Note: This is one of my very earliest fics so go easy on me.

Batman - The Animated Series/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
Rise Of The Dragoness Part 1: The Cat (FF,F-best,inter,BDSM,anal)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Katherine Hillard cheered her till her lungs hurt. Kimberly had nailed her
dismount on the pommel-horse and was sitting nervously awaiting her score.
Katherine crossed her fingers, knowing and hoping Kimberly's awesome
performance would be recognized by the judges.

"And the scores are: 10.00, 10.00, 10.00, 10.00, 10.00," The announcement

The Staples Center in Los Angeles erupted into cheers. None cheered louder
than the blonde Australian girl who shared so much with the perfect performer
Kimberly Hart.

“She’s very good.” Kat’s friend Barbara commented.

“You have no idea.” Kat replied.

Later in Kimberly's dressing room...

Katherine stepped into Kimberly's dressing room and embraced her. The two
girls hadn't seen each other since the incident with Divatox. Barbara stood
apart as they held the embrace for awhile, just happy to see each other

“Kim this is Barbara Gordon. Babs this is Kimberly Hart.” Kat introduced

"Nice to meet you Barbara. So why did you need to see me so bad, Kat?"
Kimberly asked.

"Kim, this is really hard for me to ask. You're a gymnast now and a damn
good one you don't need me to come into your life and throw it out of whack,"
Katherine said sitting down and shaking her head.

"Kat, we're friends. You can ask me anything you want. Please, tell me what's
wrong," Kimberly said placing her hand on Katherine's.

"It's Angel Grove. There's this new mob boss who calls herself the Dragoness.
She's an evil bitch and she's blackmailed, murdered, bribed and stolen her
way into ruling Angel Grove. Aisha tried to learn this woman's identity. Now
Aisha's disappeared. Fuck, Kimberly, I think Dragoness killed her," Katherine
said, choking back tears.

"Oh my god! Katherine, what about the Power Ra..."

Kimberly was cut off.

"There haven't been Rangers in Angel Grove in two years. We've got to do
something. Angel Grove is turning into a bigger crime filled cesspool than
Gotham City," Katherine pleaded.

"What have you got in mind?" Kimberly asked.

"When I was an intern at Wayne Enterprises in Gotham, I managed to learn some
interesting things..."

* * *

The Emerald Dragoness sat upon a throne of polished bone. A beautiful black
girl, the former Yellow Ranger, Aisha Campbell sat naked on the cold marvel

It had taken the Dragoness months to break the former Power Ranger, and
that was just fine with her. She had enjoyed every minute of beating and
humiliating Aisha, after all the bitch had stolen from her.

The Dragoness wore green robes with red patterns of the finest silk. She
would drink only the very best wine. Her minions the humanoid crows known as
Tengu had managed to steal and muscle up for her quite a fortune. It was a
fortune Dragoness intended to keep.

Rita and Zedd and the host of mediocre villains that followed had wanted to
conquer Earth. While that was nice it was much too grand a scheme to pull
off. And the Power Rangers were always there to stomp them.

On the other hand, Dragoness had more down to earth plans. She wanted to
amass a huge fortune and to take revenge on the ones she considered enemies.

"Aisha," Dragoness said.

"Yes, mistress?" Aisha's head perked up at the sound of the Dragoness' voice.

One thing the month's in Dragoness' mansion had taught her is to obey swiftly
and completely.

"On all fours like the dog you are," The Dragoness commanded.

Aisha complied getting on her hands and knees, she held her ass a bit
high in the air, her tits hung udder like. Dragoness nodded to one of the
crow-like Tengus. The creature stepped up behind Aisha, its cock hardening
in anticipation. With its claw like hands it grasped each of Aisha's butt
cheeks. Its talons lightly scratched her skin as he kneaded her buns. Aisha
whimpered in pain as the bird creature roughly mauled her ass cheeks.

The Tengu was now fully erect and slid his prick between her buns. Grasping
each cheek the bird man squeezed as he ground his member in between her
cheeks. Not nearly satisfied the Tengu took his member and touched it to
Aisha's tight anus. Gripping Aisha's hips he forced his cock into her air
tight hole and began pumping her hard. The tengu leaned over on top of her
to grasp her tits and tightly squeeze them as he pistoned in and out. Aisha
cried out in pain, not enjoying any part of this treatment in any way.

Finally the Tengu felt his chest tighten and his pleasure build with one
powerful push he yanked back hard on Aisha's tits and shot his load into her
ass as he squawked a great orgasm.

Bowing pitifully to the Dragoness it slunk away. Aisha kept her head bowed
and remained on all fours not daring to move a muscle till her mistress gave
her permission.

The Dragoness had grown greatly aroused watching the erotic display but she
maintained a passive look on her face. Dragoness stood and removed her silk
robes. She sat back on her throne with her legs spread wide.

"Come here and lick me, my little fuck-pet," Dragoness commanded.

Aisha crawled forward obediently. With a practiced technique she traced her
tongue along the outer pussy lips, eliciting a moan from her mistress.

Aisha struck her tongue into her mistresses wet cunt, exploring the inside
of her pussy. The Dragoness teased and pinched her own nipples moaning and
groaning with pleasure. Aisha's delicate ministrations did not go unrewarded
as soon enough the Dragoness climaxed her girl-cum splashing into Aisha's

The Dragoness pulled Aisha onto her lap. She frenched the former yellow
ranger enjoying the taste of her fresh cum in Aisha's mouth.

* * *

Angel Grove Park after midnight...

The tengus stuffed the woman's purse and jewelry into their satchels. But
that was not enough. Using their sharp claws, the crow-men tore the screaming
woman's clothes to shreds.

"STOP!" A feminine voice commanded.

The tengus turned as two new figures approached.

Kimberly wore a tight light blue vinyl costume, the japanese character for
Crane emblazoned in red on her breast and ass cheek, she wore a blue mask
similar to Robin's. Katherine's costume was a pink velvet version of

With blinding speed Kimberly used her War fan to cut a Tengu's beak in half.
Then with a roundhouse kick to the head she knocked it out.

Katherine threw both her sais, one impaling itself into the second tengu's
head the other in his heart.

"Th-Thank you. Wh-Who are you?" the would-be victim stammered.

"I am the Cat," Katherine said.

"And I am the Crane," declared Kimberly.

* * *

The Dragoness screamed in a rage. She kicked Aisha in the gut out of pure
frustrated anger.

She tried to compose herself but since arriving in town the Cat and the Crane
had cost her a third of her business. Something had to be done and soon...

The End-chapter one


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