Batman - The Animated Series/X-Files: Lost In A Toon World Part 2
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Dana Scully found herself in a warehouse in a middle of a gun battle. She
found a place to hide till it was over when a tall blonde with her face
painted white "Who are you?"

Dana told her "FBI"

"Hey! We have a Fed," the blonde said.

With that Dana soon found herself surrounded by large men. They held her up
and checked for a gun. One had her breast in his hand squeezing it. Others
had their hands all over her.

Soon Dana was naked, on her knees lookng at their long thick cocks. They all
looked like jack in the box clown tattoos. One held her mouth open while they
each took turns fucking her mouth and throat. They all came on her face and

The blonde dropped her spandex pants. Dana seen a tattoo of the Joker above
her clit. The blonde sat on Dana's face, rubing her pussy. Dana's tongue soon
found it's way into her pussy.

"OOOOOHHHH God!" she screamed as Dana went to work on her pussy.

Dana soon felt a large dick rubing her pussy, it was sawing way at her pussy.
The position changed. Still licking the pussy Dana as now on all fours.
Riding one cock in her pussy he other one in her ass.

They laid about Dana covered in cum her pussy and ass both been fucked.

"Having fun?" a laugh came.

Dana opened her eyes wiping the cum off. She seen a man about six feet tall,
white face, red lips, purple suit. "It can't be," she thought, "THE JOKER!"
from the comics!?!"

With a zip his pants was off, out popped his large cock like a jack in the
box. He forced Dana to take his very large cock stretching her mouth. She was
about to pass out as it went down her throat. Pulling out she gasped for air.
He held her fucked pussy open and fed his cock to her, "Always wanted to fuck
the goverment," he laughed.

Dana was in awe of him and she just moaned. She came so hard she passed out.

Soon she awoke to find herself in a bed with the blonde next to her. Her body
was so sore. Dana pleaded with the blonde and made a deal that she'd eat her
pussy if she let her go. Being a ditzy blonde and always horny she a greed.
Dana was licking her wet pussy and fingering her ass, too.

"MMMOOORREE!!!" she screamed and finally passed out.

Dana found her a shirt, made her way out to find herself in front of a man in
green with a big "?" on his chest.

"What as red hair, green eyes and is fucked? ...YOU!" he laughed knocking her
out and taking her off to his hide out.

Harley awoke, "Oh shit! The Joker isn't going to like this."

To be continued...


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