Batman - The Animated Series/Spider-man - The Animated Series:
Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 29 (FF, catfight, fisting, magic)
by Hamster

Catwoman used her sharp-claw glass cutters to cut open a hole in the case
that kept the generously sized diamond safe. Breaking in and stealing
whatever she wanted was surprisingly easy to the. She figured she was going
to really enjoy New York. No bats and all. Although she had heard unfortunate
rumors about a Spider-themed vigil ante he couldn't be as much trouble as
Batman...or as good looking. She took a minute to admire the gem and was so
fascinated with it she didn't even notice the other feline-themed costume
jump on her from behind and knock her to the ground. Catwoman elbowed the
other woman in the face and then spun to come face to face with Black Cat.

"Sorry but a client is paying me quite a bit to keep that from getting
stolen." Black Cat announced.

"You think I'm afraid of you? I had to deal with the Bat back in Gotham
City." Catwoman said.

"You think the bat is bad? Try dealing with a loud mouth spider with an over
rated sense of humor." Black Cat said as she kicked Catwoman in the face.

Catwoman revovered and kicked at her opponent but Black Cat blocked it. A
swing kick from Blackcat put Catwoman down on her ass. Catwoman kicked up and
got back to her feet then kicked her opponenet in the face. With a wild slash
Catwoman slashed Black Cat's costume, cutting the woman as well.

"BITCH!!!" Black Cat screamed.

Black Cat scratched at her opponent raking her sharp nails across Catwoman's
boobs. The bouncy tit flesh swayed from the strike. Catwoman answered with
a violent scrach attack of her own. The two woman hissed as the slapped,
punched, scratched and kicked. Catwoman kicked Blackcat in the cunt. Black
Cat groaned and doubled over but then lept at her opponent and toppled her to
the ground. Blackcat opened her mouth and bit down hard on her opponents tit.
Catwoman screamed in pain then cupped the Black Cat's ears.


"God I love a good catfight!" Thought Bob the cupid. "But it's time to kick
it up a notch. BAM!"

Bob plugged the two costumed women with love-arrows. Black Cat was on top of
Catwoman sweating and panting when the arrows sank into them. Black Cat
looked down at Catwoman and licked her lips with sudden desire. Grabbing the
top of the other woman's costume Blackcat ripped open Catwoman's top and
exposed her breasts. The sexy cat-themed anti-hero began to squeeze the tits
of the other woman a bit roughly.

"Mmmm yeah, you like my big tits don't you." Catwoman moaned.

Black Cat responded by squeezing the tits even harder. Black Cat leaned down
and kissed Catwoman. As the pair swapped spit their hands roamed all over
each other's bodies. Black Cat broke her kiss then began stripping off the
remains of her costume. Catwoman did the same and soon their cloths, except
masks, scattered the ground. The woman embraced and began to kiss again as
they fell to the floor in a writhing ball of hot lesbian passion.

The pair got into the '69' position and began to eat pussy. Black Cat
squeezed Catwoman's ass as she drove her tongue deeper into the other woman's
pussy. Catwoman began to moan into her lover's cunt as the pair ate each
other out feverishly. The pair moaned and writhed as they licked and sucked
at each other's juicy cunts. Soon the pair were cumming in each other's

Bob flew across and collected the panties of both women.

After cumming Catwoman got up and got on her hands and knees. Quickly Black
Cat got behind her and began to lick the ring of Catwoman's ass. Catwoman
moaned as she felt the wet tongue licking her ass and then with the help of
a pair of fingers wiggle it's way into her.

"Yes fuck yes, lick my ass out!" Catwoman cried.

With her free hand Black Cat began to finger fuck Catwoman with rapid
thrusts. Catwoman's breasts swung violently as she got fucked. Black Cat
added a second finger as her lover winced and bit her lip then a third.
Soon she squeezed her whole hand in and was fisting cat woman with hard

"Yes, yes I'm going to CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!" Catwoman said as her orgasm
slammed through her.

Black Cat removed her hand and began to lap off the sweet sex-honey.

"Mmm you taste great." Black Cat said.

She offered her fist to Catwoman who began to lap away at it.
_ _ _

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