Batman - The Animaed Series/NCIS: The Body In The River Part 1
by Hamster

Petty Officer Danny Hutchins was in a bind. That is to say that the 35 year
old naval NCO was all tied up and decomposing. Once he washed up out of the
Potomac he was discovered by the daughter of a local congressmen. The body
was mauled horribly and large chunks of it were missing but fortunately the
dog tags of the recently missing man were still on him. So far there was no
hint of a motive. Not one of his friends or family could think of anyone
that would want to kill the man.

It was moonlit and special agent Ziva David was walking along the banks of
the river where the man washed up wondering who could have wanted to tie him
up and toss him in the river. She was dressed in a black t-shirt, combat
boots and khaki pants. She was hardly paying attention to where she was
walking and ran straight into a man wearing a cape and cowl.

"Oh shit!" She said as she backed up and drew her gun.

"Special Agent Ziva David." Said the man with a very deep voice.

"You know my name? Should I be flattered or frightened?" She asked, although
she was actually a little bit of both. She recognized him, the large black
bat symbol on his chest was a dead give away.

She lowered her weapon. She was willing to listen. This was all good. Batman
needed police cooperation if the murderer was to spend anytime at all in
prison. Also, The former Mossad agent had a sexy accent.

"You are wondering who would want to kill Petty officer Hutchins but you are
asking the wrong question." Said Batman.

"And what is the right question?" Asked Ziva.

"The right question is WHAT was it that killed him." He replied.

Ziva's brow furrowed. "Are you always this cryptic or are you just messing
with me?"

Batman turned to the river and pressed on the button of what looked like a
small electronic car key. A small but sleek and futuristic black submarine
surfaced and then glided to the shore where the Batman waited.

"Care to join me Special Agent David?" Batman asked Ziva.

"Call me Ziva." She said with a fetching smile.

Batman helped her onto the Bat-Sub, which had two seats side-by-side.

"This thing is like an alien space ship." She said.

"You obviously haven't seen as many alien spaceships as I have." Batman

The sub silently sank into the river. The river was murky and a special
search light of the Sub's lit up the river bottom so that both Batman and
Ziva could see what lay below.

"Our divers went over the area." Said Ziva.

"They missed something." Batman replied. "The killer ate his victim's
completely, bone and all."

Ziva stared at Batman. What could have done as he suggested? This wasn't

"Are you trying to tell me that an alligator made it this far north and then
handcuffed the man before eating him.? Or perhaps it was a bullshark." She

"South, not North and it wasn't an Alligator, it was a croc." Batman replied.

"A crocodile?" Asked Ziva disbelievingly.

"No, a metahuman cannibal and thug. Computer, pull up file Batman/most
wanted/Killer Croc." Batman said.

On the computer screen in front of them there appeared a file with a
picture. The man was actually a monster. The computer's voice came on and
casually detailed the charges he was wanted on. Including 12 counts of murder
and more assault charges than Ziva had ever heard attributed to a single

"But why is he in DC?" She asked.

"He is here on a job most likely. It's difficult for him to find work even
among criminals except in Gotham where freaks are fairly common." Batman
explained. "He's probably working with one of my other priority criminals."

"Is priority Criminal your term for 'deranged psychotic in Halloween
costume'?" Asked Ziva.

He did not answer. The sub stopped in front of a log half buried under the
sand there were some branches sticking out the sides. The light of the
Bat-Sub shone on one of these.

There caught on one of the branches was something red.

"Tell me agent, what does that look like to you?" Asked Batman.

"A bandana." Replied Ziva.

"I also found a piece of bone nearby. I ran the DNA through the Bat computer
and it matched that of a gangster that had his blood tested in jail. The
gangster has been missing and reportedly killed along with all of his running
buddies." Batman explained.

"What does a gangster and a naval NCO have in common?" She asked.

"That is what we need to find out." Batman said.

Somewhere else...

Doctor Anechka Galenka was the unluckiest person in the entire world. In
her home nation the attractive blonde woman had been a world class medical
researcher. Unfortunately the corrupt government she had worked for had
forced her to use her talents to creat weapons. The Justice League had put
an end to that and put her nation's old regime, crushed their corrupt leader
and brought freedom and justice. That was the beginning of the doctor's
problems. She was demonized by the new government for performing the
experiments that she wanted no part of to begin with. She fled before she
could be arrested. She made her way to America and found that the United
States was happy to extradite her home. Anechka hid her identity and began
to sell her services without a license to anyone who wanted medical attention
and was afraid to report injuries that could only come from criminal
behavior. If you had money she'd treat you and keep her mouth shut too. She
treated hookers, abused wives who didn't want their assholes husbands to get
arrested, kids whose bigger asshole parents didn't want to get arrested,
girls who wanted abortions and for nobody to know, burglars, and
gang-bangers. It was one of the latter who died on her table from blood loss.
His gang blamed her, it didn't matter that it wasn't her fault, they wanted
someone to hurt. She was beaten and then raped and left for dead, tossed in
the river. It was there that she was found and ‘rescued' by the Killer
Croc. He'd have killed her had she not been a doctor. He needed someone to
patch him up in case he needed it and to provide him with some necessary
medication. She needed somebody to make sure that the gang didn't come back
after her. He was more than happy to kill every last one of them and to make
sure that the word on the street was that you didn't fuck with the doctor.
Killer Croc slammed into the crappy apartment that Anechka was using to treat

He was clutching his side and had a rolled up rag up against it to stop the

"OK doc, I need you to get some bullets out of me. Most guns don't do squat,
but this mother fucker had an M-16. Not enough to kill me but it fucking
hurts." The Croc complained.

"I'll get them out." Doctor Galenka replied. "Drink this."

She handed the Croc a bottle of scotch. The man/creature drank down the
bottle straight. Using what appeared to be normal pliers she dug into his
bullet holes and pulled out each one. The Croc growled with the pain of the
doctor's handiwork. It took several minutes for her to pull the bullets out.
Once she was doing that she searched for a rag and soaked it in alcahol. He
roared and made her jump as she cleaned out his wounds, but he did not
attack. She completed her work and began to stitch the wounds.

"Good job, doc." He said.

"Thank you." She said.

He suddenly stood and then pushed her up against a wall. His nostrils
breathed in her sent and his long animalistic tongue shot out and slobbered
over her face. She held her breath and stood stock-still in terror.

"You know what, doc? You are one hot piece of ass." Said the Croc.

Her stomach turned. She did not want anything to do with what this creature
had planned for her but she didn't want to die either. The croc growled and
ripped her shirt open. His claws shredded her shirt easily and cut her bra
to pieces. She gasped and closed her eyes tightly. The Croc's animalistic
snarls continued as he shredded her skirt and underwear, and exposed her cunt
to the air. Croc dragged her over to her table and threw her onto it. He
climbed atop her and his tongue slithered over her breasts and squeezed them.
The croc forced her thighs open. He raked his slimy tongue all over her face
as his long, scaly cock snaked it's way over to her cunt. She screamed as
the large rough head forced it's way into her pussy. It was like a boa
constrictor pushing into her, thick and scales and incredibly painful. The
crock relished in her screams as he pumped his giant cock into her over and
over again. His claws dug into her shoulder painfully as he fucked her
ruthlessly. He came in her slumped down atop her. His toothy snout wreaked
of death.

"Sorry baby but I'm hungry and I don't need you anymore. But you are a
doctor, maybe you'll survive." Said the Croc.

She screamed as he opened his mouth and bit into her upper arm and then
ripped her arm off. He left her bleeding and screaming her head off as he
walked away gnawling on her arm.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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