Batman - The Animated Series/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
Rise Of The Dragoness Part 3: The Dragoness (FF,BDSM,rape)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Trini Kwan, the infamous mob boss, known now as the Dragoness was a whirlwind
of emotion. Tears flew from her face as she beat the hell out of one of her
Tengu minions.

"This tape is fake .. tell me the tape is a fake!" she screamed as she broke
the Tengu's wing.

"AAAAAAARGHK, mistress pleeease .. SQUAWK .. I didn't fake the tape
please ... squawk ... show mercy," the pitiful bird-man squawked as she
kicked his kidneys.

Dragoness snapped his neck letting him crumble to the ground. She wiped the
tears from her face. And looked again at the tape of the Cat and the Crane
fighting her minions. The Cat's fighting style was all too similar to that
pink ranger whore, Katherine. But it was different as if she had been
recently trained by a vastly superior fighter. Cosidering Batgirl’s
involvement there was little doubt who that fighter was.

The Crane's style, grace and beauty, however, where unmistakable. It was her
friend Kimberly.

"Why, dear god, why? Kimberly, why did you have to get involved? Why?" Tears
flooded her face anew. Almost instantly, however, her face changed, becoming
cold and emotionless. "Come here, Aisha."

Aisha quickly crawled to her mistress's heel.

"You are soon to acquire a playmate my pet," the Dragoness said stroking
Aisha's hair.

"Oh god ... no, Trini, please don't..." She was cut off.


"Don't you get it? I’m not the person you thought you knew any more. I'm your
mistress do you understand?" she asked, smiling.

"Y-yes, mistress."

* * *

Katherine's stance was a little weak. Bruce stepped behind her and
gently adjusted her position to a better stance. A shiver ran up and down
Katherine's spine when he touched her.

"Remember, keep your mind clear. In battle you must have complete awareness
of your surroundings. It is not your muscles but your alertness that will
carry you through the fight," Bruce said in his deep intimidating voice.

Katherine spun out of her stance to try to strike Bruce's side.

Bruce easily caught her wrist. He was not prepared, however for Katherine to
plant her lips on his. He felt her warm wet tongue enter his mouth. They
kissed passionately for what seemed like eternity....

"Hey, Kat, what's wrong? You seem out of it," Kimberly asked her friend after
throwing a french fry at her to get her attention.

Kat jolted from her thoughts, smiled at the former pink ranger.

"I was just thinking about the man I was involved with. It-it didn't end
well." Katherine's eyes were downcast.

Barbara looked at her strangely.

"I'm sorry, Kat. But don't worry, I know a hottie like you will find
somebody," Kimberly said.

“Yeah don't sweat it.” Barbara agreed.

"Thanks, guys." Kat smiled.

* * *

Supermodel, fashion designer and former yellow ranger Ashley Hammond was
getting into her street clothes in her dressing room. Suddenly she felt a
small prick in her back. Her eyes got blurry and she lost her sense of

"Uuuungh," she moaned as she collapsed on the floor.

The Dragoness smiled as she held her tranquilizer gun. She motioned her tengu
into the room.

"Get my new pet to the mansion. Aisha needs a playmate. Soon enough my
collection will be complete and with all the yellow rangers as my bodyguards
and slaves, the Batgirl, the cat and the Crane will be outnumbered and

* * *

Ashley was naked, shackled and manacled in the "X" position in the middle of
a large room. In front of her stood the Dragoness in her green silken robes.
At the mob boss' feet kneeled Aisha.

Ashley's eyes widened as she noticed the Dragoness held a shock baton.

"Please feel free to scream, nobody will hear you," Dragoness assured Ashley
as she approached.

"Please, don't!" Ashley cried, struggling at her bonds.

With one gloved hand Dragoness pried Ashley's pussy lips open. She slowly and
deliberately forced her baton up inside of her victim.


"I've given you a few drugs to make you more ... sensitive," the Dragoness
informed her.

"Please stop ... unnnn ... why are you doing this?" Ashley moaned.

"I have my reasons," Dragoness informed her.

Dragoness pumped the baton in and out ,slowly at first the quickening the
pace. As she did so she took Ashley's nipple in her mouth. She licked it and
sucked on it like a lollipop. Ashley rocked back and forth with unbridled
pleasure. All too soon Ashley was overcome and she screamed out a mighty

With Ashley's sexual release, the Dragoness bit down hard on Ashley's nipple
and activated her shock stick.


* * *

Two weeks later..

"Who do you serve?" The Dragoness asked of the two former rangers.

"We serve You, Mistress," the two girls said in unison.

The Dragoness broke into a fit of hysterical laughter.

The End


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