Batman - The Animated Series/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
Rise Of The Dragoness Part 2: The Crane (MF,F-best,F-gang,BDSM,inter,oral)
by Hamster

Young teenager Nina Chan walked down the lonely Angel Grove alley looking
around carefully. She felt so very guilty. Her parents had taught her not to
steal, that it was wrong to take something that didn't belong to you. Of
course the city didn't care about right or wrong anymore. The tengu took what
was hers, what was her family's.

Her father wouldn't pay them protection money. He was a martial artist, a
master of Kung-Fu and Tae Kwan Do. His studio attracted a lot of students.
It was even rumored that one of the Power Rangers had secretly attended his
classes. He was so successful, why didn't he just pay the bitch her tribute?
Give the devil her due? The Tengu came for him. They raped and killed Nina's
5-year-old sister, and they killed her father. Her mom was made to watch.
Nina's mom had to close the studio. She was no martial artist.

Tears nearly came to Nina's eyes. Now they lived on welfare. Barely enough
to survive. That's why Nina had just robbed a liquor store, to help her mom
pay rent. Nina's ears perked up. She heard crowing, and the flapping of

* * *

Police Commissioner Hallock was highly unnerved. He knew the woman who called
herself the Dragoness was as visibly evil as she was beautiful.

"Commissioner, I want the Cat and Crane arrested," she said simply. "And I do
not want them to survive their night in jail."

The woman's words chilled John Hallock to the bone. He had sold his soul to
the devil. Dragoness had a servant pour some tea for them both. The naked
young woman at the mob boss' heel was a former Power Ranger. If she cowered
before the evil Dragoness there was no hope for any one.

"I'll do anything you ask," Hallock said.

"Of course you will, Commissioner. You have accepted bribes, and it would
ruin your life if that became public knowledge. And your poor children ...
something wicked may befall them if the Tengu ever thought you disloyal,"
the Dragoness said simply and unemotionally.

Hallock knew the woman was serious. Dragoness was a cold-blooded killer.
Evil enough to do nearly anything.

"I'll do anything you ask, Lady Dragoness," Hallock repeated.

"I know you will. You shall be rewarded for your loyalty, Commissioner.
Aisha, I want you to suck Commissioner Hallock's cock," the Dragoness

Aisha knelt between Hallock's legs and unzipped his pants. Aisha reached into
Hallock's pants and pulled his cock out. Hallock looked down at the gorgeous
young face between his legs and felt his member stiffen almost immediately.
Aisha ran her tongue along the shaft and kissed the tip. She sucked as hard
as she could and put pressure on the prick as she bobbed her head up and down
on it.

"Yyyyesss ohhhhhh yeeees," Hallock moaned, loving the feeling of his cock in
the beautiful girl's warm, wet mouth.

He felt the pressure build and he shot his load in her mouth as he moaned
an orgasm. Aisha swallowed his cum and slinked back to her mistress. The
Dragoness watched with feigned disinterest. However, a feeling had come
over her, something new and unwelcome that she couldn't quite recognize.
She thought way back to the time when she cared about things when she had
feelings for people other than herself. She realized what she had felt
watching Aisha but she couldn't accept it...

* * *

Nina tried to shoot at her airborne assailants but she found her gun snatched
from her early in the battle. Tengu swooped down on Nina from all sides. Two
of them grabbed her wrists as a third one bashed her in the back. Nina was
face down on the ground with one Tengu on her back and two others pinning her


A tengu grabbed her hair and slammed her face into the cold asphalt. Nina
felt the blood trickle from her mouth.

"Mr. Tong paid his protection money so he's off limits, bitch, you shouldn't
of stolen from him" The tengu on her back sqwacked. "I'm afraid I'm going to
half to rape that sexy cunt of yours, then cut your head off and take it to
the dragone..."

The creature never finished. She felt blood splash on her neck and the back
of her head. The tengu on her back collapsed to the ground. Several Tengu
gave enraged squawks of anger. Nina looked up to see three women moving in
acrobatic grace. They flew left and right punching, kicking and slashing.
Blood flew everywhere and Nina caught a glimpse of the three women who had
recently taken to fighting the Dragoness. Nina saw the three women risking
their lives to save her. Risking their lives to do the right thing. Nina had
robbed an innocent store clerk, and she was ashamed of herself. She didn't
deserve to be rescued. Nina had let The Dragoness corrupt her. Batgirl, The
Cat and The Crane had managed to dispatch the last of the Tengu with graceful
ease. Nina looked up at the pair of superheroines with tears streaming down
her eyes.

"I-I d-didn't w-want to steal b-but my mom, c-c-couldn't pay the rent s-so
I, I had to..." Nina wept uncontrollably.

Katherine didn't know what to do except put her arm around her.

* * *

Aisha's ankles where shackled to the floor and her wrists cuffed to the
ceiling slightly ahead of her. Aisha was hanging at a slight angle. The
Dragoness circled Aisha, a whip in hand. Aisha knew what was coming. Since
becoming The Dragoness' slave the mob boss had taken a sadistic joy in
torturing her. She had beaten and humiliated her and ultimately broken her
spirit. The Dragoness cracked her whip striking Aisha's ass, tits and pussy
alternately. Aisha screamed in agony. The vicious weapon bit into her tender
flesh time and time again. Aisha shook and fought against the chains with
each slash of the whip. Over and over the whip cut into the former yellow
ranger. Finally, mercifully the logging ended. Aisha, her eyes clouded with
pain, fell unconscious. The Dragoness looked at a small group of Tengu
watching from a corner. Dragoness looked at them distastefully.

"Rape her, repeatedly, until I summon her," the Dragoness said as she exited
the room.

The Tengu released Aisha's wrists so she fell to the floor. Then the
descended on her like ants on a sugar mound. One plunged its cock in her
ass and frantically began pumping her, desperate to cum. Aisha groaned with
discomfort. Another Tengu stuck his cock to her lips, the beaten ranger
parted them and sucked on the cock that was grinding in and out of her mouth.
A third crawled underneath her to pump his cock into her cunt. She rocked
with the forceful thrusts of the three Tengu. The one in her mouth spewed
forth his cum, she gagged on the vile goo but swallowed it nonetheless. Aisha
moaned as she came to an orgasm, her face burned with shame. The Tengu in her
pussy shot his load into her with a gross spatter as did the one in her tight
asshole. Once a Tengu came he was replaced by another. Aisha was fucked
mercilessly for two hours, coming to one violent orgasm after another.

Finally they stopped. Aisha's limp, ragged body was covered in nasty Tengu
cum. She lifted up by several Tengu who dumped her into a tub of water. The
Tengu roughly scrubbed her, aggravating many of her cuts and bruises. Their
crow like laughter was drowned out by the pain she was in. The Tengu carried
the half-conscious girl to their mistress' bedroom. They unceremoniously
dumped Aisha on the bed.

The Dragoness stood naked, staring at her beautiful slave and the crisscross
of cuts on her smooth flesh. Dragoness climbed on the bed next to her, Aisha
closed her eyes expecting hellish pain to follow. Instead the Dragoness lay
her head on Aisha's chest. Very gently she stroked Aisha's cheek. Tears
cascaded from Aisha's cheeks.

"Why are you doing this, Trini?" Aisha asked the former yellow ranger.

* * *

Kimberly lay face down on her bed exhausted from the battle with the Tengu.
Katherine sat next to her rubbing her shoulders. Kim enjoyed the massage.
Katherine was better at it than anyone who'd ever given her one before.

"Mmmm, that's great, Kat," Kimberly said. "Hey, Kat, that girl ... did we
do the right

"Letting her go was the only thing we could have done. I hope she never
steals again. I also hope we can find the bitch who's done this to our city,
but right now hope is all we have. I think Bruce helped a lot by buying that
Dojo back for her mom and hiring that guy to teach there. I have faith that
things will work out," Kat smiled at her friend.

The End



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