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!!!!!Warning: Rough and violent story. Feel free to comment on the violence
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Synopsis: A group of super-powered heroines under the leadership of Lara
Croft confronts the alien Predators hunting them.

Comments: I would call this a sex/horror/action story. The first two parts of
the story is character set-up and intro with several consensual MF and FF sex
scenes. Then comes the battle between the heroines and the Predators along
with several rape sex scenes. I tried to seed the sex scenes throughout so
you don't have to go long without one. There are several deaths in the story
but the heroines though are pretty tough and give as good as they get. The
story is broken into 3 parts.

Abby Miller (pupil of Elektra): Kristen Prout
Abigail Whistler: Jessica Biel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summer: Michelle Trachtenberg
Elektra: Jennifer Garner
Faith the Vampire Slayer: Eliza Dushku
Hermione Granger: Emma Watson
Jill Valentine: Sienna Guillroy
Lady Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie
Max (AKA Dark Angel): Jessica Alba
Miho: Devon Aoki
Mystique: Rebecca Romaijn
Selene: Kate Beckinsale
Willow Rosenberg: Alyson Hannigan

Codes: MF, M+F, FF, anal, oral, bond,preg, snuff, alien, cons, ncon, cons-nc

Blade Trinity/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel/Elektra/Harry Potter/
Predator/Resident Evil/Sin City/Tomb Raider/Underworld/X-Men:
The Hunt is On Part 2 - The Mission
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message

At the Estate...

Buffy and Willow followed the butler up the massive spiral staircase to the
second floor of the mansion the car had dropped them off at. It was the home
of Lara Croft. The two young women from California had arrived in England
that morning and been brought by limo to the mansion.

"Can you believe this place?" Willow asked her Buffy.

The mansion was opulent. The furnishings were all fine and obviously
extremely expensive. Winslow led them to two large bedrooms off a long
corridor. "Make yourself at home. Lady Croft has asked me to inform you
that she wishes to convene in the living room at 7 PM. Please be prompt.
All will be explained then."

"Please," Buffy spoke up, "I need to speak to Miss Croft now. My sister is
missing. This is very important. If she has any infor..."

"We understand Miss Summers. Please, just be a little more patient. 7 PM
and all your questions, including about your sister, will be answered."

She seemed to accept this reluctantly and went into her room to unpack.

While Buffy and Willow got settled...

Abby Miller was sitting in the window ledge of her bay window in her room
watching the limo's pull up one after another in front of the house. She
watched the passengers, various exotic and dangerous looking women get out
and walk inside. One by one, all the women invited by Lara to join her
were shown to their rooms.


It was about 6:45 PM when Buffy and Willow left their rooms to go downstairs.
As they approached the stairs, they were surprised to hear someone yell out.
It sounded like an argument. Willow followed Buffy down the staircase to see
what was happening.

Standing in the living room was a large group of people. The only man present
was Winslow, the butler, and all the rest were women and a strange group it
was. Standing in the corner watching the show was a naked blue female with
red hair and bright yellow eyes. And she wasn't even the strangest sight.

Standing in the middle of the room was a young woman in her early twenties
and in fantastic physical condition. Her arms and legs were strong with
muscular biceps and thighs for a girl her size. She was holding a bow and
arrow with the drawstring drawn and an arrow cocked.

She was pointing the arrow at the head of another woman. The target was pale
with straight black shoulder length hair. And she was wearing a rubber form
fitting body suit that left little of her shape to the imagination. Buffy
and Willow stopped on the stairs trying to figure out what was happening.

"What the fuck is going on? Why is she here?" Abigail screamed in the
direction of Lara Croft while not taking her eyes off Selene.

"I was invited bitch," Selene snarled back at the athletic woman. "Now get
that thing out of my face before I wrap it around your god damn throat!"
Moving faster than anyone could follow, Selene drew a gun from her hip
holster and pointed it at Abigail Whistler's head.

"Oooh, this might get good," Mystique said with a metallic tone in her voice.

The two women stood with weapons drawn in a stand off until Lara stepped
between them, "Please ladies, calm down. Everyone here was invited."

"Do you know what she is?" Abigail asked.

"Yes. I do. Now please, put down the weapons. I assure you both. No one is
in any danger here."

"Speak for yourself," Selene replied with attitude. But a hard look from Lara
and she holstered her firearm and Abigail followed suit, breaking down her
bow and putting it in the pouch strapped to her hip. Both women took seats
facing so they could watch the other.

All the women took places in the room, some seated and others standing. Buffy
and Willow stood in the back watching and wondering what all this was about.
While Buffy was terribly worried about Dawn, she couldn't shake the curiosity
of who these people were and what was the reason for this meeting.

Lady Croft stood in the front of the room and addressed them. "Thank you all
for coming. Before I tell you the reason I have brought you all here, let's
make some introductions."

"I believe you all know me. I am Lara Croft and you are all my guests. The
woman who was holding the bow is Abigail Whistler, renowned vampire hunter."
Lara chose to use the word 'hunter' rather than 'killer' to try to diffuse
the tensions with Selene.

Buffy and Willow looked at the woman. They had never heard of her and were
surprised at her profession.

"The woman clad in black rubber is called Selene and..."

"...and she's a vampire!" Abigail cut in. Lara's eyes immediately went to
Buffy to see how she would react. She was afraid a fight might break out
right here in the living room. Buffy though, while she tensed at the news,
was here for a reason, to find her sister. She had more important things to
worry about than a single vampire.

"Guilty as charged," Selene offered dryly.

Lara moved on, "Sitting over there is Max, a special young woman from
Seattle." All the women looked at the 19-year-old with the fresh face and
the loose fitting clothes and a cocky attitude. "Hey."

"Standing in the back of the room is another person with an interest in
vampires, Buffy Summers..." Selene took her eyes off Abigail for the first
time since sitting down and glanced towards the small blonde. She had heard
of Buffy but had never met her, knowing her by reputation only.

"And next to her is the witch Willow." Hermione perked up, trying to get a
look at the pretty redhead. "Sharing an interest in magic is young miss
Hermione Granger." At hearing that, Willow returned her interested gaze.

"Our other young guest is Abby Miller, prized student of Elektra Nachios."
While none in the room knew of Abby, several of their faces seemed to
indicate they had heard of Elektra.

"Joining us from the rough streets of Basin City is Miho. She's..." Lara
grasped for words, trying not to say prostitute, "...a capable warrior."

"The most distinctive of our group is known only as Mystique." The tall blue
woman bowed deeply to the room.

"And lastly, is Detective Jill Valentine." Lara indicated the tall brunette
with the shoulder holsters leaning against the far wall.

All the women exchanged glances and polite hellos and once done, Lara

The Reason for the Meeting...

"Now, I need to tell you all something very important. You are all in
terrible danger." The women all shifted, some even thinking they were being

Lara continued, her demeanor becoming more serious and commanding, "You are
all being hunted by an extremely dangerous foe. Several of them in fact. And
this foe is like nothing you have ever faced."

"So, what is it? What's after us?" Max asked and then offered a possible
answer, "Some mutant freaks?" Mystique shot Max an ugly look even though the
young woman didn't even know that the blue one was in fact a mutant.

Buffy spoke up, "Are they demons?"

"Maybe it's bloodsuckers?" Abigail said staring at Selene who stared and
shot back, "Or maybe its self-righteous do-gooders?"

Lara needed to stop the game of charades that was forming. "No ladies, this
is what it is." Lara hit a button and a screen behind her lowered and a
picture of a large humanoid monster wearing armor with green mottled skin

"What the fuck is that?" Abigail asked, for the first time distracted from
her hatred of Selene, who also seemed interested for the first time as did
all the females.

"It is called a Predator and there's more than one. These creatures are the
ones that attacked Abby's training camp and that took Buffy's sister and

"They have Dawn?!?"

Lara nodded soberly.

"Where they from?" Max asked.

"Would you believe outer space?" Lara answered.

In the Cells...

Faith was in the cell when she heard stomping footsteps approaching. It had
been more than a day since the monster that had kidnapped her had been here
to violate her. Her eyes went wide and her breathing started coming in
panicked panting bursts when she heard the ominous sounds.

She looked back over her shoulder as the door opened and her heart sank as
she saw the enormous creature with a large scar across its face walk inside
and shut the door. As it walked around to face her, she couldn't help but
stare at its huge foot and half long sex organ jutting out from between its

The predator reached out and took one of her tits in its massive clawed
hands. Faith winced as to say it was not gentle with her was an
understatement. The thing walked around behind her as she hanged by her
hands with her legs held wide. The chains she was held with were thick and
as strong as Faith was to break free was futile.

The creature pressed its body behind her up against hers and began stroking
her flesh, cutting into her several times with its claws. When Faith had been
brought in here she was pure attitude and fight. She had put up a mighty
struggle and actually broke free at one point only to be subdued and beaten

By this point, after weeks of captivity, she had all but given up on escape.
She knew it was no use. Now she had been these monsters prisoner and sex toy
for more than a month. She actually didn't know exactly how long.

She had become what she never thought she would be, helpless. Faith had
always been sexually aggressive, having fucked dozens if not hundreds of
guys in her young 20-year life. But because of who she was she never
thought she'd have to deal with being raped.

Her mind had barely held together when the creature first took her. It was a
brutal attack that was worse than anything Faith could have imagined it was.
The mental anguish was worse even than the physical pain which was

"No, please," Faith begged, even though she knew it was pointless. "Not
again. Please." Faith never thought she would beg like this, but she had
lost hope. The predator grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head to face
his. The creatures fetid breath made her nearly vomit as she looked into its
horrid features.

{HAH HAH HAH. Mercy for Faith? No mercy!} it spoke halting English to her,
mocking her pleading.

[The { } symbols indicate speech either translated from the alien predator's
language or spoken in English by the creatures.]

She felt the tip of the creatures tree trunk sized cock push between her ass
cheeks and start to find its way into her rectum. She would have clinched her
sphincter to try and fight, but she had been sodomized so much over the last
month that the muscles were nearly destroyed.

"Please, not my ass again!" Faith shrieked.

It momentarily stopped forcing its cock inside her rectum, {Ass fuck good.}
The creature reached around and caressed her swollen belly. {Fuck pussy bad.
Cock hurt baby.}

Faith looked down at her bulging stomach. To say she was pregnant was
redundant, it was obvious just to look at her. Her belly was larger than any
normal human pregnancy would cause it to be. Faith could feel whatever this
thing had impregnated her with moving and shifting inside her on a regular
basis. In fact, every few hours Faith would scream in agony as the baby
seemed to chew on her internal organs.

{Faith pain good for baby.}

Faith was distracted looking at her belly as the creature rammed its organ
onto her asshole. Her attention was immediately redirected to her

"OH MY GOD! YYYAHHHHHHHHHH!!! OH GOOODDDDDD!" Faith screamed for what seemed
like the thousandth time since being captured. Faith's pride and confidence
had been fucked out of her weeks ago. She no longer held back anymore as she
did in the beginning in order to spite her rapist. The violation and agony
of being nearly split open again was just too much.

The predator was screaming himself, inhuman grunts and yells as he fucked
her. Down the hall, Dawn Summers tried to block out Faith's screams as she
hung by her ankles. If possible, Dawns pregnant belly was even larger than

Back at the Mansion...

The meeting had ended and the women were all milling about the first floor,
examining the house and dwelling on what they had been told by Lara. She had
explained about the creatures, that they travel the galaxy looking for game
to hunt. She had left out the fact that these particular women were being
hunted not just as sport but also to impregnate.

She had also shared all the intel she had on them including a video of one of
them eliminating a special forces unit in the jungle. Hermione nearly threw
up when one of them skinned a soldier. The women definitely knew this was

As they thought about their situation they also got to know each other a bit.
Hermione approached Willow, "So, you're a witch too, like me huh? Did you go
to Hogwart's?"

"Hog-whats?" Willow asked. As Hermione started to ask where she got her
training, the blue woman walked up, "So, you're a witch huh?" she asked
Hermione. "Does that mean you're a lesbian too? Like Willow here."

Willow looked at her with a 'how the hell did you know that?' look on her

"Maybe you should try not checking out every piece of tail in the room?
Including the little girls, you pedo!"

Hermione seemed shocked, "Y-you you'r-re a lesbian Willow?"

Willow gave her a nervous smile that confirmed it. "Oh, ah, that's...nice.
Excuse me," Hermione walked briskly away. "What the hell have I gotten
myself into?" Hermione said under her breath.

Mystique blew Willow a kiss. "I'm game if you are although I generally go
for cock." Willow rolled her eyes at Mystique's proposition and walked away.

Max, Abigail, and Buffy gathered together. From across the room, Jill made
a comment about it being like high school with all the young pretty girls
forming a cliche already. They didn't hear her and were discussing the
predators and what to do about them.

Abby and Hermione both felt out of place as the youngest in the room. They
were sitting on the sofa talking about their respective training, one in the
martial arts and the other in the magical ones.

Selene and Miho kept to themselves as Winslow made his way around the room
offering drinks.

After about an hour, Lara called her guests back together. As a cop, Jill was
used to being in charge and spoke up, "Okay, I think I can speak for all of
us when I say we believe there is a real threat. But the question is, what do
we do about it?"

"Yeah. We can't just sit around here waiting for these things to come pick us
off one by one." Max offered up too.

"You're right, we can't," Lara responded. "And we're not. I know where these
things are based and I say we take the fight to them." The women all took in
Lara's statement and looked to each other.

Later that night...

The women had all agreed to Lara's plan. She needed to spend a day or two
gathering information and making preparations for them to leave. Until then,
they were all guests at the mansion.

Buffy was in her room, sitting on the bed and thinking about Dawn. She
couldn't believe her sister was in the hands of these horrid things. Just
then, there was a knock at the door and Max slipped in.

"Hey Buff, got a minute?" She sat on the bed next to the blonde. "I was sorry
to hear about your sister but me and Abigail were thinking about going out
to, you know, blow off some steam. How about you come too? Might be good to
take your mind off everything?"

Buffy shook her head, "Thanks for the offer Max, but I can't not while Dawn
is out there."

"Okay, well if you change your mind..." Max got up to leave.

About half an hour later as Winslow was getting ready to drive Max and
Abigail into town, Buffy came downstairs. She seemed to be in a better mood,
"Mind if I come along?" Max and Abigail smiled and welcomed her as they all
left for the car.

Willow watched Buffy and the girls drive off. She had been invited to go with
them but she always felt out of place when out with Buffy especially when
guys were hitting on her. She was standing in the window, watching the car
pull away as she heard someone behind her. It was Jill Valentine. She had a
bottle of champagne and two flute glasses.

"You old enough to drink Willow?"

Willow definitely detected a tone she had heard before in Jill's voice, "Just
barely I think, yeah." Jill filled the glasses and the two women exchanged
sly glances as they walked down a hall to explore the mansion.


It was late when Winslow walked into his room. He had been serving the
various women, even the scary ones, food and drinks and now finally was
returning to his room to retire for the night. He walked inside and was
surprised to see Lara inside. He was even more surprised to see her naked.
While it wasn't completely unusual for him to find Lara roaming the hall
nude, she had never appeared in his room before.

"Ah, Lady Croft! What's the meaning..."

"Shhh," she put her finger to his lips and pressed her huge tits up against
his chest and planted her lips on his mouth, kissing her deeply. After a
minute of forcing her tongue into his mouth, "You know you've wanted this
for a long time."

Lara dropped to her knees in front of him, "Miss, I, I don't...oh my god."
She wrapped her luscious full DSL's (dick sucking lips) around his cock and
began sucking so hard he was nearly pulled off his feet. Looking down, he
saw the top of Lara's head violently working his organ. It felt so good, he
couldn't bear to tell her to stop even though he knew he should.

"Oh god, please Miss Croft, I don't think this is a good..."

She looked up at him, "Call me Lara. I mean after all your cock is in my
mouth I think you can use my first name." She returned to blowing him.

"UH Oh, Oh my," Winslow felt his climax building and his cock began to spurt
semen into his employer's mouth. Just then there was a knock on his door and
a second later it opened, "Winslow? You in here?"

Lara Croft walked into the room and her eyes fell onto her butler standing
next to the door. Her eyes dropped and she saw his pants around his ankles
and a naked brunette on her knees sucking on him.

"Oh, Winslow, I-I'm sorry. I'll leave." She started to but then she realized
the woman sucking his cock was her, Lara Croft.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" She grabbed her nude double by the ponytail that both women
wore and yanked the cock-sucking woman to her feet. Winslow cried out as her
teeth scraped his cock as she was jerked off his organ.

Drawing back her fist, Lara punched the woman right in the nose and sent her
sprawling to the floor, blood spraying from her nostrils. Lara lay on the
floor, nude and looking up. The standing Lara knew there was only one
explanation for this and yelled, "MYSTIQUE! CHANGE NOW!"

The prone woman began smirking and a wide smile crossed her face as she wiped
the blood and cum from her lip. As she did, her skin began to change and it
turned to its natural blue.

"What's the matter? Not like he's your boyfriend." Mystique said.

"Get out!" Lara said through clenched teeth, "and don't let me catch you
shape shifting in the house again."

Mystique stood and, blowing Winslow a kiss, slipped into the hall, laughing.
Lara turned to Winslow, "How could you be that stupid? In your wildest
dreams, how could you think I'd ever do that?"

"Well, you can be rather...aggressive."

She looked down at his sex organ, dripping semen onto the floor. Lara turned
to leave, disgusted, "Well, clean yourself up and then the rug. And I hope it
was worth it, cause that's the closest you'll ever get to the real thing."

As Lara walked to the elevator to go back down to her workroom in the
basement, Willow and Jill were on a sofa in an out of the way den of the
mansion. They were writhing on the couch, making out and letting their hands
explore each other's bodies.

Willow opened Jill's blouse and began sucking on her nipples, "Oh yeah Will,
that's it. You've done this before."

Willow looked up, "You have too."

Jill smiled. As she kissed Willow deeply and rolled on top of her. The two
women were panting as they rubbed, sucked and felt up each other.

In a Bad Part of London...

Chet and David walked out of the pub, "Man, I can't believe we're leaving!
Did you see those girls? They were begging for it!"

"I know, but if we blow this mid-term, we'll lose our scholarships. We have
got to study."

"Yeah yeah. Okay. Let's go."

"Now now, that's not a very good attitude for a pair of strapping young men
like yourselves. You know what they say about all work and no play and what
it does to cute boys like you." A woman stepped from the shadows of the
street behind them and the two college students turned to face her.

She was stunningly beautiful with deep hypnotic eyes and a porcelain face.
Most striking though was the fact that she was wearing a skin-tight rubber
body suit.

"My name is Selene," she walked up to them, "and I don't think you should
give up on a good time so quickly." The two young men exchanged glances, not
sure if they should believe what they both obviously thought she was saying.

About twenty minutes later, the three of them were in a dingy hotel room.
Chet and Selene were on the bed, rolling around and making out. Chet was
letting his hands explore every inch of the aggressive woman's body, both
inside the rubber suit and out.

David was on his cell phone. "What!" his friend answered his call.

"Brad! Man, your never gonna believe this," David told his dorm mate. "Me
and Chet met this really hot chick and we're at Sunshine motel."

"Good for you, but we need to be studying."

"No, listen man, she's hot but not a college girl. She's older."

"What like your grandma?"

"No dingus, not old like that. But older, like in her thirties, and she's
horny for us all. She wants you and Danny to come too. She wants to do us

Selene could hear both sides of the conversation even from across the room
with her super-human senses. She smiled at the topic. It was ironic, since
she was in fact almost seven centuries old.

"What is she a whore? I don't have no money for that."

"No dammit you moron, she's not a hooker. Now get you ass down here."

Half an hour later, Brad and Danny walked up to the door of room 217 at the
Sunshine motel. They knocked and heard a woman's voice beckon them, "Come

They opened the door and walked into the room. Before they could even
register what was inside, the door closed behind them and Selene was standing
at it. She turned the deadbolt and placed the chain on as well.

"I'm glad you two are here. I thought you'd never show." She turned towards
them. Brad had to agree with David, she was stunning. She still had on her
rubber outfit, but it was unzipped down to her belly button and her full C
cup tits were exposed.

Brad and Danny's attention quickly fell from the woman's breasts and to their
two friends. Both Chet and David were sitting in two metal folding chairs in
the center of the room. They were tied to the chairs with silver duct tape
and had another piece over their mouths. They had panicked looks on their

Lastly, both young men were naked and were sporting erections between their
legs. Next to the two students were two empty metal chairs and on the seat of
one was a roll of duct tape.

Danny immediately knew something wasn't right and turned to run for the door
leading to the next room. Before he could get a single step though, Selene
moved the 20 feet between them and blocked his path.

She waved her finger at him like he had done something wrong. Placing her
hands on his chest, she pushed lightly and the young man flew backwards, his
body slamming into the motel wall and dropped to the floor unconscious.

A few minutes later, Danny was waking up and he found both himself and Brad
taped, just as David and Chet had been, to the chairs. He also watched as the
woman, now nude, dropping 4 small blue pills into Brad's mouth and washed
them down by forcing him to gulp from a glass of water.

After gagging Brad, she approached Danny and repeated the process by grabbing
his jaw and squeezing so hard he had no choice but to open. He realized the
pills were viagra. After taping his mouth shut, Selene went to sit on the bed
and turned on the TV to wait for the arousal inducing pills to take affect.

After twenty minutes or so, she returned, examined the young men's cocks and
seemed pleased with the results. "Ooooh, nice, "she cooed to Brad, "I'm glad
you came. It's a nice one." She was obviously referring to his nearly seven
inch cock. "I'll save you for last."

Selene slid into the lap of David and let his cock slide into her cunt. She
began fucking him. She was holding onto the back of the chair with her feet
planted on the floor. Using her legs, hips and arms, she ground herself on
his organ. The four men, the three watching and the one being fucked, were
terrified at their predicament. After a few minutes, Selene felt the
beginnings of her orgasm growing.

"You should consider yourself flattered David," she said to him as she leaned
her head back and opened her mouth. As she did, the protruding canine teeth
in her mouth elongated to nearly an inch long.

She looked at him with a wicked smile, "I haven't fed directly from a human
in over a decade. But this is a special occasion and I'm going to need all my
strength." She pulled his head back. Ignoring his muffled screams and the
look of terror in his face, she sank her fangs into his jugular vein and
clamped down hard.

She began drinking deeply from his throat, taking a pint of his blood with
every gulp. She continued fucking him as well. The blood infused her body and
rushed through her. The pleasure that had already started between her legs
exploded across her entire body. She felt an orgasm more intense than one any
human female could ever experience.

The metal of the chair bent and warped as Selene's grip tightened on it and
her hands deformed the metal. The other three bound collage students watched
the vampire woman literally fuck and suck their friend to death.

Finally, as the blood flow slowed and her orgasm subsided, she stood up.
David's cock was limp and his head fell to the side. He had been drained
totally from both ends.

Selene's eyes turned to Brad next. "I know I said I'd leave you for last, but
you should know better than to trust a vampire. We're such fickle creatures."
She dropped to her knees in front of him, taking his cock in her hand.
Looking up at him and smiling she opened her mouth wide and exposed her inch
long razor sharp fangs. She closed her mouth around the tip of his organ and
the college boy began screaming through his gag as he felt her teeth sink
into his sex organ. She was slurping from it like she was drinking through a
straw. After several minutes of drinking, his head slumped forward, dead.

An hour later, Selene walked from the motel room, leaving the four bodies of
the college students behind and lifeless, still taped to the chairs. She made
sure to place the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door as she closed it behind

Back in the Den...

Willow raised her face from between Jill's legs as the tall thin brunette
shuddered from the powerful orgasm coursing through her body. Willow smiled
as she forced her fingers deeper into the policewoman's cunt and let her
tongue find her clitoris again. Jill's back arched and she pinched and
twisted her nipples as she felt the warm muscle on the most sensitive spot
of her body.

"OHHHHHH YEEESSSSSS! Oh god Willow. You HAVE done this before!"

Jill had her slacks off and her blouse was wide open. Willow had her skirt
hiked up to her hips and her sweater was on the floor, "Well, I'm just
returning the favor." Jill and Willow had 69'd until Willow had cum and so
she was now going down on Jill.

Jill collapsed with Willow kissing her stomach. "Well, that was nice," Jill
said to her while sliding out from underneath the redhead. "Look, I got to
go. I really think I should review the information Lara gave me on these

Willow was a bit surprised, she had hoped they weren't done. "Um, okay, yeah
sure. That's probably a good idea."

Jill sat up and kissed Willow on the cheek. She quickly pulled her pants on
and made her exit. Willow had been brushed off enough to recognize it when it

After getting dressed, Willow went upstairs a bit unsure how to feel about
what happened. Walking upstairs, she went into her room to take a shower,
but was surprised to find Buffy sitting on her bed.

"Hey Buffy, thought you were going into town?"

"Changed my mind. I didn't feel up to it."

"I understand, you're worried about Dawn?"

"Who...Oh yeah, my sister, Dawn. Yeah I'm worried about her?" Buffy covered
her face with her hands and Willow thought she was crying. Buffy peered
through her fingers, making sure that Willow believed the act. Willow leaned
in and put her arms around the small blonde, trying to comfort her.

"It's okay, Dawn's going to be fine," she said, putting Buffy's head on her

Buffy looked up, "Willow? Are you hitting on me?"

"I...ah, no Buffy, of course not. I would never..."

"I mean it's okay if you are. I'm just not sure how to read you, being a
lesbian and all. Guys are easy, much less subtle."

"No, I wasn't...Did you say it's okay?"

Buffy turned, facing Willow on the bed, "Actually, I've been thinking
about this for a while, you and me I mean." Buffy looked down like she was
embarrassed. "I guess I never thought I would act on it, but now, in this
place, so far from home. I was thinking that maybe you and I could..."

Buffy put her hand on Willow leg and leaned in and kissed her. Willow had
always had a crush on her friend, but dared not act on it. Now, though she
found herself kissing her back deeply. Willow took Buffy's head in her hands.
She let her fingers run through Buffy's hair as they explored each other's
mouths with their tongues.

Buffy pulled back but kept her face close to Willow's, "So, how does this
work? I've never been with a woman before. Will me?"

"Of course Buffy, we'll go slow, do whatever your comfortable with."

"Well, there is one thing I've been dying to try. If you're game?"

Willow nodded and Buffy jumped up from the bed with a huge smile on her face.
She ran out into the hall saying she'd be right back. When she returned
twenty seconds later, she had her hands behind her back. Hesitantly, she
showed Willow what she had brought with her.

It was a large dildo, maybe 8 inches long and thick. Also, it had straps
attached to the base of it. Willow knew what they were. The straps formed a
harness that a woman could wear around her hips. She could then use the
dildo, now attached to her, to fuck another woman like a man would.

Willow had never used a strap-on, she preferred the manual method with her
partners. Willow smiled though, she wanted Buffy to be comfortable.

Buffy looked at her, "I've always wanted to use this...on you."

"On me? I..."

"Oh, well, if you don't want to, that's okay."

"No no. It'll be fun. We'll have a lot of fun." Buffy's face lit up and she
began stripping off her clothes.

About 20 Miles Away, at a Local Pub...

Max and Abigail were on the dance floor, grinding and dancing surrounded by
college aged guys. They loved the attention. Max was grinding her hips into
a guy's leg as they eyed each other hungrily.

Buffy was sitting at the table nursing a beer as the other two girls enjoyed
the male attention. A guy in his mid-twenties walked up carrying two beers.
"Can I offer you a refill?"

Buffy smiled, not wanting to be rude, "I don't think so, but thanks."

"Come on. Your friends said you were feeling down and they thought I could
cheer you up a bit. One beer. I'm not proposing."

Buffy looked out of the corner of her eye at the dance floor, Max waved at
her. The guy was very cute. She smiled at him and he took that as permission
to sit down.

After another half-hour of dancing, Max felt like she was going to explode.
She grabbed the guy she was dancing with and practically dragged him to the
bathroom. She threw him through the door and he fell back, slamming into the
counter and nearly into the sink. Shutting the door and bolting it behind
her, she attacked him.

Max leapt into his arms, wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him
deeply. Within seconds, his hands were under her shirt and on her tits. She
tore his shirt off as they continued grinding and kissing. He had never seen
a girl so horny. And also, she was strong. The guy was big and muscular, but
he felt himself being manhandled by this 5 foot 5 inch, 110 pound, twenty
year old girl.

Max pushed him up against the sink with him facing the wall, like she was
going to frisk him. He felt her hands on his belt and she yanked his pants
to his ankles. Grabbing his by the shoulders, Max spun him to face her and
dropped to her knees.

"You should consider yourself lucky. I don't do this often," then she wrapped
her lips around his hard-on. He couldn't have stopped her even if he wanted
to, not that he did. She sucked and licked his cock, as he fought not to cum.
Something told him, she wasn't a woman who would understand if he couldn't

After three of the best minutes of his life, she stood and began stripping
off her jeans and T-shirt. He could only watch her and he took in her
stunning body. She leapt into his arms again, but this time she reached down
and grabbed his organ and pushed it inside her.

Max tossed her head back in orgasmic pleasure as she and her partner moved
and fucked in rhythm. Max came twice, yelling out as she orgasmed. Finally,
when she seemed sated, he exploded inside her, filling her vagina with semen.

As she climbed off him, he practically collapsed in exhaustion. Max on the
other hand, simply got dressed and as she left the bathroom...

"You were pretty good."

On the way out she ran into Abigail and another big good-looking college guy
making out as they went out the back door of the pub into the alley. Max knew
she wasn't the only one looking to get a little action.

"Good for her," Max smiled.

As Abigail and her guy fell into the backseat of his convertible with her on
top of him, straddling his cock, Buffy was inside flirting with the guy who
was bringing her beer after beer.

At the Same Time, Upstairs at the Estate...

Willow was on all fours on the bed, naked and grunting. Buffy had the 8-inch
dildo strapped onto her hips and was behind her best friend, fucking her
hard. They were both nude and Buffy had the redhead by the hips and was
riding her, pounding the plastic cock into her cunt with deep hard thrusts.

"UH UH OH GOD, OWW, Buffy, you're...UH...doing this too...Uh...hard!"

Buffy kept the cock inside Willow's pussy but she brought her legs up so her
feet were planted on the bed with her knees bent and pointed outward. From
this position, she could get more leverage in thrusting. Gritting her teeth,
Buffy grabbed Willow's hair and kept fucking her, even harder if that was
possible. Both young women were drenched in sweat.

"It's okay Will, just relax. It'll get better."

"OWWWWW! Buffy, I don't think so. This really hurts. It's too deep. I don't
like this!" Buffy didn't stop. She had been fucking her for a good ten
minutes like this in various positions each one harder and more uncomfortable
than the last.

At first, Willow had just thought Buffy was inexperienced and was doing what
guys did to her. She had tried to tell her to be gentler, that that was how
women did it. It just it fell on deaf ears as Buffy got rougher and rougher.

Now Buffy had her from behind, fucking her doggy style, which she didn't
like. Willow was trying to pull away but Buffy was simply too strong for her
to break the slayer's grip. Willow didn't know what was going on but she was
getting scared.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks, "P-please stop. I mean i-it. This isn't

Finally, Buffy slid the dildo from between the redhead's legs, "Okay okay. If
your going to be such a baby about it." Willow's face dropped to the bed,
panting, her body covered with sweat, "I'm sorry Buff, but I just couldn't
take that anymore. I don't think you realized how hard you were pushing."

"Oh, I realized. I knew exactly what I was doing."

"Huh?" Willow realized Buffy was still behind her. "What's that supposed

Willow felt the dildo pushing into her asshole, "NO BUFFY DON'T!! I DON'T DO

Buffy grunted forcing the shaft as far as she could into the redhead's ass.
"Well, today you do Will."

Willow tried to pull away but Buffy used one hand to grab her by the hair
again and used her other hand to get leverage on the headboard as she reamed
Willow's ass. The entire bed was shaking as Buffy put her powerful hips and
thighs into her thrusts. Willow began to shriek as she felt her ass violated.



Buffy was yelling in her ear. Willow had never had anal sex. One of the
benefits of being a lesbian was that she didn't have a boyfriend always
trying to goad her into doing it up the butt.

The fucking in her pussy was bad enough but she couldn't believe her friend
was doing this to her. Willow cried the entire time until Buffy finally had
her fill of having her way with her. About ten minutes later, Buffy was lying
on the bed, smoking a cigarette while Willow sat on the edge of the bed,
drying her eyes.

"Oh come on Will! Don't be this way? It wasn't that bad."

"Wasn't that bad?!?! What are you fucking crazy!? My ass is killing me!"

Buffy burst out laughing at that and Willow got up and ran into the bathroom
and shut the door, "GET OUT!" she screamed at Buffy who rolled out of bed and
stood by the door.

"Oh come on Will. You said you would do it. Don't be mad. You want to wear
the dildo and fuck me now?"


Buffy smiled. She was very pleased with herself and walked out and down the
hall to her own room. She was still naked and wearing the massive cock
between her legs.


Abby and Hermione walked into TV room downstairs. They were sharing a room
next to Willow's. But she was having sex so loud they couldn't sleep. So they
came downstairs to find a TV. Miho was sitting in a large overstuffed chair
watching an infomercial. The small Asian girl was wearing a pair of bright
pink pajama's and had a large pair of bunny slippers on her feet. She was
also drinking a big glass of chocolate milk.

"Anything good on?" Abby asked. Miho shook her head indicating not.

The three girls sat staring at the TV for a few seconds. "Wanna play Jenga?"
Hermione asked and all the girls perked up and Abby went to the closet to
get the game she had found earlier.

The Next Morning...

Buffy woke up. She was in a strange bed and she suddenly found herself awake
with a start. Looking around she saw the guy she met in the bar last night
lying next to her.

"Oh my god! What did I do?"

Buffy lifted the sheet covering them both and saw that both she and he were

"Oh my god!"

He started to stir and she jumped up. Looking at the clock, it was nearly
9AM. "Oh shit!"

Buffy grabbed her clothes and ran into the hall of the frat house. She passed
two sleepy college guys in the hall, "Hey babe, why the hurry?"

Opening random doors, she finally found Max in a bed sound asleep lying with
two good-looking frat boys, one on either side of her. They were all naked as

"Max! Get up!" The brunette stirred.

"What time is it? Just let me sleep."

"NO, get up! We're going to be late. We got a mission."

Max suddenly remembered what Buffy was talking about and sat up in shock and
sent the sheet flying off her nude body. Max leapt from the bed and grabbed
her clothes. A few minutes later, Max, Buffy, and Abigail ran out into the
street still pulling their clothes on as they chased a cab driving down the

To be continued in part 3...


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