Batman: The Animated Series/X-Files: Lost In Toon World Part 1 (MF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Mulder and Scully was chasing a car which pulled into a vacant garage. At
least it appeared to be vacant. Soon they were over taken by some people with
masks and taken to a large room.

There were two men dressed as doctors. Mulder was held down while one of the
doctors gave him a injection. Soon he was knocked out and Scully soon
followed suit.

They both were straped down and had an I.V. in thier arms. In walked a man
smoking a cigarette.

"Will this work?" he took a long drag.

"YES," said one of the doctors. "They will be out of your way for some time."

Mulder woke up. His head was hurting like he was hit with a brick. He looked
around and everything looked funny. He stumbled and fell over a trash can.
The sounds of sirens going off. He was knocked down by a tall lady in a
purple latex suit followed by a redheaded caped figure, who threw something
that missed the woman but hit Mulder and knocked him out once again.

The cape figure stopped to make sure he was alright. Mulder soon found
himself at the apartment of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl.

Mulder laid on her bed with a ice pack on his head. Barbara had her robe on
and sat next to Mulder, who was naked under the covers.

Barbara knew something was different about him and called Batman. Mulder
could barely make out what she was saying.

She came back, "We'll go and see a friend later."

Her robe fell open. Mulder could see her breasts. Barbara noticed and took
her robe off. She stood there naked, her frim breasts and trimed red pubic
hair in all their glory.

She threw the covers off and looked at his cock. 'Not too bad,' she thought.
She knelt and lifted it to her mouth and began to kiss it. His cock soon came
to life and it swelled, which Barbara liked. Her tongue was working his cock.

Mulder groan with pleasure and soon found a wet pussy looking him in the
face. He opened her lips and her juices came out. He licked her pussy.

"OOHHH GOODD!!!" she squealed as Mulder's tongue was working her clit.

Barbara was licking his balls and taking his cock deep in her throat.

Barbara soon was sitting on his cock. "YEEESSS!!!" she said as worked her

Mulder laid there in heaven.

to be continued...


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