Batman - The Animaed Series/NCIS: The Body In The River Part 1a (FF)
by Hamster

Abby was in an unusual situation. She was using a specialized computer
program to study the bite marks on a woman's arm and match them up to a
man/creature that Ziva David believed was a wanted killer. The unusual
part was that the thing that bit her was a horribly mutated man and that
she was being assisted by Batgirl! The red-haired vigilante had shown up
with some 'Caff-Pow' and some of the Bat-computer's information on a
special disk. The teeth marks on the wounds were matched up with the
Bat-computers dental records for the Killer Croc. Abby smiled.

"Looks like we have a match." Abby said.

"Great." Batgirl said.

Abby looked over at the Batgirl. Abby usually preferred men but the
occasional girl did turn her on. And there was something about Batgirl that
really did that for her.

"By the way have I told you how totally awesome that costume is?" Abby asked.

"Only about 50 times but that's OK, I like hearing it." Said Batgirl.

Batgirl liked Abby. She was hot and had a great personality. Batgirl had been
introduced to lesbian sex already by Catwoman and Supergirl*, so the fact she
found Abby attractive was not surprising. Abby just stared at Batgirl for a
minute, she looked really hot in that tight outfit and with the yellow gloves
and boots and that sexy yellow bat across her chest.

"Well I really like it." Abby said. She traced the outline of the bat on
Batgirl's chest. "It's really cool."

"Hey now," Batgirl "Touching without permission? You've been a bad girl."

Batgirl gave Abby a good hard slap across the ass. Abby yelped, then smiled.
She turned around and kissed Batgirl hard. Batgirl slid her hand up Abby's
thigh and under her black pleated skirt. She squeezed the other woman's ass.
Abby decided to squeeze Batgirl's ass right back.

"We just met." Batgirl said by way of protest.

"Don't care." Abby said.

"Me neither." Replied batgirl.

The pair threw themselves into each other's arms and began to make out as
they grabbed each other's nicer body parts. They broke apart and Abby began
to unbutton her blouse. Batgirl went to her belt buckle and removed her
utility belt. She then bent over (giving Abby a nice look at her ass) and
unzipped one boot and then the other. Abby couldn't help reaching out and
giving Barbara's ass a nice squeeze. Batgirl laughed then stood and began
to wiggle out of her pants. Abby started to laugh.

"What?" Batgirl demanded.

"You wear bat-panties." Abby said as she pointed. "I want a pair."

Batgirl's panties were shiny and black with little yellow bats all over them.

"Shut up." Batgirl said before kissing her again.

This time Batgirl reached behind Abby's back and unfastened the other woman's
bra. She tossed it aside and then massaged Abby's tits for a minute or two
before dropping to her knees. She reached under Abby's skirt and grabbed the
waistband of the other woman's panties. She then pulled them down to her
ankles. Batgirl then lifted her head to Abby's sweet muffin and began to lash
at Abby's pussy with her tongue.

"Oh yeah, that's good." Moaned Abby.

Batgirl licked and licked before sticking her finger into Abby's pussy. She
pushed it in and out, over and over. The glove covered finger drove Abby to
a blissful orgasm.


Batgirl removed her cum-soaked finger from Abby's pussy and licked it. She
then stuck it in her mouth and sucked it clean. Batgirl stood and kissed
Abby before grabbing the other woman's pig-tails and then forcing her to
her knees. Using her pig-tails like rieghns Batgirl guided Abby's face to
her cunt and Abby happily began to eat out Batgirl. Soon Batgirl too, was

Abby sat on her chair with Batgirl on her lap when they were finished.

"Look me up next time you are in town." Abby said.

"Bet on it." Batgirl replied.

to be continued...
_ _ _

* There's like a million fics out there that pair Batgirl with Catwoman or
Supergirl, just take your pick.

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