(Note some minor assumptions are made on my part, not explicitly stated in
the series like Raven's age and eating habits, and some only hinted at, like
her demonic ancestry.)

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Batman - The Animated Series /Teen Titans: Vacation In Gotham
by Tricksterson

Raven of the Teen Titans sat six inches above her bed in a lotus position
trying to calm the storms that swirled endlessly below the stoic front that
she normally presented to the world. Fear, anger, joy and most especially
since the onset of puberty a few years ago, lust.

For Raven's heritage was not entirely human. Her father was a demon
and it was his blood that gave her magic powers and purple hair. It also
gave her emotions that were inextricably linked to her powers and that
operated at a far higher level than any human not in an insane asylum.
Because of their linkage to her powers she normally kept them in a state of
complete lockdown, like a Star Trek Vulcan.

But like that fictional race her emotional control came at a price.
Periodically she had to let loose of her feelings, her sexual ones most of
all or they would destroy her. She was sixteen and for the past three years
these urges had come upon her at the turns of the seasons. It was almost
the summer solstice now.

To put it bluntly, Raven needed to get laid thoroughly and repeatedly
over the course of the next week or she would become a danger to herself and

In terms of looks this wouldn't be difficult at all. She had a
pleasing face with hypnotically large, dark eyes, superb medium-sized
breasts that seemed even larger because of her wasp-thin waist, a firm tight
ass and legs with few equals and no superiors.

Unfortunately, as a Titan she was very much a public figure and as a
teenager very much afraid of embarrassment. Making a public display of
herself as a slut wasn't in the deal. So she had to be discreet. She had
considered, then dismissed her teammates. Robin and Starfire were both
attractive enough but involved with each other. Throwing herself into the
mix could only cause problems. If Cyborg wasn't half machine, she would
definitely have considered him. As it was, that would be a little too
kinky. And Beast Boy would be even worse.

So she had made arrangements to go on sabbatical during the relevant
periods. She only told Robin, the team leader, why, but not how she took
care of the problem and not that lust was the most dominant emotion at
these. times.

She told him she went to vent her feelings in an isolated wilderness.
Where she really went was a wilderness of sorts, but hardly isolated. It
was in fact Robin's own home town of Gotham City. She had an arrangement
with a high priced "escort service." Normally they wouldn't allow one of
their girls to work so seldom but they let her slide, as she was one of
their most popular workers, pulling in a week what most did in a month.

On her way out of the Tower she ran into Robin.

"How do I look?"

"Very...not you."

Since purple wasn't exactly a common hair color she had dyed it
a glossy black. Her clothes were not her usual black but a bright green,
midriff-baring top with a short, pale blue skirt. A matching beret and
thigh high purple boots, borrowed from Starfire, completed the ensemble.

"Well, that is the idea." To her distress she found her voice coming
out in a sexy purr instead of her usual flat tones. The change was coming
on faster than usual. 'Damn puberty,' she thought.

"Are you alright?" Robin asked.

"I'll be fine as soon as I can get out of here," she said testily.
'Especially if I don't want my best friend finding me on the floor humping
her boyfriend,' she thought. Jealousy could be an ugly thing when it came
equipped with superpowers.

She reached the airport close to shaking. The only thing that had kept
her from giving the cab driver a tip he would never have forgotten was the
aroma of anchovies and cheap cigars that hung around him.

If she didn't get some relief soon the situation might literally
become explosive. Fortunately her flight had been delayed. She headed for
the bathroom. Masturbation would at least calm her enough for the flight to

Her plan was sidetracked by two things. One of the stalls was already
occupied and there were soft grunts and moans coming from it that showed
someone else had had similar thoughts to Raven's.

The emotion that slipped loose right now, besides lust, was a sense of
mischief. She moved quietly to the stall the moans were coming from and
whispered the words that activated her powers. "Azarath Metrion Zynthos."

The stall lock slid open in the grip of Raven's telekinesis and she
quickly entered the stall and closed the door behind her.

Seated before her, tight designer jeans around her knees, fingers
rubbing her clit, was a girl two or three years older than Raven, a little
taller, a little bustier, with a cloud of red hair, matched by the one
between her legs. Her head had been thrown back against the wall, eyes shut
and jaw clenched as she concentrated on pleasuring herself. The opening and
closing of the stall door got her immediate attention.

"What the Hell are you...?" Her question was stopped in it's tracks as
the beauty in front of her smiled, pushed down her mini-skirt and the black
lace panties underneath and proceeded to slip a pair of her own fingers
rapidly in and out of her shaved cunt. Inspired by this sight the redhead
rapidly reached her own climax then got on her knees before her unexpected
but now welcome intruder. Soon her tongue was lashing up and down, then
plunging in and out of Raven's slit.

" *fucking* good." After three months
not only of complete abstinence, even from masturbation but the repressing
even of sexual thoughts, she had almost forgotten how good this felt. She
pushed the other girls face deeper between her legs and braced herself
against the stall door, biting down hard enough to draw blood as she came.

The sexy redhead raised her face and grinned, then kissed her way up
Raven's naked belly as her hands slipped under her top and caressed her firm
bra-less breasts. As they stood face to face Raven licked cream off her
momentary lover's face as the other girl licked blood off hers. Blood and
cumjuice then mixed in a slow but passionate kiss.

After, as the girls fixed their faces and clothes, Raven couldn't help
but ask," Umm...ur, what's..."


"I'm Dulcinea," she said giving the alias she used with the escort
service. "Barbara, what were you..."

Barbara smirked. "I think you mean 'why'. It was pretty obvious *what*
I was doing. Let's just say that it was a rough flight and I needed to work
off some tension." The smirk softened to a smile. "Thanks for helping."

Raven couldn't help but chuckle, a sound that would have had her
teammates jaws dropping. "My pleasure. *Definitely* my pleasure."

They shared a quick parting kiss, then went in different directions.

Her body rhythms and emotions down to what most people would consider
normal, she had time to notice the news on one of the airport televisions.
A "rough flight" indeed. The inbound flight from Gotham had been the victim
of an attempted hijacking. Surprisingly and fortunately one of the
passengers, apparently listed under "Jane Smythe" had turned out to be the
"costumed vigilante" (as the reporter called her) Batgirl, who, after
defeating and disarming the hijackers had disappeared as soon as the plane
had landed.

Batgirl? What was she doing here? Then it came to her. Robin must
have called her in as a temporary replacement for Raven. She wished he had
told her, but then she hadn't given him much of a chance, had she?

* * *

The flight proved uneventful, restful even. She contacted Mary Callahan,
her "agent" and manager of the escort service from the airport.

"Dulcey, darling! So happy to have you back."

"Hello, Mary" Raven knew that Mary' business was technically illegal
but considered her as one of the best of a bad lot. Since she ran a
business catering to Gotham's elite, Mary made sure her girls and boys
stayed off drugs and had medical insurance better than most employees of
most legitimate businesses. She also usually only employed legal, if often
barely, adults. Raven had used the Titan's computer to forge herself an ID
with a data trail attached. Likewise, the sex only got rough when both
parties agreed. It didn't hurt that Raven pulled in $2,000 a night on
average during her vacations, most of which, admittedly wound up
quietly donated to charity since her material needs were few and mostly
supplied by the Titans.

"So what's my schedule this week.?"

"Well, tonight's client promises to be a pleasant surprise. Dress up
when you meet him."

"Who is it?"

"My dear, what part of 'surprise' is alien to your vocabulary?"

Raven/Dulcinea was waiting in Companions Limited's elegantly appointed
lounge. She was wearing a dark blue, curve hugging sheath whose cleavage
started exactly one millimeter above her pale aureole. From there it flowed
to her ankles but was slashed to the hipbone on either side, displaying her
magnificent legs to full advantage every time she moved. Three inch spiked
heels completed the outfit.

Her client entered on the arm of Mary, a pocket-Venus of a woman, only
slightly faded by time. He was, indeed, a pleasant variation from the
norm. Most of her clients were either in at least their late forties or
young tech nerds most of whom were lacking in social graces, and
occasionally, any sense of hygiene.

Her client was in his mid-thirties, well above six feet tall and broad
shouldered. His dark suit had an elegant tailoring screamed not just of
Money but of Old Money. His hair was coal black, his eyes a piercing blue
and Raven would have bet that you could break rocks on his chin. Raven had
always like a strong chin in a man. Unfortunately the majority of her
clients either had too many chins or none at all.

"Dulcey, this is Bruce", said Mary, then left.

Bruce took her hand and brought it to his lips. The kiss was perfect,
neither too quick, nor too wet. "Dulcey?" He kept hold of her hand and in
fact took it between both of his.

"I prefer Dulcinea."

"Ah, a fan of the musical?" At least he didn't insult her intelligence
by pretending it was her real name.

"No, of the book." A look of respect flitted across his face.

"Did Mary tell you that this date actually involves going out?"

"No but I assumed it did because she told me to dress up."

By now she had added a few facts together. Old Money Rich, the right
age, and from Gotham City.

"Are you *that* Bruce? Bruce W..."

He held up one hand. "Please, no last names."

"I'm sorry." She blushed. She should have known better than to even
ask. It was after all one of the top rules of the Call Girl's Code.

"It's all right. Shall we go?" He shifted his hold from her hand to
her arm. Her urges building up in her, she leaned in close to him. He
looked at her, fierce blue eyes staring into deep dark ones and his lips
brushed against hers. She leaned closer for a more intimate kiss but he
pulled back smiling.


* * *

The nightclub Bruce's limousine brought them to was a members only and
look it. Even among the elite crowd there, they drew looks.

They were led to a table in a secluded alcove behind a beaded curtain.
Normally Raven was a vegetarian but right now her cravings were barely on
the leash and she ordered a rare steak. As they waited, she gave in once
more to her playful side, slipping off one of her high heels and sliding her
foot up Bruce's leg and eventually between his legs, massaging what promised
to be an impressive erection into birth.

Instead of acting shocked, Bruce, smiled and, leaning back, enjoyed the
treatment. Then he went down on one knee and kissed Raven's shapely
extremity. From there he worked his way up her legs, switching back and
forth, and under the table. Soon he was between her now sopping wet thighs
and teasing her bare pussylips. Slowly his tongue slipped between them and
probed at her clitoris.

"Ohhhh, Bruuuuuce.! Now! Take me now!"

That was when the shot rang out.

Bruce's reaction was not that of the pampered playboy the tabloids
portrayed. He came up from under the table in one swift move, wiped his
mouth and said, "Stay here." in one move. he put the heavy table on it's
side. "Get behind this. If there are any ricochets, you should be safe."
With that he was gone.

This left Raven in a quandary. Back in Hub City she didn't have a
secret identity. Here she did. More importantly, Bruce's tongue job had
her emotions so high, any attempt to use her powers would probably
backfire. If she tried to lift so much as a penny, chances were she would
either fail completely or wind up embedding it in someone's skull. Still,
she had a duty to at least scope out the situation. Besides, she felt a
responsibility to Bruce. She didn't want him getting killed out of
misplaced gallantry.

She slipped off her heels. She hadn't selected them just for the
effect they had on her legs, although the effect was more than pleasing. A
three-inch steel spike could really spoil a mugger's day. Then she peeked
through the beaded curtain.

Two ski-masked thugs had patrons lined up against one wall. She
couldn't see Bruce among them. Two others were checking the private alcoves
and working their way towards her.

In the center of the dining room floor, holding a gun to the head of a
waitress, was one of the strangest looking men she'd ever seen. His suit
seemed to be a composite of two others, seamlessly sewed together. One half
was white and immaculate, the other tattered and dark. His face matched the
suit, one side darkly handsome, the other a mass of scar tissue. The arm
holding the waitress ended in a hand flipping a coin.

"Cooperate and none of you need be harmed. The Fates have been kind to
you tonight," the strange man said in a harsh, raspy voice. He turned his
face to his hostage. "Now you, young lady are a separate matter. Let us
hope that Fate and Fortune are kind to you as well." The coin flipped up
and was expertly caught on the back of his gun hand. "Alas," he said and
cocked the trigger.

She had no choice. She'd have to risk that her powers would work
properly. "Azara..."

Then the lights went out.

Raven's demonic heritage allowed her to see far better in the dark than
a normal human. To her the room was as brightly lit as if by a full moon.
She could see the confused patrons and gunmen, the hostage taking advantage
of the confusion to struggle free, the scarred man, who she finally
recognized as Two Face from stories Robin had told, looking about as if he
knew what the cause of the blackout was...and another figure. One wearing a
hood with pointed ears, moving as swiftly and surely as if in daylight.

Almost before her eyes could register it the Batman (because who else
*could* it be even without a cape?) had knocked Two Face to the ground and
shoved the hostage under a table where she cowered. The gunsels fired
wildly, nearly hitting their boss who growled at them to stop. Objects
thrown from Batman's hands soon disarmed them. Two Faces senses must have
been nearly as acute as the Caped Crusaders because he threw a Punch that
nearly landed. Hearing the sounds of combat, the thugs hurried to pile on
but of course, their quarry was out of the way by the time they reached
there. Behind them, in fact quickly kayoing the two coming from guarding
the hostages.

Raven decided to lend a hand on the two near her, who were far enough
away from anyone else that a backfire would probably be harmless.
Fortunately none occurred and one was thrown into the other, then both
against a wall.

Shortly the battle was over as Batman overcame Two Face quickly just as
police sirens sounded in the distance.. Raven went back in the alcove and
pretended to cower behind the table for when Bruce returned.

Just after the lights came on Bruce came back. "I really shouldn't
have gone out there, I just wound up being herded together with the others."

Raven was confused by this. She knew Bruce hadn't been out there.
'What's he hiding?' fluttered through her mind.

"I've talked to the management and the police. Don't take it the wrong
way but I really don't want you showing up next to me in a tabloid picture.
The restaurant has agreed to let us sneak out the back."

She teased, "Right we wouldn't want your secret identity revealed would
we? As Bruce W... I mean" she said as he flinched. But he recovered

"No, no we wouldn't."

* * *

They were met at the service entrance by Bruce's elderly chauffeur and
brought to the limo. From there they went to the "hotel" owned by Mary
where her girls usually conducted their business. The apartments where the
girls actually lived were on a separate floor, the rooms used for
entertainment purposes consisted solely of bed and bathroom.

Raven's room was elegantly, if darkly furnished. The main feature was
a queen sized four poster bed with a black velvet rope hanging from each

"Do all your guests use those?"

"It's not a specialty, if that's what you mean but some like it."

His hands slid up her body from behind to cup her breasts. "Do you
prefer to give or receive?"

She leaned back against his broad chest. "Mmmmm, I prefer my control
to come from inside of me. But we all have times when we have to lose
control, don't we?"

He nibbled at her neck instead of answering.

"Mmmm. lose control Bruce. Lose it in me."

He turned her around to face him. He violently pulled down the top of
her dress, exposing her breasts, dark, almost black nipples contrasting with
her pale skin..

"Is that how you want it?" he growled. She looked into his eyes and
saw a fierce warrior passion and a darkness buried deep almost matching her
own. In answer she placed her hands on either side of his face, kissed him
deep and long, then drew her fingernails down both sides, leaving red trails
across his skin. He threw her onto the bed, almost slamming her head into
the wall. Even so, she got the feeling that he was still restraining
himself, that if he wished he could have thrown her *through* the wall.

He stripped down in haste, while she enjoyed the view. His body showed
a musculature both compact and powerful. His shoulders and arms looked
strong enough to make a professional body builder jealous but his body
also implied a litheness equal to any Olympic gymnast.

She peeled off the rest of her dress. "I want fucking Bruce. Not
"making love", not even sex. I want fucking. Raw, animal,
screw-me-til-I-bleed-from-the-cunt *fucking*!"

A low growl coming from his throat, he launched himself onto the bed,
pulled her leg apart as far as they would go and slammed into her without
preliminaries. Her arms immediately wrapped around his back, nails digging
in, her legs around his hips. One hand wrapped itself in her hair and
tugged it back savagely, bringing a moan of both pain and satisfaction. His
teeth bit into her shoulder.

"Oh fuck me you BASTARD! Yeah that's what I want, faster, harder, make
me your cunt!!!"

He stared into her eyes, her blood flowing from him lips and grinned

"Yeah, oh yeah! Kill me with your cock. Rape me and make me love it!

Finally, her eyes opened wide as the orgasm hit. A wordless gasp came
out as all her breath was expelled. A small tremor shook the building as
her back arched, the lamp sliding off the stand next to the bed, a small
crack climb up the wall behind her.

The last thing she was aware of before she lost consciousness was his
eyes staring into hers and his whispering "Who *are* you?"

When she woke up, it was slow. At first she wasn't sure of where, or
even, for a second, *who*, she was. Then she heard his voice, as pleasant
and civilized as any. She opened her eyes to see him sitting on the side of
the bed, still naked, taking into a cell phone.

"Yes, I know, she's popular and booked but as a favor to me? I know
Bill is in from Seattle this week but just tell him Bruce is asking it as a
personal favor. Of course I'm willing to pay extra how about this?" He
named a figure that if Raven had been a real whore would have made her cum
right then and there. "I thought that would do it. Thank you." He hung
up, saw she was awake, smiled and stroked her cheek with a gentleness that
she wouldn't have believed possible after what they had just done.

"Did you just..."

"Hire your services for the week? Yes."

Before she could say anything further, she noticed something. She was
calm. Not the artificial, imposed calm that she usually achieved only
through iron will and meditation but an actual absence of the screaming need
that was present even during her "normal" periods. No lust, no anger, no
pain. Nor was she happy. At least she didn't think so, though that was
something she felt so seldom that she wasn't sure. She simply *was*. She
realized she was in the state Buddhists referred to as nirvana. Then she
looked at Bruce and realized that this was a result of what they had done.
Then finally an emotion did come rushing in. Gratitude. And then joy. She
knew that it wouldn't last but just for what she had *not* felt for those
few wonderful seconds she knew that she would cheerfully die for the man
next to her at a moment's notice.

She picked up the large strong hand next to the her and kissed it,
letting her lips and tongue rune over each finger and knuckle.

Bruce smiled, "I take it you approve? No other clients you'll miss?"

She struggled to bring herself back to normal. "No. No one special."

He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. "So shall we take it
easy this time? I'm not sure I could survive something like that twice in a

* * *

The next week was a confusing mix of wonderful sex and mysterious
disappearances. She had expected to see him mostly at night while he tended
to the Wayne empire but instead it was mostly a case of afternoon delight as
he said his business mostly took care of itself and that anyway, "That's why
my managers command the salaries they do." No, it was at night, every night
that he disappeared, sometimes only for an hour or two, sometimes until
almost sunrise. Now detective skills weren't her specialty but she hadn't
hung out with Robin for as long as she had without picking up *some*
deductive abilities. Her educated guess was complicated by a new feeling
surging through her. Something she'd never even dreamed she could feel.

It had been one of the "gone til dawn" nights. She had put him to
sleep with s skilled massage, without asking why there were bruises all over
his body. But as he slept, she had made preparations for when he woke.

Bruce Wayne came to consciousness to a sensation he'd had more then
once but never expected from this source. His wrists and ankles were tied
by the ropes attached to the bedposts. He was naked and straddling him a
look of both nervousness and tenderness on her face was the girl who called
herself Dulcinea, also naked. He relaxed slightly. If she was part of some
plot, it's unlikely she would be nude.

"A new game?"

She leaned forward, her tits touching his chest. "No. Not a game. I
need to talk and this is the only way I can have the necessary..."


"Yes. Control. My entire life, has been about control. Others trying
to control me, me trying to control myself. And now there's something
that I can't control and it scares me. Bruce, i think I'm," she heaved a
huge sigh, "No, I know I have. I've fallen for you. Big time. The
ultimate no-no in the Whore's Handbook. And Bruce?"

"Yes?" His voice was calmer then he felt. He had bought up her week
so he could keep an eye on her, while he investigated who and what she was.
But, even though he might never tell her, it had turned into something more.

"You're Him, aren't you, the Batman?"

"And you my protege Robin's friend, Raven."

Her jaw dropped. "You know?"

"The first time we had sex, we almost literally brought the building
down. I had to find out if you were dangerous."

"So this whole week has been a charade?"

"Not quite." His whole life had been one of secrecy but he had finally
decided that too much secrecy would be both cruel to her and dangerous for
the city he guarded.

"Your dye job is good but not perfect. Not many women have purple

"So now what?"

He could have gotten loose, but wanted to play this to the end.

"Well, you have control. Use it." She smiled, leaned forward and
kissed him. She slid her smooth , strong, young body up and down his. Each
time her head went a little lower, her lips sucking gently on the skin of
first his muscular chest, then the rock hard six-pack of his belly. Finally
she reached the root of his cock. Her tongue swirled around his balls then
slowly, teasingly climbed his manhood, a half inch at a time. By the time
she reached his tip, precum was leaking out and even his iron control was
about to burst. She smiled.

She smiled seductively and pulled back. He wasn't getting off that
easily. She washed his cock and balls with her hair, swishing back and
forth, letting the tip of her tongue come just barely in contact now and
then. Finally when he was moaning with frustration she lowered
herself towards him until her pussy lips were just touching his rod.

"Tell me Bruce."

"Tell you what?"

"Tell me what you *feel*"

"Unnnh, I want you!"


"Need, God, how I need you!"

"And Love? Do you love me Bruce Wayne?"

"I...don't know. I don't know if I *can* love."

Realizing this would be as much as she or any woman would ever get from
him, and giving into her own wants and needs, she lowered her self on him
with a sigh. Soon she was rising and falling over him, biting her lips and
moaning in ecstasy. Finally she collapsed as he came into her. Kissing his
chest in afterplay, she raised her head and looked into his eyes.

"Bruce, can we ever have more than...this?

He looked at her sadly. " life is...complicated.

"Mine too. So now what?"

"Well, to steal a title from an old movie, same time next year?"

She smiled. He didn't know *everything* it turned out. That was good
to know.

"How about same time three months from now?"

"Best deal I ever closed."


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