Batman: The Animates Series/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
Rise of the Dragoness Part 6 - Enter The Batman (FF,inter,mc)
by Hamster

Commissioner Hallock was at his desk. He was certain that the trap he'd set
for those annoying costumed bitches had been sprung. The girls would be
killed and their bodies disposed of. He typed up a report and set aside. He
rubbed his eyes with his thumb and index finger. When he looked up he saw
the Batman.

"Oh shit." Was all he said before being punched in the face and getting
knocked into the wall.

Hallock drew his gun then cried out as his fingers were pounded by a
batarang. Hallock dropped his gun. Despite his throbbing fingers he reached
for the gun again and felt the heel of Batman's foot crush the bones in his

"Aaargh, you can't do this I'm a cop god dammit." Hallock protested.

"One time. Who is the Dragoness?" The Batman demanded.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Hallock said.

Batman grabbed the crooked commissioner and tossed him through the window.
Batman fired his grapple and caught Hallock's foot. Hallock swung into the
wall hard.

"The dragoness or you fall to your death." Batman said menacingly.

* * *

Krowcheck was on the ground faking that he was knocked out. Frankly he didn't
want to get pounded by the four bitches anymore. Fortunately for him help had

A whip wrapped around Kimberly's neck and pulled her to the ground. The girls
turned and were stunned. Maya, Kelsey, Katie and Ashley were all standing
there in black leather outfits. Maya held the leash that had been used to
knock down Kim. The former yellow rangers attacked. Kat and Cassie were so
surprised that they were immediately put on the defensive. Batgirl, who did
not know the other girls, was in much better shape. She was going toe-to-toe
with Ashley and winning. Kimberly struggled to her feet but Maya yanked on
the whip again. Driven by rage Kim grabbed the whip and pulled hard, sending
Maya flying in her direction. Kim delivered a sidekick to Maya's face and
knocked her out cold.

Cassie was blocking each of Kelsie's moves but she was starting to get slower
and slower.

"Why are you doing this? You are rangers just like us." Cassie pleaded.

"We serve the dragoness." Was all Kelsie said.

With Maya temporarily out of commission Kim ran to Kat's aid. Kat punched at
Katie who caught her fist. Kim swept Katie's feet out from under her and Kat
brought her boot down on Katie's throat.

Batgirl had just finished flinging Ashley to the ground. By this point it was
over and the four girls began to put bat cuffs on their opponents.

"So what the hell just happened here?" Batgirl said out loud.

"These girls are all former yellow rangers. The ones that have disappeared.
Except there are three missing." Kim said.

"How much do you want to bet that one of those three is the dragoness."
Batgirl offered.

The other three had never considered this and were horrified by the idea.

* * *

The Dragoness was laying back against the wall. She was making little
satisfied moans as her pussy was licked by Aisha. Aisha was exploring the
insides of her mistresses love channel, she was taking every care to make
sure the demanding and evil woman enjoyed every moment. And judging by her
reaction's Aisha was being very successful. Trini grabbed the back of
Aisha's head and forced her face into her cunt. She used the girl as a fuck
pad. The stimulation of Aisha's face grinding her cunt was soon too much
and the Dragonees came, smearing her sex juice all over Aisha's face.

Suddenly one of her tengu servants came flying through the wall. He collapsed
in front of Trini in a broken heep.

The Batman strode in and looked down at her in contempt. The Dragoness looked
was for the first time in a very long time certain that she was screwed. She
had studied the Bat. He was too good. Too good by far.

"Where is she?" the Batman demanded.

"I-I am the Dragoness." Trini stammered as she looked for an escape.

"Not you. The one pulling your strings." He said.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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