she was standing on. "And now
what to do with you?"

She knelt down and smiled with her face only inches from his. Her lips
pulled back to reveal fangs proving that she was in fact a vampire. He
hadn't totally believed that part when he had been sent down here.

"Well, I am hungry..." He felt her breath on his neck and she thought she
was going to bite him.

"Please. Stop. I was sent to give you a message. That's all. Please let me
give it and I'll leave." He was panicked.

She let him up and smiled at him and he realized she was playing with him,
"You messed up your suit." He looked down. He was filthy, covered with

She turned and started walking back out of the sewer. "You coming? There are
more of those things down here by the way." Selene turned the corner and as
much as he was afraid of her, being alone in the sewer was even worse and he
ran after her begging to give her the message so he could leave.

New York City...

Stuart Jameson couldn't believe what was happening to him. He had read about
stuff like this in the Penthouse Forums but he never thought it was real or
that it might happen to him. He opened his eyes hesitantly, afraid he would
and she would be gone, only a dream. But she was still there.

The blonde goddess was still on top of him. Stuart was lying naked on his
back in a bed in a hotel room. A 5'9" supermodel with perfect breasts and
skin and legs longer than he thought could exist was straddling him and
riding his cock. Actually, riding wasn't the right word; she was pounding
her pussy onto his cock. She leaned back, pinching her tits as she ground
her hips into him.

"Oh god, YES! OH GOD! Your cock feels so good! It's so big inside me! Ohhhh
yeah, fuck me good!" She was panting and crying out as she approached orgasm,
covered with sweat.

When he had met her in the bar downstairs and she had approached him, He had
assumed she was a hooker. But she laughed off his question of how much and
invited him to her room after only about 20 minutes of small talk. She was
all over him immediately as they walked inside. Before he knew it, they were
naked and fucking. The woman seemed as eager for him as he was for her.

After another minute of moaning, she screamed out, "OH GOD YES, I'M CUMMING!"

She threw her head and arms back as she was taken by the throes of pleasure.
A shudder went through her as the orgasm ran its course. After, she collapsed
forward, panting and heaving breathlessly, her face right next to Stuart's,
panting into his ear.

After a few seconds, she sat back with her hands on his shoulders, "Your turn
now lover," she said with a wide smile to him. She began once again pounding
his cock, riding him, trying to make him climax. After only thirty more
seconds, Stuart's body tensed and his toes curled as he felt his balls about
to explode.

"OH GOD, DON'T STOP!" he screamed at his cock blew inside her cunt. His eyes
went wide as the orgasm rushed over him. He had never felt anything like it.
The woman fell forward again, seemingly exhausted and caressing his face.

She was running her fingers through his hair, and without Stuart realizing it
she took a clump behind his head and his chin in the other hand. With a sharp
jerk, she twisted his head to the right. There was a loud...

"KRAK!"...sound as his neck snapped and Stuart was left dead as she swung her
legs over him and climbed off the bed.

She eyed herself in the vanity mirror as she picked up Stuart's pants and
removed his wallet. Opening it, she took his ID card to the company where he
worked. It would get her into the building and into the secure labs. Dropping
his wallet, she walked to the balcony of their fifth floor room and swung up
and over the handrail, leaping off.

As the woman fell, tumbling like a diver and twisting in the air, her pale
skin and blonde hair fell away. Her skin changed to a deep rich blue while
her hair became a flame red. She landed with barely any noise on her feet in
the alley.

As she walked towards the street, the now naked blue mutant known as Mystique
looked at the picture of the card which was of the man she had just killed.
As she did her skin and features began to change again. Within seconds, the
woman was gone and an exact duplicate of that man lying in the hotel room
upstairs was in the alley.

"Neat trick," a voice came from just behind a dumpster and a man in a sharp
suit stepped out. "Please don't run. I have a job offer for you." A car
pulled up on the curb and he motioned for her or him to get in.

He added, "A very lucrative job offer Miss Mystique."

Since her former mentor, Magneto, had been killed the mutant shape changer
needed to earn a living and worked doing whatever she could. Thief, assassin,
lover. Whatever paid best she would do it. And she was the best at whatever
she did.

Somewhere in Northern England...

Hermione Granger sat next to a pond reading a large book on potions. Her
parents were out of town on business for their jobs and she was on break from
her school. As she read, a large white owl flew up and landed next to her. It
had a small note folded and attached to its leg.

She thought it might be from Harry, a friend from school. She took it and
read with interest. It wasn't from Harry. It was from a muggle named Lara
Croft. She was asking for her to come to her home for a matter of grave

Normally Hermione would never have gone based on a note alone, but for the
past several weeks Hermione had sensed that something was wrong and that she
was being watched. She wondered if the warning and this feeling were related.

After thinking it over, she decided it was worth a risk. Grabbing her broom,
Hermione set off for London.

Los Angeles, CA...

The three vampires were playing with their prey. She was a homeless woman.
She was terrified and crying. The vampires were young, recently turned,
Abigail could tell by how inefficient they were. A real killer would have
simply been done with the defenseless woman. Abigail thought it was time
to give them a better target.


The vampires turned and faced the young athletic woman standing in the front
of the alley. The homeless woman took the opportunity to run. 'Good' Abigail
thought, 'at least she wasn't totally brain dead.'

The vampires realized their meal was gone, "Big mistake bitch! Now you're
gonna take her place!"

Abigail lowered her the hoodie of her sweatshirt revealing her pretty face
that only made the vampires more eager, "Don't call me a bitch. I don't like
that word."

She knocked an arrow into the bow in her hand and fired as the vampires
charged. The arrow slammed into the chest of one of them with such force it
lifted him from his feet. He was thrown backwards and barely had time to
cry out before flames began shooting from his body. By the time the arrow
struck the alley wall, embedded there, the vampire had burst into flames.

The other two watched as their comrade's body fell away in large chunks of
ash to the ground. They never thought any of them might be killed. "You
bitch! How dare you?!" one of them screamed at the young woman.

"I told you not to call me that. You see what happened to the last guy who
said that to me." The vampire was struck by just how calm she was speaking
to him. He was actually afraid.

The two remaining charged and the woman leapt and slammed her foot into the
chest of the vampire on her right as she ducked under a feeble slash from
the other one. These were inexperienced; their attack was poor.

Spinning as she ducked, Abigail came up with a length of wire in her hand.
Circling it around the neck of the vampire still standing, she tightened the
garrote and yanked back. The wire easily passed through his neck. Before his
body even reached the ground, it was gone, turned to ash.

The final creature jumped up and realized he was all alone facing the woman
who killed his friends. He bolted for the street. Just as he thought he was
safe, he felt a sharp pain in his back. Looking down he saw the tip of a
wooden stake protruding from his chest.

"Oh shit," was all he had time to say before he went up in flames. Abigail
Whistler picked up her stake from the pile of bones and ashes as she
collected her equipment and walked out of the alley. Suddenly, the headlights
of a large car lighted her up.

Abigail loaded an arrow and prepared for a new threat. The door to the car
opened, "Please Miss Whistler. Lower your weapon. We mean you no harm. But
we do need your help."

An English manor outside London...

The tall raven-haired woman stepped from her steam shower. She was totally
nude and standing on the carpet dripping wet. Her body was flawless, long
legs, a tight ass, and large D cup tits.

"Report," she said curtly.

Lara's butler stepped up and handed her a towel but she ignored him and
walked up to the mirror and began brushing her hair. "You know I like to air

"Yes, I know miss but I keep hoping one day modesty will kick in."

She flashed him a wide smile as she bent over standing with her legs wide,
showing him a clear view of her spread pussy and asshole. She looked back at
him between her knees.

"Oh, I did NOT need to see that."

"Please Winslow, you and I both know that mental image will give you fapping
material for the next month." Lara loved tormenting her older proper British

He simply rolled his eyes. "We have made contact with all the individuals on
your list and they are in route. All should arrive by tomorrow morning.
Except young Miss Miller of course." He was referring to Abby Miller who was
asleep in the room down the hall.

"Good. We need to move quickly." Lara took a serious tone, "I want to be on
our way by dawn the next day." She walked into her massive closet to get

"Are you sure Abby is ready for this mission? After all, she's only a girl,"
Winslow asked.

"This is her fight too. She's being hunted just like me. Just like us all.
She's a strong fighter, despite her age. I'll look after her as best I can,
but she's going to have to grow up fast if she's going to survive."

"Does that really matter to you Lara?" The butler's tone was more like a
father's as he addressed her by her first name. "I mean, do you care if she
lives at the end of this as long as you win?"

Lara gave him a cold look that said he had crossed a line with her. He
started to speak again to protest more. "That's all Winslow. Thank you." He
decided it was best to leave her alone and went to wake Abby for breakfast.

An underground structure, somewhere in the Amazon...

The predator walked into a main room of the underground ruins that he and his
subordinates were using a base while on this planet called Earth. He wasn't
dressed for battle, so his mask and plasma cannon were left behind, but he
still wore his wrist blades, weapons belts and bandoleers.

He was almost never without those things. He never knew when a young pup
might challenge his authority and he would have to fight to the death to
retain his position.

When the other predators saw him they took notice, he was not to be trifled

{I have news. Listen up.}

[The { } symbols indicate speech either translated from the alien
predator's language or spoken in English by the creatures.]

The young predators continued talking and being distracted in spite of his
words. The leader extended his wrist claws with a muffled 'SNIKT' sound. That
got their attention.

{We need to prepare ourselves for battle. It appears our prey is going to
make our hunt easier. They are coming to us.}

The younger predators looked at each other quizzically. Usually, their
targets did all they could to get away, even though it was futile. The leader
activated a small silver device and a holographic map of the Earth appeared.
Around the planet were a number of small red dots moving slowly.

{Our monitoring satellites indicate that all of our targets are moving to
meet here.} The predator pointed to a spot on an island off the coast of
called Britain.

A small spy satellite in this case was tracking each of their targets. When
under cloak, these were undetectable by all technologies known to humankind.
At about the size of a basketball, the targets could be monitored from orbits
as high as hundreds of miles or as close as a few feet. At this time, the
targets were being monitored as they all traveled by various means towards
the estate of Lady Lara Croft.

{The only explanation for this is that they know we are here. Based on intel,
it appears they are bringing the fight to us.}

The group of younger hunters laughed heartily. The predator known as Scar,
for reasons obvious as you looked at his face, spoke, {Are they insane? If
they want to commit suicide, they could simply shoot themselves. Why come
here to be taken?}

{As I explained to you all, these might be females, but they are very
dangerous foes, as is evidence of their having deduced our location.}

Scar snorted, {Commander, I mean no disrespect but I believe you give these
females too much credit. I captured one of the most powerful of them by
myself. Right now she hangs in a cell below us as my slave and host for my
seed. I see no reason why we should be afraid of these beings.}

{You should be more cautious Scar. You took your prey by surprise and while
a fine victory, we will no longer have that advantage. Our targets are
combining forces. They outnumber us now. They know where we are and so our
element of surprise is gone. I suggest you each study the dossiers on each
of them and spend the next several days preparing for the hunt.}

The predators stood and saluted their leader, {The honor of the hunt} they
said in unison and went to prepare.

Scar walked down a flight of stone stairs and along a corridor towards a
heavy metal door. Opening it, he eyed the female hanging by her wrists from
the ceiling with her legs also bound and held wide in the cell. Faith looked
back over her shoulder at the beast looking her up and down from the cell

To be continued in Part 2...


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