Batman - TAS/Superman - TAS: Teen Girlfriends (ff)
by Hamster ([email protected])

The Kent Farm,
Smallville, Kansas

Supergirl had flown her girlfriend in from Gotham City for a weekend
'sleep-over.' The two had been dating for a good long time now and were in a
desperate to take their relationship to the next level. Ma and Pa Kent did
not suspect that it was more than just an innocent sleep-over so they made no
protest when the blonde and red-haired teen heros excused themselves early
and rushed up to their room.

Batgirl got behind Supergirl and slid her hands on Supergirl's silky smooth
legs. Then she went up Supergirl's legs and under her skirt. Batgirl rubbed
her hands on Supergirl's pussy outside her blue panties. Batgirl pushed her
fingers hard on Supergirl's slit. Supergirl could feel Batgirl's breasts
pushing against her back. Batgirl's hands went to the top of the waistband
of Supergirl's panties and slowly slid them down to about her knees. Batgirl
got the first whiff of the other girl's sweet pussy. Again Batgirl found
Supergirl's pussy, this time though it was not covered by her panties so
Batgirl slowly slid a finger inside of her girlfriend. Supergirl was so
turned on now that she could hardly stand it. Then Batgirl stopped, but only
so Barbara could remove her yellow gloves and unzip her top to the waist
leaving Batgirl's chest covered only in a yellow and black bra. Kara Zor-El
noted with a smile the bat-logo on it and wondered if Barbara wore
Bat-panties too. Supergirl slipped her own panties the rest of the way off.

Batgirl turned Supergirl around and started kissing her. Mouths opened and
tongues intertwined. The two teen girlfriends French-kissed as hands roamed
all over each other's curves. Supergirl squeezed Batgirl's sexy ass, as
Batgirl caressed Supergirl's impressive super-tits. Batgirl removed her bra
and Supergirl's eyes grew big at the sight of Batgirl's bare chest. Batgirl
gave her a devilish smile before grabbing Supergirl by the head and pushing
the other girl into her chest. Supergirl took a breast in her mouth and
sucked hard on the huge tit. Batgirl had Supergirl's skirt lifted and was
once again teasing Supergirl's clit as Supergirl was sucking Batgirl's
breasts like a starving baby. Batgirl moaned out loud as Supergirl bit and
nibbled on her dark nipples.

Batgirl lifted off Supergirl's top and Supergirl quickly unhooked her white
cotton bra and removed it for Batgirl. Batgirl took her turn at tonguing
Supergirl's pointed nipples, before going lower. She kissed Supergirl's
bellybutton, then her face disappeared under Supergirl's skirt and her
tongue found Supergirl's sweet pussy. Supergirl swung one leg over Batgirl's
shoulder as Batgirl used her hands to open up Supergirl's box and do circles
with her tongue on Supergirl's clit. Soon Kara Zor-El Kent was crying out in


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