Batman: Men Matter Most (MF,MM,anal)
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) & The Fan ([email protected])

Paul Windsor lay in the Gotham Hospital, he was there because of an accident
at a Wayne Enterprises Chemical Plant. His body was covered, wtih chemicals
which burned his body. The accident didn't bother him, but he was looking
forward to at least seeing the owner, which was Bruce Wayne. But days and
weeks went by, and he didn't even show and all the stuff he heard about "HIM"
always caring for those who was in need. What Paul didn't know Bruce Wayne
was busy with more important things, like the recapture of the Joker. Who had
escaped from Arkim, chasing that "Mad Man" dressed in green, purple but he
was soon back in his cell.

The Batman arrived at the Batcave to find Alfred Pennyworth, his trusty
butler waiting, once again he became the richest man of Gotham City. He
soaked in a whirl pool, reading the report of the accident, as he stepped
out of the tub, his long thick cock hit his leg. He thought, "I must get
laid more," but his life style it was hard to find the time. But all seemed
calm, so he made a phone call.

Sarah Melton answered the phone, she about spilled her drink when Bruce asked
her for dinner. Her pussy became all wet just talking to him, for she heard
of his "BIG" cock.

Bruce pulled up to Sarah's apartment and walked in. He stood at the door.
Sarah opened the door, her copper color hair shined along with her green
eyes. Her gown was filling out her body. Bruce's cock began to throb, which
she seen. As he walked in she flung her wrap to the floor. She dropped her
dress and stood in a white thong. "FUCK ME!!!" she said pulling him towards

Sarah was on her knees rubbing his cock through his pants, kissing it leaving
a wet spot where his cock head was. She dropped his pants. There stood his
large cock. Sarah held it and made love to it with her mouth, running her
tongue under it. She opened her mouth to take his large balls, which she
sucked and licked.

Bruce was in heaven. He took her thong off using his fingers. He opened her
pussy and rubbing her clit. Her juices flowed as he was licking her pussy.
Sarah screamed as she came "OOOOHHH GGOODD!!!" but Bruce was just starting.
He carried her to the bed room and he began to tease her with his cock
before he began to fuck her and he didn't waste no time either. He pounded
her pussy.

Sarah had never been fucked like this ever. Bruce groaned as he was about to
cum. Sarah couldn't believe how much cum he shot in her pussy. But Bruce had
no fear of getting women pregant for he had himself fixed leaving a sample
in a special place. Sarah soon found herself on her stomach and her ass was
being licked and fingered. She screamed as Bruce fucked her ass.

Meanwhile Paul Windsor was at home in his den. He got a nice fat check and
all his bills was paid off. Paul was still mad. How he wanted to hurt the man
who caused his accident. Tony Baxter was supposed to be watching the pressure
dail, but some bitch from the front office walked by and he turned to watch
her ass. Paul was enraged he thought if he could just get even.

Paul walked up to the bitch and approached her. They started talking and
he learned that her name was Veronica. He offered her some money for her
services and since she was down on her luck and broke, she took the money.

He took her to the back of a secluded room and they did the do. She sucked
his dick and he came all over her face. He made the bitch drink his cum and
then he flipped her on her back like the bitch that she was. He thrust his
cock deep into her asshole and started to slam it in and out of her.

Her face was contorted with pain and she screamed. He didn't care. He fucked
her ass good. He came inside her ass and then made her get on all fours and
suck on his cock. She tasted her asshole on his cock and licked at his balls.
He fixed himself up and got ready to leave. The bitch looked at him and asked
about her money. He threw the money on the floor and her eyes lit up. She
greedily started picking up the dollar bills, ten in total.

He looked at her and grinned. It was not a nice smile. She was a bitch.
That's what they all were. It didn't matter if they were lawyers, nuns,
athletes, politicians, nurses, doctors, thugs or wealthy heiresses. They
were all evil rotten bitches preying on men's instincts. Bitches used
sex as a weapon against men. They were really the inferior sex. Sad but
true. Most men came to that realization at least once in their lifetimes.
There are no nice girls. Just a bunch of lying, stealing, conniving and
backstabbing whores out to use men to get what they want. What they
couldn't achieve on their own because of a lack of intelligence or
something purely male: bona fide logic and creativity. Yep. That's all
they were. Compare the woman you want to marry or date to the bitches on
the street. You will see some striking similarities. Bottom line: they're
all the same. No exceptions. No matter how badly you wish it were so.
This was not misogyny.

Just the truth about the genders. Paul knew all this the moment he came
inside the bitch's ass. Sooner or later, all girls became "that kind of
girl". It was just a matter of time and price. Men were what mattered in
the universe. Not the evil rotten bitches who couldn't shut up if their
lives depended on it.

Paul went home. He was satisfied. All was right with the world.

Bruce Wayne finished his tryst with Sarah Melton. He returned to the Cave
and once more dressed up as Batman. He was ready to take on the mantle of
the Dark Knight and go on his nightly battle against the evil criminals of
the world. Men and women with a complete disregard for human life or the
line between right and wrong. It was a somewhat hopeless battle. The Batman
was strong and fast and resourceful, with the best of technology to help
him but he had his limits. Bruce Wayne was quite surprised when he noticed
that he had guests. Guests that came in the form of a tall young man dressed
up in a shiny dark costume. The Batman found himself staring at Robin.

Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin was the Batman's best friend, ally and protege.
The other was Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl. The Batman looked at
them. Both were so beautiful. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"We sensed your anguish." Dick Grayson said.

"Let us help you, beloved." said Barbara Gordon.

Bruce Wayne let himself go in the embrace of Dick and Barbara, the man and
woman who loved him. They undressed him and he joined them in bed. Playfully,
laughing and frolicking, they found themselves completely naked. Bruce Wayne
looked at them. The contrast was fascinating. Dick Grayson looked fine and
masculine with his rugged, handsome looks. His muscular and wiry body, his
well-cut abs and well-defined structure. He was a very handsome youth, no two
ways about it. The kind that made both men and women feel a bit awed. Bruce
looked at Barbara. She was tall and slender, with a wiry yet muscular body
that Olympic athletes would envy. She had nice, cone-shaped breasts, a slim
waist and a nice, round and tight-looking butt. Real nice.

Bruce Wayne kissed first Barbara then Dick. They drew him down into the bed.
He felt their mouths kissing him and their hands caressing him all over. He
looked down to see both of them sucking on his cock and balls with the same
eagerness. He looked at Barbara and felt a surge and desire to take and
possess. He grabbed her and shoved her into position. Barbara had never
seen Bruce Wayne being this aggressive. She eagerly complied. He positioned
himself behind her and smacked her gorgeous round ass. He wanted to hit
that... fast. She purred.

He parted her ass cheeks and slid his cock between them. His cock pressed
against her asshole. He pushed. His cock went into her asshole, with a soft
pop. Barbara Gordon gasped. Bruce Wayne grabbed her by the hips and started
to slam his cock deep into her. Hard and fast he went. Barbara screamed. She
had never had anything up her ass before, let alone something the size of
Bruce's cock. He fucked her ass mercilessly and she was tossed around on the
bed by the energy of his thrusts. She felt like she was being split in half.
He soon came inside her, blasting her asshole with his hot cum and filling it
to the rim. He pulled out of her and she lay on the bed gasping, her asshole
now agape.

Bruce Wayne was still not sated. He looked at Dick Grayson and the handsome
youth smiled at his mentor. Bruce kissed Dick with a passion that surprised
them both. Mentor and protege rolled around the bed happily, jockeying for
position. It seemed that both of them had forgotten about Barbara Gordon.
Dick Grayson climbed on top of Bruce Wayne. Barbara looked at the tangle of
beautiful, masculine bodies as they romped happily. They were laughing and
joking and then it was all grunts and thrusts and moans and pants. Bruce
Wayne looking lovingly into Dick's eyes as they made love.

Dick Grayson surrendering to his mentor out of love. Bruce Wayne
energetically thrusting and slamming like only he could and Dick Grayson
crying out in pleasure under his lover's energetic thrusts. They separated
briefly, only to join again. Bruce Wayne took his young lover's manhood in
his mouth and sucked him until Dick came and screamed in pleasure. Dick
pushed Bruce back onto the bed and returned the favor in full. Soon it was
Bruce Wayne screaming as his lover brought him from climax to climax.

Barbara Gordon watched this. She realized that Bruce Wayne loved Dick Grayson
and no one else. She loved Bruce Wayne. She wasn't discouraged by the fact
that he was a closeted bisexual and eccentric billionaire who also dressed up
at night in a scary costume to fight crime. She could handle sharing him with
his male lover. But she couldn't handle him loving someone else. She smiled
sadly and put her clothes back on. She wasn't mad. She knew this would
happen. She accepted that. She just left.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson didn't even notice that she was gone. Bruce
Wayne lay by Dick Grayson's side. He looked at his young lover. Their
muscular, fine and masculine bodies were covered with sweat. They had made
love numerous times that night. Bruce had many lovers, literally hundreds,
both male and female, throughout his lifetime. Yet this was the first time
he had fallen in love. Bruce Wayne kissed Dick Grayson. Dick closed his
eyes. He loved being with the man he loved.

"I love you, Bruce." Dick Grayson said.

"I love you, Dick." said Bruce Wayne.

They embraced. Dick looked at Bruce. "Wanna go again ?" he asked.

Bruce grinned. "So soon?"

Dick grimaced. "Um, yeah."

Bruce nodded and let himself be pulled into Dick's embrace as he hit the

The End


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