Disclaimer: These characters belong to Warner Brothers and D.C. Comics. I
just borrow them.

Rating: NC-17

Parings: Batman/Batgirl, Joker/Harley Quinn, Robin/Catwomen

Setting: AU around the time of the New Batman/Superman Adventures. Batman
agreed to let Batgirl join him and Robin. Dick fell for Barbara but failed
to realize her developing feelings for Bruce.

Batman - The Animated Series: The Breakdown
by Robbins ([email protected])

Bruce Wayne sat at the computer in the Batcave. The Joker had alluded them
yet again tonight.

Barbara Gordon came into the cave. She had to talk to Bruce. Ever since she
had been a part of the team with him her feelings for him have gotten more
deeply. She knew it wasn't a crush. She needed to tell him her feelings.
Barbara walks up to him. He turns and sees her.

"I need to talk to you," she says.

"Go ahead," he says.

"I can't keep up like this," she says walking up close to him. "I have
feelings I can't ignore. And a few times I have seen the way you look at
me," she tells him.

"Please don't Barbara," he says.

"Why?" she says.

"You and I could cause trouble. Starting with Dick," he tells her.

"I don't want Dick. The only one I want is right here," she tells him.

They look Into each others eyes acknowledging their mutual attraction. Now
noone else mattered. They kissed very passionately. Barbara has longed for
this moment. Dick came down. He is shocked.

"Oh my god!" he says.

They withdraw.

"How could you?" Dick asked.

"We want to be together Dick," Barbara says.

"He only made you think you do," Dick says.

"That is crazy," Barbara says.

"He pulls strings. Gets you to do what he wants. As soon as he gets you into
bed he will be done with you!" Dick says.

"You don't know what you are saying!" Barbara says.

Dick lunges at Bruce. Barbara punches Dick.

"You want him Barbara. You can have him and this whole life. I am done," Dick

Dick leaves. Barbara goes up to Bruce.

"I think I have made my choice," she tells him and hugs him.

Dick walks into his room. He starts to pack his things.

* * *

The Joker sat in her room. Batman had eluded him again. Harley Quinn walked
in. She was wearing a raincoat. She is very horny.

"Oh Mister J," Harley said.

Joker turned to see her. She dropped the raincoat. She is nude.

"Don't you want to ride your Harley tonight Mister J," she asked.

"I'm not In the mood," he says.

"Come on puddin'," she says.

He stands up. He grabs her.

"What does it take for you to get the message!" he says.

"Maybe I should find Batman. Maybe he is in the mood," she says.

He throws her on the ground. He gets on top of her. He holds her arms down.
He licks her chest. He licks one of her tits.

"Oh puddin'," she moans.

* * *

Bruce and Barbara walk into his bedroom. He closes the door. She begins to
undress. He starts to undress. She lays on the bed. He thinks to himself she
has a great body. He goes up to the bed. He gets on her. He cups her breasts.
She enjoys him touching her breasts.

* * *

The Catwoman returns to her loft to find Dick there.

"What are you doing here?" she asks.

"You'll never have him you know and he betrayed me Selina," he tells her.

She goes up to him. He kisses her. She pulls away.

"What do you want?" she asks.

"I want to fuck you," he tells her.

She thought to herself 'It has been awhile.' She grabs him and kisses him.

* * *

Bruce is caressing Barbara's tits and licking her stomach. She enjoys this.

* * *

Selina Kyle lays nude on the bed. Dick, nude, is on top of her. He has his
hands on her breasts. He is cupping them.

Bruce is screwing Barbara in the rear. Barbara enjoys this.

"Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! More! More! More! That's It! Ride me Harder! Oh yes!"
Barbara moans.

* * *

Dick lays on the bed. Selina is riding his dick with her pussy. Dick enjoys

* * *

Bruce and Barbara lay on the bed.

"I've thought of this for so long. I love you Bruce," she says.

He says nothing.

Just then Alfred comes in with breakfast. He is stunned.

"I see you'll need breakfast for two," he says.

"It's all right Alfred. We are together now," Barbara says.

* * *

Dick gets out of bed. Selina lays there.

"Get dressed and get out," she says.

"I plan to," he says.

The End


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