Batman - Tha Animated Series/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
Rise Of The Dragoness Part 7 (FF)
by Hamster

Wearing only shorts and sports bras Batgirl and Kimberly were in the middle
of a very vigorous workout. It was one of the few things that they had to
pass the time while waiting for Batman to find the Dragoness' puppet master.
The pair were flipping, kicking, leaping and basically wearing each other
out. Their muscles strained with every kick and punch. The loud echos of the
thuds as flesh struck flesh rang through the dojo and the two girls grunted
with their efforts. Finally their sparring session ended with Kimberly
knocking Batgirl over and landing on top of her.

"Hi." Said Kimberly.

"Hi." Said Batgirl.

Their breasts were mashed together and both of them were breathing hard.
Their heat and proximity was driving them both crazy with lust. They had each
been attracted to the other for some time and had simply failed to admit it
out loud to themselves or each other. But now that they were both laying on
the floor with their breasts mashed together, it was sort of hard to ignore.
Batgirl had already had lesbian experiences with Catwoman and Supergirl so it
wasn't new territory for her.

Batgirl leaned down and softly kissed Kimberly. Kim kissed her back. This
went on for quite a while and the two girls began to feel each other up as
they kissed. Their hand roaming over each other's breasts and butts and
everywhere else that they could touch. They parted lips and Batgirl smiled
down on Kim. She reached down to Kim's hips and slowly began to slide off
the other girl's pink shorts. They passed over her hips and then her thighs
and exposed the tiny pink underwear Kim wore she eventually pulled them off
completely and then it was Kim's pantie's turn. She slid those off and saw
that Kim's pussy was clean-shaven. Batgirl stood over Kimberly and pulled
down her shorts and let them drop to her ankles. Kimberly started to laugh.

"You have Bat underwear?" She asked.

"I pick a theme and I stick to it." Said Batgirl defensively.

Her underwear was yellow and covered in little black bats. Kim reached up and
grabbed the waistband of Batgirl's panties then pulled them down. Batgirl's
bush was very neatly trimmed and as red as her hair. At the moment it was the
most delicious thing that She had ever seen. Batgirl must have read Kim's
mind because she sat down on Kim's face. Batgirl rocked back and forth in
pleasure as she rode Kim's mouth like a wild mustang. Kim's tongue was like a
snake in search of prey and it was driving Batgirl crazy. Bat's gyrating hips
were soon grinding into Kim's face and once she felt as if she was close to
cumming she adjusted herself so that she was in the '69' position and began
to dive into Kim's pussy like a starving kitten. They were interrupted when
Batgirl's 'special' pager went off. It was a message from Batman, it was time
to work.

* * *

Angel Grove Arboretum...

Angel Grove's enormous botanical center had been closed to the public for
months now and had been receiving shipments of rare exotic plants. Despite
it's lack of guests it's bills were being paid and it's employees were
showing up to work like normal. Batman, Batgirl, the Cat and the Crane were
the first non-employees to enter the place in three months. What they saw
inside was something similar to an alien world. Massive exotic plants choked
the atmosphere and seemed to blot out the sun.

"Stay alert." Warned the Batman.

He led the women through the frightening indoor jungle deeper into the
Arboretum until they were bathed in the inky darkness of the canopy. Not
a problem as everyone had nightvision goggles. In the very heart of the
man-made jungle was where they were first attacked. Vines flew out from
every direction to try and grab them. The defenders were ready. Batrangs
flew in every direction and cut vines to pieces at every turn. When those
failed the zombie-like Arboretum employees stepped into view from behind
plants all around them. They attacked the heroes ineptly but their lack
of skill was balanced by the fact that the heroes did not want to hurt
them. There was a brawl and the heroes began to hit harder and harder as
the entranced employees seemed to have limitless resolve.

"MASKS NOW!" Batman cried.

The women immediately put on there gas masks and Batman dropped a gas
grenade. The whole area filled with a gas that briefly obscured all vision,
when it finally cleared all the attackers were unconscious.

"That's enough." Said a voice familiar to Batman. "You cannot beat me here

"I don't have to." Said Batman putting a suspicious amount of emphasis on the
word 'I'.

Gas began to spread from throughout the indoor jungle quickly as it came
though the sprinkler system.

"NO what are you doing?" Demanded the voice in the jungle.

Plants wilted instantly, they died quickly.

"A special fast working herbacide I developed, every plant in the Arboretum
will be dead in a few minutes. All thanks to Cobra who sneaked in while you
were distracted with us." Batman announced.

Poison Ivy rushed from her place of hiding and charged Batman, her anger
getting the better of her.

"My paradise, you've ruined it!" She screeched as she tried to scratch out
his eyes.

Batman grabbed her wrists then threw her behind him onto the ground. With the
wind knocked out of her the Cat put a foot on her neck.

"It's over Ivy, you leave MY city now. And you leave in a prison van." Cat

* * *

Katherine Hillard's apartment...

She was done finished. Trini had been under the effects of Poison Ivy's
kiss and been made to do terrible things to her former friends and allies
and build a criminal empire that existed only to fund Ivy's kingdom of
vegetation. But there was more for her to do. The city's criminals were
now left with a massive power vacuum and blood was likely to spill in order
to fill it. Batman and Batgirl were gone, returned to Gotham.

Katherine donned her costume, Kimberly would join her. Angel Grove belonged
to The Cat and the Crane.
_ _ _

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