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!!!!!Warning: Rough and violent story. Feel free to comment on the violence
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Synopsis: A group of super-powered heroines under the leadership of Lara
Croft confronts the alien Predators hunting them.

Comments: I would call this a sex/horror/action story. The first two parts of
the story is character set-up and intro with several consensual MF and FF sex
scenes. Then comes the battle between the heroines and the Predators along
with several rape sex scenes. I tried to seed the sex scenes throughout so
you don't have to go long without one. There are several deaths in the story
but the heroines though are pretty tough and give as good as they get. The
story is broken into 3 parts.

Abby Miller (pupil of Elektra): Kristen Prout
Abigail Whistler: Jessica Biel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summer: Michelle Trachtenberg
Elektra: Jennifer Garner
Faith the Vampire Slayer: Eliza Dushku
Hermione Granger: Emma Watson
Jill Valentine: Sienna Guillroy
Lady Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie
Max (AKA Dark Angel): Jessica Alba
Miho: Devon Aoki
Mystique: Rebecca Romaijn
Selene: Kate Beckinsale
Willow Rosenberg: Alyson Hannigan

Codes: MF, F-best, anal, preg, ncon, viol, snuff, alien

Blade Trinity/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Dark Angel/Elektra/Harry Potter/
Predator/Resident Evil/Sin City/Tomb Raider/Underworld/X-Men:
The Hunt is On Part 3 - Battle Royale
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the
message boards)

At the Airfield...

Buffy, Max, and Abigail had arrived back at the mansion after their night
of debauchery. They got knowing looks from all the others but no one said
anything. The others couldn't really blame them for wanting to blow off some
steam and have some fun. Especially considering what they were going to
facing soon. Quickly after arriving, the females left for their trip.

The cars carrying the team of women arrived at an out of the way airfield.
The SUV carrying Selene had blacked out windows and pulled right into a
hanger to keep her from the sunlight. Once there, Lara led the women to a
cordoned off area filled with weapons and equipment.

"Gear up and assemble by the jet in thirty!" Lara barked. All the women were
still wearing their street clothes for the most part, all except Lara,
Mystique, and Selene. The vampire was in her usual garb of black rubber while
Lady Croft had on a silver body suit, weapons belt with two large handguns
and various equipment. Mystique as always was already nude and remained that

Buffy had tried to approach Willow earlier but it appeared she was
avoiding her. If Buffy didn't know better, she would have thought that
Willow purposely changed SUV's before leaving the estate to get away.
Buffy approached Willow at the lockers, "Hey Will. I just wanted to say."

"Wanted to say what?! Wanted to apologize? Well, don't bother!" Willow was
keeping her voice low but it was obvious she was very angry. Buffy didn't
know what was going on.

"I, ah, no. I just wanted."

"Just get the hell away from me!" Willow turned back towards her locker and
Buffy, realizing the others were watching, thought better of making a scene
so she stepped away. Buffy assumed she was mad that she had gone into town
with the other girls, but her reaction was over the top. Mystique watched
the exchange with keen interest.

All the women started undressing and changing in front of the lockers
marked with their names. Hermione and Abby looked around hesitantly seeming
embarrassed about striping in front of the others. Their feelings weren't
helped by the blue mutant staring intently at Hermione watching as she
slipped her jeans off. Finally, Lara ushered Mystique from the area to give
them some privacy. Jill and Willow couldn't help but steal glances at the
beautiful female bodies all around them though.

In each locker was a dark blue body suit made of a thin stretch material.
They looked `one size fits all' and appeared far too small for any of the
grown women to wear. "Umm, Lara? You sure this is gonna fit? Max asked.

"Just give it a try. It's an experimental micro-weave material. It will
stretch to fit nearly any body like a second skin. It is also insulated to
20 degrees below zero, fire resistant and bullet-proof."

Several of them still didn't seem convinced. "Also, as I mentioned, these
creatures see in the infrared spectrum only."

Max had a quizzical look on her face, so Hermione explained, rolling her
eyes, "It means they see our body heat."

"Oh, yeah right. Thanks."

Lara continued, "...which these suits will help block. They won't render you
invisible but they will make you harder to detect."

The women seemed impressed and started putting the garments on. Given the
tightness, they had no room even for panties or bras and slipped them on
totally nude. The garments had no zippers, the hole in the top for their
necks simply stretched as they pulled the suit on and then shrunk back to
its normal size once on.

Once dressed, the women looked at themselves and the others. The body suits
left nothing to the imagination. "These are worse than that slut Selene's
outfit," Abigail said.

Buffy had to agree. The suit was totally body hugging, literally wrapping
every curve and bump. Their nipples, ass cracks, and even genitals were all
completely obvious and the women all felt totally exposed.

Buffy looked at Max and Jill. The two women were standing in front of a
mirror grabbing the material between their legs and trying to stretch it
out. But no matter how hard they pulled, it returned to its same tightness,
cradling every fold of their pussies and giving them enormous camel toes.

Finally, after fighting and failing to get any relief from the outfits, they
gave up and accepted it. The only woman who seemed completely at ease in the
outfits was Miho; after all, she was used to working in far less clothing.

Also provided were black vests to wear over their chests with body armor and
equipment. This provided some more modest covering at least up top. The women
though might as well as been nude from the waist down. Once their boots were
on, the team members collected weapons and assembled as ordered by the plane.

Selene and Mystique nearly fell to the floor laughing when they saw the
outfits. The women ignored their hysterics as best they could.

Lara looked over her team. All the women had armed themselves from the
armory. Buffy had a hi-tech crossbow in her hand and a double bladed
battle-axe strapped to her back.

Willow, Abby, and Hermione had foregone any firearms. Willow had only a
satchel slung over her shoulder with various magical materials she needed.
Hermione had a modified holster with her wand in it on her hip while Abby
carried nothing at all, relying only on her fighting prowess.

Selene had her two automatic pistols, while Miho had two large curved swords
on her hips and Mystique was still nude and carried nothing else.

Abigail had her normal compliment of knives and her bow. Both Max and Jill
armed themselves with large automatic rifles and sidearms.

Abby raised her hand to ask a question, "If the suits are bulletproof, why do
we need the armor?"

"Because the predators don't use bullets. They use plasma cannons and razor
sharp wrist blades." Lara answered.

"Oh, and these vests will protect us from that, right?" Abby followed up.

"Well, we haven't actually been able to test them against the predator's
technology. But they can't hurt." Lara's answer didn't quell any of the
girl's fears.

Lastly as the women got on the jet, Lara passed out modified shooting glasses
explaining that they were light amplifying and allowed them see in the dark.

The plane they loaded onto was an experimental plane that could fly
sub-orbital. It would allow them to travel from England to South America
in only four hours. On the flight, the tone of the passengers was muted.
Everyone seemed focused on the upcoming battle.

In Flight Over the Amazon...

The women transferred to a stealth helicopter in a run-down airfield in a
South American jungle. After about an hour of flight over nothing but
isolated forest, they slowed to a hover.

Beneath them was a gaping hole in the ground. Lara explained this was the
entrance to an underground cave system that housed an ancient Aztec temple
that had been swallowed in an earthquake. It was the base of operations of
the predators. Lara slid the door open to the craft and Selene stepped back
away from the daylight.

"Aww, what's the matter? It the big bwad vampwire afwaid of a little
sunwight?" Abigail was mocking Selene who responded by leaping from the
helicopter, swan diving the 150 feet into the pitch-black cave. While the
sun burned her, she was out of it in only a few seconds and safe in the
darkness. She landed with a thud about 400 feet below the chopper but
unharmed and on her feet.

"Guess not."

All the others used rappelling lines attached to their vests to drop into the
pit. Once down and disconnected, Lara called the troops to attention.

"Okay, remember the plan, there are three entrances and we'll break into
three teams and go in each one moving to the center of the complex to corner
the creatures."

Willow spoke up, "I know we covered this before, but are you sure it's a good
idea to split up?"

"Yes it is," Lara seemed a bit annoyed, "As I said, my intel says there
are only three of these hunters down here. Their biggest weakness is their
arrogance and if we split up, they will most likely split up too and each
team will only have to deal with one of these things. In a larger group we
will be easier targets and they will be able to concentrate their firepower.
Each team should be able to handle one of them. Understood? Good."

"Well, I hate to be a party pooper, but I hunt better alone," and with that
Selene ran into the darkness of the cave, ignoring the calls of the others to


"Umm, where's the blue woman?" Abby asked. All the women looked around and
realized she had disappeared too. `Great,' Lara thought to her self, `not
five minutes in and we're down two team members.'

"Okay, forget them. The teams are as follows; the red team is myself heading
it up with Abby and Willow. Blue team, Buffy is in charge and Max and
Abigail." Max started to protest but decided not to. "Gold team, leader is
Jill, with Hermione and Miho. You all have your maps and know your entry
points and have studied these things weapons and technologies. Keep in
contact. Now let's move out. And remember, if you get the chance, terminate
them with extreme prejudice."

The three groups broke off and moved down the cave. It opened up into a
massive cavern after a half mile and the top of what appeared to be an
ancient Aztec building was sticking out of the floor, covered around the
edges with rubble. Each team then split off and moved to their respective

Inside the Ruins...

The leader of the Predators had just finished giving his hunters their
final instructions. He held up a small device and a hologram of the temple
appeared. At the upper levels were a number of small green dots, indicating
their prey. With a simple nod, the dozen or so predators assembled ran into
the tunnels of the ruins each activating their cloaks as the entered the

It had been about a half-hour since they broke cover and the predator walked
down a corridor deep inside the temple. It heard a noise and remained still.
Down the hall one of it's brethren stepped from the darkness. They exchanged
grunts and let their guard down.

As they approached, when the other creature looked away, the first raised his
arms blades preparing to run the other through. To his surprise though, the
target of the attack ducked under the slash and raised his arm and fired a
wrist device.

A thin mesh of metal netting flew at his attacker, wrapping him and slamming
him into a tunnel wall. To his surprise the attacking predator found himself
trapped in a razor sharp net cutting into his flesh. The real predator
stepped up and looking down on his capture, {Ha Ha. Nice. Try.}

Mystique shifted back to her normal blue skinned appearance. Her whole plan
was to take the predator by surprise using her shape shifting ability to
mimic one and get close enough to kill it. Obviously that had failed.

"Fuck you," she said defiantly.

The sensors of the predator's armor had detected the intruder and when he
didn't pick up a transponder signal from the other, he knew something was
amiss. A simple scan revealed the deception.

{Fuck. Me. Ha ha.} It lifted her and extended its wrist blades preparing to
gut the mutant. {Fuck. You.}

[The { } symbols indicate speech either translated from the alien predator's
language or spoken in English by the creatures.]

"Wait," Mystique yelled, "I can help you." It stopped, waiting for an
explanation. "I can lure the others to you. I can help."

The predator thought for a second. Then it pulled a small metal ring from its
belt and held it in its open palm. Mystique watched as the hoop snapped open
and lifted into the air. It moved towards her. She was trapped by the netting
and couldn't move. Before she knew it, the ring had snapped in place around
her neck. The predator raised it's arm and slashed down at her with the

"NO!" She screamed thinking she was going to die but it simply slashed the
netting and released her.

{You help.} It pulled a small device from its belt and pushed a button.
Suddenly Mystique's entire body felt like it was on fire and she fell to the
ground screaming.

"AARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE!" The predator let her suffer and
writhe in agony for nearly a minute before deactivating the control collar.

{Help or die.} Mystique got the point.

Blue Team...

Max, Buffy, and Abigail moved like professional soldiers each covering the
other as they moved from side to side down the hall using the natural cover
of the ruins for protection.

Max's heightened senses picked up a slight sound and smell from down the
hall. She held up her hand and the other two crouched down responding to
the silent signal. Another signal and the three of them started moving down
the corridor taking flanking positions. A predator was down the hall and
they wanted to surprise it.

Max moved to open fire on the creature with her assault rifle. The plan would
be to flush it out of hiding and then Abigail and Buffy could deliver a fatal
shot. Max heard a slight click in her ear that was the signal that the other
two were in place. She saw the slightest haziness about 50 feet away. That
was all she needed, her heightened eyesight locked in on the predator.

Max drew down on him, opening fire, flooding the area with bullets. The
creature broke cover as they had hoped. Suddenly though, Max saw a flash of
blue out of the corner of her eye. She realized there was a second predator
and it had gotten the drop on her.

She spun but the plasma bolt slammed into her chest. It blew her rifle in two
and threw her into the wall. "UUGGGHHHHH!" Max found herself on her back,
covered in dust. Her armor has deflected the shot from the creature, but it
had hurt like hell. She thought a rib was broken.

Before she could dwell on the pain in her chest she saw a shimmering over her
and then two huge silver blades sprang from the creature's arm, now visible.
It brought them down towards her head. Max grabbed the beast's arm using all
her strength to stop the blow from landing. But it had position on top of her
and leverage, it was a battle that Max was going to lose as the blades
continued down towards her throat, albeit slowly.

Buffy saw the predator leap from its hiding spot to avoid the spray of
bullets from Max's rifle. She raised her crossbow and fired. The bolt hit the
creature in the chest and lodged there, knocking him from his feet. Abigail
drew her bow and was about to fire as well when she saw Max on her back with
one of these creatures on top of her, trying to gut her.

Turning towards Max, she let the arrow fly and it stopped over Max's head,
seemingly hovering in the air above her. A green liquid began to drip from
around the shaft and the pressure on Max lessened. The shimmering stopped
and the predator became visible as its cloak cut off.

The predator staggered back it hand wrapped around the arrow in its throat.
It stumbled about ten feet, then fell to the ground, dead. Abigail didn't
have time to celebrate. She knocked another arrow and turned to fire again
at the remaining predator.

Buffy had drawn her battle-axe after shooting the thing with her crossbow.
She had charged it and she and the monster had met head on. It had grabbed
the handle of her weapon and they struggled for it. Even though she was
barely 5 feet tall, she was probably as strong as the creature, but she
didn't have the leverage that came with its 8-foot frame. It lifted her,
wedging the axe under her chin and pinning her against the wall.

Buffy kicked the predator several times in the chest breaking several of its
ribs. Suddenly, it fell back, its body staggering. Max and Abigail had come
up behind it. Max unloaded her pistol into its back and Abigail fired an
arrow into its shoulder. The creature was badly wounded.

Before it could run, Buffy spun and swung the axe, cleaving its head from its
body. The three women stood over it breathing deeply recovering from the heat
of battle. Max and Abigail high-fived.

"Kicked his ass!"

Buffy hated to interrupt the other two's celebrating, but "Either of you have
a problem with this?" Abigail and Max looked at her not sure what she meant.

"Lara said there were only three of these things. So either we just killed
two of them, which is great."

"Or there's more than we thought." Abigail finished. She reached up to her
throat-mic, "Red team, come in. This is blue team. Come in." She got only
static in response. The other's tried their comm units as well but also got

"You don't think they're jamming the radios, do you?"

Gold Team...

Jill, Miho, and Hermione moved down the corridor. Jill lead the way with her
assault rifle out front. Hermione was in the middle while Miho, swords in
hand, brought up the rear. Jill peered around a corner.

"See anything? Hermione asked. Jill shook her head and told her to be quiet.

As she checked out the chamber in front of her, a shimmering appeared behind
Miho. As the predator swung his wrist claws at Miho's neck, she somehow
sensed the attack and ducked. The blades imbedded into the stone wall as Jill
and Hermione spun.

The creature, realizing it was vulnerable, leapt upward, landing on a ledge.
It pushed off, sailing across the hallway towards a high alcove. Jill opened
fire with her rifle, the rounds tearing the stone apart as she tried to track
the monster. She emptied the entire clip in seconds. Hermione fired a yellow
streak of light from her wand as well.

"Holy shit! What the fuck was that?!" Miho cried out.

Both Hermione and Jill exchanged glances. Those were the first words Miho had
uttered since she had arrived. As the three women stood waiting to see if
they had hit anything, Miho cried out again, "RUN!" At her feet was a small
metal disc with a blinking light on it. She knew a grenade when she saw one.

The women began to scatter when the device exploded. The explosion blew a
massive hole in the stone floor and brought part of the wall and ceiling down
on the hall where they had been standing.

Red Team...

Lara Croft led her team down a corridor with Abby and Willow close behind.
"Careful. Stay close." Lara warned them. Just as she did, something large
landed in the middle of the group.

The predator extended its combat spear and swung it, hitting Abby in the gut
with the shaft and tossing her twenty feet. She slammed into Willow and the
two girls fell to the floor. Lara drew her weapons and opened fire on the
creature. Most of the bullets bounced off, but a few seemed to strike home,
but they didn't stop its advance.

The guns clicked indicating they were empty as the predator raised its spear
and threw it at the tall woman. Lara leapt up off a boulder, flipping over
the path of the weapon. The spear struck the far wall, imbedding in the
stone. Lara landed on the creature, kicking it in the head as she flew over

The blow seemed to stun it slightly, but it was on her as she landed. With
her guns empty, she couldn't match its strength and a powerful punch threw
her into a wall. As it was about to deliver another, Abby leapt at it raining
punches on the predator from behind. The creature turned to engage the new
threat from the teenager.

"Hey mother fucker!" Willow yelled at it, "Try this on for size." Willow
reached into her satchel and pulled out a handful of sulfur, tossing it into
the air. She said several faint words and the dust exploded into flames.

"Lara, Abby. Get down."

The flames streaked towards the predator as the two women hit the floor. The
hotly burning fire engulfed it, setting it ablaze and burning intensely. The
creature ran, flailing and panicked, trying to extinguish the fire. The
flames burned until there was nothing left but the creature's skeleton and

Willow walked up to Abby as she held her nose to protect from the smell of
burning flesh. "The flames that won't die. A handy spell."

"I'll say," Lara agreed.

As Lara and Willow examined what was left of the predator, Abby turned, "I
thought I heard something," she said to the others but they were distracted.
Abby walked down the hallway, looking for any signs of danger. Lara saw her
and called out, "Abby stop. Don't wander off."

Just then a trap door opened under the teenager and she fell through it.
"ABBY!" Lara screamed and ran to help the girl. Just as she got there, the
trap door closed.

A loud banging sound came from behind her and both Lara and Willow looked up
just in time to see a large stone wall dropping from above them, splitting
the hallway between the two women. Willow found herself trapped on her side
of the wall with Lara on the other.

Rude Awakening...

Miho's eyes flickered open. She had been knocked out from the explosion. She
was hanging upside down and quickly realized that her hands were bound behind
her. What's worse, she was over the shoulder of the predator that had
attacked her team. She didn't know if Jill and Hermione were alive or dead.

The creature had pulled Miho from the rubble. She seemed relatively unhurt.
It had pulled her armor off and tied her arms. Then it threw her over its
shoulder and took her towards a chamber deeper in the temple.

Miho had woken up and realized her predicament. She began struggling to get
free and slammed her knee into the predator's facemask surprising it. As it's
grip slipped, she was able to roll off its shoulder. Even with her hands tied
she managed to land on her feet.

Miho tried to run but the predator grabbed her by the hair. It rained several
punches into her small body. Miho took a fist into her stomach, chest, and
finally her face. Miho was battered to her limits and she fell to the ground
nearly unconscious but definitely beaten.

The predator lifted her again by her right leg letting her dangle in front of
the 8-foot tall monster. Reaching between her legs it raked its claws across
her thigh and down the front of her body. Miho's suit was torn from her knees
to her shoulder exposing her pussy, flat stomach, and small tits.

As she hung, it produced two metal rings from its belt that it placed on her
ankles. Activating the devices, Miho felt her feet slam together and she
found she could not separate them. Her hands and legs were both restrained

The predator tossed her onto a large stone table in the center of the room.
Miho looked up, "You bastard! Let me go! When my friends find us you're."

The Asian girl's threats were cut off as the creature forced its massive
clawed fingers into her mouth and held her jaws open. It pulled a small metal
ring, about the size of a quarter, from its belt and dropped it in between
her lips.

When the ring touched her tongue it expanded to about 6 inches in diameter.
The ring lodged itself in the back of Miho's mouth forcing her jaws open. The
bottom hinges of the bones on either side of face snapped off from the top
ones and Miho felt the intense pain of a broken jaw.

"UUGGGGHHHHHH!" She grunted in agony.

The predator dropped her. Miho's mouth was forced open wide, wider than she
thought possible. As she watched the creature it removed a piece of its armor
from between its legs. Miho's eyes became nearly as wide as her mouth when
she saw it unfurl its sex organ, which sprang to erection immediately.

Miho tried to scream for help but it was useless. She fought against the
alien shackles binding her wrists and ankles but that too was useless. The
creature grabbed Miho by the top of her head and pointed her face towards
the tip of its cock. She made one last attempt to fight free as the
cantaloupe sized head passed her lips forcing her already broken jaw open
even further. Miho was kicking her legs and clawing the air with her hands
in an effort to do anything to stop the thing from shoving its organ into
her throat. But helpless as she was all she could do was flail pitifully.

Miho felt the creature reach between her legs and slide its 7 inch fingers
into her pussy. Each finger was larger than a normal human penis. Using its
hand in her crotch and the other on her head as an anchor, it lifted her
from the table and yanked Miho down onto its cock. Her face smashed into
it's rock hard abdomen as its 18-inch organ was forced into and through her

Holding her up off the table, it allowed her body to be suspended by its
organ with her face pointed down and her legs up at about a 45 degree angle
to the floor. It slid her about 8 inches upward before letting her fall again
onto its cock.

The predator began bouncing her using its legs and arms to toss her body up
and down the shaft. The creature's scrotum hung across her face as its
baseball sized testicle bounced off her forehead.

{Good head. HA HA HA.} Miho thrashed as it used her entire body as a sex toy
fucking her mouth, face and throat mercilessly.

An Old Friend and a New One...

Abby Miller limped down the dark corridor. She had fallen about 100 feet
after slipping through the trap door, bouncing off several rocks before
slamming into the stone floor of a new chamber. Only her training and
strength saved her.

Once she collected herself she tried to find a way out. She entered a new
hallway that appeared different than the others. It was lined with a number
of metal doors that were new and strong looking. Abby opened one of them.
Inside it appeared to be a cell.

In the center of the room, on the floor, was the body of a woman. Abby didn't
recognize her because her head was gone. Also, her abdomen was split open
from her ribs to her crotch. The body was that of Faith, although Abby had no
way to know that. After giving birth, if you could call having an offspring
tear itself from your belly giving birth, she had been finished off by Scar
who kept her head as a trophy.

Abby walked to another door and opened it, although she was afraid of what
she might find. Inside, lying on what appeared to be an alien version of a
gynecological table was another women. She was alive but not whole. Abby
recognized her.


She ran up to the side of her mentor, who opened her eyes weakly. At first
Elektra Nachios did not believe what she saw was real. It took her a few
minutes to accept her vision. Abby looked over her friend and teacher and

Elektra's arms and legs had been removed. She was simply a head and a torso.
Her belly was swollen and impossibly big. It appeared stretched to its limits
and that it might burst at any moment. Elektra's pussy mound was also swollen
and red like it had been horribly abused.

"Abby..." she said weakly, "You me..."

"No! I'm getting you out of here." She started to try and lift her, but with
her hurt leg she could not.

"No. Given dozens...monsters...pain too...much," Elektra could
barely speak.


After several minutes of arguing, Abby finally relented and drew a knife
from her belt and used it to end Elektra's life. The teenage girl fell to the
floor curled up in a ball at what she had done. She didn't think she could go
on. After several more minutes, she heard a voice calling out from down the

"Is anyone there? Help me. Please."

Abby finally got up the courage to check it out. Opening another door, she
saw a fellow teenager. This one was naked and pregnant like Elektra had been
though, but otherwise she seemed relatively okay.

"I'm Abby. I won't hurt you," she said to the obviously terrified girl.

"My name is Dawn Summers," was the response she got from the prisoner.

Into a Trap...

Buffy, Max, and Abigail had continued with the plan after killing the two
predators. They still couldn't raise anyone on their radios but they were
moving towards the center of the temple, hoping to meet up with Lara or the
other teams there.

Abigail was on point, leading the way when she heard the faintest to clicks
from beside her. Looking over and then down, she saw a tripwire that she had
activated with her ankle. Before she could even react, five small C shaped
pieces of metal flew from hidden compartments in the stone walls around her.

The rings streaked towards Abigail. One them attached to both her wrists and
ankles. The final one wrapped around her neck. The two ends of the metal
strips snapping together locking in place around all her extremities.

"Oh shit!" Abigail froze, not sure what to do. Buffy and Max ran up. Other
than attaching to her, the devices seemed to pose no other danger.

"It was a booby trap." Abigail explained.

"Get them off her." Buffy and Max used their super human strength to try and
snap the rings off her.

"AHHHHH! STOP!" Abigail cried out. It felt like they were going to break her
bones before the shackles gave way.

"Okay, bad idea." Buffy admitted. Just then a small light on each of the
devices popped on and Abigail was jerked into the air. Her arms extended out
to her sides while her legs were yanked outward as well. She was hovering
more than three feet off the ground.

The restraints held Abigail in mid-air, pulling her arms and legs tight. Her
body was stretched and taunt. It felt like there were several hundreds of
pounds of weights on each limb and she was afraid that her arms and legs were
going to be torn free of their sockets.

"OH SHIT! OH GOD! IT HURTS!" Abigail screamed in pain. Both Max and Buffy
tried to help her. They each grabbed one of the ankle restraints and tried
to pry them free but after several minutes of trying it was no use.

"What the hell makes these things work?" Max asked.

"I don't know. Maybe some kind of anti-gravity devices," Buffy offered. She
wished Willow were here, she was smarter and could maybe figure these things
out. Max pushed Abigail's leg and the girl spun in mid-air, but her body was
still held like an `X'. She tried to push her entire body in order to see if
she could move her but she wouldn't budge. She could only spin in place.
After about ten minutes of trying to free her, Max and Buffy gave up. It was
no use.

"What do we do?"

"You have to go on without me. We have to beat these things. Leave me. Once
you take care of the aliens and find Lara, you can come back for me."

Max and Buffy exchanged glances but they knew she was right. Collecting their
weapons, "We'll be back for you as soon as we can."

"I know," Abigail tried to look assured of herself as they gave her one last
concerned look and then left her behind. In fact, she was terrified.

Meeting a Friend...

Willow had wandered the tunnels after being separated from her team. As she
turned a corner, she heard a noise. It sounded like someone walking. "Who's
there? Show yourself!" Willow readied a spell.

"OH MY GOD! DAWN!" Dawn Summers walked out from around the corner. Willow ran
up to the 15-year-old girl and hugged her. Dawn was wearing jeans and simple
T-shirt. Willow couldn't believe it. She looked fine.

"Thank god you're okay. We came to rescue you and kill these bastards who
took you."

"Is Buffy here?"

Willow hesitated at the mention of that name remembering what happened last
night, "Uh, yeah, she is here. But let's get you out of here. She'll be

"Good idea," Dawn replied, "I think I found a way out. This way." Willow
followed the teenager through several winding hallways, leading her into a

"Let me check it out Dawnie. These things are smart." Willow stepped into
the room and looked around. It looked okay. She waved Dawn in and as the
girl walked up behind her she put her hands on Willow's back and shoved
her further into the room.

Willow stumbled forward. She didn't see the micro-thin wire on the ground,
which she stepped into. The wire constricted around her feet and Willow was
hoisted into the air. As she swung back and forth about six feet off the
ground she saw Dawn standing and looking at her. Behind Dawn, she saw one
of the predator turn off its cloak and appear against the wall.

"Dawn! Run!" To her shock, Dawn turned around and looked at the predator
and she didn't seem afraid at all. The creature reached up and took Willow's
satchel and pulled it from her. It activated his scanner and looked at the
female hanging before him. The scan finished and her file information came
up on the inside of his mask.

It listed her basic information as well as an estimation of her abilities and
danger level. She was a level 5 (of 5). The predators were unfamiliar with
magic and so were leery of it. They had ranked Willow as a powerful witch as
the most dangerous for that reason.

{No chances.}

Willow didn't know why Dawn was being so calm and wasn't running but there
was nothing she could do about it now. The predator pulled a rod from his
belt and it slid the tip into Willow's mouth and down her throat. She began
to gag on the shiny metal rod as it choked her.

The predator didn't want to take any chances with a foe as powerful as this
one. It didn't know her capabilities, so it was playing it safe. With a twist
of the rod, the tip opened and grabbed hold of Willow's tongue deep in her

"UGH NAAAA!" Willow tried to beg for mercy but it was no use. The predator
yanked the rod out of her throat and with it about a foot of the muscle that
was her tongue came out too. Blood poured from her mouth and Willow began
flailing in horrible agony.

She was shrieking and writhing, holding her blood soaked face. She didn't
even notice that Dawn was gone and Mystique was now in the room behind the
predator. Even the blue mutant, which was normally as cold as they come,
had a sour look on her face at what the creature had just done to Willow.

{No tongue. No words. No spells.}

The predator explained to Mystique in halting English. But it wasn't
finished. The beast lifted the thrashing woman and placed its thumbs to her
eye sockets. Driving its claws into her eyeballs, it blinded her. Willow's
body stopped moving and hung limply. She lapsed into shock.

The predator extended his wrist blades and, pausing for a second to let the
blades heat red-hot, then sliced off her right arm just above the elbow. The
heat of the blades cauterized the wound and barely a drop of her blood was
spilt. Only her arm fell to the ground. Willow's left arm was removed next.
Just below the shoulder. Finally, with a single swipe, the predator cut both
her legs off at mid-thigh.

What then fell to the floor was no longer the woman named Willow Rosenberg.
Even if this creature lying on the ground moaning somehow survived, Willow
was gone. The predator turned to Mystique.

{Continue the hunt.} Mystique ran from the room, glad to get out of there
stopping only to vomit once she was out of sight.

Nice Doggie...

Lara ran full speed down the hall. She had been separated from Abby and
Willow and hoped that they were alright. But right now she had her own
problems. Behind her two large animals that were not of this world chased

They looked like twisted version of dogs. Each though, was larger than a bear
with a gaping mouth filled with razor sharp knife like teeth. Instead of fur
the beasts were covered with short sharp spikes. A predator had been using
them as hunting animals, when they had picked up Lara Croft's scent. Soon
after, Lara found herself running from the two animals as fast as she could.
Their predator master was following closely behind.

A Familiar Face...

As Abigail hung by her arms and legs, fighting to try and break free from the
shackles, she heard a noise behind her. She strained her neck to see what it
was, afraid it was one of the creautre.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?"

It was worse than a predator. Abigail saw Selene walk around in front of her,
smiling wickedly.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say Christmas came early this year."

"Look Selene. We're in terrible danger. These things are dangerous. You are
gonna need me to help to fight if you want to get out of here." The young
woman hoped that by playing on the vampire's sense of self-preservation, she
might get her to help free her.

"I think I'm doing just fine. In fact, I've already killed one of them."
Abigail did see a green liquid that looked like the predator's blood on
Selene's lips. "And the last thing I need is help from the likes of you."

Selene leapt up and grabbed Abigail by the hair and pulled her face down.
Abigail's body simply spun, so she was now parallel with the ground, but
still stretched and helpless. Selene yanked Abigail's head back, exposing
her neck. The young vampire hunter had assumed Selene would leave her but
now realized what she was going to do.

"Any last requests?"

"No, Sel."

Without waiting for a reply, Selene sank her fangs into Abigail Whistler's
throat and began drinking. The blood of her hated enemy was the sweetest she
had ever tasted.

All Alone...

Hermione was moving through the ruins alone after the explosion that
separated her team. She was terrified and hoped to meet up with someone from
her team or another. As she moved around every corner she did so with her
wand in hand in front of her. Her night vision glasses had been destroyed in
the cave in and so she was using her wand to light her way.

Hearing a noise up ahead. Hermione froze, "Lara? Jill?" she called out,
praying it was one of the two or another of her allies but not believing it
was. Two predators stepped into the radius of her wand's glow. They obviously
weren't concerned about one little girl with a stick as they had their
cloaking shields down and simply walked towards her.

"STUPIFY!" Hermione yelled and a red blast of light shot from her wand. It
hit the right creature in the chest and threw him back a good ten feet. The
second one seemed shocked at the firepower from this little girl. Deciding
not to take any more chances with her, he crouched and activated his shoulder

As it fired, Hermione yelled again, "PROTECTO!" and a blue shimmering
translucent light extended from the tip and formed a semicircle in front of
her. The plasma bolt slammed into the shield and ricocheted into the wall.

The predator was stunned. {What the fuck?!} two more blasts of energy bounced
from the shield. Hermione's fear subsided a bit. `Wow,' she thought, `I'm
doing alright.'

Frustration turned to rage as the predator charged the witch. Bringing it's
wrist blades down on the shield spell and throwing its weight into the blow.
The spell crumbled under the force of the attack and Hermione stumbled
backward. Tripping on a rock and she dropped her wand and fell over. The
predator prepared to deliver a deathblow to the girl as she frantically
tried to find the small piece of wood.

Her hand found the handle and she raised it as the blades fell. Panicked, she
screamed, "AVADA KRAVADA!" Hermione had never even thought about using the
killing curse but in her fear she used the most powerful spell she could
think of and it just burst out.

Her wand shot a bright green lightning bolt into the chest of the predator.
He was thrown back and lay still on the floor, dead. As Hermione sat stunned
at what she had done but relieved that she had killed the creature and
survived the attack, a whizzing sound flew past her head.

She saw the first predator, the one she had stunned, sitting up about fifty
feet away. It's hand was outstretched. It had thrown its razor disc and the
weapon had passed only inches from Hermione's head. The predator wasn't her
concern though, even as it stood and walked towards her. Hermione's gaze was
fixed on what was left of her wand. He hadn't aimed for her head, he had
aimed for the wand and it had been cut in half by the blade.

The creature came towards her, "STUPIFY!" Nothing happened.

"PROTECTO!" Nothing again.

"AVADA KRAVADA!" pfft. The wand was useless. Hermione looked up from the
floor at the massive creature standing over her. Her eyes fell to its crotch
as the predator had removed its codpiece and was sporting a massive erect
cock between its legs. Its balls even with her face.

{Not so tough now.}

"NN-NOOOOOO!" Hermione screamed as it lifted her by the throat.

Undesirable Stock...

Miho slid off the predator's drained cock. She had passed out several times
from lack of air while it rode her face but had been revived by her rapist
each time. And each time it then continued the assault on her mouth and
throat with its cock.

Now, she was on her knees coughing and hacking as she tried to clear the
thick green cum from her oral cavity. The small Asian whore had never been
abused like this and in her line of work abuse from men was standard fare.

As he stood over her, the predator scanned the girl to analyze her quality
for possible impregnation. The predator was stunned by the results and reran
the scan.

{That can't be correct.}

The second scan returned the same results. This female had been with
literally hundreds of males in spite of her young age. Also, she had several
sexually transmitted diseases. Obviously, this whore was not worthy of
receiving his seed.

{What a waste.} It said to her as it took her by the hair from behind. Miho
heard a `snikt' sound and she had only a moment more of life as the creature
used the razor sharp blades to sever her head from her shoulders. The
predator placed her small head into a meshed bag hanging from its belt and
left her body to rot as it went in search of more prey.

Separate Ways...

Buffy held the predator in a chokehold while Max gutted the beast, killing it
and they let it fall to the ground. Max spit on the thing's corpse and both
she and Buffy sat on a rock to rest.

"That's another one for the good guys...girls."

"I'm worried about Abigail. We shouldn't have left her back there," Max said.

"I know how you feel but I don't know what we could have done. We have to
finish the mission. Trust me, she's a pro, she understood."

"Look Buffy. I think you should go on. Find your sister and meet up with the
others. I need to go make sure she's okay. I'll catch up after."

Buffy wasn't sure that was a good idea, but Max looked determined and, quite
frankly, Buffy was worried about the third member of their team too. Buffy
agreed. She knew Max could handle her self alone.

"Okay, but be careful." The two girls hugged and wished each other well as
Buffy headed deeper into the complex while Max doubled back.

Intro to Bestiality...

Lara was getting tired but these alien hounds were relentless. After running
for what seemed like a mile, she decided she had to fight while she was able.
She obviously couldn't lose them. As she turned a corner, she stopped drew
her guns and waited with the weapons pointed at the hallway opening.

The two bear-sized beasts rounded the corner and Lara Croft opened fire. She
aimed for the lead creature's head and several bullets hit their mark and the
thing slid to a stop at her feet. As the remaining animal charged, she leapt
upward and flipped over it as it ran under her. Lara was reloading her
weapons as she landed.

The animal turned and prepared to charge again as Lara drew a bead on it and
prepared to fire. Suddenly, she felt something wrap around her throat. The
predator master had rounded the corner and with a flick of its arm extended
its 30-foot whip and wrapped it around the Lara's neck. As she began to fire,
he yanked her off her feet. The animal was on her and sank its fangs into her

"YYEEEAARRRRGH!" Lara screamed as her arm was nearly torn off. The predator
yanked again and she was drug by the whip dropping her weapons as she was
forced to hold onto the whip to prevent her self from choking.

The predator called off its hunting partner and lifted Lara from the floor.
There was a large boulder in the chamber and Lara was thrown against it.
Before she recovered, the hunter pulled two restraints from its belt and
attached them to her wrists. He pushed her hands against the boulder and the
restraints stuck them there.

Lara found herself on her knees bent over a large rock with her arms
outstretched. She was helpless as the predator tore her bodysuit down the
back revealing her shapely ass. She tugged and pulled frantically, trying to
pull her hands free. She couldn't tell what was holding them in place but
they wouldn't budge.

The predator stepped back still holding the whip and made a whistling sound.
The animal approached the woman, shoving its nose between her legs and
sniffing her asshole and pussy. The smell immediately excited the beast and
its two-foot cock hardened underneath it.

Lara felt the weight of the animal on her back as it placed its front paws on
the boulder on either side of her head.

"NOOOOOO!" She screamed as the beast thrust at her. Its cock missed her
openings as it was randomly humping the air but its cock had not penetrated
her yet. She was trying to break free but after several unsuccessful attempts
the creature finally hit its mark and Lara felt the tip slide into her sweat
slicked asshole.

"OHHHHH GOOOODDDDDD NOOOOOO!" Lara squealed as she felt her rectum stretched
by the 5-inch diameter phallus. With a powerful thrust, the beast rammed the
full length of it into her and a high pitched squeal could be heard echoing
throughout the temple halls.

She screamed as the animal humped her without regard for her well being, it
only cared about its pleasure. The predator watched, enjoying the show of
her being ravaged by its pet.

A New Enemy...

"BITCH!" Max screamed at Selene as she entered the chamber where she and
Buffy had left Abigail. Max found Selene with her teeth in Abigail's throat.
In a rage, Max charged her. When Selene let her victim go Abigail's head
slumped forward and she appeared lifeless.

Selene laughed as Max leapt at her, "You're too late. She's dead. And you
will be soon too."

Max and the vampire collided and traded punches in the middle of the room.
Over and over each woman landed blows to the others face and torso. Any of
the punches would have crushed stone, but each took them.

Selene grabbed Max by the throat and lifted her as the genetically altered
young woman kicked the vampire in the chest several times. Selene dropped
her and Max took the momentary advantage she had to flip her opponent over
her shoulder and slam her into the floor. The stone cracked as Selene was
slammed into it.

Max fell onto her, pinning her with her legs as she rained punches into
Selene's pale face. Suddenly, Max was thrown backwards but not because of
anything Selene had done.

The wire net struck Max and wrapped around her cutting into her skin as it
threw her into the wall. The corners of the net had spikes attached which
drilled into the stone, holding Max up against the wall and pinning her.

Selene saw the predator leap from above and land in the room, advancing on
Max. She took the opportunity to make her retreat figuring the creature would
finish Max off. As she got up though, three separate triangle shaped lights
appeared on her head and body. To her surprise, three predators disengaged
their cloaks as they surrounded Selene.

The Birthing Room...

Hermione was carried into a large chamber by the predator that had captured
her. It hadn't even bound her, she posed no threat now. It had though
stripped her naked and removed her armor before carrying her away in its
powerful arms. She had stopped pounding her tiny fists on him, she thought
she had broken several fingers when she punched his mask.

The chamber they entered was different from the others she had seen. It was
the same stone walls but in it was a number of metal table and other strange
looking equipment. The predator laid Hermione on one of the tables.

It had attached the same metal restraints used on the other women to her
limbs as well. When her arms touched the table above her head, they would
no longer move. Hermione found herself lying on her back with her arms held
above her.

"Please. Let me go! I'm sorry I came here. I'm no threat to you. I'm sorry I
killed the other one. I panicked."

Hermione watched with tear filled eyes as the creature's sex organ sprang to
attention and it grabbed her small legs and spread them. She kicked them,
trying to stop it but it pulled them apart.

"NNOOOOOO! DON'T! I'M A VIRGIN!" She screamed at it as it mounted her forcing
its cock in between her legs. She was so tight that even with its massive
strength the predator had trouble forcing its huge organ into her snatch.

Hermione was screaming at the top of her lungs as it started fucking her.
It's cock head forced deep into her vagina. As the tip reached the top of her
canal, it still had another 7 inches left and with a hard thrust with 400
pounds of muscle behind it, its cock forced its way into her womb.


Hermione could tell she was being destroyed inside. The organ was ripping and
tearing her reproductive system apart. It was holding her legs as it fucked
her. The predator ignored her screams as it picked up two large hypodermic
needles and held them in its massive hand. Leaning forward as Hermione
squealed on it's cock, it drove the six inch needles into her shoulder, just
below the neck and he pushed the plungers down, injecting the liquid into


The syringes held two substances. The first was a genetic re-sequencer. This
would allow her human DNA and its alien genes to combine. In short, it would
allow her to be impregnated by the creature. The second chemical was a growth
accelerator. It would greatly speed up the gestation process of the

{Make. Baby.}

"What? Baby? No! Oh god, no!"

A Near Escape...

Abby helped Dawn walk down the hallway. They had been moving for over an
hour, but Dawn could barely walk with her belly as large as it was. They
turned a corner and saw what looked like an opening ahead.

"Oh thank god. We can get the hell out of here!" Dawn and Abby picked up the
pace, moving faster as they saw a way out. Behind them, a predator turned
it's cloak off and watched them as they tried to escape, moving to catch
them. The girls saw the creature and tried to move faster, but it was no use.
Dawn was too slow and they knew it.

Abby made a decision, "Dawn, you go on. Get out! I'll buy some time!"

Before Dawn could protest Abby charged at the predator. Dawn lost sight of
her but kept going holding her belly and staggering towards the exit. As she
reached the outside, she heard Abby scream in pain, her voice echoing through
the corridor.

The Big Boss...

Buffy dove for cover as the plasma bolt hit the wall where she had been
standing. It blasted the stone, sending small pieces flying. She rolled
and leapt again as the predator took several more shots at her. The wall
collapsed on top of her. Buffy protected her head, but hundreds of pounds
of rock trapped her.

The predator leader that had found her leapt down and approached. She was
pinned and helpless, fighting and struggling to escape the pile of rock, but
it was no use. Buffy's eyes went wide as it closed in.

The predator leaned down and took Buffy by the vest and lifted her from the
rubble. It tore her armor off her and, to her shock, dropped her on the
ground and stepped away. Buffy was injured but thought she would be okay.
She rubbed her leg, trying to recover as she watched the creature's next

The predator stood before her and removed several pieces of its armor and
equipment, including its plasma cannon. It seemed to want to fight her one
on one.

Buffy took a fighting stance as the predator charged her. She managed to
block many of its blows and even land a few of her own. Eventually, his
strength prevailed and Buffy was knocked to the ground. As she tried to
recover, he pulled his combat spear and extended it, the tip piercing her
hip and pinning her to the wall.

Gold Leader...

Hermione laid on the metal table with her legs held wide open. Her belly had
grown continuously since the predator had climaxed inside her. She could
watch and feel the offspring growing inside her. The pain was terrible as the
baby pushed her internal organs out of the way.

The door opened and her hopes of rescue faded as she watched a predator walk
in. She couldn't tell if it was the same one who had fathered her child. In
fact she didn't look at its face too long as what it had in its hand caught
her attention. Hanging by her hair was the head of Jill Valentine.

The predator had caught and raped Jill. It planned on impregnating her, but
after a scan, it determined that she had ovarian cancer. Of course, this
meant she was not suitable and so it took her head as a trophy just as Miho's
had been.

Gang Bang...

Max took another punch to the face, sending a spray of blood shot from her
mouth and several of her teeth were knocked free as well as the predator
landed another blow. The net had held Max as the creature had beaten and
battered her. She had been helpless as she was nearly killed.

As Max lay on the ground with the predator who had beaten her kneeling over
her and tearing off her bodysuit, Selene wasn't doing any better. She was
being held by two of the predators while the third pummeled her. Even with
her great undead strength, she could not break free from all three of them.

Finally, after several minutes, Selene was pushed down onto her hands and
knees. Selene had not taken a cock into her rectum for nearly 200 years but
that changed as she was taken up the ass by the predator. Almost out of
spite, she refused to scream although the agony was real.

Even though Selene was a vampire, she did feel pain and being raped by an
enormous alien cock was more than even she could take. Unfortunately for
her, her undead physiology healed any damage from being penetrated almost
immediately. This meant that her anal cavity was as tight as ever no matter
how battered it became.

Once the predators realized this, they all took their turn using her asshole
multiple times each until climax. Selene wasn't used to being treated like
this. Since she had become a vampire, she had been the predator but now she
was prey. The only solace she had was watching Max being raped on the other
side of the room as well.

Prepared for Transport...

The women had all been defeated and captured. The leader watched as his
hunters secured them for transport off the planet. These females had caused
them more trouble than he had expected. They had killed a number of his
hunters, more than he had ever lost on a single mission. But in the end they
had been subdued and that was all that mattered. They would make valuable
breeding stock for many years to come and provide numerous offspring.

All the females had the wrist and ankle restraints on and the anti-gravity
units had been activated. This allowed them to be moved with minimal danger
as they were hog-tied and simply hovered and floated towards the exit of the

Abby watched helplessly as the predators treated all her friends like cargo.
The only one of the teams that was not dead or captured was Mystique. She
stood with the creatures. Abby wanted to curse and scream at her but the gag
prevented her from making a sound.

As the blue mutant watched, the leader stepped up behind her. Abby watched as
two large blades punched through Mystique's chest. Her eyes went wide and a
look of shock came over her face. As she collapsed, she looked at him in

"Why? I helped you?"

{No. Honor.} Was it's reply but she didn't understand. More than the hunt,
the only thing the predators cared about was honor. Mystique had betrayed
her friends. That was a worse dishonor than defeat to turn traitor. He
dispatched the whore more mercifully than she deserved.

It was about an hour after dawn as the women were loaded onto a large silver
spacecraft. One by one they floated silently on board. The final prisoner was
Selene. She was struggling as the predators pushed her out the front of the
ruins when the sunlight hit her.

Selene screamed through her gag as she burst into flames and within seconds
was nothing but ash.

{Holy shit! What was that?!} the predator who was pushing her was stunned. A
second predator ran up, {What did you do?}

{Nothing. I swear.}

The leader of the predators walked up, {Where's the pale female? I heard she
was a great fuck. I want her ass before we leave orbit.}

The other two creatures looked at the ashes and each other not sure what to
say. One of the creatures pointed at the other, {He did it.}

On the Ship...

The predators had secured their captives and were preparing their spacecraft
to leave the planet. As they went about their duties Buffy's eyes flickered
open. She was groggy but slowly her mind recovered the memories of where
she was and how she got here.

She remembered fighting and being subdued. She remembered being brutally
raped and impregnated and she remembered the horror of watching her belly
grow. She looked around praying she could find some way to free herself.
Buffy was totally nude. Her hands were still bound behind her. She tried
vainly to break free but even with her strength, she could not.

She was not in the ruined temple anymore, that much she could tell. Where
she was exactly she didn't know. The room had metallic walls and was round.
Buffy was on a shiny table, like an examining table. She tried to move her
legs, but the alien shackles around each ankle held them to the base of the

Looking around the room, there was a door on the far wall. The floor was
covered with a white mist hovering about a foot high. On both sides of her
were another dozen metal tables like the one she was on. On many of them
were the remnants of the team Lara had lead into the temple.

On her left was Lara Croft, also groggy and waking up. Lara's belly was as
large as Buffy's indicating that she had suffered a similar fate and was
pregnant as well. On the other tables were Max, Hermione, and Abby. All
looked in bad shape as she was sure she did as well. All also were bound,
nude, and heavily pregnant.

Buffy's eyes fell on the far wall, or more specifically, what was hanging on
it. The heads of the small Asian girl Miho, the cop Jill Valentine with her
spinal column still attached, the bright blue face of Mystique, her fellow
vampire slayer Faith, and the head of Abigail Whistler hung in a thin netting
next to the door. Lastly, lying on the floor was what was left of her best
friend Willow Rosenberg. She had been dismembered and appeared to be little
more than an incubator for the creature growing in her bulging belly.

"oh god," she whimpered at the sight of her teammates all dead or captured.

The room she was in shuddered as the craft lifted off the ground and sped
into space. The door of the room opened and two predator's walked in. They
surveyed the females all bound and helpless.

One approached Lara who looked at Buffy with pleading eyes. But the slayer
could only watch as the creature took the tall once proud leader of the team
by the legs and pulled her towards the bottom of the table. Flipping her, the
beast mounted her from behind. Lara screamed as it forced it's massive cock
up her rectum, sodomizing her again.

As Lara begged and screamed, the second predator took Buffy by the legs. It
appeared she was about to suffer the same fate as Lara. Her eyes were wide
with fear as she too was flipped over and as she felt the huge organ enter
her asshole.

A sound that Buffy had never heard drowned out the terrified screams of Lara
Croft. It was her own voice in a bloodcurdling scream. The only thought she
could think was that she was glad that at least Dawn got away from these
creatures. Abby had told her when they were captured that she thought Dawn
might have escaped.

Back on the Surface...

Dawn's sight faded as she lay in the deep jungle of the Amazon. She had only
minutes of life left as the small 2-foot predator that had clawed from her
womb walked away into the forest leaving its mother behind.


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